Gatorade Whey Protein Bars Reviewed

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Gatorade Protein Bars Are great when used for a heavy snack or a light meal. Giving your muscles a great boost in protein will help keep you in the game and feeling great. After spending a sweaty session at the gym, ending an endurance run, or finishing up a grueling Boxing class this product will do an excellent job at re-energizing you for the next activity. These protein-boosting bars are exceptionally convenient. there are many advantages to adding this healthy nutritional supplement into your daily routine. It is nutritionally sound and makes a great addition to most diet and weight loss ventures. In addition, it will promote the overall performance of your muscles. Proteins break down into amino acids which helped accelerate your recovery times. This means you will feel less sore and ready to go for the next round. Your body will also experience improved muscle growth and maintenance when you pair this with a killer exercise routine and healthy diet. There are a decent amount of flavors available to help keep you interested and loving this product as you continue to use it. Consumers have been trusting this brand for their healthy options for decades and this bar goes to show it is a safe bet to continue to do so.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • No Artificial Ingredients
  • Good Protein Content
  • Large Flavor Variety
  • Great Texture
  • Quite Filling
  • Helps Energy Levels
  • Healthy Meal Replacement
  • Larger Than Average
  • High Sugar Content
  • Melt Easily


Gatorade brand has been around for an exceptional amount of time and people across the globe trust their products. From hydrating drinks to protein-boosting supplements this brand has a variety of options that are not only good for you but also taste excellent. Athletes, as well as everyday people, have been pairing Gatorade's products with their active lifestyles with great success. When you're working hard and sweating even harder they offer the products that will help you continue to feel great and perform well. There is a reason this brand has been around as long as they have, they produce great products that work as they are intended to.


This brand has spent the time to invest in the taste of their product and it shows. Customers absolutely love eating these bars. while many say it reminds them of a candy bar it is not overly sweet. There is a great balance of flavor that will leave you wanting more. It does not contain artificial sweeteners and therefore there are no reports of this product leaving a poor aftertaste after consuming. We are all used to the flavor of protein bars and typically they are not wonderful. Finding one that tastes as excellent as this one is uncommon and a welcomed aspect. Overall, there are very few complaints about the taste and surely you'll be able to find several you truly enjoy.


Let's face it, no one wants to eat the exact same thing everyday healthy or not. Having variety in the flavor of your protein supplement is important in making sure you continue to consume it. There are many options available that offer extremely limited flavors but that is not the case here. Gatorade offers seven different flavors in their protein bars. Available are chocolate caramel, cookies and cream, chocolate chip, chocolate pretzel, vanilla almond, mint chocolate Crunch, and peanut butter chocolate. These are all pretty come in flavors but they are all well-liked among protein bar choices. Most people will be able to find several of this group that they really like which will allow them to switch it up as often as they please.


Here again, consumers are exceptionally satisfied with the consistency of this bar. You actually get a little variety as they offer some that are crispy and some that are smooth. There are no reports of this product being gritty which is a common complaint of protein bars. They are a bit dense and chewy but that is to be expected when using this type of nutritional supplement. There have been notes that this product is a bit crumbly. This may mean you need to be careful where you consume it as it might make a bit of a mess. You also want to be careful where you store them as they melt quite easily. Some customers find they prefer the consistency will it when it's cold so putting them in the fridge maybe advantageous. It's nice to know that the consistency of this product is excellent and you won't end up throwing it away because of a terrible mouthfeel.


As a meal replacement, this bar is quite effective. It does not contain as much protein as other meal replacement bars that are available. However, it does contain quite a bit. This protein will help speed up your recovery times. You will experience less muscle soreness which will, in turn, allow you to work out more frequently and more effectively. The extra work you're able to do paired with this protein will also enhance your overall lean muscle growth. That growth will better be maintained as protein also promotes muscle maintenance. When you are on the go and don't have time for a healthy meal this product can be an excellent substitute. It will help you stay on track nutritionally and keep you full so you continue to be energized throughout your day. Consumers are pleased with the effectiveness of this bar and how it has positively impacted their lives.


Obviously, depending on which flavor option you choose the ingredient list will vary slightly. For the most part, they contain the same things. The differences you will see are in the types of coating that are put on these bars and of course, some of them will contain nuts and others will not. The common ingredients are whey protein isolate, whey protein crisps, soy lecithin, cocoa butter, brown sugar, corn syrup, palm oil, sugar, cornstarch, dry Way, Salt, natural flavorings, glycerin, milk protein concentrate, salt, and Citric acid. It is important to note that all of these bars are processed in a manufacturing facility that handles tree nuts, soy, milk, and wheat. This could cause problems for any of you that suffer from allergies of these ingredients. Overall, this is a salad ingredient list that will help promote your nutritional levels.


