Fairtex Cardio Focus Mitts Review

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The Fairtex Cardio Focus Mitts are a little bit different than you standard focus mitts. They offer a larger striking surface. This will allow you to easily train every type of strike. From punches to kicks, knees, and elbows, this pair of mitts can handle it all. The impact absorption associated with this item is excellent. You won't feel much as you take blow after blow. Regardless of if you are working with someone just starting out in the world of boxing or a mixed martial artist that has been at it for years, you will be well-protected and feeling great. In addition, the stellar shock absorption will ensure your bones, muscles, and joints will continue to feel great day in and day out.

Coaches and sparring partners are impressed with the level of breathability that this item offers. Fairtex has worked several features to make sure you are as cool and comfortable as possible. When you are training people in the world of combat sports it can be seriously sweaty and uncomfortable. This is due to the fact that you need to wear several pieces of protective gear. This item is light and breathable which will, in turn, make your experience cooler and more comfortable. This brand has done a good job in the design and construction of this item.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Larger Striking Surface
  • Simple To Care For
  • Good For All Skill Levels
  • Handles Punches & Kicks
  • Great Wrist Support
  • High Level Of Protection
  • Quite Breathable
  • Secure Fit
  • Very Expensive
  • Less Durable Materials
  • Bulky


The Fairtex brand makes exceptionally high-quality gear and equipment for not only boxers but also for mixed martial artists and people that are into fitness. This brand has not been around for a plethora of time like some other well-known brands, however, they are truly making a name for themselves. With great options in clothing, protective gear, gloves, punching bags, and other fight related items their popularity continues to grow. While their items are of great quality that also comes with a price. This brand's items, typically, cost more than others that are currently available to you. The people that have started buying their goods are not let down by the higher prices as they are getting higher quality for the extra cost. Overall, putting your trust, comfort, and protection into the hands of this brand will not be a mistake. They have many options to fit your wants as well as your needs.


We were a bit surprised to see the materials that were used within this item. Most products in this category that are of the best quality use a genuine leather outer, however, this one does not. They have chosen to use a synthetic leather outer. Synthetic leather is not as durable as genuine leather, however, it is easier to maintain. The rest of the materials associated with this item are pretty common. They use several layers of high-density foam to ensure that this product provides you with great impact absorption. This is a big deal in regards to this type of item as you are wearing it to keep yourself safe from injury. Not only will you be safe from injury but will also keep you more comfortable. There are mesh panels on this item that help with the level of breathability. There is also a large velcro strap that is used to secure this item in place. Overall, the materials they have chosen are solid ones even though synthetic leather is not quite as good as a genuine leather build.


Overall, the people using this item are fairly happy with the fit. It offers a good level of adjustability and will accommodate all hand sizes. Whether you are very small hands are very large ones the fit of this glove will be good. It has been noted by consumers that this option is bulky. That is to be expected considering these are meant to take all types of strikes. Whether you are working on your cardio routine, strengthening, conditioning, accuracy, or other facets related to fighting sports this product will be able to handle it. Part of the impressive it has to do with the fact that where you slide your hand in will feel like a glove. This gives you a good grip and stability while using the site. We believe you will be very happy with the fit of this item and find that it is not only secure but it is also comfortable. As you continue to wear them they will break in and over the long run will fit better than they do in the beginning.


You will actually be getting a decent level of breathability when you are wearing this item. This is a bit surprising as this type of equipment is not known for breathing very well. One of the features that help this item breathe is a large mesh panel that goes over the top of where are your fingers are. This mesh panel allows for better airflow and, in turn, better breathability. Keeping yourself cooled can play a major role in not only your comfort level but also in your ability to work through several training sessions in a row. The fact that this item is not made of genuine leather also plays a role in keeping you cool. Leather tends to be very hot and synthetic leather is a bit lighter and therefore cooler. Overall, customers are very pleased with how breathable this item is and feel that other brands should follow their lead and build in aspects to keep you cool and comfortable.


