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GoMacro Macro Bar is a plant-based protein supplement that will help your body in a variety of ways. It carries enough calories that some may be able to use it as a meal replacement for others it will make a perfect snack. This will depend on your daily caloric intake and how many calories you like to consume per meal.. They keep this product quite simple which allows you to avoid unwanted ingredients, like soy, artificial sweeteners, and filler ingredients. This product will not only give you a good boost in protein levels it will also help your immune system. The protein contained in this product will improve recovery times, muscle maintenance, and growth. The nourishment it provides you will give you long-lasting energy to help you succeed regardless of activity. It will help keep you feeling full which in turn will help you avoid extra snacking throughout your day. There are a variety of flavors to choose from making it simple for everyone to find an option they truly love. It is vegan friendly, does not contain any GMOs,  and is made of all organic ingredients. When you are trying to lose weight, boost energy levels, build muscle, or generally become healthier this product can help you towards your end goal.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Excellent Variety of Flavors
  • Vegan-Friendly
  • Gluten Free
  • Non-GMO
  • Good Protein Content
  • Good Fiber Content
  • Has Antioxidants
  • No Artificial Ingredients
  • Molds Easily
  • May Have Nut Shells 
  • Short Shelf-Life


For the last 14 years, GoMacro Has been offering top-quality plant-based products that will help you lead a healthier lifestyle. The owners of this brand want to spread the word on how eating clean and balanced can impact your lifestyle. This is a family-owned company that truly wants you to attain a healthier and longer life. The ingredients they use in their products are the highest priority and are always the best possible options available. Every product they offer is organic and free of additives and preservatives. Trying to maintain a healthy diet and frequent exercise routine can be exceptionally difficult. When you pair these products with your diet and workouts it will aid you in whatever goal you are trying to reach. From weight loss to building muscle they offer a bit of something for everyone.


Consumers thoroughly enjoy the taste of this far. While, naturally, there are a few reports of customers who absolutely despise the taste of it they are few and far between. Often times when we think about protein-boosting supplements and the taste of them, the thoughts of them being overly sweet and leaving an awful taste in your mouth or what we think of. Neither of these negative aspects is being reported in terms of this product. The taste is well-balanced and actually tastes like food. You will not experience the artificial flavors that are also commonly associated with products in this category. It is important to note they also don't contain the bitter protein flavor that many others do.


When you decide to go with this product you are going to have a huge flavor variety to choose from. This is pretty awesome as it ensures you will be able to find several that you really like the taste of. We find this to be a major advantage, especially, because many people will want to eat these on a daily basis. When you get tired of the same flavor you are more apt to consume unhealthy options that will throw your diet off. There are 15 different flavor varieties that you can choose from. They are available in Cashew caramel, coconut almond butter chocolate chip, sunflower butter chocolate, peanut butter chocolate chip, Apple cinnamon, granola coconut, banana almond butter, almond butter carob, cashew butter, sunflower butter chocolate, peanut butter, dark chocolate almond, mocha chocolate chip, blueberry cashew butter, and cherries and berries. As you can see, this is quite a lot to choose from and we'll make keeping it interesting simple.


GoMacro has hit the nail on the head in terms of texture. Customers are reporting that this product is soft and chewy. Many others say that it is quite airy. Considering most protein-boosting bars are exceptionally dense and gritty it is awesome to find an option that is not. The consistency of a product plays a major role in whether or not you're going to actually enjoy eating it. For many people, the grainy sand-like texture of these types of bars makes them impossible to eat. This brand has spent the time to truly develop their product in terms of taste and consistency which is part of the reason so many people have switched to their products. It is important to note, however, that has this product approaches its expiration date it becomes exceptionally hard. This could make them impossible to eat towards the end of their shelf-life.


The effectiveness of this product is broken down into a couple of different categories. In terms of weight loss, it will help you keep on track and keep your calorie count in control. It offers you a healthy snack or meal replacement option which will provide you energy to crush it at the gym. In terms of boosting protein levels, it does a good job at this also. By enhancing your body's protein you will give your muscles added essential amino acids. These amino acids promote faster recovery times between endurance workouts and in between sets while lifting. These faster recovery times will allow you to work out longer and harder with reduced muscle soreness. In addition, as you continually work your muscles they suffer from deterioration, the boost, and amino acids will help your body better maintain your muscle and you will experience less deterioration. On top of all this, when you're working hard, this product will also accelerate your muscle growth.


For obvious reasons, the ingredient list for these bars will vary based off of flavor choice. The basic ingredients are the same regardless of which variety you choose. Every variety uses organic ingredients. It is important to note that the manufacturer warns that their products may contain nutshell or pit fragments. When you consume this you will be eating organic brown rice syrup, rolled oats, nut butters, fruit juices, puffed brown rice, natural flavorings, and many of them include chocolate.The protein blend that they use consists of sprouted brown rice protein and organic pea protein. These are all solid ingredients that will benefit your overall health and wellbeing.


