Hayabusa Ikusa Shin Guards Review

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The Hayabusa Ikusa Shin Guards offer a great level of protection and versatility. Oftentimes, when you are wearing truly protective shin guards, they can be bulky. In addition, they aren't usually good for grappling work. This option is not bulky and will transition nicely when you are training down on the mat. These are obvious advantages that you won't find with other options in the same category. The secure fit will ensure that when you are working on your grappling moves, this item won't slide out of place. You won't have to worry about becoming vulnerable when you are edging your way toward a win.

Hayabusa is a brand that pays attention to the details. They build all of their items out of top rated materials that will seriously last. Training in combat sports like Karate, Muay Thai, BJJ, and other mixed martial arts disciplines means you will need tough equipment and gear. This is due to the high-impact nature of these sports. You can always rely on this brand to provide you with items that are up to the challenge. Not only will they take constant abuse nicely, but they will also keep you pretty comfortable while doing it. Putting your trust and hard-earned money into this brand will not be a mistake. They are known for some of the best quality items available in the world of intense fight sports.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Top Quality Materials
  • Secure Fit
  • Protects Shin & Instep
  • Excellent Durability
  • Superior Shock Absorption
  • Versatile Use
  • Attractive Appearance
  • Great Customer Service
  • Hard To Take Off
  • Limited Adjustability


Hayabusa is a brand that is known around the world. They are and have been a leader in the world of combat sports for quite some time. They understand that what you put into these hard-hitting activities is what you will get out of them. Developing products that are superior to what is available on the market today is their goal. Their customers will tell you that they are succeeding in this goal. Using cutting edge technology and staying aware of what the fighters of today want and need is how this brand has continued to grow. When you are looking for the best of the best you can look toward Hayabusa. With options for clothing, gloves, protective gear, gear, and other accessories they really do have everything you will need. It is likely if you choose this brand you will be making a larger investment. However, it is well worth it as you will be getting durable products that will perform better than you expect. You will be able to see the true quality of their items after using them for the first time.


As expected from this brand, the materials that are used are of the utmost quality. They use genuine leather to cover the internal foam that will keep you well protected. Genuine leather will stand up better to constant abuse than any other outer material that is available. They use a high-density foam. This is common among this type of item as it offers excellent impact absorption to not only the person wearing it but also the fighter you are sparring against. The closure system of this item is a bit different than others you may have experienced in the past. They use a neoprene leg sleeve to help secure this item to your leg. It offers good breathability in a high level of comfort. There is also an adjustable strap at the back so you can get the perfect fit. The only other real material you'll come into contact with is the elastic band that goes underneath your foot. This, also, is used to help to secure this item to your foot.


Customers are very pleased with the fit this item offers. Typically, we see one type of closure or the other. It is done with a sleeve you slide your leg into or it is done with velcro buckles. This item has the best of both worlds. You'll be able to slide this item on which offers a relatively secure fit and then there are adjustable straps to make it even more secure. There is not a ton of adjustability in this item, however, there are no complaints from consumers in regards to the fit. This item should be quite snug when put on properly. This ensures that it is going to stay in place and keep you well protected. Once you figure out what size you need you will find that you have an excellent fitting pair of shin guards regardless of your size. The fact that you won't have to worry about them moving around takes a lot of anxiety away during training and competition situations. You won't have to worry about this item failing and you sustaining injuries.


The level of breathability that you experience while wearing protective gear is typically very limited. These items are made to have areas that are susceptible to injury. Padding is not known for being breathable. You will not get a high level of breathability when using this item. A large portion of your leg and foot will be covered with leather and padding which, obviously, is going to become hot and sweaty. This item does use a breathable backing to ensure you at least get some air flow while you are wearing it. The airflow you get will also be limited. There are definitely options that breathe a bit better than this one. However, they don't offer such a secure and structured fit. Shin guards that only use velcro straps to hold them on will keep you cooler because you'll be covered in less material. Most people are not overly worried about how breathable their protective equipment is, however, it is something you should take into consideration.


You're going to be getting an excellent level of protection when you decide to go with us item by Hayabusa. They use excellent materials that will provide you with Superior impact absorption. The less shock your body is taking the better your muscles and your joints are going to feel. A reduction in soreness and bruising will obviously help to keep you in the game longer. The more you train the better you will become. You will absolutely notice the difference in your performance. Wearing protective gear is not only important for you but it is also important for your sparring partner. When they are landing devastating blows a bit of padding will play a big role. It will help to avoid injuries as well as pain. Overall, you won't find this level of protection with all items in this category. When you want to be completely confident in your protection using this brand and their products will not lead you wrong.


