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The Garmin Vivoactive 3 Music makes controlling your music easier than ever. It offers a great amount of storage so, you can add five hundred songs to your smartwatch. This makes for easy listening to your favorite tunes which can help keep you motivated during intense training sessions, long runs, or at any point throughout your entire day. Fitness trackers nowadays offer a large variety of features that can make your life more convenient. From tracking your favorite activities like Yoga, biking, and increasing your strength to getting a look at how your sleep pattern, this option gives you it all. You will also be able to keep your routine interesting. This is because you will have access to a ton of workouts. When you switch your routine up often it can keep you on track and motivated. It can even improve your overall results as your body won’t have time to get used to a single activity. Customers are also quite pleased with the battery life of this product. There are some truly customizable features that make this smartwatch fit into your life easier than many others. Another thing customers love about this product is the challenges available to them. It helps provide motivation to crush yesterdays and last weeks goals.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Excellent Music Storage
  • Large Screen
  • Detailed Data
  • Fast Charging
  • Great Battery Life
  • Waterproof
  • Excellent Advanced Features
  • Very Expensive
  • Consumers Dislike User Manual
  • Inaccurate Heart Rate Monitor


Across the world, customers have trusted Garmin with a variety of needs that make their life more convenient. From navigation systems to the fitness world they make a bit of everything to make today better than the day before. Wanting to be a true and integral piece of their customer's lives they strive to make new cutting-edge products that are better than everyone else. This brand listens to the voice of their customers and employees to continue to work towards making the best products possible. So, when you are looking for something to help get you going and keep you on the right track you know you can trust this brand. Consumers have been relying on them for a long time and as long as they continue to grow we feel this company will continue with their leadership in the industry.

Basic Features

This product has an amazing amount of features. What Garmin finds as basic is not necessarily that. So, when looking over them all we did our best to break it down into basic and advanced features. This product will absolutely keep track of steps, activities, and sleep patterns. You will also have the ability to participate in challenges and set yourself goals. Due to the fact that this is a smartwatch, you will also have access to information like the weather, your music, and notifications. It is easily connected to your phone and people love the Garmin Connect App with its easy functionality. Maintaining a healthy weight is also easier as this device will allow you to see how many calories you have burned throughout the day. Overall, the features you expect to get with a fitness tracker you will get all of and more with this item.

Advanced Features

This product comes with more advanced features than we expected. This product is rated to be used while you are swimming which is great for those of you that want to keep track of your pace, laps, and strokes. You will have total control over your music. Not only that you will also be able to save a ton of your favorite songs so that you have your music even when you don’t have your phone. Garmin Pay is another advanced feature that makes your life more convenient. When trying to understand your routine and why your energy levels are the way they are, this product can help. It can give you insight into your daily stress levels. You will also have the ability to track workouts not only like running but also a variety of gym routines. The heart rate monitor is another advanced feature of this item. Honestly, there are many more things that this little gem can do but this is a pretty good look. Know that it does have capabilities in helping you track activities like your golf outings, cycling, and some other recreational activities. Overall, as you can see, there are so many features it is easy to fit into most active lifestyles.


Consumers seem quite pleased with the accuracy of this product. The step counter, which is one of the very most important features, is very accurate. This is an advantage when you are trying to improve your level of activity. The huge variety of activities that it can track accurately is also important. What is the point of looking over data if the information that you are looking at is not correct? You got it, there isn’t any. Tracking all of your most strenuous activities can allow you to push harder and crush your goals. This option provides just what you need to accurately succeed. It is important to note that customers have complained about the accuracy of the heart rate monitor. This is not terribly uncommon among fitness trackers. If you are really looking for that there are some great options out there to help you with it.


Charging this activity tracker is a cinch. It comes with the cable you will need to plug it in and get it ready for your next round. It has a USB end which makes it extremely convenient as so many other devices charge the exact same way. The battery life of this tracker is fantastic. Many times you only get a day or less from a charge this one will last a few days. It only takes a couple hours to completely recharge which means you won’t have to through long stretches of time without wearing it. It is important to note that the way you use your activity tracker will absolutely impact how long the battery lasts. Batteries are a common complaint among this type of item and it is nice to see that it isn’t one with this choice by Garmin.


