Robert Irvine’s FIT Crunch Bars Reviewed

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FIT Crunch Bars use top quality proteins to ensure that your muscles are getting the support they need regardless of if you are lifting weights, running, or trying to lose weight. This bar comes in a variety of flavors to accommodate a variety of tastes. This baked bar is crunchy and chewy. Each one yields a higher protein content than what we commonly see among items in this category. It holds a great nutritional value and when combined with exercise can lead to enhanced muscle growth. It will also provide you with faster recovery times making attending the gym on a daily basis easier than before. This reduction and soreness will also allow you to work out more effectively which in turn provides even better muscle growth. Across the globe athletes,  gym rats, and everyday go-getters have been relying on this product to improve their energy levels and keep them full. You won't have to concern yourself with a bunch of artificial ingredients or exceptionally high sugar values as this product is well-balanced. It also does a great job in keeping you on track with your diet and weight loss goals. Helping you stay full will also keep you from snacking on less healthy options.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Crunchy Texture
  • Excellent For Snacks
  • High-Quality Ingredients
  • Great Flavor Variety
  • Low Sugar Content
  • Gluten Free
  • Improves Energy
  • Curbs Appetite
  • Contains Artificial Ingredients
  • Melt Easily
  • Very Crumbly


Robert Irvine’s FitCrunch brand Has been in business for 5 years. The founder is a celebrity chef who believes that nutritional supplements can taste great and benefit your life in a variety of ways. This brand started out only making protein bars but their venture has changed into providing products for customers that will also enhance a variety of different activities. Whether you are looking to improve your recovery times, enhance energy, or gain muscle they offer a supplement that will fit easily into your lifestyle. They have won several awards including protein bar of the year. Consumers have been trusting this brand since it came to be and so far, they are not disappointed.


The taste of this product will make you feel like you are cheating when in fact you are not. The flavor is well-balanced and there are not many reports of it being overly sweet. It has been noted, however, that it leaves a pretty bad aftertaste in your mouth. This is more than likely due to the fact that it contains artificial sweeteners. Many people have said that these protein bars remind them of their favorite candy bars. When you have a killer sweet tooth knowing you have a nutritional option that will satiate it is an obvious advantage to your diet. Staying on track can be quite difficult with all of the unhealthy but delicious options that are available. With products like this one, it becomes increasingly easier to stay on track, eat healthily, and achieve optimal fitness.


This brand offers five different flavor varieties in this particular product. While this is not as many as others it is enough to allow you to change up your routine frequently. You have your choice between caramel peanut, chocolate chip cookie dough, cookies and cream, peanut butter, and birthday cake. All of these options will do a great job at satisfying your urges for sweet things but also allowing you to keep your calories in check. Consumers have found that they like all of the options available in this product which is uncommon among protein-boosting bars. It is important to know you can also get a variety of flavor combinations when you decide to purchase this product.


The way that this bar is layered you will encounter a couple of different textures while eating it. They are quite crunchy but at the same time, they are all so soft. Many people say that they are quite a bit softer than others you may have experienced. There are no reports of this nutritional bar having a gritty mouthfeel. The crunchy and chewy consistency of this product is appreciated among users. Oftentimes, customers try a new product and are left with something that is completely inedible. This is due to the fact that many protein products are exceptionally dense and difficult to chew. The fact that you don't have to deal with that when consuming this one is an obvious advantage.


The proteins used in this product are proven effective in a variety of ways. Our bodies break down proteins into amino acids. These amino acids are the building blocks of our muscles. What they will do for you are improve your recovery time. What exactly does that mean? It means you will feel a serious reduction in muscle soreness after Long training sessions. In addition, these amino acids will help better maintain your muscles so, when you're working hard you will experience less muscle deterioration. On top of these two things, your muscle growth will also be improved. This product is also an effective way to help you manage your caloric intake and your diet. You will have a sweet snack that contains healthy ingredients. It will keep you full and ensure that you avoid less than stellar options throughout your day.


The ingredients used in this product are all high-quality. Obviously, there will be some variation of ingredients based off of the flavor variety that you choose. They do all contain a blend of proteins. When you consume this you'll be getting whey protein concentrate, whey protein isolate, and soy protein isolate. These are some of the most effective proteins available. These bars all also contain vegetable glycerin, sugar, gelatin, vegetable oil, palm oil, brown rice flour, sorbitol, water, and maltitol. these are the main ingredients you'll be coming into contact with when consuming this product they do also contain a small amount of salt, dextrose, vanilla, soy lecithin, natural flavoring, sucralose, citric acid, potassium sorbate, way, and baking soda. If you want to see an exact breakdown of each flavors ingredient list you can check them all out on the brand's website.


