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Garmin Index Smart Scale Review Facts

The Garmin Index smart scale is here to help you step up to a healthier you. It provides many features such as weight, BMI, body fat, water percentage, muscle mass, and bone mass. It has its own compatible Garmin Connect app that will help you track all the readings you get every time you step on the scale. The app is available on both iOS and Android devices so whichever smartphone you have won't be an issue. It comes with a user-friendly setup that's quick and easy via your smartphone and Wi-Fi. Measurements are available in pounds, kilograms, and stones so wherever you may be in the world you won't have to constantly be doing conversions. 

Equipt with the ability to have 16 unique user profiles so everyone in the family can take advantage of their smarty connected technology that can automatically tell which user is standing on the scale. Available in both black and white color choices so you know that your smart scale will match your bathroom perfectly no matter the color scheme. No need for charging cables as the Garmin Index Smart Scale is full battery-powered by four AA batteries.

Editor's Pros & Cons

Compatible App

User recognition

Multiple users

Body composition stats

Wi-Fi Connected


Connection issues

Bodyfat error


The Garmin Index smart scale has a glass scale top that is pretty typical in most smart scales these days. The underside is plastic and it comes with 4 non-skid feet. The front has a digital screen that will display your weight, BMI, body fat percentage, water percentage, muscle mass, and bone mass all on the screen in sequential order of one another. This is extremely handy as most smart scales don't actually show you all your readings right on the digital display screen, you would have to open up the app to view them. The digital display will also show you after your measurements are all done that it is loading all your info to the app via Wi-Fi. They have designed the display to be extra-large so its easier to read while standing on the scale, as well as having it easily be night readable by making the back of the display back so the numbers glow brightly.
With this scale, you get a color choice or either white or black. This means no matter how you have styled your bathroom you will be able to have it match your interior design. Though this scale may be ultra-thin at 1.2 inches thick it is one of the heavier smart scales on the market weighing in at 6.2 pounds. Most average smart scales weigh in around 5 pounds for the whole unit so this one is a bit heavier. This might only matter if you are traveling with it or storing it. If you are just keeping it on your bathroom floor the weight will actually keep it from skidding around, with help on the 4 non-skid feet.


This scale offers a range of different readings such as weight, body mass index, body fat percentage, water percentage, muscle mass, and bone mass. Weight is the most basic measurement of them all and what you expect when you are buying a scale. Body mass index or more commonly known as BMI is based on your height and weight, the number it calculates will let you know based on your specific body measurements if you fall in a category of healthy, under, or overweight. Body fat percentage is calculated by the conductors on the top of the scale and are great for keeping awareness of your body and goals. Water percentage is exactly what it sounds like, its the percentage of water you currently have in your body. This is great for keeping track of if you should be consuming more water than you currently are. Because let's face it most of us need to drink more water. Muscle mass is for those that are looking to build a little more muscle, you can track where you started and your progress to help keep you motivated. Bone mass will predict how much your bones weigh, it's handy to keep track of this over time. Most people reach peak bone density around age 20 and women tend to experience changes between 30 and menopause.

You have the option to create up to 16 unique user profiles so the whole family can keep track of their readings. With smart connected technology, the scale is able to automatically recognize who is standing on the scale and will upload that to their Garmin Connect user account.

App Features

Unlike other smart scales, this one only has 1 app that you are able to pair it with. The app Garmin has specifically created to pair with the Garmin Index smart scale is called Garmin Connect. It's available for iOS, Android, and desktop computer, if you wish to set up and use the scale with a desktop computer you will need an ANT+ adapter which you can purchase directly from Garmin. Inside the app, the homepage is a graph on your weight pattern, at a glace its handy to be able to see if you are on the right track or not. If you have weighed yourself on another scale or your Wi-Fi happens to be down you can always enter your weight manually which is a great option. There is a goalsetting option within the weight category that you can enter your goal weight into and a line will appear on the graph. This is helpful to see how close or far you are from your weight goals at a glance.
Though the devices portion of the app you can also invite others to use your scale and keep track of what other devices you have paired to the scale. Garmin creates a range of smartwatches that are compatible with the Garmin Connect app so you can track your stats on your wrist instead of pulling out your smartphone. Through the dropdown menu, you can explore the other measurements that the scale records, as well as other stats like sleep that your Garmin smartwatch will record.


