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The Fitbit Blaze makes tracking your life fairly simple. Many fitness trackers do not offer accurate heart rate tracking. The Fitbit Blaze is better than most in this category. They use PurePulse technology which leads to a much more accurate figure. Regardless if you love to run, bike, or participate in cross training this option will allow you to track it all. There are a plethora of activities, beyond these, that you can keep track of. This will allow you to stay on top of your activity levels and help you move towards achieving your fitness and weight loss goals. You can map your activities easily. Consumers are happy with the app associated with this item. This tracker also keeps you connected with the real world. So, while you are sitting through long board meetings or having a long session at the gym you will still get your texts and calls from your nearby device. Fitbit makes some of the most technologically sound trackers available on the market today. Trusting that you will be able to keep track of your daily activities accurately is something customers love about this item. Overall, this is a great option in fitness tracking watches.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Excellent Compatibility
  • Clock Features
  • Offers Calendar Alerts
  • Variety Of Accessories
  • Trusted Brand
  • Large Face
  • Lont Lasting Charge
  • Easy To Use App
  • Not Water Resistant
  • Short Life Span


Fitbit has been leading the world of fitness trackers for more than ten years. This brand came to fruition because the founders realized that technology had come to a place where it could be used to help create healthier lifestyles. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is hard enough without really knowing what you are doing in a day. Fitbit offers a variety of trackers to fit into your routine with ease. They offer comfortable fitting options for a variety of sizes to ensure you can find what you want. There are also quite a few Fitbit accessories that are available. This will allow you to customize your look with ease and that will transition well between work and your active life. Whether you want to keep track of your steps, calories, sleep, or activity level there is a Fitbit that will meet all of your needs. This can help exponentially with meeting weight loss and overall health-related goals.

Basic Features

As expected from a brand like Fitbit you will have the ability to track your steps, calories you are burning, steps ascended, distance gone, and how active or sedentary you have been in a day. They also offer features that we are seeing more and more with fitness trackers. These include options for sleep tracking and alarms. You can even have your Fitbit Blaze remind you to move. It syncs wirelessly, which again, is expected in a great fitness tracker like this one. You will have access to workout summaries. This will allow you to see how much you have improved with time and effort. You will be able to wear it throughout your entire day which will give you an accurate representation of your overall activity levels.

Advanced Features

With a name like Fitbit, you expect some stellar advanced features and the Blaze will give you just that. It actually gives you an accurate read on your heart rate which is uncommon among products in this category. There are a variety of sports modes and you will be connected to GPS. This means you will be able to see your statistics as you are working hard. You will also be able to access workouts on your wrist screen. This makes keeping your routine interesting more simple than ever before. Consumers really like the guided breathing exercises that they are offered access to while wearing this smartwatch. Another feature that people are in love with is the ability to control their music. Music can really change your game and keep you motivated. The ability to control it from your wrist is a great advantage to keeping the tunes motivating you.


It is wild to us what a difference there is in the opinions over the accuracy of this product. With some more research what we have found is that the Fitbit Blaze is more accurate than many other fitness tracking watches. A huge part of the reason that people find it to be inaccurate is the fact that they do not spend the time to calibrate it to themselves and this can lead to a plethora of problems. There are still quirks and no, it does not get every piece one hundred percent accurate. It does a good job at giving you an accurate step count as well as a fairly accurate heart rate. You will have good activities in the different sports modes available to you as well. When it comes down to it, this product is much more accurate than other trackers out there.


As with most fitness trackers, this one is powered by a rechargeable lithium-ion battery. When fully charged you will likely get three to four days of use without needing to charge it again. Many customers like to charge theirs while they are taking a shower since this device is not waterproof. You will have to take the electronic piece out of the band to charge it unless you buy a special charger for it. Some customers are very annoyed by this and wish they didn't have to make the extra investment just to charge it while it is in the band. There are not many complaints from customers that concern the battery life and the lack of charging with the band on is really barely an inconvenience. The long-lasting charge ensures you will be able to track all of your stellar workouts without interruption.


