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The Fitbit Versa is well-loved among the options this brand offers. You will have the ability to keep track of a variety of different aspects of your daily life. This includes keeping an eye on your sleep, heart rate, runs, and other workouts. The battery life is pretty amazing with this option. You will no longer have to worry about losing track of your life during long gym sessions as this tracker will keep you connected. One of the favorite features among users of this smartwatch is the fact that they can put music directly on this device for phone-free listening while you are working out. You can do this with some of your favorite music apps like Pandora. There is also good news for you that use Android smartphones. You can actually send quick reply text messages from this item. Moving your fitness routine to the next level is also easy to do when you go with this. You will have access to a variety of different coaching methods to help you step-up your game. No matter what your busy life looks like there is a Fitbit that can help you track and maintain your healthy choices or help you make better choices to achieve better health. Overall, the Versa is a solid option that most people are very pleased with upon purchasing it.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Trusted Brand
  • Pretty Affordable
  • Versatile Style
  • Exceptionally Long Battery Life
  • Water Resistant
  • Large Exercise Mode Variety
  • Comfortable Fit

Software Update Issues

Questionable Accuracy

Syncing Glitches


Tracking your health and fitness makes most of us think about the brand, Fitbit. They have been a leader in this industry for quite some time and it is due to the fact that they offer technologically sound devices to enhance your life. Whether you love to participate in sports, running, Yoga, or a variety of other healthy activities, a fitness tracker can help you achieve your goals at stellar speeds. When you can keep an eye on categories like your pace, route traveled, and calories burned it can be truly motivating. This brand strives to stay ahead of the curve. With continued research and innovation they bring us new items that are improved to help us more. They make updates and changes to ensure you are getting some of the best functioning products available.

Basic Features

It was no surprise to us to see the plethora of basic features that this option has to offer. You will have access to accurate information on a wide variety of activities. This includes counting your steps, tracking your swims, giving you current information on your lifting session, and a variety of other activities. You will be able to easily sink this product to a variety of different devices, which is to be expected from an option buy Fitbit. While it may not be a standard feature with all fitness trackers, you will have access to notifications from your phone which is an option an just about every Fitbit. This will allow you to see what's going on in your day, and any text messages or phone calls you may receive. Another feature that is typical for a Fitbit to track is your stages of sleep. This one will do that for you also.

Advanced Features

It is truly amazing how many different things this fitness tracker can do to help you improve your overall health. Not only do you get all of the basic features mentioned above you get a plethora of advanced features. You will have the ability to check out a variety of different apps. This can keep you in the know on important news or your favorite Fitness stations. You will also have the ability to accurately check your heart rate which can help keep you in the correct zone for the activity you are participating in. This smartwatch will also allow you to start a variety of activities and have them tracked without needing to press anything. Everything you do in a day is important and knowing that all of your activities will be tracked can help you make a better plan for achieving your goals. Setting reminders is a cinch with this tracker and can help you maintain a great schedule. Guided breathing sessions, fitness levels during cardio, a huge choice of bands, and a completely customizable look. These are other great features that we are provided when we decide to go with such a stellar brand and fitness tracker.


This is one of the more accurate options available and we mean in just about every way. You will have absolutely accurate information concerning the basic features as long as you take the time to set up your tracker correctly. The heart rate monitor on this option is also exceptionally more accurate than others you may have tried in the past. This is an area that many items from this category tend to fall in. Fitbit has taken the time and done the research to develop a great product that performs as you would expect it to. Overall, while there are a few customer complaints about accuracy this tracker does a very good job and most people are very pleased with it.


Charging your activity tracker is very simple when you go with us option. It comes with a cord you need for charging. Simply plug it in and let it sit for a couple of hours and you will be fully charged and ready to go. The battery in this action lasts longer than many others. The manufacturer claims that you can get up to four days of uninterrupted use before needing to charge. There is, of course, a variety of factors that play their part and how long your battery will last. Depending on how you use your fitness tracker will ultimately impact how long your battery lasts. Due to the fact that it doesn't take long to charge even if it doesn't last a full four days, you will be able to get it charged up quickly and get back to tracking your life.


