Fairtex Classic Focus Mitts Review

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The Fairtex Classic Focus Mitts are some of the lightest available on the market today. This is great news for coaches that spend long days training boxers and mixed martial artists. The lighter your equipment is the less fatigued you will feel. With a reduction in fatigue lasting through grueling sessions in the gym or at home will be easier than ever. This item is not lacking in durability even though it is exceptionally lightweight.  All of the materials used are durable and can take a beating without breaking down or bursting at the seams. Fairtex has paid attention to the details. This is a bonus of buying items that are handmade.

These mitts are also more breathable than most other options. They use an open finger design that is covered with a layer of extra material to improve the level of protection on the back of your hand. The fit is quite adjustable. Consumers have noted that if you have very large hands it may be difficult to get this item on. Training with focus mitts is advantageous for all types of combat sports participants. Whether you are into Karate, Boxing, Muay Thai, or other mixed martial arts, this item can help improve your overall performance. The reviews are consistently good and fighters are impressed with how much this type of training has helped them to become better.. This is a solid option that will give you good protection and excellent longevity of use.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Handmade
  • Excellent Materials
  • Exceptionally Lightweight
  • Stellar Impact Absorption
  • Decent Wrist Support
  • Open Finger Design
  • Good Breathability
  • Tight Fit
  • Not Suited For XL Hands


Fairtex is a brand that hasn't been around as long as many other top brands, however, in their short time they have made a big impact in the world of combat sports. They offer equipment that is better than many others. Most of their equipment is handmade. This means you will be able to see the quality in the details. It is important to note that this brand tends to be quite a bit pricier than others. This is partially due to the fact that they make better items. With top quality materials and proven technologies, you can rely on their equipment and gear. Whether you are looking for gloves, protective gear, clothing, punching bags, or other fight related items they have you covered. You can expect to get great durability from each and every one of the products they offer. Overall, consumers are really happy with the performance and longevity of use they are getting out of items brought to us by the Fairtex brand.


Materials used in this item are all exceptional quality. Like many others, they use genuine leather for the outer material. Brands choose this material because it is exceptionally durable and can withstand constant abuse from fighters. Not all genuine leather is of the same quality and this is better than many others. They use a thick piece of high-density foam to absorb the shock from all of the strikes that you will be taking. It too is exceptionally durable. There is a long leather strap that has velcro attached to it. This is what you will use to secure this item to your wrists. It offers a good level of adjustability and as long as you keep the velcro free of debris it will provide you with excellent sticking power. This strap goes through a D-ring that helps keep it in place. Where you will put your hand into this item is very similar to a glove. It is padded and quite comfortable. Your fingers will be covered, however, it is an open designed to improve airflow.


This product has an exceptionally snug fit, especially in the beginning. For those of you with very large hands, this could be an issue. It has been noted by several customers that it is hard to get these mitts on if your hands are very large. If you can get them inside, over the course of time, they will break in and give you a more comfortable fit. Keep in mind that in the beginning, they may be a bit uncomfortable until they stretch to your hands. Leather does have a bit of giving to it but it does take some time. For those of you with small or average sized hands, you will love the fit of this item. There is a strap at the back that offers good adjustability regardless of the size of your hands. This does help to improve the fit and ensure that they stay securely in place while in use. A snug fit is not necessarily a bad thing, however, if it is too tight you may be dealing with circulation issues and you'll want to be careful.


The level of breathability in this item is decent. They do not use any mesh paneling to help promote airflow but there is an aspect that does. The portion that you will slide your hand into is shaped like a glove and it is fingerless. It is important to note that this does not mean that your fingers will be exposed and open to injury. They have built a covering for your fingers that will not reduce the airflow getting to your hands. When you have decent airflow you will notice that your hands are cooler and less sweaty. Obviously, this is going to lead to a more comfortable environment. This is especially true when you are spending long hours training with a variety of fighters. The more gear you wear the hotter you're going to be so the fact that this item breaths fairly well is an advantage to the people wearing them. Overall, this product does breathe a bit better than most other options that are available to you and will provide you with a better level of comfort because of it.


