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Garden of Life Raw Protein Reviewed Review Facts

Garden of Life Raw Protein carries more Protein than most other Organic options. Spending long hours staying active, pushing hard at the gym, in your home gym, or out on the streets getting ready for a marathon requires added Protein to ensure you aren't sore and your muscles continue to strengthen and grow. This product can certainly aid you in that goal. You will get some vitamins that your body craves. This includes Vitamin A, E, K, and D. While using this product your digestive tract will thank you due to the probiotics that are included in the formula. Vegan-friendly Protein powders are not always honest about what is in their product and it can make purchasing them scary. With Garden of Life Raw Protein Powder, you can put that worry away, it really is 100% Organic. In addition, when using it you don't have to worry about GMOs, Gluten, or Soy as this product does not contain them. There are limited flavors and size options but overall this is a solid choice when you need a truly Vegan choice. Keeping Protein levels up is essential in reaching your fitness goals. No matter the activity you choose, finding a way to get enough Protein will keep your progress heading in the right direction and reduce the pain you feel that comes along with gain.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Easy to Digest
  • Vegan-Friendly
  • Smooth Texture
  • Keeps You Full
  • Dissolves Well
  • Options with No Stevia
  • Excellent Amino Acid Profile
  • Great for Snacks
  • A Bit Chalky
  • Large Container, Little Product
  • High in Sodium
  • Limited Flavors
  • Limited Sizes


With a name like Garden of Life, it is natural to assume that this product is going to be full of healthy ingredients that promote a green lifestyle. This is exactly what they offer. Garden of Life will not compromise when it comes to the quality and ingredients used in their products. Many brands say they offer "natural" products when in reality they are full of synthetic ingredients that our bodies don't want or need. When trusting this brand that is a worry of the past as they are very clear about what is in their products and ensure that they are clean, green, and healthy for you. They carry a huge variety of certifications from places like the USDA, proving that their product is superior and it contains only Organic items.


Depending on the flavor that you choose the taste varies of course. The unflavored and unsweetened variety is relatable to dirt, however, when adding it to your favorite recipes you won't even notice that it is there. The options that do have flavor are fairly well received. When it comes to Vegan Protein Powders taste can be a real problem due to poor consistency and an overall unpleasant mouthfeel. This doesn't seem to be as much of a problem in this option by Garden of Life. Mixing it is simple and will give you a thick smooth consistency that doesn't leave your pallet feeling exceptionally chalky. You won't have to worry about it being overly sweet because of the natural sugars that are used rather than artificial sweeteners.


Finding a Vegan option that offers a large variety of flavors is difficult and honestly, this brand doesn't offer a lot in the way of choice. You will only have four choices if you decide this is the product for you. Of course, you have an option for unflavored which is awesome for adding Protein into a variety of different food and drink choices. You can also purchase it in Chocolate, Vanilla, and Vanilla Chai. The Vanilla Chai is probably the best received by customers in terms of flavor. The Vanilla doesn't seem to have much flavor and the Chocolate has mixed reviews. Naturally, what you like best will depend on personal preference.


Chunky, gritty consistency can break anyone's opinion on their Protein supplement. Reading through what actual customers have to say it is pretty unanimous that the consistency of this product is great. It is smooth and mixes easily with a variety of liquids. As with all products such as this, you will have a bit of a chalky feel in your mouth but that is just something that goes with the territory. When mixing into food items it dissolves quickly and completely and when added to drinks it does just as well. You will get a thick shake like drink if adding it to liquids. Some find it a bit too thick but overall people are thrilled with the consistency.


Needing additional Protein in your diet is a common thing and this option will certainly help you increase your levels. In addition, you will get a plethora of probiotics that will keep your digestive tract in top condition. This is very effective for people that have stomach problems. There is also the extensive Amino Acid profile that really makes this product worth your while. It will help you recover exceptionally quickly after hard days at the gym. Likewise, it will help ensure your muscles maintain and continue to grow as you continue to work towards your fitness goals. Whether working in your home gym, lifting at the local gym, or taking a quick jog this product will surely help you feel better while helping grow and strengthen your muscles.


The ingredient list for this product is a bit lengthy, however, it explains why it works so well. It all starts with a Protein Blend that is both raw and organic. Containing Organic ingredients like Pea Protein, Quinoa Sprout, Flax Seed Sprouts, Pumpkin, and many other organic sprouts this choice has a ton of Protein compared to other Vegan options. It does contain Organic Guar Gum and Carob Bean Gum, these to items help with overall consistency. There is also a Probiotic and Enzyme blend that aids in digestion. It is important to note that there may be a touch of soy in this product as it is manufactured in a facility that process it.


Plant-based Protein products don't usually carry as much Protein as Whey options. Garden of Life Raw Protein offers a bit more than most of its competitors. With twenty-two grams of Protein per serving it is pretty easy to get the boost that you need. The variety of ingredients that are used in this are high in Protein and why the level of this supplement is higher than most. For every pound we weigh we need about a gram of protein and doing that with food alone can be very difficult. This easy on the go choice will have you meeting your daily Protein goals in no time. In turn, you will be less sore and your muscles will strengthen easier.


