Girls Boxing Classes: What to Expect

Girls Boxing Classes: What to Expect Girls Boxing Classes: What to Expect

Hi there ladies! Today on FightingReport we’re covering your angle of boxing, in the hopes, you’ll be better prepared for that long-awaited, exciting, first boxing class! Ready to kick some ass? Here’s how you start:



First things first – the necessary apparel and equipment. Like most fighting sports, boxing makes use of training in closed spaces, with a lot of auxiliary gear and equipment necessary for becoming a good boxer. Occasionally, sure, you can take long-running sessions outside in nature, on the local training court or even do a marathon around your block several times, but the punching bags are mostly situated in gyms. This means, of course, that for your boxing classes, you’ll need to bring gym-friendly equipment. This usually means comfortable shorts or leggings, a comfortable t-shirt which won’t get you too warm and sweaty but keep you cool, and comfortable running shoes. Additionally (and probably not at the very first class) you’ll have to also bring your own boxing gloves, mitts, jumping ropes and so on. (For the best boxing gloves for women, check out our reviews!) Of course, this depends on the way your local boxing club is set up (perhaps you won’t have to bring mitts and jumping ropes, for example), so it’s always the best if you initially visit the club, talk to the coach about these things and come prepared for your first class. Speaking of which… here’s what to expect.


Punching Bag Punch

As with most other sports, you’ll need to get warmed up before doing the actual specific training exercises. Warming up has several benefits: it prepares your muscles and metabolism for some real activity, but it also works up your joints and makes them less prone to injury later in the class. So, whatever you do, make sure you have good warming up session before you start with the boxing exercises.

So what kinds of exercises do the warm-up include? These are generally cardio exercises and some calisthenics. Translation: some rope jumping, jogging, and some stretching exercises. Usually, you’ll have to do a series of stretching or some initial rope jumping. Additionally, what follows is the so-called core exercises, which help you activate the muscle groups you’ll be needing and build up your muscle mass in all the necessary places. This is usually a series of push-ups, crunches, squats or a variety of exercises with the medicine ball or a partner. This will get your blood running, your cheeks red, and on you go to the next round of activities!



Okay, here’s the main deal, here’s what you came to the boxing class in the first place – to learn some boxing! Naturally, you will be first introduced to these by your boxing coach. The whole session is very relaxed, and safe, so don’t worry, it will neither hurt nor make you too tired. In fact, it can be a lot of fun!

So here’s what happens. You’ll put your boxing gloves on, and with the help of your boxing trainer, you’ll be shown some basic principles of boxing, such as body posture and footwork. Whatever you do in boxing, as long as you’re inside the boxing ring, you should always maintain a body posture of readiness – this usually means having your knees bent a little bit, with your torso leaned forward a little, and your hands positioned defensively in front of your face, like a shield. Next up, expect to be introduced to some basic footwork and hopping techniques – this will make your movement around the ring more nimble, and your reflexes faster.

After those boxing fundamentals, you’ll learn to throw your first punches! This is usually done with the help of a sparring partner, and in your first lesson, your boxing coach will probably fill that role. What happens is basically this: you put on your boxing gloves, the sparring partner puts on the focus mitts, and you try to punch his mitts that he moves with his hands in various directions. Later on, in the training sessions, you can do these exercises with a sparring partner, and even change roles. Wearing the boxing gloves and practicing punching helps you improve your offensive capabilities while wearing the boxing mitts and getting your hands punched develops your defensive capabilities and sharpens your reflexes.

Once you’re done with the technical part of punching, it will be time to exercise speed and strength. The best, and most harmless way to do this, is to of course go spend some time punishing that poor punching bag. This is the time to let it rip – regardless if you’re doing preset drills of specific combinations of punches (think combos in video games), or you’re just free-styling against an imaginary opponent represented by that heavy punching bag, you can let yourself go and try your hardest punches here. Once you get your mojo on, the feeling of beating the crap out of that bag can be truly amazing, we guarantee it! But make sure you don’t hurt yourself by punching too hard – it is entirely possible to fracture a finger by hitting a bag too hard. Just find your optimal power and speed, dance around that bag and do some boxing!

Additionally – if your hands’ tire or they start hurting, you can always stop punching the bag and do some shadow boxing. Shadow boxing is when you’re boxing with an imaginary opponent made of air. Basically… it’s like air guitar, but instead of rocking those wires, you’re actually doing some awesome boxing. Light on the hands, but still effective way to sharpen your reflexes, develop more stamina and increase focus and muscle strength.



image of girl boxing class

Well, finally, you’ve made it through your first boxing class! Or, through its most difficult parts. Although this is not mandatory, it is a good idea to have another session of a warm-up exercise, and help your body calm down gradually. Some people call it the warm down, or the race out, but whatever we call it, it’s relaxing, and really helps you appreciate the heavier activities in your boxing class.

So, what do you think? Not that bad, right? Kind of fun actually? We agree! Grab your gear and go enjoy that boxing class girl!