Garmin Vivofit 2 Reviewed

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The Garmin Vivofit 2 is a sleek fitness tracker that is really pretty cool. It offers some advanced features that you don’t frequently see. It can provide you with verbal motivation throughout your day when you have been sitting sedentary for too long. The battery life that it offers is fantastic. It will sync with your device throughout your day to keep you posted as you meet daily goals or if it has been quite a while since your last update. When you are trying to build muscle, lose weight, or improve your overall health this option can help you as you can set daily goals and stick to them by easily seeing them. This item will also learn how your levels of activity ebb and flow. With this, it is able to set you with goals that are realistic and help steer you towards a healthier life. The app available with this device is also solid. It is easy to use and will allow you to see your progress and gain badges to help keep you motivated toward doing your best every day. Overall, you will be able to have a great view of your entire day. This can lead you to better choices when it comes to your diet and exercise routine.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Average Price
  • Sleek Design
  • No Need To Recharge
  • Audio alerts
  • Great Screen Quality
  • Useful Backlight
  • Pre-Set Goals
  • Waterproof
  • Syncing Issues
  • Band Comfort


Garmin builds items that help to make your life more convenient. Life gets exceptionally busy and when you can add electronics into it to streamline processes it is, obviously, an advantage. Trusted by consumers across the globe you know you will be getting high-quality products when you shop with Garmin. They have their hands in not only the world of GPS navigation but also indoor and outdoor fitness, aviation, and products for water. They continue to research and develop new products to ensure they are producing what you need to improve your life, health, and fitness levels. Their following has grown astronomically because they care about what their customers and associates think and feel. Overall, this is a great brand that is worth putting your time and money into.

Basic Features

You will get all of the basic features that you expect to get from a high-end fitness tracker. This, of course, includes the ability to track your steps. People love this feature above most others when it comes to fitness trackers as it gives you a great outlook at how much you actually get up and move. It will also give you great information on how long you have been active throughout the day and the number of calories that you have burned. If you are looking for an extremely accurate representation of calories burned you compare this with a heart rate monitor to make sure you're staying in the right zone during activities like cardio workouts and you're getting the most detail possible. It will sink easily to a variety of devices via Bluetooth. Which is also convenient and a feature we expect out of our fitness trackers.

Advanced Features

This gadget does have some pretty cool advanced features. It will give you an audio notice that it's time to get up and move if you've been inactive for too long. This band is also smart. It pays attention to the activities that you participate in and helps give you reachable goals to improve your overall Fitness levels. Due to the extended battery life, you will also be able to wear this tracker uninterrupted. This is great for those of you that like to monitor your sleep patterns. when you can see your routine across-the-board it is easier to find where you need to make tweaks to reach your goals more easily. Being able to see your activity levels through the day gives you insight to where you can pick up the pace or find the areas where you need to slow down just a bit.


There are no complaints from consumers over the accuracy of this product. Most feel that it tracks their activities easily and accurately. Active minutes and steps are some of the most imperative pieces of data that you can collect with these types of devices. Getting an accurate reading will ensure that you truly understand where you need to make improvements to lose weight, enhancer strength, build muscle, or simply become healthier. This device will give you accurate readings to help you figure these things out. It also does an excellent job with sleep tracking. This is also important in figuring out how to maintain your energy levels throughout the day. You'll be able to easily see how well you're doing while using the app and it will give you the information you need to form a great plan to continue on your journey towards better health and wellness.


Charging your device can be a real inconvenience when you want to track your entire daily routine. When you go with this option you won't have to worry about it. While most products like this one require at least a couple hours of charge time every day or two this one does not use a rechargeable battery. Instead, it uses a watch battery. This offers an exceptionally long lasting life. Depending on how you use your tracker you can get up to a year's worth of youths without needing to replace it. Keep in mind, the more you use it the more your battery will wear down and the last life you will get from each one. Watch batteries are very affordable and a nice alternative to having something else that you need to worry about charging.


Overall, this device is quite compatible. It will sync up a couple times a day with the app provided by Garmin. This will show you how you're doing through your day, during your challenges, and provide you with a determination to continue to work hard. The app is compatible with a variety of different devices and you can also join their group from your computer or tablet. If you are unsure if your smartphone will be able to connect or not you can head over to their brand's website and check the compatibility of your exact make and model. Consumers are pleased with the compatibility that this device offers as there are so many options that are strictly for iPhones or strictly for Android.


