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Hawk Boxing Gloves are loved by the people who are using them. You won't have to worry about injuries while wearing these gloves. They use a layered impact foam that is paired with gel. This offers superior protection for not only your fingers but also your hands and wrists. While many gloves say they offered decent wrist protection this glove really does a great job with it. This brand has spent the time and has done the research to ensure that this glove performs better than you would expect it to. It offers good breathability and is very versatile. Whether you want to work the heavy bag, spar with a partner, or spend time training in your home gym these gloves will be a great addition. You won't need a partner to take them on and off which is an aspect those of you that workout at home can truly appreciate. They come in the standard weights which means everyone will be able to find the size that they need. Excellent for men and women this glove has helped many fighters attain their goals. In addition,  they have helped them and their sparring partners remain protected while training to be the best that they can be.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Excellent Support
  • Waterproof Lining
  • Extra Wrist Protection
  • Simple Closure
  • Superior Protection
  • Quite Breathable
  • Excellent Impact Absorption
  • Exceptionally Affordable
  • Stitching Issues At Seams


This glove is made by a company named Hans Raj Worldwide. They produce a variety of sporting goods and gear. From soccer to mixed martial arts, their products can be seen everywhere. They offer their goods globally and have done a great job with the items that are available. Continuously working to improve and develop their products, you know you will be getting some of the latest and greatest options available in the market today. For almost a century, this brand has been dedicated to their customers and want to help you meet your fitness and training goals more easily. This brand is not as well known as many others but that does not change the fact that they produce quality products. People are really taking to their products.


This glove uses several layers of foam padding. The phone they use also contains gel. This combination is excellent during striking. It absorbs impact and disperses is it evenly so you feel less as you connect. Not only is there padding in the hand portion of this glove it is also padded at the wrist and in the thumb. This offers good protection to all of the areas that need it. Foam padding that is mixed with gel is also very durable. When using straight foam breakdown occurs more rapidly. This means the longevity of use in your glove is decreased. When gel is involved, durability is increased. So, your gloves will last longer which saves you money and allows you to enjoy your broken in gloves longer.


As with a lot of other heavy bag gloves that are available to you today, this glove has a hook and loop style closure. Many people like to train in their homes with a heavy bag, speed bags, or Fitness videos. When you need a partner to put your gloves on and take them off it makes working out at home very hard. This is why so many brands have changed to a hook and loop style closure. It makes them simple to take on and off regardless of if you have a partner or not. The closure is secured with a piece of velcro. This is also typical in this type of bluff. As long as you keep the velcro free of debris it will offer you a secure hold. Which in turn means you don't have to worry about your gloves slipping around or falling off, as this may lead to injury.


These gloves offer superior protection. Not only will your fingers, knuckles, hands, and wrists be protected so will your thumbs. The multiple layers of gel-infused padding do an excellent job at offering all of these areas the protection they need. It is important to note that they break the padding up into sections between the glove piece and the wrist piece. This makes for a more anatomical fit and better levels of protection. The thumb piece is connected to the main mitt of the glove. This helps you maintain proper striking position for your hands. Many feel this is an excellent feature, especially, when they are first starting out there training and learning how to throw a proper punch. Overall you'll be getting a great level of protection when you decide to give these gloves a try.


Consumers are pleased with the overall fit of this glove. They are fairly stiff. This is so that they can help you keep the proper form you need. People have also mentioned that they are quite snug. The inside offers good grip and consumers are pleased with the way that it feels. The wrist strap is adjustable so you'll get a great fit at the closure regardless of if you need to loosen or tighten them. In the beginning, people may have difficulty fitting wrist or hand wraps underneath them. As you continue to use them they will become more broken in and you will be offered a bit of extra room. This should make using wraps easier. Due to the fact that these gloves offer a great fit, you won't have to worry about them shifting or moving out of place.


When you first start to wear these gloves they may not seem very comfortable. They are quite stiff and it does take some time to break them in. Once you have broken them in You will have a glove that is very comfortable. The fit will be quite comfortable. You'll be able to wear them for an extended period of time with very little decrease and comfort. When you are going to spend a lot of time in your gloves it is important that your hands feel great while they're on. The fact that these gloves achieve this is awesome. Obviously, is it is an aspect that is important to consumers. While we can't guarantee these gloves will fit everybody the same we feel that most people will be exceptionally satisfied with the level of comfort that they provide.


