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The Fairtex Extra Thick Curved kick pads are the dream for trainers of advanced mixed martial artists. They offer an excellent level of protection. The padding, as noted in the name, is extra thick. It will absorb and disperse a major amount of impact. These pads are a bit larger in size so, you will have great coverage.

In addition, they offer a secure fit that won't slide around. You will also be happy with the comfort level of using this option. They are curved to improve the fit and feel of them while they are in use. When you are working with fighters of every skill level you can count on these pads.

Fairtex is a brand that offers excellent options in all items fight-related. This set of pads are excellent quality and you can see this in all of the details. They are quite a bit heavier than other options. This could mean increased fatigue while using them. However, many find that training with these pads is a good workout for everyone involved.

When you are training in hard-hitting sports like Kickboxing and Muay Thai, you need equipment that can stand up to the abuse. All of the materials used in this option from Fairtex will do exactly that. You will be able to use these on a daily basis without worry of them falling apart. This is a very good aspect considering they are very expensive.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Large Striking Surface
  • Outstanding Customer Reviews
  • Great Impact Absorption
  • Extremely Durable
  • Good For All Skill Levels
  • Snug Fit
  • Solid Construction
  • Expensive
  • Quite Stiff
  • Heavy


Fairtex is a brand that has not been around for an exceptional amount of time, however, they have made a serious impact in the world of fight sports. Their options are some of the best that are available on the market today.

This is due to the fact that they understand what fighters need to stay comfortable, well protected, and working toward the win. When you are searching for the best of the best, this brand and their goods are oftentimes the winners. Whether you are looking for trunks, gloves, belly pads, punching mitts, or other combat sports-related items, they have it.

The prices for their products tend to be a bit higher than others. However, you will be getting great quality and exceptional durability. You won't have to worry about constantly replacing your gear. Obviously, this makes their prices more understandable. Overall, this is a solid brand with products you can rely on.


You are sure to be impressed with the materials that this brand has chosen for this item. They are all well thought out and going to last even through hundreds of training sessions. The outer material of this product is made from genuine cowhide leather.

This is one of the most durable types of leather available which is good when you start to consider the high impact nature of Combat Sports training. They use a high-density foam padding that is quite a bit thicker than most others. This is going to do an excellent job at absorbing shock and keeping you well protected.

The back of this product is built like a typical kick pad. There are two hook and loop style velcro closures that you were used to securing this item. In addition, there is a riveted on hand grip at the top of it. These pads are pre-curved so that they are anatomically correct. This is going to improve the comfort level you experience while using them.


In terms of protection, not all kick pads are created equal. Choosing this set of pads is going to give you a higher level of protection than most others. This is for a variety of reasons. These pads are a bit bigger and are going to give you more coverage. They also have a Target in the center of them to ensure your fighter is hitting the correct strike zone.

The pre-curved style of this pad also helps to ensure they are connecting with the right area. These pads are also, as noted, quite a bit thicker than others. This is going to absorb more shock which means you, as the trainer, are going to feel less. It is important to note that these pads are very stiff.

What this means is that from a fighter standpoint you will likely want to wear shin guards to make sure you don't suffer from some nasty bruises. If you have very well-conditioned shins you may be able to get away without wearing shin guards, however, it is possible that you would sustain an injury in doing so.


Regardless of if your arms and wrists are thick or thin, you're going to be able to find the fit you've been looking for. Consumers are very impressed with the way this item stays put. In addition, they have noted that it is very easy to make adjustments. The hook and loop style straps are longer than most others which will give you better adjustability.

If you need to loosen or tighten them up throughout your training sessions you'll be able to do this and it won't be a major inconvenience. Ensuring that you have good fitting equipment and gear is imperative in keeping you in the game.

It will ensure that you do not sustain injuries from your pads sliding around. While the straps on this are longer they are not so long as to become a burden. Overall, we believe you'll be truly satisfied with the fit that this product from Fairtex offers.


You're going to get an excellent level of comfort while training with these pads. There are a couple of different aspects built into them to help ensure this. The straps that go across your forearms are slightly padded. This is going to improve how they feel as you are working through a variety of different training activities.

In addition, the hand grip is also padded. It is covered in the same leather as the rest of these pads. This feature will help to improve your grip. It has been noted by a few people that the handgrip can become uncomfortable.