Like most standard smart scales these days the scale top is a beautiful piece of solid glass. It looks sleek and modern and is quite durable despite the reputation glass gets. The underside of the scale is plastic and it comes with 4 non-skid feet you can attach to the bottom. The 3 stripes running through the scale not only look nice but they are the bioelectrical impedance analysis technology that allows the scale to take all the readings it needs.

Software Bugs

Some customers reported a series of connection issues as well as bugs in the general design of the app and software that either made the scale hard to use or unusable. The biggest issue was not being able to connect to their home Wi-Fi signal. Some reports were that the app was not excepting the correct password to the Wi-Fi when they put it in to pair and others were that it dropped the Wi-Fi connection after being connected making it unreliable. When tech support was contacted the solution in most cases was to just send a brand new scale. Which can be good but if you keep having the same issue its not much help. It's unsure if the issue is due to Garmin or the Wi-Fi connection itself.

Another customer reported a bug that was known about by Garmin and its unknown if they have released a patch to fix it yet. The bug is that the bodyfat will read at 7.0% no matter what your body fat reading actually is. Which in turn makes that feature absolutely useless. Again they will offer you a new scale in exchange if you encounter this bug but do not guarantee its a fix. With all these software bugs, keep in mind you do have a 1 year from purchase date manufacturing warranty.


Despite the glass scale top, the Garmin Index smart scale is quite durable. Glass is the standard in smart scale tops and I very rarely see any cases of cracking or smashed glass. I wouldn't have any worries around kids as long as they are supervised. That being said if you have a tendency to drop things this may not be the scale for you. Because it still is glass it is more dangerous than plastic if you drop it from a high distance. When traveling with it I would make sure to wrap it in a towel or anything else cushy to secure it and provide some shock absorption. The rounded corners of the scale also help with the durability in case you were to bump it around on the floor against a cabinet or wall.

Ease of Use

Setup is super easy all you need to do is press the restart button on the back of the scale, a wrench should appear on the digital screen. Just open up your app and the scale will pair via Bluetooth. Do note this is the only time your scale uses Bluetooth, it will use Wi-Fi for everything else. After you have it all set up you just step on the scale to take your weight and other stats and it will automatically all transfer to your app. If you have other family member's accounts on your scale and anyone is within 5 pounds weight as you the scale will ask on the digital screen who is standing on it. It will display the names of who it thinks it might be and you can cycle through and choose on by tapping your feet.
No need for an on and off switch the scale will wake up the second you step on it. It only takes 1-2 seconds to take your weight which is ideal for someone on the go and wants to do a quick weight in.

Power Source

No need for annoying tangled charging cords here. The Garmin Index smart scale is fully battery powered by 4 AA batteries. Being AA instead of AAA is more convenient if you run out as more people will usually have extra AA’s hanging around in a junk drawn than they will AAA’s. It also makes traveling it a breeze as it gives you the option to store it in either carryon luggage or checked luggage because it doesn't have a built-in rechargeable battery.

Pairing Options

Like most smart scales this one also offers a compatible smartwatch you can pair with it to get the most out of your scale. Garmin offered a huge range of smartwatches that work with the Garmin Connect app, probably more than I have seen any brand offer so far. Their styles range from fashion watches to active watches to even kids watches. With over 50+ smartwatches to choose from you won't have any problems finding on that fits your style and needs. Having the smartwatch as well as the smart scale opens up more possibilities to reach the goals you want. Having the smartwatch enables you to track calories more efficiently if weight loss is a goal for you.

Bottom Line

This scale offers some basic measurements like weight and BMI but also has some more advanced features like body fat percentage, water percentage, bone mass, and muscle mass. This isn't anything particularly innovative with most smart scales but it is handy if you have big goals and want to be able to totally monitor certain aspects of your body. It comes in both white and black which is usually enough of a color choice for most people unless you are very particular about your home decor. The lack of apps that are compatible with it is a downside as well as the software bugs that some have encountered. But the choices in style of compatible smart watches that Garmin offers are some of the largest selection on the market.
Overall the Garmin Index smart scale is a good buy if you already own a Garmin smartwatch as you will really be able to get the most out of both products now.