These bars pack a hefty 380 calories per serving. This is regardless to which flavor variety that you choose. It makes them perfect as a meal replacement. Most people like to keep snacks well under 300 calories so, as you can see this is going to fill you up much more. Snack-sized protein bars typically yield 200 calories or right around there. It is important to know this brand does offer a snack-sized option if you're not looking to replace an entire meal. This protein bar is very convenient when you're on the go and feel as if you're starving. The calories that contain well not only fill you up but keep you feeling full and improve your energy levels.


The sugar content in each flavor is the same. They hold six grams of actual sugar per serving. This is a fairly small amount and most people be able to easily fit into their daily routine. Natural sugars are not the only reason that this product is sweet, however. It also contains sugar alcohols which improve flavor when used sparingly. The reports of this product leaving a terrible aftertaste in your mouth is likely due to the fact that it contains artificial sweeteners. It's surprising that there are no reports of people feeling as if these products are too sweet. This may be because they are all in flavor varieties of items that are naturally excessively sweet. If you have a hard time with digesting sugar alcohols you'll want to avoid this product, otherwise, consumers are very happy with the sugar content that yields.


Your energy levels will most certainly be improved when you consume this product. Unlike pre workouts and energy drinks, it does not rely on stimulants to give you a boost in energy. Naturally, our bodies use calories to provide us with fuel to make it through our day. You will get energy because of this but you will also find that increased protein levels also help with improving overall energy. Your stamina at the gym will be improved and your muscles will feel less fatigued. This will make getting through your end sets simpler and lead you to better results. It's important to note that the energy you get from this product is long-lasting and will never lead you to a crashing effect.


Each serving of this product is equal to 88 G or one bar. This is a standard serving for a meal replacement product. In comparison, snack size varieties typically weigh about 50 g. As you can see this is quite a bit larger and is going to fill you up significantly more. Unlike many other protein bars out there this product offers you a variety of container sizes. You can purchase These Bars individually which will allow you to give all of the flavors of try without spending a fortune. They are also available in a 12, 36, or 72 pack. The more you buy the more money you do save per serving. Overall consumers are exceptionally happy that they have some variety and how many they are buying as it is not commonly seen.

Side Effects

The only adverse side effect that has been reported with this product is digestive issues. This is due to the fact that it contains sugar alcohols that are very hard for some people to digest. While this is the only one we are seeing consumers complain about that does not mean there are no other effects that you may experience. Protein supplements are known for causing nausea, upset stomach, bloating, gas, more frequent bowel movements, or fatigue. These are all quite uncommon, however, they are known adverse effects that are related to this type of supplement. More often than not they are exceptionally minor. If you find they are causing a lot of detriment in your daily routine you may want to discontinue use and discuss the benefits with your doctor.


There are some very obvious advantages that come with using a product like this one. As previously mentioned, it can help keep you on track with your diet. This far is quite filling and full of the nutritional elements you need to continue doing well, regardless of activity. There is also the fact that it will help support your muscles in a variety of ways. Improving recovery times helps you crush it whether you are running, lifting, participating in a fitness class, or in general staying active. The enhanced muscle growth and maintenance that you will experience will help improve the look of your overall physique. Also, the energy that this product gives you will help you succeed in the routine of your daily activities.


There are really no major disadvantages associated with this product. It does contain sugar alcohols which can be very difficult for many people to digest. When you have trouble digesting a product that can make it unusable due to unbearable stomach pain and cramping. Some would argue, that the side effects list of this product is a major disadvantage. We disagree, simply because basically every nutritional supplement comes with some sort of side effects list. This brand is a bit heavy on their ingredients list and this can be concerning for some people. Overall, consumers are pleased with this product and how it has impacted their overall health and wellness.


In terms of price, this product is a bit more expensive than others you may have bought in the past. For a meal replacement bar, it does cost just a little bit more. When you look at the high-quality ingredients they are using and the time they've spent develop this product it is understandable why it is a bit pricier. Some budgets will not be able to absorb the cost on a monthly basis. We cannot only take price into consideration when determining the true value of a product. Looking over the aspects of this one, it is simple to see why so many people feel as if it is a fantastic value. We agree that it is an excellent value and when you pair it with a great diet and exercise routine it will help you reach your goals more easily.

Bottom Line

We don't feel as if you can really go wrong with this product. They offer excellent flavors that taste great. They help crush your sweet tooth and keep you on track, regardless of the diet you are on right now. It doesn't cause a ton of adverse effects. The benefits that it gives your body and muscles have been proven time and again. You will need to try and eat right and workout frequently. When you do this product really will help improve recovery times, muscle maintenance, and growth. With these improvements, you'll be able to work out longer and harder which will, in turn, give you even better results. Overall, if you give this product a try we feel that you will not be disappointed.