The caloric value of these bars seriously varies depending on which flavor you choose. They yield anywhere from one hundred and seventy to two hundred and ninety calories per serving. This is why we mentioned the fact that this product can be used as a snack or as a meal replacement. Most snacks sized protein bars contain about two hundred calories whereas, meal replacements should be much closer to three hundred calories. Having this type of option makes this product more convenient throughout your life and day. For a healthy snack it will help sustain you and as a meal replacement, it will give you a long-lasting fullness.


When you consume this product you maybe it is eating up to 16 grams of sugar. All of the flavor options do yield a bit more sugar than you might be comfortable with. You can get the exact breakdown by visiting the Brand's website and looking over each flavor varieties nutritional facts. For some people fitting the sugar content of this product into their daily routine will be impossible. It is important to note that while it does contain a good amount of sugar it is not enough to cause any crashing effects. There are no artificial sweeteners in this product so the sugar content is a bit higher to help with the taste.


You will get a decent boost of energy when you decide to give this product a try. While many supplements, like pre-workouts and energy drinks, rely on stimulants to give you energy this product does not. What this means is you won't have to worry about it wearing off and making you feel completely exhausted. Your body will use the calories for fuel and this will naturally enhance your energy levels. The protein that contains will also provide your muscles with added energy. It will be clean and long-lasting. It will allow you to achieve your goals and participate in any activity you want at your best level of performance.


The serving size of this product is 1 bar which is completely normal with protein bars. The odd part of it is each bar does not contain the same grams. Some of them yield 57 grams where others yield 69 grams. Depending on whether you're trying to use this product as a snack or as a meal replacement this range in size can be truly helpful. The average size of snack bars set at right around 50 grams so regardless of which you choose you're going to be getting a bit more sustenance than with others. Due to the fact that you will be getting a bit of a larger serving and will help fill you up better. In addition, it will help you feel fuller longer making it easier to avoid extra snacking throughout your day.

Side Effects

Protein supplements are some of the safest on the market and typically don't carry very many side effects. The fact that this product is plant-based rather than milk-based proteins also means you probably won't experience as many adverse effects. There is a possibility that this product will cause you to have an upset stomach. There are reports of this occurring as well as this product causing excessive gas. These are two exceptionally common effects when using plant-based protein products. In addition, while not noted, you could experience an increase in bowel movements, nausea, or bloating. Typically, these are all quite minor. However, in some cases, they can be extreme and make this product unusable.


This bar comes with a variety of advantages. With the option to use it as a snack or meal replacement it is exceptionally convenient especially when you compare it to other bars that only offer one option or the other. It provides you with a healthy and nutritious snack that will keep you on track with your daily caloric intake and your fitness goals. When you pair it with a healthy exercise routine it will also enhance your muscle growth. Not only that, as previously mentioned, you will experience faster recovery times which reduces muscle soreness and will allow you to hit it hard more frequently. In addition, the maintenance your muscles experience will be better which means you will not have as much deterioration. Overall, this product can help you with weight loss, muscle growth, and overall better fitness.


Finding disadvantages with us product proved to be more difficult than others we have reviewed in the past. Really, the only thing we can find to complain about is the fact that this product contains more sugar than many others. It can make it impossible to fit into your daily routine especially if you suffer from something like diabetes. Other than this they offer a solid product that will do exactly what you intended to. It can help you in a variety of ways. Sticking to a healthy diet and exercise routine is difficult but the diet piece becomes easier when you start to use products like this one. We, as well as consumers, are surprised and satisfied with the limited disadvantages that come with using this product.


The price of these varies based off of flavor variety. This is more than likely due to the fact that the ingredient list for each one is vastly different. So, what this means is that some varieties you will be able to afford easier than others. While some of them carry very average prices others are quite expensive. We need to consider more than just price to determine a product's true value. This one is felt to be an exceptional value. People feel this way because of all of the advantages that it provides them and the severe lack of disadvantages. This bar offers you a variety of options and not only flavors but also and size and caloric value. We do not often see this. Overall, we agree that this product is an exceptional value and will be truly beneficial when added to your diet and exercise regimen.

Bottom Line

When you need a protein-boosting supplement that will help keep you on track with your diet this could be the perfect option for you. They offer a huge variety of flavors to choose from which will allow you to find more than one that you like. This helps keep your daily routine interesting. It will help your muscles perform at their top level and curb your appetite between meals. You can use this product as a snack or as a meal replacement which is an advantage most products in this category do not offer. This brand has spent the time to truly develop their product so it tastes great and is quite effective. Consumers are satisfied, overall, with this product and if you decide to give it a try we feel that you will be too.