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FitMiss BCAA Reviewed Review Facts

FitMiss BCAA contains the three Branched Chain Amino Acids your muscles crave to help you reduce soreness, promote growth, and maintain that growth. This is a very simplistic formula. Your body with be getting some essential Aminos that it can't produce on its own and the results of adding them in are amazing. Muscle growth becomes easier and they will be stimulated due to better Protein synthesis. You will notice a bit of an energy boost while using this but it's not from a crazy caffeine count. The BCAAs used in this product have been proven to do these things without the need for added ingredients like caffeine. Deciding to give a new supplement a try can be scary as most of us have lost money due to an inferior product boasting about its glory. This product comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee, meaning if you don't like something about it, simply return it for a full refund. This helps us trust that FitMiss BCAA will perform the way we expect. You will be able to stack this product easily with your pre-workout, caffeine supplement, or fat burner easily because it doesn't contain a bunch of added ingredients. All in all, this BCAA booster is simple and will help your muscles feel, look, and perform better.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Zero Sugar
  • 3:1:1 Ratio BCAA
  • No Calories
  • Great Taste
  • Trusted Brand
  • Zero Carbohydrates
  • Improves Recovery Extremely Well
  • Helps Energy Levels
  • Contains Soy
  • No Size Variety


FitMiss is made by MusclePharm, which is a powerhouse in the world of nutritional supplements. This line has been around for ten years and is specially made just for women. No matter what you are looking for, be it a supplement to increase energy, build muscle, speed up recovery, or help with your weight, FitMiss has a product for you. They listen to their customers and actually spend time talking with them to find out what it is they need to take another step in the right direction, towards a healthy and fit lifestyle. We all have different goals and paths on the journey towards better health. FitMiss products will address each and every need you have. This has led to a huge following from women all over the world that just need a little boost to keep crushing their goals and setting new ones.


Consumers agree the taste of this BCAA booster is excellent. There are really no complaints about the taste. This is nice to hear, considering there are so many products out there that are impossible to drink because of terrible flavor. FitMiss does use Sucralose, an artificial sweetener, in their products. It is responsible for making supplements like this one gaggingly sweet and leaving a terrible aftertaste in your mouth. When a brand finds a perfect balance so you don't notice these things it is surprising. MusclePharm does a great job with their supplements and the taste of them. FitMiss BCAA is the perfect example. Looking for a supplement that doesn't taste horrible is no longer a challenge simply give this product a try.


You aren't going to get a huge flavor variety when you decide to go with this Branched Chain Amino Acid supplement. The choices you will have are between Blue Raspberry and Strawberry Margarita. They are both very well liked and customers agree these are some of the best BCAAs they have ever tried. It is not nearly as many options that you can get with other brands, however, many of those brands don't have a good balance for flavor. They tend to taste pretty terrible. The time spent getting this formula right has made it so that you can actually enjoy drinking your Branched Chain Amino Acid booster. If given the chance we are sure you will enjoy both of the flavor varieties available.


Anyone that has taken supplements or is currently using them have probably run into ones that are simply impossible to mix. This leaves you with a gritty drink and half of your serving stuck to your blender bottle. You won't have to worry about that when using this product. It mixes exceptionally easily and dissolves completely. You will be left with a smooth, clear drink that you can swallow easily. In fact, you will probably look forward to drinking it as it will taste better than most of your other supplements. It is important to note, a few customers have said this product leaves a bit of a chalky feeling in your mouth. You can get rid of this with a quick drink of water after finishing it.


The formula used by FitMiss is exceptionally effective. Long training sessions, full weightlifting circuits, or just depending to spend your afternoon doing different physical activities can lead to some seriously sore muscles. Adding a product like this into your routine will give you faster recovery time. This means those sore muscles will quickly become a thing of the past. Additionally, your muscles will be better maintained and protected throughout those grueling workouts. You won't really notice this happening but it is. Likewise, these Branched Chain Amino Acids will help your muscles grow new lean muscle easier. If you were to track growth before and after starting a supplement like this you would be able to easily see how well it helps.