Hayabusa Elevate Speed Bag Review

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They Hayabusa Elevate Speed Bag is a good option for fighters of varying levels. When you are into hard-hitting combat sports like Brazillian Ju Jitsu, Boxing, Karate, or other mixed martial arts, training with a speed bag can lead you to the win. It not only helps improve your speed but also the accuracy of your strikes. In addition, it can help with hand-eye coordination and footwork. Overall, training with speed bags can be very helpful. This particular option is brought to us by a brand that knows fighting. They pay attention to the fine details. Also, they ensure that each one of their speed bags is made of the best quality materials around.

It is important to note that while with some speed bags you do not need to wear gloves, with this one you do. Consumers have mentioned that the seam along the bottom of the bag and say it may tear up your hands. More often than not, fighters wear their gloves or a good set of hand wraps when training on this type of equipment. This means the seam should be of little worry. It is more just something to keep in mind to ensure your skin integrity stays at its optimal level. Fighters that use Hayabusa gear and equipment tend to return. This is due to the fact that their products are built to withstand the tough nature of fight training.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Excellent Seam Durability
  • Affordable
  • Durable Loop
  • Great Bounce
  • Trusted Brand
  • Easy Assembly
  • Stands Up To Frequent Use
  • Good For Gyms & Homes
  • High-Quality Materials
  • Reports Of Misshapen Bladder
  • Need To Wear Gloves


Hayabusa has some of the leading technology being used inside their products. With great attention to detail and the drive to learn, this brand continuously puts out new products that impress. Whether you are a boxer or a mixed martial artist this brand has what you need to meet your goals. They understand that being dedicated to a combat sport means you will be putting your blood, sweat, and tears into your work. Wanting to help you along the way, they offer gloves, punching bags, clothing, and more.

When you are looking for some of the best quality gear and equipment on the market today, this brand is a good one to look towards. They truly try to keep their customers happy, comfortable, and well protected while they work through an arduous training session in the gym or at home. Putting your faith in this brand won't lead to disappointment. With solid products and ever-evolving lines, you can count on Hayabusa to continue to be a leader in the world of fighting.


This brand is known for its use of exceptionally high-quality materials throughout all of their products. The one seen here is no exception. The outer shell is made of genuine leather. This is a typical outer material for this type of product. However, you should know that not all leather is created equally and what is used here is better than most. It is soft and durable. Inside this outer shell is a rubber bladder. This is also what we typically see inside of a speed bag.

Here again, they are not all created equal. While some people have complained about misshapen bladders, most people are very happy with the quality of it. There is a top loop that is used for hanging. It is thick and easy to work with. It is also made of the same leather as the outer shell. The loop is riveted on so that it says securely in place, even after a thorough beating. The only other material is the lace used to keep the bag closed. It is a simple lace that can be loosened when you need to replace the bladder.


This bag only comes in one size. There are many other varieties out there that offer some diversity in the size of their bags. For some, the fact that this one does not will be a bit of a letdown. It is important to note that the size of this product is nine inches long and about six inches wide. This is a pretty standard size for an item in this category. Consumers are really pleased with the shape and size of this item. It is small enough to help ensure great accuracy training. In addition, this speed bag really moves. It has great bounce and most people feel that it moves better than many others. Keep in mind if you under inflate it, it will not move the same. In addition, overfilling it can lead to it leaking air or even popping. You will want to be careful when adjusting the amount of air that is in your Hayabusa Elevate Speed Bag.

Hanging Style

As with almost all speed bags, this one has a riveted leather loop secured at the top of it. Due to the fact that this brand uses exceptionally durable materials and pays attention to the fine details, you will not have to worry about the deterioration in this area. You will be able to easily attach it to a standard speed bag swivel that is mounted to a speed bag platform. It is important that you understand that this product does not come with the assembly you will need to use it.

You will need to acquire them separately. Some consumers choose to hang their speed bags in different ways. Sometimes using carabiners and chains other times using straps. These are all possibilities, however, if you want to train with it in a standard way, you will want to make the investment into a swivel and a platform. This will give you the best longevity of use and the most accurate speed bag training.


You can use this item to help improve a variety of different areas in your performance. When you are participating in boxing classes or mixed martial arts classes, practicing punches will happen all the time. When you put a speed bag in your home gym, you will find your performance is improving in just about every area. The ability to add extra training time is an obvious advantage to your skill level. You can use this item to help improve your speed, as well as, your accuracy.