While there is a slight variation, each one of these bars yields approximately 350 calories. For comparison, most snack sized protein supplements have about 200 calories. As you can see, this is why people use this bar as a meal replacement. Consumers have noted that when they want to use it as a snack they simply eat about half of it. This makes this bar perfect to use in a variety of ways. The calories you get from this will help sustain you between meals and help you avoid unhealthy snacking options. They will also promote better energy levels. Ensuring that you stay full throughout your day helps keep you on track and will lead you to success in your diet, fitness, and nutritional goals.


The sugar levels in these bars as you may have experienced in the past. A large part of the reason for this is the fact that this product does not use artificial sweeteners. Artificial sweeteners are associated with quite a few negative side effects. The benefit of them is the fact that they do not add actual sugar content to a product and therefore more people can work them into their routines. So, the fact that this product only contains actual sugar can be either a plus or a minus depending on your personal situation. On average, These bars contain 25 g of sugar per serving. This is quite a bit and may be hard for some people to work it into their routine. It is important to note, however, it is not enough to make you experience a sugar crash as you completely digest this product.


Your energy levels will most certainly be impacted when you consume this bar. The calories of it will help your body maintain energy levels throughout your day. When we eat our bodies naturally use the calories to do this. The way this product breaks down will give you sustained energy. It is important that you understand this product does not contain any stimulant ingredients that we commonly associate with products like caffeine pills, energy drinks, and pre-workouts. The impact of that is that you will not have to worry about suffering a crashing effect when this nutritional supplement starts to wear off. This is a major bonus as many of us will use this product early in the day and don't have time to become completely devoid of energy. The protein this contains will also help fuel your muscles. This will lead you to less fatigue and better gym sessions.


These bars are quite large. They come in weighing 80 grams each. This is considered one serving and is one bar. The size of this bar is guaranteed to fill you up and help energize your day. As previously mentioned, ensuring that your stomach stays full will help you stay on track with your diet and avoid savory yet on healthy snacking. You will also get some option in how many servings per box that you buy. This is not something we often times see with this type of product. You can purchase them in a sample pack which offers nine bars of varying flavors. Or you can purchase it in a 12 or 18 count box. The 18 count is also a variety pack but you can order every flavor option in a 12-count box. There is no difference in price based off of container size.

Side Effects

Most people, when using protein supplements, will not experience any negative side effects. This type of product, in general, is safer than most other supplements that we consume. This means you won't have to worry as much about it impacting your day negatively. It is important to note there are sugar alcohols in this product which can lead to digestive issues. There are a few relatively common side effects that are associated with whey protein products. You may experience gas, bloating, diarrhea, more frequent bowel movements, upset stomach, nausea, headaches, or fatigue. Again, these are quite rare and are typically minor. If you have had trouble with whey products or sugar alcohols in the past you may want to avoid this product and go with something that avoids these two ingredients.


The advantages that come along with this product are pretty awesome. It gives you a delicious sweet snack that you can use as a meal replacement when you are on the go. Not only is it delicious it is also healthy. When paired with a stellar diet and exercise routine it can help you achieve your weight loss and muscle gain goals more easily. The protein that it contains will support your muscles in every way which includes recovery time, maintenance, and growth. You'll be able to work out more frequently and harder when using this product due to the reduction of soreness and energy it provides you. It is easily worked into any routine and will help you avoid extra snacking and unhealthy food items. Consumers have found great success with this brand and their products and feel it is absolutely advantageous to add it to your routine.


We do not feel as if there are any major disadvantages in using this product. There is a chance that it will cause you negative side effects however they are uncommon. The use of sugar alcohols does make this product unusable for those of you that have a difficult time digesting them. They do also contain a fairly high sugar content which could be a problem for people that suffer from diabetes or are trying to really restrict their sugar intakes. Other than these couple of things we do not see anything else to really be complained about. We suppose a minor annoyance is the fact that they do crumble a bit and might make a mess. Finding a product with so few disadvantages is awesome and why so many people continue to trust this product in their daily routine.


We, as well as customers, feel that this protein bar is an exceptional value. Whether you want to use it pre, intra, or post workout it will provide you with nutrition and energy. You can also use it as a meal replacement which is exceptionally convenient when trying to avoid fast foods. In terms of price, it is also quite affordable. When you compare it to others in its class it will fit more easily into your budget than most other high-quality options. if you want to stock up for an entire month it will be a bit more costly but still more affordable than others you may have gone with previously. When you look at the overall advantages this provides you like The increased recovery times and muscle growth it is simple to see why so many feel that it is an exceptional value.

Bottom Line

When it comes down to it this is an excellent option for meal replacing, protein-boosting bar. It does have quite a bit of sugar but overall it is nutritionally sound. It will give you a great boost in your protein levels which will keep your muscles functioning at their top level. The level of fullness it provides will keep you satisfied for an extended period of time. It is quite affordable which bank accounts surely appreciate. The flavor variety offered is excellent and the overall taste is even better. Maintaining a healthy diet can be difficult and this far makes it a bit easier. It will help you improve your physique as you continue to work hard. Everyone should give this brand and their protein bars a try. If you do we thoroughly believe you will not be disappointed.