This product provides an excellent level of protection. Part of this has to do with the fact that they are larger than average focus mitts. This will give you more coverage and in turn more protection. Another aspect that plays a role in your protection is the strapping system at the rest. This offers excellent support and some protection for the wearer. They use five layers of high-density foam to keep your fingers, hands, and wrists protected. When you are using this product frequently you are sure to notice the difference in how your body feels after grueling training sessions with heavy hitters. Obviously, avoiding injuries is imperative and wearing this item can help you avoid them. Overall, this item does give you better protection than many other options that are currently available to you. The design and construction of this product will make it easy to quit worrying about whether or not you are truly protected.


We think that you will be impressed with the level of comfort you experienced while wearing this item. The fit is snug yet it is also very comfortable. You won't have to worry about these men sliding around or flying off due to the secure nature of the closure. Your hands and wrists will also be well supported. When your joints are supported it leads to higher levels of comfort and less pain after your sessions are over for the day. The level of breathability that this item offers plays a role in your comfort, as well. When your hands are cooler and drier you will, naturally, be more comfortable. Another factor that should be considered when thinking about comfort is shock absorption. This item does an excellent job at absorbing shock so that your body doesn't have to. Overall, once you give them a try we believe you'll be very happy with the level of comfort that you experience.


The weight of these Mets quite average. They come in at just under one and a half pounds. This is fairly standard across the board. What this means is that this product is very lightweight and you won't have to worry about fatiguing quickly. There are many other options available to you that way much more. Obviously, the lighter your gear the better off you're going to be and the longer you will be able to work with your fighters. When you spend a lot of time training it means wearing a lot of equipment and gear to keep yourself well protected. The lighter these items are the better. So, the average weight of this product is not a letdown but it is also not truly impressive. You shouldn't have to worry about them dragging you down. Some customers do find them to be bulky, however, this does not mean that they are heavy.


The large striking surface is one of the biggest advantages to this item. It makes it a very versatile training tool. Whether you are working with a fitness boxer, Muay Thai expert, or anyone else interested in combat sports this item will be able to handle everything they can throw at you. Another advantage of this item is the fact that it is exceptionally easy to care for. You can simply wipe it down with any cleaner or disinfectant spray that you prefer and it will be ready to go for your next session. This product also offers excellent wrist support. Our wrists are quite susceptible to injury so the fact that this item will support them and keep them protected is a major advantage. One other thing we'd like to mention as an advantage is the fact that this product will fit just about anyone securely. You won't have to worry about losing your mitts and sustaining injuries while wearing this item. Whether your hands are large or small it should work for you just fine.


A couple of disadvantages in regards to this item that should be taken into consideration before calling it your own. This is especially true as it's a pretty hefty investment. Some consumers find them to be quite bulky which can make transporting them difficult. Obviously, the larger size of this product means they are going to be bulkier than other focus mitt options. The other aspect that is a bit concerning has to do with the materials this brand has chosen to use. The outer material is synthetic leather which does not offer as much durability is genuine leather. This could lead to them breaking down and needing to replace more quickly than other options. When you are making a large investment, like this one, you want to be sure that it is a product that's going to last a long time. Most consumers are getting a good amount of use out of this item before seeing any problems, however, the use of genuine leather would improve how long you will be able to use this item.


In our opinion, this product is an average value. While it does offer excellent coverage and protection, it also comes with a very high price tag. For a lot of bank accounts, it is going to be quite a blow. You may need to save for some time before you are able to afford this item. This can be a little bit scary considering they don't use the most durable materials. While there is no mention of this product breaking down quickly it is still a possibility. There are a ton of other options available to you that cost less and offer the same level of Protection. Keep in mind, these Mets are larger than most others but they are still lightweight. There are definitely advantages to choosing this pair over others. We believe that if you make the investment into this product you'll be happy with it. The design and structure are solid and the reviews are consistently good.

Bottom Line

Truly is a solid option if you are able to make the investment. Your wrists will be well supported and your body will feel better even after extremely long training sessions. Both the person wearing this item and the fighter training with them will be well protected. This item is a bit bulky, however, it is designed a bit larger than most. It will be able to handle any type of strikes. So, if you are working on elbows, knees, uppercuts, or Jabs, this product can handle it all. You will also get a better level of breathability when you invest in this product than you would with many others. This plays a role in keeping you comfortable. Overall, this item from Fairtex is expensive but many find that it is totally worth it. You will likely get a ton of use out of them before they need to be replaced.