The compatibility of this item is excellent. You will be able to sync to a variety of devices wirelessly. This includes not only smartphones but also computers. You won't have to worry about whether it is compatible with Android or iPhone as it is with both. The range of this option is also very good. With many other trackers, you have to have your phone very close to you for it to continue to sync your activities. This one you'll be able to be up to 30 feet away without losing information in connection. There are specific features that require a newer smartphone and what this means is that some aspects will not work as well with older devices.


Purchasing this is purchasing a truly versatile option. You'll have your basic tracking features which are exceptionally important but this product goes above and beyond. It offers aspects like special features to help women keep track of their monthly Cycles as well as a variety of on-screen exercises. This can help keep your routine interesting. If you do the same thing every day not only does it stop working your body as well it also becomes very boring. This Smartwatch well spice it up by giving you a different thing to do when you're feeling a bit bored. It also offers good versatility in the apps that can connect with. Many others that are available are only compatible with the makers app which can be pretty frustrating and limiting. Overall, this product is very versatile and can work its way into your daily life with ease.


This brand is known for having a great level of comfort with their products. This is partially due to the fact that there are so many options available to you in bands. there are perforated silicone bands that are great for sweaty workouts. In addition, there's classy are looking leather bands to fit into your office life or a night out. They also provide options made of metal and synthetic leather. You will, basically, be able to find a band to fit your every need. due to the fact that there is so much variety of comfort is never a problem. There is versatility in the way that they close and in the sizing which also makes finding a comfortable that easier than ever before.


While wearing a fitness tracker and itself comes with a lot of advantages, this one comes with plenty more. It keeps you truly connected with the outside world and allows you to push yourself to new limits. There is great goal tracking and setting features that will allow you to watch your progress as you near them. When you can see the good your healthy choices are making it is much more simple to stay on track. This option gives you a whole view by allowing you to understand your sleep patterns as well as the points throughout your day that you have great energy and the areas where it is lacking. Taking control of your lifestyle and your fitness can be difficult. Adding a tracker like this into it can make things just a bit easier.


One of the biggest complaints isn't necessarily about this product but about the brand. Customers are not thrilled with the service they receive when they call for help. Poor customer service can make it very difficult to solve a problem hence us listing this is a disadvantage. There have been some reports from consumers that they had difficulty syncing with their device. This is not a typical problem but we do feel it should be noted. There were also several reviews stating that the screen stopped working. This again does not seem to be a typical problem and overall people are very satisfied with their purchase of this item.


When you decide to make an investment into a fitness tracker you want to ensure you're getting something that is high quality and going to give you accurate information. Fitbit has a huge following of people across the globe because they offer products that are always high quality. The materials used in the technology behind their products are sound. You will get accurate information regarding a variety of areas related to your health. Whether you are spending time in the gym or working out at home it is important for you to be able to see your progress in your overall performance. A high-quality fitness tracker will do exactly this. There are absolutely cheaper options available to you however they are not going to be in the same group of great quality that this one is.


We feel as if this product is a great value. It is not exceptionally cheap but it is definitely not the most expensive option out there. It is important to note that depending on where you purchase it the price can vary pretty drastically. What this means is you should do a bit of looking around before you decide where to buy. The variety of bands that are available are quite durable and the tracker itself appears to be quite durable. This means that it will last you quite a long time and makes the price of it even more acceptable. Customers seem to be very pleased with the outcome they have when pairing this with a great diet and exercise routine. Overall, it seems as if customers also feel that this is a great value.

Bottom Line

While there are many options available on the market today this one is a great choice instead of just a decent one. It tracks a variety of aspects in your daily life that can truly lead you to understand what to do to improve your overall fitness and honestly, life. Whether you are just starting out on a fitness journey or you are just continuing on the healthy lifestyle you've been leading for ages this product can be a benefit. It will keep you connected, look stylish, is quite versatile, and can help you find the motivation you need to up your game. So, it may be a bit of an investment for some but it is one that is worth making. We believe that if you give it a try you will be truly satisfied and that it will exceed your expectations.