Fairtex Neoprene Shin Guards Review

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The Fairtex Neoprene Shin Guards a very well-regarded by the fighters using them. When you are into hard-hitting sports like Taekwondo, Muay Thai, Karate, and other mixed martial arts disciplines wearing top-quality protective gear is imperative. This brand is known for producing top quality options. We were not surprised to see that this item is favored among shin guard options. In addition, to the fact that they are made of great materials, they are also quite versatile. Oftentimes, shin guards can be bulky which makes them hard to grapple in. This item transitions well from standing to mat work. Additionally, you can train on a heavy bag while wearing these without the worry of sustaining injuries.

Fairtex pays attention to the fine details and the true wants and needs of fighters. This piece of protective gear offers a bit of adjustability so you can find a truly secure fit. In addition, it offers a great level of coverage. This will keep you and your sparring partner or coach well-protected during the most insane training sessions. Investing in protective equipment can be a burden on the budget. This item will be able to withstand constant abuse from every level of fighter. You will be getting a great bang for your buck when going with this option from Fairtex. Overall, the people training with these pads are exceptionally happy with the performance, protection, fit, and feel of this piece of gear.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Excellent Coverage
  • Can Wear During Grappling
  • Good For Training & Competition
  • Stay-Put Fit
  • Great Protection Level
  • Very Comfortable
  • High-Level Of Durability
  • Trustworthy Brand
  • Sizing Runs Small


Fairtex is a brand that has been trusted for generations. They offer some of the finest products available for mixed martial artists and combat sports participants. Almost all of their items are handmade and this is a huge part of the reason their quality is always so outstanding. Their products are built to last. With an emphasis on the design and construction of their products, you will be getting excellent use out of each and every one of their items. When you are in need of trunks, wraps, gloves, protective gear, and other pieces of training equipment this brand will have a great option for you. Their prices can be a bit higher than others, however, we feel this is understandable considering the exceptional longevity of use you will get from their items. Finding the best gear for sports like Muay Thai, Kickboxing, Karate, and Judo doesn't have to be difficult. You can put your trust and hard earned money into this brand with confidence. Their customers are well-satisfied and their customer service department is always there to help you with any issues you may face.


It was not surprising us to find that this brand uses some of the best materials available in the market today. Covering the multiple layers of foam padding is genuine leather. Genuine leather is a common material to be used for an item like this. That is due to the fact that it is exceptionally durable and does help to absorb some impact. As noted, there are several layers of high-density foam that will help to keep your lower leg and foot while protected. The back of this item is made with neoprene. This is a fairly stretchy material that does an excellent job of wicking moisture away from your skin. This will make for a more comfortable experience while wearing this item. They have also included a velcro hook and loop strap at the top of the calf. This is to ensure that you find the best possible. For the only other material that you'll come into contact with is an elastic band that goes underneath your foot to help secure the padding to the top of your foot. Overall, these are all solid choices in materials.


The sizing of an item plays a big role in the overall fit. Consumers have noted that this option runs quite small. If you have thick calves you are definitely going to want to order at least a size up to ensure a proper fit. This item is going to be very snug regardless of size, as it should be. Once you find the proper size customers are saying that they are very pleased with the fit. It is exceptionally secure. You won't have to worry about this item shifting and leaving you open to injury. The fact that this item offers a bit of adjustability at the top of the calf also plays a role in how it fits. You'll be able to loosen or tighten this area to make it feel perfect for you. The neoprene sleeve on the back does offer a bit of stretch. It can be hard to get your legs and feet in and out of this item, however, they will keep you well protected and stay in place. Overall, the fit of this item is better than most as long as you are careful when measuring and make sure to get the correct size.


We were a bit surprised to hear that customers are pretty happy with the level of breathability that this item offers. Even though it fully covers your calf and most of your foot it does offer a decent amount of airflow. There are a couple of features that play a role in this. First off, the neoprene that they use for the sleeve breathe quite well. You will get a decent amount of airflow through this material. In addition, neoprene is excellent at removing moisture from the skin. When your skin is dryer it will, naturally, be cooler and more comfortable. Most shin guards don't offer any sort of breathability so the fact that this item has some is a big plus. There are no complaints from consumers over how this item breaths. In fact, there is no mention of it feeling exceptionally hot while wearing it either. Obviously, we don't wear this type of protection because it breathes well we wear it so we don't sustain injuries. However, this item will keep you cooler and a bit more comfortable than other options you may have tried in the past.