These gloves are a terrific value. In terms of price, they are extremely affordable. You can have very little wiggle room in your budget and still buy these greatly protective gloves. It's nice to know you can get a good quality glove at a super reasonable price. While these gloves are an excellent option that is not to say there are not others that are higher quality that will last longer. You will get good use out of these gloves. It is important to note, if you're using them every day for heavy bag practice they may break down more quickly than you would expect. So, while these gloves are quite durable and a terrific value the longevity of use is not as good as some of the more expensive options on the market.


The outside shell of this glove is made of synthetic leather. It encompasses the entire outside of the glove. Inside, as previously mentioned, is a foam and gel combination used for padding. They are lined with waterproof material that will help decrease odor buildup and moisture buildup inside your glove. These are all fairly typical materials to be seen in this type of glove. There are other options that use materials like genuine leather which increase the durability of the glove. The materials seen here are easy to care for. While this glove is not overly costly it is made of good materials. We can't say that they are the highest quality but they are decent and lead to a very good glove.


This glove is decent in terms of breathability. When it comes to boxing gloves, they are not known for being exceptionally breathable. This glove does have ventilation holes on the palm side. This helps a lot with breathability. However, these gloves do not breathe nearly as well as an MMA style glove or one with a mesh Palm. They do offer better protection than those two styles of gloves. Most people do not have high expectations of their boxing glove offering them excellent breathability. Consumers are pleased with the overall breathability as it is better than many others you may have worn which don't offer any sort of ventilation.


These gloves are great for multiple purposes. You'll be able to use them in your home gym while working on your heavy bag or doing other types of training for boxing or mixed martial arts. The reason they are so good at home is that they are simple to take on and off and they offer a high level of protection. They are also great when you are out in your local gym. if you work with a trainer these are excellent while doing mitt work. They are also good while sparring with a partner. If you decide that you would like to participate in a Fitness Boxing class these gloves would also work well. Overall, they are exceptionally versatile and can be used for just about anything in the boxing world. It is important to note they will not be a good choice for grappling practice as you will have seriously restricted movement in your hands while wearing them.


The weight of your gloves depends on your body weight. It is important that if you do not understand What weight you need that you discuss it with your trainer or spend some time looking at the sizing charts of the gloves you are considering buying. For example, this glove Suggest that if you are one hundred and one to one hundred and twenty pounds, that you go with the 10-ounce variety. This will give you the protection that someone your size needs. On the other end, you will want to lean towards the 16oz option if you are a hundred and eighty-one pounds or more. These gloves are also offered in a 12 and 14 oz weight. It is important to know that these are the standard weights that boxing gloves come in which means everyone should be able to find what they need to suit their needs.


These gloves are very good quality. The manufacturer pays attention in their process to ensure you are getting a high-quality glove. They understand that the details are important. The materials used are quite durable and easy to care for. This is something that is exceptionally convenient in our busy lives. They are also affordable. We wouldn't say that these are the very best quality gloves on the market today, however, they are one of the best cheap boxing gloves. Especially when you consider the price tag that they have. Customers are quite satisfied with the overall look and quality of these gloves. We feel that if you give them a try you will also be satisfied.


Maintaining these gloves is exceptionally simple. Due to the fact that they are made of synthetic leather, you won't have to worry about any special cleaners or conditioners. While gloves that are made of genuine leather are more durable they do require much more care. With the busy lives that so many people lead today, there simply isn't time for this. So, the fact that these gloves are made of easy to care for materials is a major advantage to a busy lifestyle. If you find that the inside of your gloves starts to smell a bit off you may want to invest and glove deodorizer as it can help cut this down. In addition, you will want to give them plenty of time to dry between uses. This will also help stave off unpleasant odors.

Bottom Line

If you are looking for a very affordable pair of boxing gloves that are also good quality, these may be perfect for you. They carry a price tag that is simple for anyone to afford. You will get a high level of protection while sparring, practicing with your trainer, working at home, or pummeling various types of bags. While you may not get the longevity with these gloves that you would with others, they are so affordable that consumers feel this is not a big deal. They don't take a seriously long time to break in which means that they will be comfortable all while keeping you protected quickly after starting to use them. Overall, these are a solid choice and boxing gloves.