Harvil Foldable Exercise Bike Review

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Finding room in your home gym for a bulky exercise bike can be impossible. With the Harvil Foldable Exercise Bike, you won't have to concern yourself with this. Not only is it small to begin with but it is also able to be folded up for storage. Whether you are a serious cyclist or a boxer, you can benefit from using a piece of equipment like this one. While maybe not the most important thing, this bike does come in a couple of different colors so that you can pick one to match your style. It can hold more weight than most other bikes of this stature. Weights up to three hundred and thirty pounds can be accommodated by this item. When fitness is a priority in your life, changing up your routine can keep you interested and motivated towards working hard. This option gives you a good variety of features to keep you interested. Most bikes, like this one, are exceptionally limited. Customers are happy that they get a bit more when they decide to go with this one. Another nice thing about this bike is that it will fit a much larger variety of sizes. Whether you are four feet or six feet tall you will be able to comfortably sit and use this bike. Overall, this option is better than many other foldable exercise bikes that are currently available.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Takes Up Limited Space
  • Easy To Relocate
  • Offers Back Support
  • Supports Up To 330 Lbs
  • Silent Ride
  • Comfortable Arm Rests
  • Very Affordable
  • Good For All Fitness Levels
  • Not Exceptionally Sturdy
  • Durability Issues


Harvil brand is brought to us by the Dazadi Company. This family-run business provides a variety of products to help you keep your life interesting. Not only do they offer a variety of high-quality fitness equipment and gear, but they also offer games and items to improve your entertainment. Truly wanting to help families come together this brand helps to make memories. They pay great attention to their customer's needs with excellent customer service and free shipping on every item. You will be able to invest in treadmills, recumbent bikes, and a variety of other gym equipment from this brand. With your purchase, you will know that you are getting products you can trust from a company that actually cares. Overall, customers are exceptionally impressed with what they have been offering for the past decade and a half.

Basic Features

This bike does come with most of the basic features that you hope to see in an in-house cycling bike. One thing it is missing, however, is a cup holder. Some customers have mentioned that they were able to add one on so this might be an option for you if that is a feature you are looking for. The seed of this bike is adjustable to ensure that you won't find a comfortable position while you pedal. It also offers back support which we do not always see in this type of bike. There is an easy-to-use dial that will control the level of resistance. It is simple and easy to use. Two other features that we would consider basic are the straps that securely hold your feet to the pedals and the wheels located on the frame for easy relocation. Overall, people are happy with the basic features they get when going with this exercise bike.

Advanced Features

Overall, this bike is pretty simple. It does, however, have a couple of pretty cool Advanced features that we were a bit surprised at finding in this price point. Two of the handlebars are equipped with sensors to monitor your pulse rate. When you know what your heart rate is you can configure your workout to help you meet your current goals more easily. This includes things like if you are looking to lose weight, burn fat, or enhance muscle growth. You will also be able to keep track of your stats while using this bike. The LCD display can provide you with information on your heart rate, speed, distance traveled, and the number of calories burned. Was access to this type of information it is easy to find extra motivation to go the extra mile and push it harder than ever. With improved performance comes improved results and these features can help you gain both of these things.


There are mixed reviews about the pedals of this bike. Some customers have noted having some durability issues and if mentioned that they strip easily from their position on the crank. You want to be exceptionally careful when putting the left pedal on as it is threaded in the opposite direction. It does not say this in the instructions, however, you will need to turn it counterclockwise rather than clockwise. There have also been several complaints about the length of the pedal straps. There are roughly 11 in long and some people find that is not enough to secure their feet onto the pedals. Overall, this is an aspect that could use some improvement and may leave you disappointed. Keep in mind you can switch the pedals out if there is a different type you would prefer to use.


Whether you are tall or short you will be able to use this bike comfortably. As a matter of fact, this goes in both directions to extremes. You can adjust the seat low enough that with supervision even your child could use this bike. The seat is well padded to provide exceptional Comfort during long rides. Another aspect that plays into this is the fact that it offers a backrest. When your body is well supported you will be able to work out longer and harder which in turn will give you better results. You will also notice improved performance. There are two different options in terms of handlebars. Here again, this will allow you to adjust your positioning throughout your routine to maintain a great level of comfort. Overall, customers are very satisfied with how this bike feels.