This device is very compatible. Not every feature is available to everyone but on the whole anyone with a smartphone can use this option. You will be able to wirelessly connect via Bluetooth or WiFi. It can be used with Android and iPhones alike. The feature that alerts you of phone calls and text messages is only available to Android users. So, for those of you using iPhones, if looking for this feature, may want to look towards an Apple Watch or something produced by that brand. Overall, customers are happy with how easy it is to sync this product with their device and the amount of apps and access that it provides them.


This is one of the most versatile trackers available to you today. It offers an insane amount of tracking capability that will cover a berth of different activities. Not all trackers can help you figure out how far you are driving a ball but this one can. You will be able to look at your swimming sessions, runs, bikes, hikes, and cardio activities. It allows you to look at your fitness age and activity levels as well as what your daily stress levels look like. Whether you like to do things inside or outside this can help you stay on track and working hard. Finding a daily companion that helps to keep you focused on your diet, exercise, and fitness routine plus keep you connected can be difficult. This one does it beautifully.


This is a very comfortable option, however, some people do find it to be a bit bulky. The watch face is quite large. In terms of the band, due to the fact that you can change it out, you can find something that will keep you comfortable. This is also great to ensure that it fits into your daily life seamlessly whether you are working hard in your home gym or headed into the office. Any twenty-millimeter watch band will fit this options. This means you will have access to bands made of leather, silicone, metal, and fabric. As you can see, it is truly versatile and should be able to transition very easily throughout your entire day with ease. There were a couple reports from customers that the silicone band that comes with it caused the skin irritation. You can avoid this by making sure the band, as well as your skin, is dry when you put it on.


The smartwatch comes with a few more advantages than we typically see. Due to the fact that it can track such a plethora of activities as well as keep you connected to your daily life, this is why we say that. Keeping track of your steps, calories burned, active minutes, & sleep patterns can keep you focused on achieving your fitness-related goals. You'll be able to easily set goals for yourself and your daily step goal be adjusted as you start to really get up and move. Finding the ambition throughout the day to add in a new activity can be difficult especially when stress levels are high. This tracker will give you information on your stress levels which can make it easier to understand the days that you aren't doing so well. With this type of view your overall health and wellness it becomes easier to make good decisions and fit in extra activities where possible.


One of the biggest disadvantages of this tracker is the fact that the heart rate monitor is not exceptionally accurate. Many customers like a heart rate monitor as it helps them maintain the correct heart rate zone during activities like cardio. So, it is a bit of a letdown that this feature does not work quite as well as others that are available to you. Another thing that customers are not thrilled about is the lack of options when using an iPhone. This is not really Garmin's fault as Apple is known for products that only work exceptionally well with their other products. Overall, these are really the only two complaints we are seeing about this product. It is quite a standing that there are so few negative points regarding it. As you can imagine customers are thrilled about the fact that there are no major complaints about this item.


We expect that a product from this brand is going to be some of the best quality available to us. That is absolutely true when looking at the Vivoactive 3 Music fitness tracker. the technology behind it is exceptionally sound and works better than many others. The design is solid and made from materials that are built to last. This is exceptionally important when you're making an investment and a high-quality fitness tracker. Customers are also very pleased with the quality of the app and the capabilities that this product offers. Making an investment into this activity tracker is a sound one. It will last you a good long time and provide you with the accurate data you need to ensure you continue on your path towards becoming healthier.


This product is in a very good value. That does not mean that it is expensive. In fact, quite the opposite. This product we'll take a pretty decent chunk out of your bank account. Many people will have to save quite some time if they want to wear this on a daily basis. For some people, it will be completely unaffordable. The reason we feel that it is a very good value is the capability that it offers you. It can track more activities accurately than some of the leading activity tracker options. It offers great versatility in terms of what it can track. You will get great battery life as well as the ability to take control of not only your workouts and fitness routine but also your music. When you look at all of these aspects large-scale it is simple to see why we, as well as customers, feel as if this product is a very good value.

Bottom Line

If you are able to make the investment in this option you will be getting a really great piece of equipment. It can truly help you along the path to losing weight, gaining muscle, or maintaining a healthy lifestyle. You'll be able to transition it easily throughout your day as the bands are simple to switch out. Regardless of what type of activities you are into it is likely that this one will be able to give you accurate information on how well you are performing it. As you see or performance in all things increasing it provides you with Stellar motivation to keep working hard and crush those once far off goals. While there are a few disadvantages to this product they are pretty easy to look past and consumers are pleased with this option, overall. We feel that if you make the investment you'll be very happy with the results that this tracker helps you achieve.