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The Fitbit Flex 2 is a small and sleek fitness tracker that has some seriously large capabilities. Coming from a brand like Fitbit we expect quite a lot and with this option that is what we get. This model is not one of the newest they offer but it is a great option for those of you that are on a budget. If you are new to fitness tracking this can be the perfect start. You will be able to keep track of your daily calorie burn, as well as, steps taken which can keep you firmly on the path to a healthier lifestyle. Whether you are trying to enhance your speed and stamina or lose weight an activity tracker can help keep you geared towards exceeding your short and long-term goals. There are a plethora of other reasons that make wearing a device such as this advantageous. This includes things like keeping an eye on your schedule, staying connected while exercising, and maintaining a whole view of your daily routine. Consumers are, overall, quite pleased with the Fitbit Flex 2. There are many options out there but few that are as sleek and affordable while actually giving you accurate information.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Affordable
  • Slim Design
  • Many Capabilities
  • Trusted Brand
  • Fast Syncing
  • Easy On Easy Off
  • Waterproof
  • Tracker Dislodges Easily From Band
  • Not Compatible With All Devices


When thinking about fitness or activity trackers, for most people, Fitbit is one of the first names to come to mind. This is because they are a leader in this type of product. Revolutionizing the world of items in this category, they make some of the most highly-rated options available. From basic models that will keep track of your steps and calories to advanced models that will keep you fully connected to your life, they have something for everyone. In the busy world of today, it can be hard to balance a healthy diet and exercise plan. Wearing one of their products daily can help keep you focused and on track. You will be able to see how your days are going in regards to activity levels, how much water you are drinking, and when your next meeting is being held. It all depends on which option you choose from them. Overall, they are a well-trusted brand that has earned that respect over the years.

Basic Features

When you purchase a Fitbit there are some features that you absolutely expect to have access to. This option will not leave you disappointed. You'll be able to easily track of a variety of activities including how many steps you've taken and how far you've gone. In addition, you'll be able to see how many calories you burned and how many minutes you were active in a day. On top of all of this, you will also be able to see your stationary time in a day which can help you get up and move more frequently. While not always considered a basic feature with every tracker option, this one also tracks your sleep, which is a basic feature for Fitbit products. It also features Wireless syncing that is pretty simple and works via Bluetooth. Another basic feature of Fitbit products are the interchangeable band options. This one is available and not only a wristband but also independent or a bangle if you so prefer.

Advanced Features

This brand is known for having some pretty cool Advanced features. You will get quite a few of them when you decide to go with this option. It offers a feature called SmartTrack which recognizes a fairly decent variety of activities and starts to track them without you needing to do anything at all. This is convenient and not found everywhere. You will also receive notifications when you get a new text message or phone call. turn on fitness trackers are safe to take in the pool. That is one of the aspects of this one that customers truly love. It does an excellent job of tracking your daily or weekly swims and giving you a summary of how you did. due to the fact that this product does not have a screen, it does not have quite as many advanced features as other options by Fitbit. It can help give you a great view of how your day progresses but if looking for added information you may want to check out some of their other styles.


Most people are more than satisfied with the accuracy that this option offers. There have been notes from customers that the step tracking is inaccurate, however, most of them were sent replacement devices to fix this problem. More frequently, we are showing from customers, that they feel as if the step tracking is very accurate. The sleep tracking an activity tracking seems to be on point. Some consumers have noted issues with the swim tracking but it does not seem to be a common complaint about this version. In terms of exercise recognition, it also does an accurate job at choosing the correct activity to start tracking. Overall, it appears as if the accuracy of this item is very good and can be relied on.


Charging your Fitbit is quite simple and when you purchase one it comes with everything you need. You will get the Fitbit of course plus a charging cable that will plug into any USB port. once on the charger it doesn't take but a couple hours to fully charge your Fitbit. With a full charge, the manufacturer says that the battery can last up to 5 days. Most consumers are seeing between three and four days of consistent use before needing to charge. It is recommended that you charge it every few days to ensure consistent tracking. It is important to note that the life of your battery will depend on how you have your settings and the way you are using your device. Overall this is a great life expectancy for a battery.


