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FitJoy Bars are made to enhance your life in a variety of ways. Whether you want to simply become healthier, build muscle, boost your energy levels, or lose weight this bar will aid you. The ingredients used in this product are exceptional and avoid unwanted ingredients like artificial sweeteners, Sucralose, and preservatives. They offer an excellent texture and taste that customers really love and adore. You will be getting twenty grams of protein per serving which is a great amount for a snack sized bar. This protein will ensure your body has what it needs to accelerate your muscle growth. Proteins break down into Amino Acids that aid our muscles in recovery, growth, and health. Working your muscles hard on a daily basis can lead to muscle breakdown. The increased maintenance this product provides will have you keeping the hard-earned results you see. Not only will your muscles improve but you will also experience improved energy and performance when you decide to give FitJoy Bars a try. Of course, this will need to be paired with a sensational diet and frequent exercise.  Maintaining proper health can be a challenge, however, with products like this one it is a surmountable challenge.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Low Sugar Content
  • Non-GMO
  • High In Fiber
  • Perfect Snack
  • Aids Muscle Health
  • Clean Energy
  • No Artificial Ingredients
  • Very Chewy
  • Pricey


FitJoy Specializes in one thing, protein bars. They use only top quality ingredients and avoid all of the unwanted and unneeded artificial items that we commonly see in this type of product. What this means for you is that you will be getting an exceptionally healthy protein-boosting supplement that will fit into just about any diet. They have invested the time and money to ensure that they're far is not only taste good but provide you with a healthy snack option that you can enjoy every day. The nutrition in this bar will help not only your overall health but also less fortunate people across the globe. A portion of all proceeds goes to communities that suffer from poverty. It is nice to know that there are still brands out there that try to not only provide us with Stellar products but give back to our communities.


The taste of these bars is exceptionally well regarded. Overall, consumers are surprised and pleased at how much they like the taste of this product. It is important to note that some of you out there won't find a flavor variety you like but that comes down to personal preference. When you decide to go with this brand's protein-boosting bar, you will find that the flavors they offer actually taste as they were intended to. The options that are supposed to be tart are and the ones that are supposed to be sweet demolish your sweet tooth easily. Due to the fact that this product uses natural ingredients, not artificial ones, you won't have to worry about the chemical aftertaste we commonly associated with this type of product.


Some Brands offer a huge variety of flavor of options, however, they don't spend the time to actually develop the flavors and in turn, end up with products that barely anyone likes the taste of. FitJoy has spent the time to truly develop the flavor of their products. While they only offer for flavor varieties each one of them is very well-liked among users. You will still get a decent variety so you can switch it up frequently if you so choose to. The options available to you are Cookie Dough Brownie, Grandma’s Lemon Squares, Chocolate Peanut Butter, and Cookies & Cream. Through reading customer reviews we have found that Grandma’s Lemon Squares are the front-runner for favorite flavor. It is important to note, however, that all four of them are great options.


The common trend in the consistency of this product is that these bars are quite thick and exceptionally chewy. This is not necessarily a bad thing depending on your preferences. Customers have noted that the Cookies & Cream option does have little bits of cookie on top which add a nice crunch to the bar. In terms of Grandma's Lemon Squares, they say that this one is not quite as chewy and in fact is rather soft. This also goes for the Cookie Dough Brownie option. Overall, customers do not find this product to be gritty nor have there been reports of it being exceptionally crumbly. We feel they offer good consistency and assume this is due to the fact that they really spent a lot of time developing their product.


When a product contains high-quality Whey protein you will find it effective on many levels. Due to the fact that this product uses only top ingredients, you can be assured that the protein boost you get will benefit you. As previously mentioned, the proteins in this will break down to Branched Chain Amino Acids. These will help reduce muscle soreness after endurance exercises, maintain the Integrity of your muscles, and help you build muscle more quickly. Not only is the type of protein in this exceptionally effective it is also effective in curbing your appetite. We all get hungry throughout the day and having a healthy snack option like this one will help ensure you stick to your daily nutritional goals. This will aid in weight loss as well as a variety of other goals you may be working towards.


As with anything that has flavor options, the ingredient list will vary slightly depending on which one you pick. The basis of each FitJoy Bar is the same. The flavoring ingredients are natural and minimal, however, if you want to look at the exact breakdowns you can do so by heading to FitJoy’s website. In general, you will be consuming a blend of Whey Proteins which consist of Whey Protein Isolate and Milk Proteins. Each bar also contains Isomalto-Oligosaccharides, Water, Vegetable Glycerine, Natural Flavoring, Sunflower Oil, Sugar, Stevia, Salt, Dextrose, and Erythritol. This is a very common list of ingredients. It is important to note that this product will also provide your body with a few wanted vitamins and minerals, like Calcium and Vitamin C.


