Hayabusa Mirai Shin Guards Review

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The Hayabusa Mirai Shin Guards offer a higher level of protection than most other brands. These are going to be best suited towards those of you that are into Muay Thai, Taekwondo, or kickboxing. This is due to the fact that they will not work well for grappling. Grappling shin guards will allow better movement but much less protection. So, keep in mind that these are made to take a serious kick. Keeping yourself well protected while training for high-impact sports is imperative. When you sustain injuries it can take you away from your favorite activities for a plethora of time. This option will absolutely give you a high level of protection you are looking for and keep you in the game.

Hayabusa has done an excellent job with the material choices and design of this product. It uses some of the most advanced technologies to ensure you get a better and more secure fit. Some worry that the BOA dial could cause their opponent injury. However, where it is located you really don't need to worry about this. If using this piece of equipment properly it is not in a position that it should be taking any strikes. On top of this, your sparring partner will be wearing protection which will protect them from any wayward blows. Overall, this is a solid option for great shin protection.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Won't Inhibit Movement
  • Superior Protection
  • Exceptionally Secure Fit
  • Lightweight
  • Full Coverage
  • Offers Excellent Opponent Protection
  • Great Quality
  • Pricey
  • Not For Grappling Work
  • Hard To Remove


The Hayabusa brand has been offering some of the best fight gear on the market for generations. They use the very best materials and technologies available. Their prices tend to be a bit heftier, however, their quality is well worth the investment. When you are looking for top-level items that will give you the best protection, comfort, and innovation, this brand has you covered. Other brands strive to be as good at what they do as this brand is. Whether you are looking for protective gear, wraps, gloves, bags, clothing, or other gear you can count on this brand to have what you need. From beginners to advanced mixed martial artists, boxers, and other combat sports participants, this brand gets rave reviews. Trusting a brand nowadays can be an exceptionally hard thing to do as we are used to high prices but poor quality. Knowing that this brand gives you exceptional quality for those prices makes them the pick of many fighters.


This brand is known for using some of the best materials that are available. This means that you'll have a very durable piece of equipment that will last you through the consistent abuse that comes from mixed martial arts training. The outer is made of genuine leather. This is because genuine leather is going to hold up better than any other material. There is also a layer of thick foam padding that offers stellar impact absorption will keep not only you but also your sparring partner truly protected. Their closure system is quite a bit different than others that are currently available to you they use their patented BOA system. This is a steel cable that goes through a knob at the back of the guard. It offers exceptionally easy adjustability and the best fit you will be able to find. They offer a nice wide loop for your foot. It gives good stability and protection to every part of your shin and foot.


It is unlikely that you will find a better fit than this item has to offer. It wrapped securely around your foot and completely around your shin and calf. They use, as noted, a patented system referred to as the BOA system. It will allow you to make the slightest of adjustments and in a way that is easier than ever. Simply turn a knob and you can loosen or tighten this product. As you work through your routine if you're noticing that they're sliding a bit or feeling overly tight you can handle it easier than you would be able to with any other option. The fit is exceptionally secure and quite comfortable. All of the fighters that are currently using this item are very impressed with the structure and fit this item offers. It is also been noted that where it is secured around the foot is a comfortable and secure area. Overall, we believe you will be more than impressed with the fit this item has to offer.


Unfortunately, one of the area's this item lacks in is breathability. When you are wearing an item that has this much coverage, naturally, it's not going to breathe very well. In addition, the materials that are used to put this item together don't offer a good level of breathability. Genuine leather is definitely not known for allowing any air flow through. Add to that thick layer of foam padding and it is easy to see why this item is not so breathable. This could lead to some hotter and sweaty or routines than you may be used to. For some people, this is a pretty big downfall. When you are wearing a lot of protective gear the level of heat that you experience could really impact your routine. Now, keep in mind we don't wear protective gear for the level of breathability. This item will keep you and your partner exceptionally well protected and most people can look over the lack of breathability due to this fact.


