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The Fairtex Equipment Gym Bag gives you better organization than many others. With a good variety of pockets, finding what you need is a breeze with this bag. They have covered all of the bases. With special pockets for your wet gear, gloves, and small items you are sure to love how convenient it is to find your things.

The quality of this bag is impressive. It is durable and will give you great longevity of use. Tough and built to last are what this bag is. In addition, it will hold a huge variety of pieces of equipment easily. You won't need to worry about your gear breaking through this bag, as it is very tough.

When you are participating in sports like boxing, Karate, Judo, or other mixed martial arts you will need to carry quite a few things to your training sessions. Finding a bag that they will all fit into nicely can be difficult. The size of this bag is impressive. In fact, they have stated that it is a bit bigger than you would expect it to be.

Carrying your bag can be a burden, especially, if you have a long commute. With a variety of handles, you will be able to comfortably tote the Fairtex Equipment Gym Bag. So, you can sling it over your shoulder or carry it by the two smaller handles, whatever is more comfortable for you. Overall, consumers are more than pleased with this option from Fairtex.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Waterproof
  • Nice Color Options
  • Stylish Design
  • Handle Rough Use Nicely
  • Sturdy Design
  • Wet Equipment Compartment
  • Glove Pocket
  • Hook Durability Issues
  • Limited Breathability


The Fairtex brand has been trusted among fighters for generations. They offer a plethora of different options to help you along the path toward becoming the best fighter that you can be. In fact, they offer several options in every category so it is easy to find products that meet your needs and your budget.

Searching for items like gloves, punching bags, trunks, protective equipment, training pads, and other pieces of gear can be difficult, especially, when you are looking for high-quality options. This brand carries everything that you're going to need. They truly believe that one-stop-shopping is the best option for most customers and we would have to agree.

Looking for the combination of a decent price point, impeccable quality, and attention to detail is something that many people are searching for. Finding it in this brand is easy. There is a real reason that so many people have relied on this brand for so long. They truly do offer better and tire quality options than many others that are currently available on the market today.


The majority of the Fairtex Equipment Gym Bag is made from waterproof nylon. Nylon is exceptionally durable and can withstand the abuse your gym bag frequently takes. You will be able to use this bag for an exceptionally long time without worry of it falling apart. Obviously, this is a pretty big advantage.

There is a wet gear section. This is going to keep your wet items away from your dry item so that you can use them on another day without them becoming damp or smelling foul. In addition, they have added some mesh sections to hold different pieces of gear. This will have enhanced airflow and help them dry out more quickly.

The handles of the Fairtex Equipment Gym Bag are also made of nylon. Fairtex has chosen to use nylon throughout the design because of the excellent durability that it provides. It is important to note that the shoulder strap is detachable. You will have a variety of different ways to carry the Fairtex Equipment Gym Bag so that you can find your perfect level of comfort while using it.


You will get a variety of different pockets when you decide to go with the Fairtex Equipment Gym Bag. Separating your things out is extremely easy. In addition, you will find that organizing your fight gear in this bag is simpler than it is with many others. They have done a good job of strategically placed pockets for your convenience.

There are some small Pockets to house items that easily get lost in a large main compartment. You'll be able to quickly access items like your keys, cell phone, mouthguard, or mouthguard case. Customers like the fact that they no longer have to dig around searching for these items.

Fairtex also added some pockets that you don't always see with other options. For example, they have added a special glove compartment and a pocket for your wet items. Keeping your gear separated is very easy and convenient. It's a definite perk of the Fairtex Equipment Gym Bag.


The Fairtex Equipment Gym Bag is a pretty standard size duffle bag. However, many consumers have noted that they found it to seem a bit bigger than they expected. With one main large compartment, it is easy to fit all of the gear and equipment that you're going to need for your daily training sessions. In addition, the variety of other pockets will help ensure that all of your needs are met.

The Fairtex Equipment Gym Bag has a length that comes in at 24 inches. This is fairly standard for duffle bags in this category. You will be looking at a width of about 14 inches and a height of 12 inches. This bag overall is a tiny bit larger than average. Likely, this is the reason people find it roomier than they expect.

Hitting all of your gear and equipment into the Fairtex Equipment Gym Bag will be a breeze. Even if you are large in stature getting your shin guards, headgear, clothing, towel, and other pieces of equipment into it should be fairly easy. Overall, most people are more than satisfied with the size of this bag.


Breathability is something is one place where the Fairtex Equipment Gym Bag lacks. Many bags offer a design with built-in mesh panels to help promote air flow. This bag does have a mesh pocket to provide air flow to certain items, however, there are not mesh panels located throughout the bag.