This option is compatible with a good variety of devices, however, it's not going to work great for everyone. It stinks via Bluetooth which is very simple and it does mean that you will be able to not only connect with smartphones but also with computers. There are more than 200 different devices that you are able to sync with relatively easily. If you are looking for notifications on text messages and phone calls you'll need to be using an Android. This is bad news for your iPhone users. If you are looking for this type of capability you will want to look add an Apple Watch as it will give you this type of feature. It is important to note that if you are unsure whether or not your device is compatible you can head over to the Brand's website and look up your device to check and make sure that it is.


This option is fairly versatile but it is not nearly as versatile as other items in the same category. You won't be able to track all of the basic aspects that a good fitness tracker should and a few more. Due to the fact that there is no screen on this it does limit the versatility that it offers. You will get notifications of your texts and your phone calls however you will not be able to respond to them using this tracker. This, obviously, limits the versatility of this activity tracker. So, if you are looking for an affordable and rather Basic fitness tracker this is an excellent option and it will cover a variety of different activities while keeping you up-to-date on challenges and activity levels. Keep in mind you will still be able to participate in the variety of fitness challenges that Fitbit offers you'll just do this through the app rather than on your wrist.


The accessories that are available for the Fitbit Flex 2 make it a truly comfortable option. You will naturally be able to buy it in a wristband that is made of soft silicone that people find very comfortable. It is sporty and Sleek so you won't have to worry about a large, clunky watch on your wrist. If you don't want to wear it around your wrist you can also purchase it in a pendant. If you are looking to dress it up a little bit they also offer bands that look more like a bangle. This can add a bit of stylish flair and make your tracker more appropriate and then office or evening setting. The low profile design is excellent for those of you that like to do a variety of activities at the gym as it doesn't get in the way.


Wearing a fitness tracker daily can have some major advantages in your life. While this one is pretty basic, it doesn't change the fact that it can help keep you on the path towards a healthy lifestyle. When you are trying to lose weight or improve your overall health it is a major challenge for many people. The ability to see your activity levels, how well you're sleeping, and how many calories you're burning throughout the day can give you a real insight as to where you need to tweak your routine to meet your goals. Another great advantage to you are the challenges that are available through Fitbit. Healthy competition can help keep you motivated and working hard which is why so many people love this aspect of this brand’s products.


There are not any terrible disadvantages with this option. You need to understand that it is a basic version so you won't have all the capability with this that you do what's more expensive bulkier options. One of the largest complaints about this is the inability to receive phone calls and text message alerts from iPhones. This is not an uncommon problem as iPhone products are known to work the very best with other iPhone products. Some people have had trouble with accurate step counting, however, this is something that has been addressed by Fitbit and they are happy to replace defective trackers. These are really the only complaints that people have about this option and as you can see they are quite limited.


This is a very good quality product. It is durable and does a good job at keeping you focused on your goals. You won't have to spend a ton of time trying to figure out how to use it as it is pretty simplistic. The materials and technology used behind this item are also solid. Fitbit continually works on their software and their app to ensure that you are getting great features to help you achieve a variety of different health-related goals. The silicone bands may not be the very most durable and over time may stretch and need to be replaced. This is not terribly uncommon nor is it a quality issue it is just something that happens over time with this type of material. Overall, you're getting a high-quality product that only gets better as this brand continues to work and develop it.


Consumers feel as if this is an exceptional value. When compared to other trackers it is quite affordable, especially in the Fitbit line. It is one of their more basic models which is why the price tag is not so large. This makes it simple to fit into most budgets and while some people may still need to do a bit of saving it won't take long before you can call it yours. You will have the basic features you expect from a fitness tracker which can help keep you focused on your goals whether they are to enhance your strength, stamina, or simply keep maintaining the active lifestyle you have been leading. When you look at the advantages and the variety of aspects this product has to offer it is easy to understand why so many feel it is an exceptional value. We have to agree that this is a great choice that is well-worth the price.

Bottom Line

You may not be getting all the bells and whistles with this fitness tracker as you would with others that cost much more money, however, you will be able to track a variety of basic activities to help keep you focused and your health-related Journey. It provides you with accurate measurements of many different activities and it keeps you connected somewhat with the outside world. You will be able to participate in Daily and weekly challenges which can give you some serious motivation towards getting up and moving. When you can see what your activity levels look like in a day it can gear you towards making positive changes with amazing outcomes. Overall, this is a solid basic tracker that we are certain you won’t be disappointed with.