The fighters wearing these for long hours are pretty happy with the level of comfort they provide. It's true, wearing protective gear is not the most comfortable thing. It can be a bit bulky, hot, and cumbersome. This item is a bit more streamlined and built to set the natural shape of a body. This plays a major role in the level of comfort you will have. People truly feel that this item conforms to them which in turn makes it much more comfortable. The secure design of this item also plays a role in your comfort level. When you don't have to worry about your protective gear sliding around it will lead to a more comfortable training situation. To be fair, we don't wear protective gear for the level of comfort it provides, however, it's a nice aspect to know that this one is not going to become uncomfortably quickly. One aspect that customers are pretty pleased with is the strap under the foot. This is a common area of contention as it causes discomfort. It's nice that this brand is paid attention to ensure that you're comfortable everywhere.


Considering the top quality materials that are used in the design of this item, we were a bit surprised to see how lightweight it truly is. This pair of shin guards come in at just about a pound. That is almost nothing in the grand scheme of things. Wearing lightweight gear is important in maintaining your optimal level of performance. Obviously, if you're being weighed down you're going to move slower and perform less efficiently than you normally would. So, the fact that this item is truly lightweight and won't slow you down is a major advantage and not only our training but your performance. Customers are very pleased with the lightweight nature of this item and feel that it doesn't inhibit them very much at all. In addition, these guards move really well and they're not exceptionally bulky. This will make them transition well from standing to grappling.


One of the major advantages to this item is the fact that it gives you a good level of coverage but it won't majorly inhibit your movement. When you're using a truly protective option, typically, it won't transition well when you are working on that work. This item actually will. So, you will get a more versatile piece of equipment when you invest in this item than you would with many others. You will also get a piece of protective gear that truly fits wonderfully. You really won't have to worry about any type of movement or sustaining injuries while wearing it. It will take a heavy blow with ease. Many people are stating that you barely feel anything at all even when working with the heaviest of hitters. This brand does such an excellent job at paying attention to detail that you are guaranteed to get exceptional longevity of use out of this item, as well. Overall, these are only a few of the many advantages associated with using this product and others from this brand.


The two negative aspects that are associated with this item are really more inconveniences than actual disadvantages. It is, however, important to take all things into consideration before investing in the items that are being used to keep you protected. Some customers are not thrilled with the fact this item doesn't offer much adjustability. If you order the wrong size you may not get a good fit and this could lead to a plethora of problems. Most don't have any issues getting the correct size but it is something to think about. The only other disadvantage that we have seen associated with this item is the fact that they can be difficult to take off. Putting them on a simple enough, however, after you are at the end of a sweaty session getting them off can be difficult. For some reason, the materials simply like to stick to your sweat. This is more, as you can see, an inconvenience than anything and the more practice you have the easier it will get. Overall, these are not major disadvantages which is something that customers can appreciate.


You'll be getting a fantastic value when you invest in this item. The price tag that it carries is a little higher than other options but so is the quality. It is important to note that depending on where you buy this item the price may vary. In fact, it varies quite drastically. You may want to do some shopping around before you decide where you're going to buy this. Each person will determine the value of an item differently. This item we feel will be well loved by everyone that decides to use it. This is because it offers a great level of protection. It will also provide you with a comfortable and secure fit. You won't have to worry about sustaining any major injuries while wearing it and this can help keep your mind where it should be, the fight. Overall, this is a great option in protective gear with very few actual disadvantages associated with it.

Bottom Line

When you decide to invest yourself in boxing, wrestling, or mixed martial arts you will need to gather a variety of different protective gear. This can cost quite a lot of money and many people can seem impossible. You will be spending a bit more on this item, however, you're going to be able to use it for much longer than other options that are available. With sound construction and a solid design, this item truly is built to last. You will gain the peace of mind knowing that not only you are well protected but so is your opponent. As with all items you will face a couple of difficulties with this one. Most people just find them to be inconveniences that are easy to work past. Putting your faith and trust in a company nowadays can be difficult but you can always rely on Hayabusa to provide you with excellent products that will work better than you will expect them to.