A bag that lacks in breathability is not going to help your gear and equipment dry out quickly. In addition, the lack of airflow may lead to a much smellier situation. The better the airflow the less foul odors that you will come into contact with.

So it, if you decide to go with the Fairtex Equipment Gym Bag you're going to want to make sure to take your gear and Equipment out of it after each use. This will ensure that it will completely dry before you head into your next training session. Likely, you will also want to invest in a decent deodorizing product to ensure that your bag continues to smell great as you continue to use it.


The Fairtex Equipment Gym Bag is styled like a classic duffle bag. It offers a traditional size and a variety of different pockets which is what you would expect from an item in this category. It is structurally more sound than many others. They do this by reinforcing the bottom.

A duffel bag is perfect when you are carrying a variety of different pieces of sparring equipment. Items like shin guards, gloves, and headgear can take up a lot of room inside of a bag and, typically, a backpack is not going to cut it. You should have no problem fitting a large variety of items into this style of bag.

Oftentimes, duffle bags that are meant for sparring gear aren't quite big enough to actually hold all of the different pieces. Consumers have consistently noted that it is easy to fit all of your items into the Fairtex Equipment Gym Bag. When you decide to go with the Fairtex Equipment Gym Bag you can rest easy that it will all fit into it nicely.


For the most part, the Fairtex Equipment Gym Bag is quite durable. The materials that it is made out of are built to last. You are going to be able to put this bag through serious abuse without the worry of the nylon tearing.

Some consumers have noted that they do have some durability issues with the buckles for the shoulder strap. They are made of a thin metal material that may not hold up to carrying your heavy equipment. If these buckles break there are other straps to hold onto so you can carry it. However, many people do find this to be an inconvenience.

There was one report from a consumer that the seam burst on their bag. It was immediately replaced by the company and honestly, we haven't seen this information coming from many directions. We are confident in the fact that the Fairtex Equipment Gym Bag's seams are stitched thoroughly and should not burst open easily.


All of the different compartments in the Fairtex Equipment Gym Bag make finding your gear and equipment easy. In addition, it makes it simple to keep your sweaty wet clothing separated from your clean and dry items. It offers sections to how's your gloves as well as your small items that are easily lost in one large compartment.

Another advantage in choosing this bag over others is the fact that it offers insanely good durability. The outer material of this bag is going to last you a plethora of time. Unlike other bags that break down quickly while lugging around all of your gear, you won't have to worry about rips and tears with this one.

People also love the fact that, regardless of your stature, the Fairtex Equipment Gym Bag is going to be able to hold everything that you need. You won't have to carry multiple bags when you're heading to the gym. Obviously, this is going to make your commute and life easier.


Obviously, the disadvantage that a gear bag carries is just as important as the advantages. We were not surprised to find that there are very few disadvantages associated with the Fairtex Equipment Gym Bag. Fairtex does a good job in the construction and design of most of the items that they put on the market.

There are a couple of things that you should take under consideration before deciding if this is the perfect bag for you. Consumers have noted that they have had trouble with the durability of the buckles that attach the shoulder strap to the bag. This does not make the bag unusable, however, it is an inconvenience.

Another issue that consumers have is the fact that the Fairtex Equipment Gym Bag is not very breathable. You are not going to get a high level of airflow and therefore may end up dealing with a very smelly gear bag and equipment. This can be easily rectified with a deodorizing product but it will be an extra investment.


Deciding to call the Fairtex Equipment Gym Bag your own means that you'll be getting a product that is a good value. It is going to give you excellent longevity of use. In addition, it's going to be able to separate your items for convenient finding and use.

When determining the value of a product we absolutely need to take its price into consideration. You will be spending a bit more money if you decide to go with the Fairtex Equipment Gym Bag. Some people may need to spend a little bit of time-saving up before they will be able to call this item their own.

It is important to know that there are many other options in the same category that offer great durability but are more affordable. So, if you are on a very tight budget and may be advantageous to keep looking at other gear bags. Overall, customers are very pleased with the Fairtex Equipment Gym Bag and the performance they are getting out of it.

Bottom Line

When it comes down to it, putting your trust and hard-earned money into Fairtex is very rarely a mistake. The reviews surrounding the Fairtex Equipment Gym Bag are pretty much all positive. There are very few negative things being said and the things that are most people can get past fairly quickly.

You'll be able to stay extremely organized when you're using this bag. In addition, separating your dirty items from your clean ones is barely an inconvenience. People love the fact that they can quickly get to anything they want due to all of the different compartments located on this bag.

It's true, the Fairtex Equipment Gym Bag does not breathe as well as others and you may end up with some shoulder strap durability issues. These are pretty small beans as compared to other issues that we find commonly among gym bags. Overall, we are very confident that you will be satisfied with this option should you decide to purchase it.