This is due to the seam along the bottom of it. There are not a ton of complaints in regards to this but there are a couple. This set of pads is also going to do a better job than most at disbursing shock. In turn, this is going to help your entire body feel better than it usually does after arduous sessions with heavy-hitters.


These pads are bigger than a professional sized set of kick shields. The length of them comes in at 16 inches. This is going to give you, obviously, better coverage than smaller pads. The width of them comes in at eight inches. This is only slightly bigger than average but again will give you better coverage. The thickness of the pad plays a major role in the level of protection that you're going to get.

These are definitely pretty thick coming in at almost four inches. While they are slightly bigger than most there have not been complaints about people finding these pads to be exceptionally bulky. This is great as they're not going to inhibit your movement as you work through different sessions with fighters of every level.

The fact that these are a bit bigger it's going to be an advantage when you are working with new fighters. Their stripes tend to be less accurate and you won't have to worry as much about them landing a blow somewhere unexpected.


The exact weight of these pads is not listed on the manufacturer's website. In fact, there is some debate over how much they actually weigh. When looking through all of the customer's reviews the consensus is that each pad weighs about 3 pounds. This is heavier than many other options that are out there.

Part of this is due to the fact that they are larger and offer better protection. For some people, these are going to be too heavy. You may experience increased muscle fatigue or longer recovery times. Keeping your gear in equipment as light as possible can help keep you training for longer periods of time.

Most people can get past the extra weight of this item due to the fact that they are getting such a high level of protection and excellent durability. If you are training every day you may not think these are heavy at all but for some, they truly will be.


There are several different advantages and choosing the set of pads over others. First, they offer a Target in the middle of the pad. This is going to help improve your fighters accuracy. They will have an obvious strike zone that they are aiming for. The pre-curved nature of this pad is also going to help ensure that strikes land where they are supposed to.

In turn, this is going to keep you better protected than other pads wood. This item is also made to handle the hardest of blows. When you are working with advanced fighters that are seriously skilled keeping yourself while protected is extremely important. These pads will give you the confidence you need to keep training regardless of the fighter you are working with.

They are going to keep you feeling better and headed back to the gym on a frequent basis. You will also find that these pads are very comfortable and provide an excellent fit. On top of all of this, they are going to last you an exponential amount of time.


Unfortunately, as with all products, there are a couple of negatives that need to be discussed in regards to this product. Obviously, the more information you have the better decision you'll be able to make. Many customers find these pads to be quite stiff in the beginning.

This is pretty common, however, they are not going to break in easily. This could require your fighters to wear shin protection. Honestly, this is not a major deal and most people do wear shin guards when training in mixed martial arts disciplines. The other factor that consumers are not exactly thrilled with how heavy these pads are. They could lead to increased muscle fatigue.

Obviously, you don't want to become tired while working through your training sessions. This is especially true if you spend your entire day working with fighters. Overall, these are truly the only negatives we could find in regards to this item and most people can get past them quite simply.


We feel as if these pads are a great value. They are quite expensive and many people will have to spend some time-saving money to call them their own. Sometimes, a higher price tag does not mean that our quality, however, in this case, it does. You really will be getting a great bang for your buck when you invest in this product.

Not only is it going to last you a stellar amount of time and is also going to keep you very well protected. You will be able to use these pads on a consistent basis without worrying about foam flying out of them or the outer material falling apart. So, investing in these is investing in all of your fighters futures.

Obviously, the price of an item is not the only thing that determines its value. Looking over all of the different features it is pretty easy to see why so many people are impressed with this item from Fairtex.

Bottom Line

When it comes down to it this is a solid pair of kick shields. You'll be able to use them while working with fighters of every skill level and this is a pretty big advantage. Not needing to worry about switching out your pads depending on who you're working with saves you time and frustration.

These pads offer an excellent fit that will provide security while training. In addition, they really are great for helping fighters improve their accuracy. Placing a target on your pads seems like a small thing but it really does make a difference. The price associated with it is a bit High, however, you'll be able to use them for years to come.

All of the reviews surrounding this item are insanely positive. Fighters, coaches, and sparring partners are all happy with the fit, performance, and feel that they are getting out of these pads. We are certain that if you make the investment you were going to be pleased with them, as well.