Exerpeutic TF1000 Review

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The Exerpeutic TF1000 treadmill is made for you to walk your way to better fitness. It offers good safety for those of you that are extremely out of shape or recovering from an injury. This is seen in aspects like handlebars that run most of the length of this piece of fitness equipment. The motor comes with a five-year warranty and the frame comes with a one-year service warranty. This will help you rest at ease that you are getting a product that will last for years worth of fitness training. You can easily add a standing desk over the top of this product to improve your activity levels while you work at home. A great size for your office or your home gym, this product offers you versatile options. Whether you are already physically fit and training for marathons or boxing matches or if you are just starting out on a venture towards better health and fitness, this product can help you succeed. You will also be able to store this product easily as it is able to be folded. Keeping yourself motivated can be difficult but with access to a variety of different stats, keeping your drive to continue moving is easier than ever before. While this may not be the most advanced treadmill available to you it is a good option that consumers are overall satisfied with.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Affordable
  • Quiet Motor
  • 2 Sets Of Controls
  • Quite Durable
  • Easy To Adjust Belt
  • Simplistic Set-Up
  • Accommodates Up To 400lbs
  • Hard Walking Surface
  • Odd Speed Adjustment
  • Control Panel Issues


The Exerpeutic brand is one that brings fitness solutions to your home gym. With a variety of elliptical machines, treadmills, and exercise bikes they provide a little bit of something for everyone. Their products are more affordable than many others so, more people will be able to reach better health and fitness because of their items. Exerpeutic’s products are made by Paradigm Health & Wellness. They are leaders in the true entertainment of fitness equipment. Whether you are looking for items with basic features or ones with all the bells and whistles you can imagine, they have a product to suit your needs. Consumers across the globe have been using their products with great success. When you decide to add their equipment to your healthy diet and exercise routine you will experience improved results.

Basic Features

This model of tread machine is fairly basic in itself. It does provide you with the basic features you would expect to get with any high-quality piece of equipment. It does offer a gravity water bottle holder to keep your drink easily in place as you walk through your exercise routine. It also offers longer handlebars to ensure that you can have a comfortable and safe position while using this item. In addition, there is an emergency stop key that you can pull and cut all power to the treadmill. This will stop the belt from moving right away and allow you to stop quickly if you need to. You will also be able to easily fold this item up for storage or to clear up floor space for different activities in your home gym. Consumers are happy with the easy assembly and basic features that this product offers them.

Advanced Features

This item is not chock-full of advanced features but there are a few that you expect to see and this one covers those. It offers you an LCD display that will provide you with a variety of information. You can truly stay motivated as you keep track of how many calories you are burning, how long you have been walking, and how far you have gone. As you continue to use this item and you see your stats improve you will find that your drive is improved as well. This product also has a heart rate monitor. The sensors are located on the handlebars to make it easy to check your heart rate throughout your routine. It will display on the LCD screen. This will allow you to Target different heart rate zones and ensure you stay in the area of the aspect you are trying to achieve. This could be cardio, fat burn, or strength training. Overall, this item does not provide a plethora of advanced features but there are enough to keep you motivated and working towards your most far-off goals.


One of the major problems with walking treadmills is the fact that they typically don't offer any sort of incline. This can be a problem for those of you that are looking for a challenging and want to work on your ability to go up and down Hills. This product does offer you a couple of options in the way of incline. You will have to manually adjust it and there are only two settings. You can choose from an incline of 3% or 6%. These may not be the most challenging inclines in the world but they will help to pump up your walking routine. You'll receive better results and improved performance when you challenge yourself with one of these to Incline options. In general, customers are very happy with the fact that this walking treadmill offers any type of incline option and they feel it has been truly beneficial in their ability to achieve some of their health and fitness-related goals.


This option is not going to provide you with as much comfort as other treadmills that are currently available to you today. Oftentimes brands build features into the belt and platform to ensure great levels of comfort. They do this to help improve shock absorption and make it so that your body takes less impact. There are no cushioning agents built into the belt or platform of this treadmill. What this means is that the surface you walk on his quite hard and akin to that of walking on concrete. The handlebars are quite long which will give you some room to move around on this belt. They, however, only offer one set of handlebars so you will not be able to easily switch your hand positions. this, in turn, can reduce the level of comfort that you experience while using this product. Overall, customers don't find that it is an uncomfortable experience. However, they do feel as if it could be improved.