The best healthy snack yields between 210 and 230 calories per serving, depending on which flavor you decide to go with. For most of us, when we think of a snack, we shoot for something that is under 300 calories. Most nutritional supplements like this one try to stay around the 200 calorie Mark and this one does that perfectly. It contains enough calories to suppress your appetite until your next meal. In addition, it provides you with enough sustenance to ensure that your energy levels stay up and your hunger stays at Bay. It is important to note that this bar is not made as a meal replacement bar and does not contain enough caloric value to do so.


Regardless of which flavor you decide to go with you will be consuming 5 grams of sugar. This is exceptionally low when compared with other options in the same category. Consumers love the fact that natural sugars are being used in this product rather than artificial sweeteners. Not only are natural sugars healthier for you they also provide a better tasting product. Artificial sweeteners tend to lead to products that are overly sweet and leave a terrible aftertaste in your mouth. Even if you are on a strict diet the low sugar content of this product should fit in relatively easily. Overall, customers are satisfied not only with the taste but the lack of copious amounts of sugar.


Relying on supplements like pre-workout or caffeine pills for energy is necessary sometimes. However, using these on a daily basis can lead to a lot of negative effects. Many people are surprised to know that increasing your protein levels will also help your energy levels. When you increase your protein you will notice that your muscles perform better and become less fatigued. This will lead to better workouts that end just as well as they started. Not only does the protein in this product increase your energy levels but you will also experience an enhancement due to the fact that you are providing your body the calories it needs to stay active and alert. Eating a healthy snack throughout your day is important to maintaining overall energy levels and this one doesn't quite nicely.


One serving or one bar equals 60 G which is pretty average for a snack size bar. They are large enough to help fill your stomach up but not so large as to make you feel overly full. There are no varieties in container size. When you decide to purchase this product you will be getting a box of 12 bars or 12 servings. It is important to note, that through the manufacturer's website, you can order a trial variety pack. This gives you a smaller sized version of each flavor. Many customers truly love this as it gives them the option to try this product before committing to buying 12 of them. This is not a feature we often see among manufacturers of products such as this but it is an aspect that is truly appreciated when taking the venture to try something new.

Side Effects

Protein bars have fewer side effects than pretty much every other supplement available to us today. For most people, this product is not going to cause any negative side effects. For some that suffer from food allergies, however, it could cause some issues. This product does contain milk ingredients and some of them contain tree nuts. If you have any sort of allergy to these types of ingredients you may experience nausea, upset stomach, diarrhea, gas, or bloating. These symptoms are usually mild but may continue if you have an intolerance to one or more of the ingredients it contains. It is important to note there are options available that do not include proteins that come from milk and maybe more suitable to those that have intolerances.


This healthy and well-balanced snack offers a variety of advantages in many people's lives. You can replace those not-so-healthy snacks with something that will give you clean long-lasting energy as well as help sustain you until your next meal. By suppressing your appetite you'll be less likely to end up having a cheat day. Not only will this help keep your stomach full at will also aid your muscles in performing their best. you will not only have faster recovery times after long and grueling work out but you will also have faster recovery times in between your sets. This will be noticed in less muscle fatigue and an easier time getting through those last few reps. Because of this, you will notice an increase in your strength and muscle growth.


We honestly cannot find anything we would consider a major disadvantage in terms of this product. It could be argued, that the lack of flavor options is a disadvantage and for some, it may be. However, we do not feel that it is due to the fact that the flavors that are available are so exceptional. Some people feel that the use of Stevia in this product is a disadvantage and that this brand should stick to regular sugar. Here again, we disagree. Stevia is a healthy and natural sweetener that does not add excessive sugar content to a product but also does not have harmful side effects. Overall, this is a rock solid product that will aid you in your goals and overall health.


When compared to other products on the market that are similar, this product is quite expensive. When you take into consideration that you get 12 servings per container and if you eat one every day that means you will need to order three boxes to have a month's worth the price goes up exponentially. What this means, is that not every bank account will be able to absorb the blow. However, if you can fit into your budget you will be getting a product that is in exceptional value. Made with stellar ingredients and trusted by millions of people this product will perform as you expected to. Your health, muscle growth, and weight loss goals will all be more easily met. This is why we, as well as consumers, feel that the price of this product is understandable.

Bottom Line

We understand that this product may be unreachable for some consumers due to its price. That does not take away from the fact that if you decide to go with it you will be getting an exceptional product that will keep you feeling less sore and help you lose fat as well as gain more muscle mass. The taste and consistency are better than most others you may have experienced in the past. This brand pays attention to the details and takes the time to ensure that their customers will be satisfied not only with the flavors but with the way this product impacts them. You will have better control of your appetite and a healthy snack option each and every day. Overall, we don't feel like you can go wrong if you decide to give this product to try.