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The Exerpeutic ExerWork 1000 will allow you to improve your activity levels while you work. So many people today work at home or bring work home with them. This can make finding time to get active very difficult. Especially if you like to train in sports, mixed martial arts, or other activities that take focus on certain training methods. It can make switching up your routine difficult. This will oftentimes lead to boredom and a slacking in your fitness routine. When you go with this indoor bike you can work it into your routine easily and whenever you want to. Regardless of if you work long hours or you are getting ready to watch tv on your tablet, you can peddle your way to better health, a lower weight, and improved energy levels. It is considered a semi-recumbent bike because of the way you sit in it. You can fold this bike for easy storage and it's simple to assemble. It is important to note that this bike is a bit bigger than others that are available to you. You will get a few features that are not commonly seen when you invest in this item. They will help make your work life easier as you pedal towards better health and wellness.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Easy To Move Around
  • Back Support
  • Sturdy Desk
  • Great For Multi-Tasking
  • Exceptionally Low Impact
  • 2 Cup Holders
  • Safe Design For Laptops
  • Durability Issues
  • Difficult Seat Adjustment
  • Longer Set-Up Time


Paradigm Health & Wellness is responsible for Exerpeutic products. Exerpeutic brand offers a good variety of home gym solutions. They understand that investing in your health can be intimidating because of the cost. When you are looking for durable and affordable pieces of equipment, Exerpeutic has everything you need. Whether you are looking for a treadmill, elliptical machine, or a variety of other home gym pieces they will have what you need. Paradigm Health & Wellness does an excellent job of using materials that will give you great longevity of use. They give you a plethora of features and options depending on what you are looking for and how much you are willing to spend. Consumers have been raving about this brand and the manufacturer for a decade now because of the great options they have to offer and the convenience of using them.

Basic Features

The basic features of this product are better than many others. You will have access to two cup holders which will allow you convenient positioning and access to a variety of drinks while you're working and working out. There is a simple nod that you will use to change the resistance levels while using this bike. The seat is adjustable to accommodate a variety of different heights comfortably. Another nice basic feature that this product offers is the fact that it is on wheels so that you will be able to easily move it around. This will allow you to work wherever you want and then free that space back up for other things. This bike also features straps across the pedals to help keep your feet in place. All of these things are expected from decent exercise bikes.

Advanced Features

This product does not come with a whole lot of advanced features but the ones that it does have are pretty cool. As you can tell from the name of this item it does come with a desk. This will allow you to put your laptop or tablet on top of it and work while you improve your overall health. The desk piece is able to be readjusted to a variety of angles to offer great positioning. The LCD display will allow you to keep track of several different pieces of information.It will give you information on the distance you have peddled, how many calories you're burning, your pulse rate, and the speed at which you are progressing. This product also offers you a heart rate monitor.


This bike uses standard size pedals. There is a ratcheting strap across the top which will allow you to easily adjust how tight your feet are being held to the pedals. It is also very quick to release which is quite convenient. It has been noted by customers that after a good term of use that the durability of the pedals is questionable. They may start to make a noise which can be very irritating. You will have a smooth ride while pedaling and it should not inhibit you're working. Consumers have made several comments over the fact that this bike is very stable while paddling and because of the lack of motion you won't be distracted when trying to focus on work-related tasks. You will also want to wear shoes or thick socks while pedaling this bike as there are grips on the pedals that may irritate your feet.


Consumers are more than happy with the level of comfort that they get with this bike. Recumbent bikes are known for being more comfortable than many other varieties of indoor cycling options. This is a semi-recumbent bike offers the same excellent level of comfort. The seat is padded nicely. Customers are thrilled to sit in the seat especially when compared with others. This becomes even more important when you are working and going to be sitting in the same position for a long period of time. adjusting the seat is a bit difficult but once you find a good position you'll be able to stay in it for a plethora of time. The straps on the pedals also improve the comfort level you get as you won't have to worry about your feet sliding around.


This product uses magnetic resistance to offer you a variety of challenging levels. There are eight different resistance settings. Obviously, at level one, you're going to have a very easy ride and this may be the perfect place to start until you get into a groove. At level 8 it is going to be extremely difficult to pedal. Customers are happy with the workout they are receiving when using this bike. You'll be able to easily work up a sweat if that's what you're striving for all while still accomplishing work goals. It is very easy to change resistance levels. You will simply need to turn a knob. Overall, this is a great setup for resistance and will allow you to challenge yourself every time you decide to use this item.