When you purchase this treadmill you need to understand that it is considered a walking treadmill. What this means is that you will be limited and how fast the belt moves. The motor that it uses is not exceptionally strong. When you start walking it will be at a rate of a half a mile per hour. You can increase this up to four miles per hour and it will increase at a tenth of a mile per hour increments. this will allow you to slowly ease into a faster pace and won't leave your balance thrown off. If you are looking for a treadmill that will give you the ability to go for a run this is not going to be a great option. It is fantastic for those of you that are looking to add activity while you are working. The slow pace will allow you to perform a variety of other activities with ease.


Finding a treadmill that will fit easily inside your office or home gym can be exceptionally difficult. Typically, these are fairly large pieces of gym equipment. This item is a bit smaller than others you may have looked into in the past and therefore, will fit more easily into tighter spaces. The length of this item comes in at just over 51 inches and the width is 32 inches. this is quite a bit smaller and more convenient when trying to find an option that will work for you. One of the more impressive features of this product is the fact that it can hold up to 400 pounds. This is excellent news for those of you that are just starting out on a major fitness journey. More often than not fitness equipment can't hold more than 250 to 300 pounds which makes this option usable for a larger variety of people.


There are mixed reviews over the simplicity of assembly. Most customers find that they were able to get it assembled without much effort. You will, however, probably need a couple of hours to work through the instruction manual and ensure that everything is connected properly. Consumers have noted that they felt the most difficult piece was hooking up the wires into the console as it is not clearly laid out what gets plugged in to wear. It is also been said several times you may want to find an extra pair of hands to make assembly easier. Another thing to keep in mind is that this product is very heavy. Due to the fact that it is bulky and awkward, this is another reason you will want to look for a second set of hands. Simply unpacking this product can be a challenge depending on how strong you are. Overall, this is not the easiest assembly but given diligence and time, you should be able to get it put together and start using it all in the same day.


Investing in this product comes from several different advantages. You can truly walk your way to a healthier lifestyle. This product may not be the easiest to put together but it is exceptionally durable and can handle more weight than most other options that are currently available. You'll be able to use this walking desk while you work so not only will you be productive but you will also be improving your health. This item is not quite as big as other treadmills so it will fit more easily into your office or into your home gym. Using this item is not only good for those of you that are trying to lose weight but it is also an excellent option for those that are trying to nurse an injury or stay busy during cold winter months. When you pair walking on a daily basis with a healthy diet it can lead to not only reduced weights but also improved muscle growth, better endurance levels, and overall improved health.


This is not the highest quality piece of fitness equipment and in turn, it does come with some disadvantages. One of the first and most consistent complaint, that we have seen from customers has to do with the way that the speed adjusts on this product. It is a bit jerky and does not allow for a smooth transition between speeds. It seems as if it speeds up too much before it settles into the correct level. Another common complaint about this item has to do with the control panel. Consumers have noted that it randomly stops working and once it stops it will likely not start working again. This can lead you to need to deal with customer service and ordering a new control system for your treadmill. One other thing that consumers are not pleased with is the surface that you walk on. While it is nice and large it is also exceptionally hard. You will feel as if you're walking on concrete and this can lead to increased soreness in your muscles and joints.


The people using this product feels as if it is a great value. While it certainly has its quirks it can help you along the road towards better health. The price tag that it carries is much more affordable than most other treadmill options that are currently available to you. While it will still be a decent investment it won't take nearly as long to save up for and more people be able to actually afford this item as compared to others. The price, obviously, does play a part in the actual value of an item but it is not the only thing to consider. Going through all of the different aspects of this item and Wang them against others in the same category it is easy to see why so many feel that this product is a great value. We would have to agree that it is worth the investment and will provide you with an excellent option that you will be able to walk on for years to come.

Bottom Line

If you are looking for a walking treadmill that will fit easily in your home office or your gym this may be the perfect option for you. It is rated to hold a higher weight so those of you that have a bit farther than others to go on your weight loss Journey will be able to start with this item. It may not offer the challenge that true athletes need to improve their performance. If you are exceptionally physically fit this may not fit well into your routine. This walking treadmill does provide you a bit more than others with features like the ability to add an incline. The investment you need to make with this product is not as healthy as others. Overall, this is a solid option and walking treadmills and if you add it to a great diet and improved activity levels you are sure to see improvements to your health.