Exerpeutic Magnetic Folding Bike Review

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If you are looking for an affordable option in an exercise bike, that doesn't take up much room, the Exerpeutic Magnetic Folding Bike may be the perfect option for you. This product offers a decent level of resistance. It has been noted by consumers that if you are seriously fit or an advanced cyclist you may not find the resistance enough to challenge you. This bike will be best suited for beginner or intermediate bikers. There are a plethora of other people who can benefit from this type of exercise bike. If you are into fitness or sports like boxing or Taekwondo, adding a cycling routine to your schedule can be beneficial. It is also a great option for those of you with limited space. Finding room for another piece of equipment in your home gym can seem impossible. This item is small and folds up easily for convenient storage. It will allow you to use that space for other activities, such as grappling practice or heavy bag training. Customers are pleased with this product, overall. They feel that it has helped them achieve their weight loss and fitness-related goals more easily. It is not the best on the market but it is a decent choice that offers good durability and a solid ride.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Sturdy Ride
  • Space Saving
  • Simplistic Assembly
  • Ergonomic Design
  • Quite Affordable
  • Easy To Fold
  • Wide Comfortable Seat
  • Cheap Foot Straps
  • Durability Issues
  • Console Resets At 999 Miles
  • No Bottle Holder


Exerpeutic brand’s products are made by a company called Paradigm Health & Wellness. They have been in the industry for decades. A plethora of research and development goes into their fitness equipment to ensure you can find the features that you want. Whether you are looking for an exercise bike or an elliptical machine, they have one to suit your needs. Adding quality fitness equipment into your routine will help you gain the results that you are looking for. Regardless of if you are trying to build muscle, lose weight, or just get more active, they have a variety of options to suit your needs. Consumers are pleased, overall, with their products. We are excited to see the future products that this conglomeration of minds come up with.

Basic Features

When you go with this item you'll be getting most of the basic features that you would expect with a decent quality exercise bike. You'll be able to lock your feet into place with straps that go over the middle of your foot. The seat is also adjustable to suit a variety of heights. This will make it easy to find a great position that will give you a comfortable ride even if you are pedaling for hours. You will be able to easily adjust the level of resistance. to do this you will simply need to turn a knob. While this product does not offer a cup holder it does offer an area to hold a remote control. This will make switching up your show easier as your remote will be in close reach. Overall, there are not a plethora of basic features with this simplistic model.

Advanced Features

We were actually quite surprised with the advanced features that this product offers. Due to the fact that it has limited basic features, it was unexpected to see what this bike has to offer. It includes a pulse monitor. When you use this throughout your workout you will be able to keep your heart rate in the targeted Zone. This will make accomplish a thing cardio level heart rates, fat burning rates, or other zones easier to stay on top of. In turn, you will see improved results. This product also has a fairly large LCD display. It will allow you to easily track how long you have been biking, how far you have gone, how many calories you have burned, and a couple of other aspects to help keep you on track. The ability to see this type of information can truly help keep you motivated and working hard toward your goals.


The pedals that come with us by car slightly larger than standard bike pedals. This will accommodate a larger variety of foot sizes and shapes. It is important to note that there are grooves in the pedals to improve the grip of your shoe. Some users may find it uncomfortable if you try to use it without wearing shoes. There are straps across the pedals to help keep your feet in place. It has been noted from customers that after using them for a little while they may break. They are not exceptionally durable. You will, however, be able to contact the company and get replacement straps to ensure your feet stay in place while using this piece of equipment.


Most consumers are pleased with the comfort level they have while using this exercise bike. The seat is quite a bit larger than others you may have sat on in the past. It also has more padding. This will allow users of all sizes a comfortable seat even while pedaling for a long period of time. It is important to note that some users find the large seat does cause chafing and this may be an issue for you. The other place that comfort is really important is in the handlebars. Consumers feel as if this could use some improvement. The handlebars are not adjustable and they do not offer a wide range of grip positions. They are padded and there are not a plethora of complaints about them. Overall, this is a pretty comfortable bike and most users are satisfied with it.