You'll be getting a standard belt drive when you invest in this option. This is very typical among exercise bikes. There are no reports from customers over having issues with the durability of the belt used in this item. This brings great relief as many options use inferior belts that break and make your bike unusable. This drive is quiet. You'll be able to focus on your other tasks easily or simply watch your favorite show uninterrupted. It also provides a very smooth ride you won't have to worry about feeling like you're writing over gravel as you accomplish tasks and improve your fitness. Overall, customers are happy with a drive that this product uses and it should last a very long time with no problems.


If you are looking for a slim exercise bike this one will be great for you. It takes up less room than many other options you may have looked at in the past. It is only a little more than 21 inches long. As you can see this isn't much at all. It is 25 and 1/2 inches wide. the width of the base helps to keep this product stable as you use it. The desk piece is 16 inches long and 24 inches wide. This will give you plenty of services to set your laptop or tablet. It is important to note that there is a lip at the bottom of the desktop to ensure that your electronic device does not slide off as you pedal. Overall, customers are very happy with the small size of this product. When you are not using it you can fold it up for easy storage. Obviously, the fact that it doesn't take up much room is an aspect that customers really appreciate this piece of exercise equipment.


There are mixed reviews over the simplicity of assembling this item. Most consumers have very little issue but some seem to have struggled a lot. It has been mentioned that the instruction booklet is fairly clear and well laid out. Where the struggle is is that this product does have more pieces than some of the others we have previously reviewed. It has commonly been said that it does take a few hours to get it set up if you are doing it on your own. A second set of hands may be a smart plan when you go to put this item together. Overall, if you take your time it should not be exceptionally difficult to get this product put together correctly. The tools that come with it are not of the highest quality and you may be better off to use your own.


There are some major advantages with this product that you won't find with others. When you have a hectic routine because of life, sports, gym time, and of course work it can be difficult to change up the activities you are doing. This semi recumbent bike will allow you to improve your Fitness levels while you work. The fact that this item has a desk attached to it is a major advantage to those of you that work at home or spend a lot of time sedentary. The multiple resistance levels will give you the ability to challenge yourself and have a great workout regardless of how busy your day maybe. Customers are thrilled with the positive impact this item has made on their health and well-being. If you are trying to lose weight, build endurance, improve strength, or just get more active this product can help you with all of them.


This product does come with a few downfalls. It is not uncommon that there are negative aspects associated with a product. As a matter of fact, it's hard to find one that doesn't have some disadvantages. This product does have several pieces that are made of plastic and this can lead to durability issues. It has been noted by customers several times that after a decent amount of use they start to hear a rattling noise that is difficult to find. It is also been said that the seat is very difficult to adjust and will require tools. This can be an inconvenience if you decide you wanted to change your positioning slightly in the middle of your day. The only other thing people really aren't happy with his the amount of time it takes to set up this bike. Most times it can be done in a few hours and on your own but for some of you and may take longer and be more difficult.


Customers feel that this product is a very good value. It is not cheap and may take some time to save up enough money to buy it. It does offer a great solution when looking to add activity to your work life. Some budgets may have a difficult time fitting this item in, however, it is not nearly as expensive as other bikes you may have looked into. We can't only take the price into consideration when determining the true value of a product like this one. Looking at all of the aspects including the price it is easy to see why customers feel as if it is a good value. It can help improve your daily routine and it offers features that you don't see with other indoor exercise bikes. Overall, we have to agree that this product is a good value.

Bottom Line

When you're looking for a way to stay busy through all of those long working at home hours at a desk, this is an excellent choice. You will be making a bit of an investment but ultimately your health will be impacted in a positive fashion. The setup is a bit time consuming but once done you will be able to challenge yourself as hard as you want each and every day. Regardless of how much time you spend at a desk, you'll be able to use this item and not only improve your health but also improve your productivity. Adding activity like this into your routine can help improve your focus, energy levels, and your health. Customers are very pleased with their purchase and we believe that you will be satisfied with it as well.