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The FLEXISPOT Standing V9U is an office person's dream. Whether you work long hours at home or in an office finding time to get active can be very very difficult. Adding an option like this into your routine can have a major impact on your overall health and wellness. You can simply pedal your way to better health. Consumers have noted that unlike other office pedaling options this one is not as much of a distraction. It is very quiet and stays in place so you don't have to worry about a wobbly ride. It does make a bit more noise when you turn up the resistance but it doesn't seem to be too much of a problem. You will also be able to keep track of how far you have gone, how long you have been riding, and the number of calories you have burned. This information can help keep you motivated and on track with your fitness routine. The seat is easily adjustable for your convenience. There are four wheels on this exercise bike so you will be able to easily move it around. This will allow you to use it in a variety of areas. Overall, customers are quite pleased with their purchase of this item and feel it has improved their day to day fitness routines.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Simple Setup
  • Wide Seat
  • Compact Design
  • Stays In Place
  • Good For Light Cardio
  • Easy To Store
  • Durable Construction
  • Excellent For Home & Office Use
  • Shallow Cup Holder
  • Belt Durability Issues


Flexispot wants to make your work life healthier than ever. They understand that working in an office can have a lot of negative impact on your health and wellbeing. When you want to make your days more active but you can’t get yourself away from your desk they offer options to help you get busy. From desks that you can stand at to exercise bikes that fit under your space, you will notice how much better you feel after only some small changes. They put a lot of time and money into research and development ensuring you get the latest products to keep you healthy during office hours. Maintaining a healthy and active life is hard enough without trying to figure out how to stay busy at work. The options they offer will give you great activity levels throughout your entire working day.

Basic Features

This option is a great yet simple model that still offers you some great basic features. The seat is adjustable so you will be able to find a comfortable position regardless of how tall you are. This is done with a simple pull lever located under the seat. You will also have the ability to set different resistance levels. This will allow you to decide how hard you want to work while you are working. Moving this product around is a cinch and makes for easy storage due to the fact that it is on wheels. There are limited features with this product. Sometimes keeping things simple is the best way to go. Making the choice to stay active even while working doesn’t take some crazy machine with a plethora of features and this item proves it.

Advanced Features

Actual advanced features are not in abundance at all with this model. Even the features that they consider advanced are really pretty standard among items from this category. So, for this model features like the LCD display is an advanced feature. You will be able to use this display to give you information on how many calories you have burned, the amount of time you have been biking, and other valuable information. When you can keep track of this type of information your motivation towards going the extra mile is easy to maintain. You will find yourself breaking goals you didn’t know you could while you pedal away at your desk. There is a variety of this product that you can attach a desk too. It allows you to use your laptop and work wherever you want to. Some consider this an advanced option for this item.


The pedals on this option are nothing to write home about but to be fair you won’t be doing spin class level cycling while using this bike. It has standard bike pedals. You won’t be using any sort of special shoes when you take this bike for a spin. Wearing your office shoes won’t be a problem. Some customers have noted that the pedals are a bit slippery depending on your footwear. However, this has only been mentioned by a few people and it doesn’t seem like a major issue. More like a minor inconvenience. They are sturdy in design and will allow you to rack up a plethora of miles as you work towards your health and work-related goals.


Customers are more than pleased with the level of comfort this product provides during use. You may find that after several hours of riding it that it is uncomfortable to sit on and your bottom is a bit sore but that is a good amount of use. The seat is nicely padded and wider than most other bike seats you have experienced in the past. This leads to better weight displacement and will allow you to be more comfortable for longer periods of time. The fact that you can adjust the seat will also lead to better comfort levels while you ride. You will be able to find the perfect height to keep your legs and back in a great position. This also goes while you are using the desk version of this bike as it will help you maintain proper typing position which will make long hours feel so much better.


This product will allow you some adjustability in resistance. Obviously, the lowest level is insanely easy to pedal and may not give you great health benefits. You can adjust it to its highest setting of eight and you will have a bit more of a challenge. This machine is not going to give you a gym level workout but it can give you a bit of a challenge. For many people, working up a sweat won’t take long if on setting eight. If you decide you want to work a bit hard crank it up and pedal away. Some may find that it doesn’t offer the level of resistance they would like but overall, it is decent. This is especially true because you will be using it while you are working more than likely. Overall, it is enough to give you a good ride while continuing to maintain focus on your job.