When you are looking for a high level of protection this option will suit you well. Not only will your shin be well-protected so will your ankle and your foot. Obviously, we wear protective gear to keep ourselves in the best condition possible. In addition, it is going to help to keep your sparring partner safe. This will allow both parties to continue their training without interruption. The high impact foam that is used in this product does a great job of absorbing impact. Many customers have stated they feel like they aren't taking any blows at all while wearing this item. You really won't have to worry about major bruising or other more painful injuries while using this item. There are a lot of options out there and many of them do not give a very good level of protection. You can't rush this brand and their products to perform exceptionally well and give you the level of confidence that only truly protective gear can.


Most people find this item to be very comfortable. The secure fit plays a big role in this. When you don't have to worry about your protective equipment moving around it leads to a higher level of comfort. All of the materials used in this product are also built for comfort. The neoprene sleeve will feel good against your skin and help to keep you cooler than most other materials. In addition, the level of breathability that this item offers will help to keep you more comfortable as well. Keep in mind that finding the correct size in this item can be a bit difficult. If you are wearing a pair of shin guards that are too small you are not going to find them comfortable. This is especially true during exceptionally long training sessions. If you are a coach and working with a multitude of fighters, you need to ensure that you find a proper fit so you maintain optimal comfort levels. Overall, this item is well regarded in terms of comfort.


We were unable to find the exact weight of this item. However, it is safe to assume that this set of shin guards is going to be a bit heavier than other options that are currently available. We say this because of the materials that are used to construct them. First off, genuine leather is heavier than other options like vinyl and synthetic leather. On top of that, there are several layers of foam and a neoprene sleeve with Buckle that will weigh this item down slightly. Customers have noted that it is fairly lightweight. However, you may notice that when using this item it weighs you down just a bit more than others. In addition, it may be noticeable that your muscles are becoming more fatigued or that your recovery time is lengthened. Overall, the weight of this item may have a small impact on your performance. But keep in mind that it is going to offer you a great level of protection and you will be able to use it frequently. This product truly does stand up to the abuse that comes with the gear you use for combat training.


We would have to say one of the biggest advantages of using this product is the great level of protection that it provides. You will be able to wear this item throughout all of your training sessions with the peace of mind and knowing that you won't sustain any major injuries while wearing them. Another factor that is a major advantage would be the materials that are seen in the construction of this product. They are all built to last and will give you a comfortable secure fit. This item will also stay in place very well. It is slightly adjustable and offers a fit that won't budge. You won't have to worry about sustaining injuries due to ill-fitting protective equipment. Additionally, this product is made from an exceptionally trustworthy brand. They consistently go over and above the expectations of their consumers.


When reading what all the customers had to say about this item there was only one consistent complaint. It is surprising to find an item with so few negative aspects. What customers have to say is that this item runs small. As previously noted, as long as you are careful when measuring and ordering this should be a non-issue. It can be very frustrating if you ordered the incorrect size or find that when you receive them they don't fit very well. It could lead you to a high level of discomfort. So, you will need to be very careful when purchasing this item to make sure you avoid this inconvenience. This brand is also very good at working with their customer so if you do run into trouble it shouldn't be much of a problem. Simply contact their customer service department and they will work with you to solve it. Overall, this is the only true negative we can find in regards to this item. It's nice to know there are still products out there that people are raving about.


When you decide to go with this product you will be getting an excellent value. The price tag that is associated with it is slightly more than others, however, the quality of this item is better than most. When you look at other options in the same category and of the same quality the price tag that this one has is average. It may be a bit of work to fit it into an exceptionally tight budget, however, for the most part, people will be able to work it in. Saving up for this item won't be a mistake. It provides you with a great level of protection and a fairly comfortable fit. People are more than satisfied with the performance of this product and the use they are getting out of it. It will stand up to the toughest fighters and the hardest training routines with ease. We believe that if you make the investment into this item you will be truly happy with it and feel it was well worth the investment. In fact, we're certain that you will feel it is an exceptional value just like everyone else.

Bottom Line

Lee shin guards are more versatile than other options that are out there. You will be able to wear them while you are training with a sparring partner, as well as, while you are doing bag work or if you're down on the mat working on your grappling techniques. The price tag is a little bit more than others however, it is going to last you much longer and can be used for more training activities. The reviews of this product are consistently good and we are not surprised looking at the brand that it comes from. When you need a high level of protection for not only yourself but also for your sparring partner this is a great choice. Sustaining injuries can keep you away from your chosen fight sport for quite some time so, having the ability to stay well protected and not worry about it is a major advantage to your performance. We believe that investing in this brand and its products is always a good idea. You'll be placing a safe bet when you place it on this set of shin guards.