This item from Fairtex offers a great level of protection. The foam that they use is exceptionally good at absorbing impact. It is high-density and will withstand even the most devastating of blows. The strap that secures this item to you not only plays a role in keeping it in place but it also helps to support and protect your wrists. Our wrists are susceptible to injury and this strap can help you avoid that. The padding is also long enough that you have good coverage and won't have to worry about taking an unexpected strike to the wrist. Obviously, avoiding injuries is something we all want to do. It is important to note that many options offer padding at the back of the hand to help protect the fragile bones that are located there. Typically, you will not be taking strikes to this area, however, it can happen accidentally. If it does this can lead to serious injuries. This product does not have any padding at the back of the hand so it does not offer quite as much protection in this area.


Coaches, sparring partners, and fighters alike all feel that this product is fairly comfortable. It is important to note that those of you that have exceptionally large hands may not find them to be as comfortable as other people do. As noted, this is due to the fact that they are quite snug for those of you with big hands. The level of breathability plays a role in how comfortable this item is. When your hands are cooler and less sweaty, obviously, you are going to be more comfortable. In addition, the impact absorption that this item offers contributes to the level of comfort you experience while using them. Keep in mind that this item has a longer break-in time so in the beginning, you may not find them to be the most comfortable pair of mitts that you've ever worn. As you get them broken and they will become more and more comfortable and likely be one of your favorite pairs of mitts.


This option is one of the lightest weight items in this category that is currently available on the market. They have done an exceptional job at using materials that are not only durable but light. When you are training for a plethora of hours how much your gear ways can play a major role and how you make it through it. The lighter your gear is the less fatigued you're going to experience and the longer you will be able to work with your fighters. This pair of mitts come in weighing less than a pound. In comparison, the average set weighs just over a pound. As you can see, this is exceptionally lightweight and will help you avoid unwanted fatigue and soreness. Overall, the people that are wearing this product are very happy with the lightweight nature of them. It is also pretty awesome that they are very tough as well. You won't have to worry about them leaving you unprotected just because they are so light.


We would have to say the biggest advantage of using this product is the extremely low weight that they have. Spending hours and hours training boxers and mixed martial artist can lead to some very tired and sore muscles. The more gear you are wearing to stay protected the quicker you're going to tire out. So, as noted, it is a major advantage that these weigh almost to nothing. In addition, they offer a great level of protection even though they are so light. You won't have to worry about sustaining injuries to your fingers, hands, or wrists. Naturally, this is a major advantage. All of the materials used in this product are excellent quality and very durable. This brand pays attention to the fine details and this happens due to the fact that this item is handmade. Another Advantage is the level of breathability you will experience with this item. You will be cooler and more comfortable while using them then you would be with other options that are available to you.


There really are not too many disadvantages associated with this item. The most pertinent one has to do with the fact that these mitts will not accommodate exceptionally large hands. You may be able to get your hands inside of them, however, it is unlikely that you will find the fit is comfortable. In addition, it could cut off circulation leaving you feeling less than your best while working with your Combat Sports participants. The other disadvantage is closely associated with this one. Many have mentioned that the fit of this item is quite snug. It's nice to know that they will be secure on your hands, however, if it is too tight it could become painful. Reducing circulation is something you want to avoid for sure. Overall these are the only two real disadvantages that we can find in regards to this item. You will want to take them into consideration before deciding if this is the perfect choice for your needs.


Honestly, we would say that the value of this product is slightly above-average. The quality is fantastic, however, the price is not. You'll be making a pretty serious investment if you want to call these Smith's your own. There are options from brands like TITLE that offer the same level of protection but come at a cheaper price. In addition, they come with less negative aspects. Overall, this is a solid choice and they will suit you well. They are durable and offer good protection to not only the wearer but also the fighter. This versatile training tool is well-regarded among its users even though there are a couple of areas that could be improved. Placing a true value on an item is difficult as each person's opinion can be vastly different. We don't believe you'll be disappointed if you make the investment in this item just keep in mind that there are other great items that won't cost you quite as much.

Bottom Line

This brand does a good job of producing high-quality items that will last you a very long time. This item is lighter than pretty much every other option yet it offers good protection for all parties involved. It is true, you will be paying quite a bit more to call this item your own but you will not be disappointed with the performance. Most people will be able to wear these mitts comfortably. The fit is snug and exceptionally secure. You will not have to worry about sustaining injuries due to the fact that your mitts shifted or came off altogether during a training session. The reviews on this item are consistently good and people are impressed with the look, feel, and quality of this item. Overall, this is a solid choice that you will be able to rely on regardless of how often you are using them. In addition, they are great for your home gym as well as your local gym.