You are going to get an exceptionally high level of protection when you're wearing this item. They use a very thick piece of high-density foam that does an amazing job at absorbing impact. As the shock hits this item it will disperse it so you feel hardly anything at all. Whether you are working with beginner, intermediate, or advanced martial artists this product will be able to handle their blows. Not only that, they will be able to handle it during every training session even if that means you are using them daily. Not only will your shins be well protected but so will the tops of your feet. This is going to protect you while taking kicks and delivering them. One area that is commonly overlooked is in the ankle joint of a shin guard. Even this area offers a high level of protection for the wearer. Overall, this item is going to give you better protection than many others that are currently on the market.


This item has some great things working in its favor in terms of comfort and a few things working against it. Honestly, some people love the level of comfort the experience and others don't feel quite the same. The exceptional fit is going to improve the level of comfort you experienced while wearing this item, however, they are quite hot. If excessive sweating is a problem as is heat, this may not be the best item for you. They are also quite bulky. This may slightly inhibit your range of motion but in return, you are getting a great level of protection. The strapping system that goes around the bottom of your foot is also very comfortable. Consumers are in agreeance that this is a comfort feature that they wouldn't change. Overall, while Comfort is important protection tends to be more important. Most people find these to be relatively comfortable and that's acceptable due to the fact that they are well protected.


As you can probably guess, with the full coverage and superior protection, this item is quite a bit heavier than other shin guard options. They come in at weighing about two pounds for the pair. While this doesn't seem like a lot of weight it could increase the level of muscle fatigue you experience. You may find yourself wearing down more quickly than usual and your recovery times may not be as quick. This could lead to needing an extra breather between training sessions or rounds. Obviously, when you're wearing protective gear the lighter it is the better. However, keep in mind that a bit heavier, typically, means a better level of protection. This item is also made of extremely durable materials that help add a bit of weight to it. Overall, customers are not complaining about the weight of this item but it should be taken into consideration.


The insanely secure fit that this item offers as one of its biggest advantages. Going along with this is the awesome level of adjustability that it offers. With this quick and easy adjustability, you'll be able to find the fit that makes you feel your absolute best. This option is also going to keep you exceptionally well protected. When you are training in combat sports the last thing you want to do is sustained an injury that takes you out of the game. These injuries are common among boxers, as well as, wrestlers and mixed martial artists. You will be making a bit of an investment into this item, however, it is going to give you great longevity of use. Made with top-quality materials you won't have to worry about this item falling apart with consistent use. When you are investing in the protective gear you need to know that it can stand up to constant impact. This one can.


There are a few disadvantages and concerns to this product that need to be discussed. The first one is not actually a disadvantage but something that consumers should know. This product is not made for grappling. It is much too bulky and will limit your motion while down on the mat. With that being said, if you are looking for grappling gear you are not going to want to use the shin guards. One of the actual disadvantages in regards to this item is the fact that they're very hard to take off. Even with loosening them up dramatically, if you are sweaty, Fighters have mentioned that it can take quite some time to get them off. This can be quite frustrating but as more than likely not a deal-breaker. The only other aspect that people are not truly happy with as the level of breathability.


This item is an excellent value for those of you that need a high level of protection and is taking serious abuse during training sessions. It will provide you with Stellar protection that is also going to keep your sparring partner while protected from injury. The price tag that is associated with this item is fairly High. You will be making a bit of an investment. Not every budget will be able to absorb the blow easily, however, saving up for it is well worth it. They offer exceptional durability which means you'll be able to use them and rely on them for years to come. When you are making an investment like this it gives great peace of mind to know that it is going to hold up to the challenge of combat sports training. Overall, customers are very happy with the fit, protection, and performance that they are getting out of this item.

Bottom Line

Finding a brand with products you can truly trust can be a hard thing to do in today's world. This brand and this product will help restore your faith in companies. It is not only made from durable material it is exceptionally well designed. Using the latest and greatest Technologies you will find an improved and truly secure fit that will help to ensure you and the person you are fighting with do not sustain injuries. As noted, it will be a bigger investment than you would be making with other options, however, it is going to give you better protection. This brand has truly done the work to make sure that you'll be getting everything you are looking for. While, with all items, there are some disadvantages the people using this item don't feel that they outweigh the advantages. Overall, we truly believe you will be very happy with this item when you decide to make it your own.