This product is driven by a belt drive. This is a very typical drive to be used in an exercise bike like this one. There have been some concerns about the durability of the belt. Consumers have noted that it is very thin and with frequent use, it may snap. Replacing the belt is possible but difficult. So, while this is a solid drive you may have a bit of an issue in this area long term. It does not appear that this is the case with every unit as some have reported using it for a great length of time and having no issues at all. It is also very quiet. At higher resistances, you may notice a bit of noise but this ride is not nearly as loud as other options you may have used in the past. Overall, it’s a solid drive and should last you a very long time even with fairly frequent exercise use.


The dimensions of this product will allow you to use it in a large variety of spaces. No matter your small workspace you will be able to pedal your way towards better health. It is roughly thirty-eight inches long and twenty-three inches wide. With the seat, all the way down it is around thirty-seven inches tall. Obviously, many people will want to move the seat up. This will make it quite a bit taller. Some customers have noted that it is a bit tall to fit under a standard desk but this won’t be a problem for most people. It especially won’t be a problem if you go with the variety that has a build in desk. Don’t let the size fool you it is a bit heavy. It comes in at around eighty pounds. This will allow you to have a stable ride without worry of extra movement.


Assembly is barely an inconvenience when it comes to this exercise bike. The variety that comes without a desk does not require you to do anything except pull it out of the box. Obviously, it is nice to not have to worry about a bunch of pieces and how hard you are tightening bolts. The version that does have an option to add a desk will require an exceptionally small amount of work. Most customers find that they can have it together in just about five minutes. You will simply secure the desk with a bolt. If you notice some wobbling you may just need to tighten it up a bit. Overall, this is one of the very easiest pieces of exercise equipment you could ask for in terms of assembly.


While every exercise bike gives you some really great advantages this one is even better than most. Spending long hours in the office or working at home can have a majorly negative impact on your fitness routine and your health, in general. Giving yourself the ability to workout while you are doing your job is a major advantage in keeping yourself on track with all things fitness-related. You will become stronger. Losing weight can also be more easily achieved when you are burning calories all throughout your day. This bike can also help build up your endurance and keep you meeting and exceeding all of your goals. You will be able to easily keep track of how many calories you are burning and how fast or far you are traveling. When you see your improvement it will give you the drive to keep going at it hard.


One of the major disadvantages that come along with this product is the fact that the belt has durability issues. When the drive fails obviously you won’t be able to use your exercise bike. Not every customer has this issue but several have reported it being a problem. This can lead to frustration and a waste of time when trying to figure out how to replace it. The only other disadvantage that we can really see is the fact that the cup holder is very shallow. Realistically this is more of a minor inconvenience than anything else. It can lead to your drink falling out and making a mess if there is even a bit of a wobble in your bike. Overall, it is a minor disadvantage.


The price of this product varies a bit depending on whether you choose the option with a desk or without one. Obviously, the one without a desk is the cheaper variety. In terms of an exercise bike, this one carries a pretty affordable price tag. It will still be quite an investment and not every budget will be able to afford it easily. You may have to take a bit of time to save before making it your own. The value of it once you have the money is unparalleled. When you can spend your work hours working on your fitness as well you will notice the improvement in your health quickly. Your energy levels will be better. The difference in your stamina is also easily seen with some frequent use while you are grinding away at work.

Bottom Line

When you're looking for a great addition to your office space this exercise bike could be the perfect fit. Maintaining a healthy balance of work and activities can be difficult. When you have the ability to peddle away while putting in long hours it can benefit you in both your health and your work life. You'll stay motivated towards reaching your goals for hours of activity as well as maintaining great productivity in your work life. Finding this sort of balance has never been so easy. The price tag is more affordable than other options and the solidly-built nature of this product means that you'll be able to use it for quite some time. Overall, this is a solid choice for busy working people.