Natural sugars are sought after by many people when it comes to their supplements. This 100% organic option does use Stevia leaf as its sweetening agent and it is a great natural option. Stevia doesn't make things overly sweet and tends not to leave a bad aftertaste in your mouth like Sucralose tends to. When it comes to actual content, there are zero grams of sugar per serving. This is amazing for most of us. They do also offer a non-sweetened version so you can add it to anything without worrying about altering the flavor much at all. Overall people seem satisfied with the sweetness of Garden of Life's products.


A major plus to plant-based products such as this is the exceptionally low carb values. With Whey Proteins you can be looking at upwards of five grams of carbs per serving which in a day can really add up for those that are on low carb diets. If using this product you will only face two grams of carbohydrates per serving. This is quite low, considering what other products contain. Add to this the great Protein boost you get and we have a clear picture as to why people love this product so much.

Amino Acids

Amino Acids are the building blocks of our muscles. Not only do they help us recover when we are working hard they also maintain and strengthen your body. We naturally produce some Amino Acids but we require other essential Amino Acids from the foods we eat and the items we drink. The Amino Acid Profile for this product is amazing. You will get all the Block Chain Amino Acids that your body needs to reduce soreness and fatigue. Your muscle strength will increase and you will notice it quickly because of the way plant-based products absorb into your body. If you are lifting heavy weights or pushing your body hard, soreness is going to happen. Use this product and find how quickly that soreness becomes a thing of the past.


Fillers can be a real problem in products such as this. Brands use it to make it look like you are getting more product even though it is really just taking up space. Where we notice them the most is in the gums used in this type of item. Gums are used for consistency and it is common to see them on the ingredients list. Garden of Life uses two different gums in their formula and they are not being used to take up space. They really are there for texture and not for bulk. Some consider flavoring a filler, however, this is only the case when again extra flavoring is added to bulk up the product. The subtle yet delicious flavors in this supplement are not overused and are not going to simply bulk up the product.


One scoop is one serving as with most Protein powders. This, of course, is if you are using a container of powder rather than a packet. If using the packet options then one package is one serving. When looking at package size you really don't have many options here. You can purchase a twenty-two-ounce canister or you can purchase a box of ten packets which equals out to ten servings. This can be frustrating for some, especially if this ends up being your go-to supplement. Some like it because they can order a variety of flavors and switch it up easily. It may mean you need to order several containers at once to ensure you have what you need to get through for a while.

Side Effects

Garden of Life Raw Protein doesn't have a very long list of possible side effects. You may experience mild stomach upset or an increased frequency of bowel movements. Other than that you don't really have much to worry about. Because this product doesn't contain dairy, those that have issues with Lactose won't have to worry about the awful side effects that can have. Naturally, if you have food allergies you will want to peruse the full ingredient list to ensure there is nothing that is going to cause you a problem.


There are quite a few advantages to using this product over others in its class. It gives you a great dose of probiotics that will keep your digestive tract happy and functioning properly. Also, it offers a huge Amino Acid profile. The relief you will get from sore muscles and the growth you will gain is uncanny and welcomed because of this profile. Meeting daily Protein amounts will also become increasingly simple when you add this product to your routine. There is very little in the way of calories or carbs which again makes it simple to fit into your daily routine. It is easy to mix, offers decent flavor, and a texture that won't make you gag. Overall this is a great product that will benefit you in a large variety of ways.


Finding the disadvantages of this product is a bit difficult and what we do find is quite small in the grand scheme of things. Let's start with flavor options. They are very limited and may lead to burn out and a need to switch to a different Vegan choice. Next, there is a very limited size variety which can make purchasing enough for a month or two a bit of a pain. Other than these two things there are no other obvious disadvantages to this product.


Garden of Life strives to provide the highest quality products available on today's market. Consumers agree that this is one of the best Vegan Protein options out there. It is due to the attention to detail and the scrutiny they use over each and every one of their ingredients. When they say all-natural they mean it which is quite a relief. With an amazing Amino Acid content, added probiotics, and Vitamins the quality just continues to increase. You will get what you need in the ways of Protein and you will know it is Organic and good for you.


This product carries a slightly higher price tag than others in the category. Due to the fact that the size variety is so small, it actually increases the cost to purchase enough for a monthly supply. Now, we must not forget the long list of advantages in using this product as they all help to increase the overall value. For those wanting or needing a truly Vegan option and have a bit of money to play with this is a great choice and will not only keep you heading toward your fitness goals but will also promote overall health and well being while using it.

Key Features

  • 22 Grams of Protein/Serving

  • 13 Raw Sprouts

  • Added Vitamins

  • Only 110 Calories Per Serving

  • Promotes Healthy Digestive Tract

  • Whole Food Proteins
  • Bottom Line

    While you will pay a bit more for this product, you know what you are getting upon purchase. A 100% Organic option that will give you the results you have been looking for. It will keep your stomach feeling good and your muscles feeling even better. You will find it easy to mix with an excellent consistency. The flavors are limited but they are pretty tasty and the unflavored option can literally go with anything. It may be a bit inconvenient how much you will have to order because of small package sizes but it will allow you to switch up the flavor daily if you want to. Overall this is a solid option that most love and if given the chance you will probably love it too.