This is a fairly versatile option. Why we would not say it is the most versatile option available on the market today it is decent. You'll be able to track a variety of different things which can help keep you on track towards attaining your health and fitness goals. It is safe to use in water which is not a feature we often see and adds to the versatility of this product. The design is pretty Sleek which makes it fit well into most people's routines. There are not as many bands available which mean there are also not as many styles and this can inhibit some from being able to wear this tracker easily throughout their day. Overall, customers are pleased with the versatility that this offers but do wish that they had more access to a larger variety of apps and possible features.


There are some mixed reviews on the overall comfort level of this Smartwatch. The bands are made of a silicone blend which most people like quite well but some fine to be irritating. If you are not careful and ensure that your skin is dry and that the band is dry it could lead to irritation or raw rubbed areas. This option is not overly bulky which does aid in the comfort levels. There are not a plethora of complaints about how comfortable the band is and there are a few different options. That should make it so you can find one that you don't mind wearing on a daily basis. The comfort level of your fitness tracker is important because of the fact that you will be wearing it day in and day out. So, this one is decent but it is probably not the most comfortable out there.


If you have ever spoken to anyone who's worn a fitness tracker they've probably told you of all of the advantages it's add to their health and physical well-being. Trying to stay focused and motivated on staying active can be exceptionally difficult in a busy Home and Office life. It becomes even more difficult when you're trying to balance these things with a healthy diet, strict exercise routine, and the family. When you get a fitness tracker and start wearing it every day you will be able to see what your activity levels look like, how you're sleeping, and the place is that it'll be easy to improve your routine. As you make adjustments to your routine and start accepting challenges from your friends and the community on Garmin’s app you will see the changes start to take place. This can be a variety of things from weight loss to muscle gain. It seems simple but, honestly, it's a great way to keep you headed towards the healthiest best lifestyle you can lead. It also helps keep you accountable which can, in turn, have you making better food and health-related decisions overall.


One of the major disadvantages of using this product is the limited access to apps that it provides. You will only be able to use the app created by Garmin and one other one to help track your fitness activities. They sync nicely and give accurate information but if you like to use anything other than these two options you will be severely limited. The battery life that you get out of this is excellent but some people do find it to be a disadvantage. This is for the simple fact that they have to spend extra money replacing the battery over the course of time. The only other thing customers really complain about is the versatility and bands that are available. It makes it a bit more difficult to fit with your style even though there are a few options available to you.


Products made by this brand are expected to be great quality. This one is. The technology used behind it is sound and functions better than most expect. It provides you with excellent tracking that is accurate and easy to understand. It helps drive you towards getting up and moving as well as helps to keep you accountable what's things like your diet and exercise goals. It truly is a smart device at learned your routine and provide you with a variety of goals as you continue along the Avenue towards becoming healthier. The quality of the Bands is also good. They are quite durable. Over time they may stretch a bit but this is to be expected The quality of the bands is also good. They are quite durable. Over time they may stretch a bit but this is to be expected with a band made of this material. Overall, customers are exceptionally happy with the quality of this product.


While this product is still a little bit pricey it is much more affordable than other fitness trackers you may have looked into. Most budgets will be able to fit in relatively easily. If you do need to save up some it shouldn't take you too long. The true value of a product cannot be solely based on the price tag that it carries, however. When you look at this product as a whole it is easy to see why consumers are very pleased with the overall value it is provided to their lives. It is a high-quality option that provides you with truly accurate information that can improve your daily life. We have to agree that this product is a great value and if you decide to give it a try we feel that you will see it the same way.

Bottom Line

This brand may not be as well known for their fitness trackers as they are there GPS systems but that does not change the fact that this is a solid option. It will give you access to a good variety of activities that you can track and see your progress in. It provides you with the motivation you need to keep moving and reach that next goal. most people will be able to afford it a bit more easily than let's say a Fitbit or an Apple watch. The science behind this option is sound and it does not seem to have quite as many quirks and bugs as some others that we have reviewed in the past. Overall, consumers are pleased with their purchase from Garmin and feel that it is a great investment.