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GNC Women's Ultra Mega Vitamin will help you and your overall health in a variety of ways. This product is full of antioxidants that will help your immune system function at a better level. In addition, these antioxidants support the protection of your cells and decrease stress defenses. The formula used here is not only known to work but is backed by users and scientific evidence of its benefit. You won't have a problem swallowing these pill as they are quite small. Eating a completely balanced diet and ensuring you get all of the vitamins your body needs to successfully fuel your life can be very difficult. Adding in a multi-vitamin can make that a challenge of the past. Your bones will also be supported with the ingredients used within this blend of ingredients. Gaps in your nutrition happen and this will fill those spaces easily making not only your health but also your beauty increase. The ingredients will support you in attaining healthy and strong hair, nails, and skin. Quit struggling with the daily grind of tracking everything you eat to ensure you are giving your body exactly what it needs, taking a multi-vitamin like this one and see how easy it is to meet your nutritional goals.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Available In Gummies
  • Easy to Swallow Pill
  • Satisfaction Guarantee
  • Trusted Brand
  • Packed With Antioxidants
  • Supports Immune System
  • Helps Nails, Hair, & Skin
  • 20 Calories Per Servings
  • Coating Tastes Bad
  • A Bit Pricey


Headquartered out of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, GNC is a brand that everyone is very familiar with. With thousands of products to help you with weight loss, muscle gain, metabolism boosters, and every other supplement you can think of, this company is trusted worldwide. This ringleader in the nutritional supplement world has earned their place through hard work, dedication, research, and truly superior products. GNC wants to see you succeed no matter what goal you have set for yourself and they want to make sure they offer you a product that will help you along in that journey. Trusting GNC and their products is not a foolish move, in fact, you will see your overall wellbeing increase when adding their products to your routine.


Taste isn't going to be a factor if you decide you want to use the version of this product that comes in pill form as it has no taste. They do offer a gummy variety and the taste of it is what you would expect from a gummy multi-vitamin. They are not completely awful but they do, indeed, taste like a vitamin. They are not gaggingly sweet and don't leave an awful aftertaste in your mouth which is something we can all stand behind. This is especially true if you have tried chewy vitamins in the past to find that they were so gross you had to throw them away and try something different. Overall, people like the taste of this product in its chewy form and really don't have any complaints about it at all.


Obviously, you aren't going to worry about flavor when buying this product in pill form. The chewy variety of it comes in only one flavor, mixed berry. This flavor is good and customers don't have complaints about this flavor option. Having a variety of flavor choices is something that customers like. The lack of option here can be a bit of a disappointment for some, however, because the flavor of the mixed berry is so good, most customers can get past the fact that they don't get a choice. Finding that you don't love the flavor of their mixed berry multi-vitamin is not really a big deal either. You can always buy it in pill form and avoid flavor all together but still get all the advantages that this awesome vitamin has to offer you on a daily basis.


In this product, consistency does not play a big role. With products like pre-workouts, Whey Protein powders, and Branched Chain Amino Acid supplements we need to seriously consider consistency because they come in powdered form and will need to be mixed with a liquid. Terrible consistency can make a product like these impossible to swallow which is just like throwing money down the drain. Regardless of if you choose a pill or gummy form this product's consistency is not going to be an issue in the slightest. Removing some of the common woes of supplementation is something that GNC does very well and it is evident here.


GNC has put in the time, money, and research to ensure that this option is exceptionally effective. Multi-vitamins are great for making sure you get what your body needs to have great skin, hair, nails, and a healthy balance of vitamins. Your body needs these things and getting them into your regular diet can be difficult. Adding this multi-vitamin to your daily life will boost your immune system by pumping much-needed antioxidants into your system. Consumers using this product agree that while using it they feel better and more motivated to go out there and crush everything on their list of things to do. Again, this vitamin has everything you need and is quite effective at supporting you in giving your body the nutrients it craves to function properly.


Most of the time when we go over the ingredients of a product we make sure to tell you each and everything that is contained in that item. However, this product contains more than thirty ingredients and to list them all out would be a bit absurd, in our opinion. There are twenty-three different vitamins and then a few blends that will help in different areas of your life. These are not proprietary blends but just separate breakdowns so you know what ingredient helps with what. Their blends include a fruit and vegetable blend, a blend of antioxidants, one for brain health, and one for beauty. Overall, this product contains pretty much everything you need to fill up all the blank spaces in your daily nutritional needs. It is important to note that the gummy's formula is slightly different and both should be looked at individually before you decide which is the best option for you.