This bag moves quickly so, it will naturally help you improve as you learn how to strike it. In addition, it will help improve your reflexes and the way your head moves. Head movement plays an important role, especially, in boxing. Hand-eye coordination is another area that this product can really help you improve in. Fighters have also noted that training with a speed bag will help your footwork. As you move about, you will gain better form.


Basically, every speed bag uses a rubber bladder on the interior. We like to discuss it because, honestly, not every bladder used is created equal. As noted, Hayabusa is known for the use of top quality materials. It is seen in this item all the way around, including the interior. The rubber bladder is made to take a serious beating. It is a heavy-duty rubber. Training in combat sports means putting your equipment through constant punishment.

If the materials being used are inferior you will have issues with durability. In the way of the interior of a speed bag, you will find that lesser bladders lose air constantly. In addition, they are known to pop exceptionally easily. You won't be dealing with either of those issues with this item. Naturally, it is possible that with frequent use that the bladder will pop and need to be replaced. However, this should not happen often and won't with this product.


While this is a genuine leather product, it is not as difficult to take care of as you may think. No, you will not be able to use any deodorizer or cleaning spray without worry of ruining the material. However, you won't have to spend as much time caring for it as you would let's say, a pair of leather shoes. It will require a leather cleaner and condition. Using the proper cleaning item will ensure that you get great longevity of use out of your speed bag. You will only need to worry about doing this once every three or four months. Giving proper care will keep the leather supple and soft. It will ensure that you won't have to deal with cracking leather or tearing seams. Overall, people are happy with the fact they won't have to deal with maintenance very often. Additionally, they don't mind that when they do it requires a bit more attention to detail.


This item offers amazing durability. To the point that not only will it stand up to the abuse you give it in your home gym but it will also handle the consistent use in your local gym. The materials used in this item truly are top notch. Not only that, but this brand puts effort into all of their products. You can see it in the details. This item really is built to last. There are advantages that come along with any speed bag. This includes things like improving your speed, accuracy, and reflexes. When you decide to go with this item, in particular, you will be getting a speed bag with excellent balance and bounce. It will provide a true challenge to fighters of all levels. It can be hard to find a true challenge if you have been in the world of fighting for quite some time. The fact that this item will help to push you is an obvious advantage.


One of the disadvantages associated with this item is not a problem for everyone. In fact, it is not being reported frequently. Some consumers have complained that the rubber bladder, once inflated, is misshapen. This can lead to an odd surface for striking. If you find this to be the case, simply contact Hayabusa and they will make it right. The other complaint that consumers have has to do with the seam located at the bottom of the bag. If you are training with this item and you are not wearing hand wraps or gloves, it is likely going to tear your skin up. This is due to the seam. So, using this bag will require you to protect your hands. This is not necessarily a disadvantage as keeping your hands protected should be something you always do. It will help you to avoid injury. Overall, the disadvantages of this item are limited and people are quite happy with its performance.


This product is a tremendous value. It offers great durability, from stellar materials, at a price that will please pretty much every budget. When you are trying to set up a home gym to help you become better in your chosen combat sport it can be a major investment. Knowing you can find top quality options at prices that won't break the bank is amazing.

Hayabusa is an exceptionally reputable company that continuously surprises its consumers with great products. There are a few disadvantages that should be considered before deciding if this is a good fit for you or not. However, we do not feel they impact the value in a significant way. Overall, this is a good speed bag that will help you to improve your performance in a variety of ways. It will require extra pieces to be set up properly but the fact that it is so affordable should make that possible.

Bottom Line

When you take training for a sport like boxing, kickboxing, or other MMA styles, owning a speed bag can make a huge difference in your performance. This option, by Hayabusa, is a good deal and will provide ample challenge for fighters at every level. In fact, it may be a bit too fast and small for those of you just starting out in your combat sports training.

The reviews are consistently good in concerns to this item and the way it performs. With consistent training, you are sure to notice the difference in not only your speed but also your offensive and defensive skill. This bag is not only good for home use but is durable enough to stand up the abuse a local gym group can put on it. Overall, this is a really good option and we believe you will be more than satisfied with your purchase if you decide to go with it.