This product uses magnetic resistance which is not uncommon for this type of bike. It will offer a smooth and quiet ride regardless of what setting you have it on. There are 10 different levels of resistance that you can adjust with a simple turn of a die. Most people can find a level that offers them a decent challenge and a great workout. There have been notes from several customers that even at the highest setting it is not enough. If you are an exceptionally good shape this bike may not offer you the challenge that you are looking for. You may want to look at other options that have more levels of resistance. Many customers are satisfied with how easy it is to switch up the resistance of this bike even in the middle of their routine.


Foldable bikes are obviously built quite a bit different than other types of indoor cycling bikes. This one uses what is called an X-frame. It is quite narrow and slim. With a simple press of a lever, you'll be able to take this bike from its full size down to a smaller and easier to store size. It is important to note that while this bike can handle quite a bit of weight it is not exceptionally sturdy. You will want to be careful when getting on and off of it to ensure that you don't tip it over. The frame is only made up of a couple of pieces which does increase the overall durability that it has to offer. Overall, customers are pleased with the build and design that this exercise bike has.


Whether you have this item folded or unfolded it is not very big. If you are working with exceptionally limited space this product may be exactly what you have been looking for. You will be able to easily fit in a tiny home gym or even a dorm room. Due to the fact that it folds up, it is convenient to move it around and free up space when necessary. When unfolded this item is just over 26 inches long. The width of it comes in at 20 inches. As you can see, this is not very large at all and most spaces will accommodate it easily. the small size of this Frame is part of the reason you need to be careful and getting on and off of it or when riding it with ferocity. It may not be as stable as other bikes that are wider. Keep in mind that this bike does offer a bit more than others and users weighing up to three hundred and thirty pounds will be able to use this bike without worry.


This product, by far, has one of the easiest assemblies that you could ask for. Even if you are absolutely terrible at putting things together it is hard to mess this item up. When you receive it all of the screws will be lined up where they go. You will simply need to adjust them and then tighten them. You will do this with an Allen wrench that is provided with the bike. Some customers prefer to use their own tools and feel that it does make it even easier. It is important to note that you take care when screwing the left pedal on. As previously mentioned, you will want to turn it counterclockwise rather than clockwise to ensure that you don't strip the screw. Overall, customers are more than pleased with the ease assembly that comes along with purchasing this item.


The biggest advantage of this product is the limited space that it takes up. So many of us have small gyms or tiny spaces that we live in. Trying to fit a piece of exercise equipment to the mix can be impossible. Not only is this small and being used it is also very simple to store it. Other than the size this product offers a variety of other health-related advantages. You'll be able to quietly work out without worrying about disturbing someone with a loud bike. In addition, it offers a variety of resistance levels so that you should be able to find the challenge you are looking for. When you use a piece of equipment like this on a daily basis you will notice Improvement in your endurance, strength, and fat loss. Cycling is great exercise and fits easily into any and all fitness routines.


Every product we purchase comes with some advantages and some disadvantages. This one is exactly the same. One of the biggest disadvantages of this product is the fact that it is not exceptionally sturdy. When you buy something with such a small frame it is understandable that it made tip over more easily than something with a wider base. Another aspect that is a bit disconcerting is the durability. Here again, the smaller size of this bike and some of the materials used lead to decreased durability. One other aspect that is a bit of a downer is the fact that truly fit people may not find this product to be enough of a challenge. This is seen in the pedals in the strapping system. Overall, these are the only two disadvantages that we find may be deal-breakers.


We, as well as customers, feel as if this product is an exceptional value. The price tag that it carries is exceptionally reasonable and will be able to fit into most budgets easily. Many people won't have to spend time-saving to go ahead and add this to their daily or weekly routine. When you look at all of the health benefits that cycling has to offer, including weight loss and muscle-building, it is easy to see why people want an item like this one. You won't have to worry about it taking up much space and you'll be able to relocate it simply and easily. We believe that if you decide to invest in this bike you'll be quite pleased with your purchase and you will agree that this product is a stellar value.

Bottom Line

When you are looking for a streamlined option to help you fill in the gaps of your Fitness routine This indoor cycle could be what you're looking for. It does come with a couple of disadvantages but I'm the whole there are only positive things to be said about this item. Whether you are trying to lose weight or build muscle you can use this product to help you along your path. It is much quieter than other bikes you may have written in the past and it does offer some decent features the others in the same category do not have like a pulse sensor. Overall, this is a Sound Investment and will suit beginners to intermediate users nicely. Once you have given it a try we are certain that you'll be happy you took a chance and went with this item.