There are eight different levels of resistance that you can choose from when using this item. Obviously, at the first setting, you will have an extremely easy ride that people of any fitness level will be able to handle. As you move up, of course, it's going to get harder. At level 8 if you are not an active person that is quite fit you will have a great workout on your hands. On the other side of this, if you are physically fit or an exceptionally active person you may not find level eight to be challenging enough. For those of you that are looking to amp up your routine with a difficult workout, this may not be the best option for you. Changing resistance is exceptionally easy. You will simply need to turn the dial and you can do this at any point throughout your workout to make it harder or easier.


This product uses a v-belt drive. This is very similar to a standard belt-drive but the shape of it allows for a smoother takeoff and nicer ride. One of the major problems with belt drives is when the brand does not use a high-quality belt. This can lead to its snapping over the course of time and if this happens your bike will be unusable. Naturally, this is a part that can be replaced but if it snaps in the middle of your routine it can be very frustrating and throw you off of your game. There have been no complaints from customers over the durability of the belt drive used within this product. Obviously, it is preferred to see information like this as it guarantees you will get good longevity of use out of this item.


This product is truly compact. It is quite a bit smaller than most other exercise bikes. Not only is it small when it is unfolded but, obviously, it becomes smaller when it is folded. This leads to easy Storage and the ability to free up space whenever you need to. The length of this product is 31 inches. This is quite a bit under the average length of an exercise bike. Where people really get concerned is with width. You are looking at a mere 19 inches. As you can see this bike is quite small. That does not mean that it is not sturdy and durable. It can handle weights up to three hundred pounds with ease. This is great news for those of you looking to lose weight and need an affordable option. While this bike is small it is actually decently heavy, coming in at almost forty-three pounds.


Regardless of your skill level, you'll find assembling this product is exceptionally easy. consumers have noted that the majority of the bike is already put together when you receive it. The parts are clearly labeled and the instruction booklet is laid out in a fashion that is extremely easy to understand. You will get all of the tools that you need to assemble this item and there have not been notes from customers that they needed to use their own tools. While it may take some people a bit longer most will be able to assemble this product in under 30 minutes. This will allow you to start using this product right away and you won't have to worry about the stress of if you will be able to get it together or not. The fact that you won't have to worry about hiring somebody to do it is also an aspect that consumers respect about this item.


The space-saving exercise bike comes with a good variety of advantages. It is a breeze to get set up and this will allow you to start using it right away. You'll be able to easily track your performance and watch it as it improves. Regardless of what your goals are adding an exercise bike to your routine can help you achieve them more easily. With excellent features like a heart rate monitor and easy to change resistance levels, you'll be able to target exactly what you need to in order to succeed in your overall fitness venture. The compact design is also a major advantage. Those of you that are working with small spaces won't have to worry about another piece of gym equipment taking up a huge chunk of room. Not only that, you'll be able to easily fold it up and store it for future use which in turn gives you more room for other activities in your gym.


Unfortunately, this product does come with a few more disadvantages than others we have reviewed in the past. While it is a decent bike it does come with some durability issues. It has been mentioned several times by consumers that the foot straps will break and if it is no longer under warranty you will have to pay to replace them. There has also been mention of this bike starting to make some noise after about seven hundred miles have been logged on it. While it is a minor inconvenience the fact that this product does not have a water bottle holder is also a disadvantage. Maintaining proper hydration when working hard on your Fitness is imperative to your overall health. One other aspect that customers are not thrilled about is the fact that the console will reset your miles once you exceed 999 miles paddled.


This product is a decent value. it is not nearly as pricey as other options that are available to you. In addition, it is not as high quality as exercise bikes that you would pay a bit more money for. It does come with some decent advanced features that can help keep you accountable and on track when striving towards your goals. It will give you a decent challenge but the resistance may not be enough to provide a stellar workout to those of you that are very active and in good physical condition. When looking over all of the different aspects that concern this product we can understand why consumers feel that it is only a decent value.

Bottom Line

When it comes down to it this is a decent bike for a very affordable price. It does have some quirks and it may not be a long-lasting option, especially as your Fitness levels improve. You won't have to worry about it taking up much space which makes it perfect for those of you that don't have room for another piece of gym equipment. You will be able to get a decent workout. for the most part, customers are very happy with their purchase of this item. It does offer a few features that you don't always see with products at the same price point. Overall, it is a decent investment that can help you get on track and head towards improved well-being.