Fillers are ingredients that lesser brands use to try and charge you more money for their product. They do this by making them look as if they are more nutritional than they are or by making it look like you are getting more of the product than you actually are. GNC has been a part of the supplement world for so long that they certainly know better than to use these generic ingredients that can cause you more harm than good. Brands that have been around as long as GNC and are trusted by millions of people across the globe do not become that way by using cheap filler ingredients. You can always bank on this brand offering you supplements with zero fillers and they won't let you down.


The pill form of this product does not contain any sweetening agent at all, however, the gummy variety does. It is important to note that they use an artificial sweetener called Sucralose. Sucralose does not add any actual sugar value to the product but does help enhance the sweetness and flavor of it. The problem with Sucralose is that it commonly makes your products too sweet and leaving a bad taste in your mouth after consumption. GNC has found a good balance and you won't have either of these things if you give their chewy variety a try. They have a good taste with none of the added sugar that you don't want in your diet.


The serving of this product will depend on what you decide to buy. If you go with the pill form, you will need to take two of them for a serving. You will also have a choice in container size. You can order a ninety or one hundred and eighty serving container based off of how much you decide you want to spend and stock up. Likewise, if you choose the soft chews you will need to consume two of them to have one serving. You do not get the same variety, however, in container size as you do with the pill form of this product. The soft chews only have thirty servings per container which will last you a month. Overall, you have a few options that will help you work this product into your routine with great ease.

Side Effects

You have to be really careful when taking a multi-vitamin and adding it to your routine. Our bodies tolerate some vitamins in excess just fine but others are considered non-water soluble and this means they will not simply flush out of your body. They can build up to toxic levels and cause a variety of problems. This includes things like liver and kidney problems. Some simple research and reflection on your daily diet will allow you to make a great decision. There aren't actually any reported side effects from this product but that does not mean that it will not affect you in a negative way. When adding a new supplement or vitamin to your routine is always something you need to study on for a bit to ensure it will not cause you problems.


Adding a multi-vitamin to your daily routine can make a great impact on your overall health and well being. Eating a totally balanced diet can be exceptionally difficult. Even if you do, you may find that you are still lacking in some essential vitamins. This product will help support your immune system and aid in your overall beauty because of what they include in it. With a balance of the vitamins, your body craves you will find your energy levels are improved and your body will also feel better in general. You can choose from a non-flavored pill, a chew, or a gummy and you can order it in a couple sizes, which allows you to stock up if that is what you want to do.


This product contains a plethora of ingredients and this can be a disadvantage if you are already eating a very well-balanced diet. As previously stated, vitamins that are not water soluble can lead to toxic levels building up in your system. This product doesn't have as many disadvantages as long as you are careful and pay attention to what you are ingesting. They use a great mix of ingredients that will aid you in overall health and wellness. You will greatly benefit if you find that your diet is lacking, by adding this product to your daily life. We must say it is a bit pricey and that could be a problem for some. Also, you don't have any option when it comes to flavor and while we don't feel that is a big deal some consumers may.


Compared to other vitamins on today's market this one is a bit pricey, however, you are getting a bit more with this one than you will with others. It will help boost and support your immune system plus it will help your skin, hair, and nails. You also get a good amount of servings which does help the price seem a bit better because you won't need to buy them as often. When you look at the aspects and keys to why people take a multi-vitamin, it is easy to see that this one is a great value. It covers a huge amount of vitamins and that will make meeting daily nutrition goals much more simple than ever before.

Bottom Line

When it comes down to it most people need to add a multi-vitamin into their diet to ensure they are getting all of the nutrients their bodies need to go strong every day and maintain optimal health. GNC Women's Ultra Mega vitamin is a great addition to any ladies arsenal. It will help you in a variety of ways. While it is a bit more expensive than other options out there, you will not regret how it impacts not only your looks but also your life. You have options with this product so you can take it how you please. There are many advantages to adding a vitamin to your day and when you choose one by GNC you know you are getting something that is superior quality and made by a company we have all trusted for a long time.