The Fitbit Blaze is an exceptionally compatible device. You will be able to connect it wirelessly with just about any smartphone available on today's market. With many brands, their trackers work much better with one or the other between iPhone and Android. This is not the case here. Fitbit has put the time into their technology to ensure that pretty much anyone using a smartphone will be able to use their app. For obvious reasons, this is an aspect that users are stoked about. It is important to note that those of you with Windows phones will not be able to get your call, texts, and notifications from your most used apps. You will be able to wirelessly connect your devices. This is an expectation nowadays and we would expect nothing less from a brand like Fitbit.


This smartwatch is versatile in more ways than just the tracking options. There are a plethora of accessories that you can use with the face of this item. What this means is you can buy different bands to suit all the activities of your life. This item can also help keep your routine versatile. With on-screen workouts, you can change up your daily exercise plan. This can help keep you focused and interested in staying active. With features like guided breathing exercises, you can find the stressful parts of your day a little easier to bare. You will be able to use this smartwatch to keep you involved in your life regardless of where you are. Wearing this daily will help you keep track of your life in so many ways it is unreal. Overall, customers are thrilled with how easy they can fit this item into their everyday life.


Due to the fact that there are so many bands available for this option you will be able to find one that you think is truly comfortable. There are many different materials that are available to you. Many brands only offer silicon bands which can seriously irritate your skin. They also pinch some people. You will have the option to purchase bands that will work well while you are working out. They do offer silicon options if that is what you prefer. There are also options that are much dressier so you can wear your Fitbit comfortably in the office. They are available in Leather, metal, and synthetic leather also. As you can see, you will be able to fit this into your daily life with ease and you can find a style that will suit your needs on all occasions.


There are so many advantages to wearing a smartwatch or a fitness tracker. When you can see what an average day looks like for you in terms of activity levels it can really help to keep you motivated when trying to lose weight. Even those that are a healthy weight can find the motivation to keep leading a healthy lifestyle. You will be able to track your sleep and stress levels which can help give you a better understanding of your energy levels throughout your day. The fact that you can receive text messages will keep you involved in your busy life regardless of what you are doing. While some may not look at it as an advantage we feel that the ability to control your music is an advantage. We feel this way because music can really help with motivation and the drive to exceed your goals. This watch also keeps your pace in a variety of activities. When you can see this it helps push you harder to do even better than before.


It has been reported from a ton of customers that this smartwatch likes to die right around the one year mark. This is, obviously, not the case with all of them but it does seem to be a relatively common complaint. When you make this kind of investment, you expect it is going to last more than a year. There are a few issues from customers with accurately reading different activities. We feel that oftentimes this is due to poorly calibrated watches as most people don't have complaints about the accuracy levels this watch offers. There are also some reported issues with band durability. This depends on what band you decide to go with. It appears that the Silicone option is the least durable and this makes sense when you consider the material.


This product is of good quality. Overall consumers are satisfied with the quality of this product. It does a good job of keeping track of so many different activities and it records accurate readings. The longevity of use is a bit sketchy as it seems these like to peter out right around the year mark. This is one of the main reasons we say this product is good quality rather than excellent quality. Fitbit makes some of the best fitness trackers available today and this one is a solid option. The app that you will use is also good quality. People find it easy to use and it gives you a ton of information. This smartwatch is convenient in everyday life and can improve your quality of life and help you reach your fitness goals more easily.


This smartwatch is pricey. You may be doing a bit of saving before making this purchase. There are a lot of advantages in wearing a fitness tracker on a daily basis and this one is absolutely a solid option. As with all electronics, it has its quirks. Consumers feel as if this product is a good value. Due to the kinks, this tracker has and the elevated price, we would have to agree. You will get solid tracking information. In addition, it offers some extra features that you won't find with others. For example, the on-screen exercise routines are not something you will get with most products in this category. There are definitely cheaper options out there but you will likely end up having more trouble with them than you ever will with this one.

Bottom Line

This is a solid choice in a fitness tracker. It offers a variety of advanced features that can positively impact your daily routine, health-related goals, and even your stress levels. You will have a ton of bands to choose from which makes it simple to wear your smartwatch regardless of the dress code. Customers are pleased with the size of the screen and the compatibility options that are offered. You can easily see how versatile this option is once you give it a try and you will see the impact it can have quickly. Knowing how you sleep, calorie intake and burn, and having the ability to keep it calm on stressful days are some of the reasons we feel you really will like this option by Fitbit.