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The Hayabusa Perfect Stretch V4 hand wraps are styled like a Mexican hand wrap. This means that they offer a bit more stretch than that of a traditional boxing hand wraps. Consumers like this as it gives them more option of support and adjustability. This brand uses material that is soft and will conform to the shape of your hand. What you will get from this is superior fit, feel, comfort, and support. When you spend long hours training in the ring, cage, with a heavy bag, speed bag, with your coach, or with a sparring partner your hands will take some serious abuse. Adding a pair of under-glove wraps can truly help your hands, wrists, and joints feel better. You will absorb less impact. The reduction of shock will improve your well-being and keep you working longer and harder than before. Obviously, this is going to show through improved performance. Many wraps available today have a large cumbersome label that scratches and gets in the way. This item uses a sleeker patch that won't inhibit you in any way. They also offer a longer hook-and-loop style closure which will provide you with a truly secure wrap. You won't have to worry about it coming undone. Overall, boxers and mixed martial artists of all disciplines are pretty impressed with this option by Hayabusa.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Long Hook-And-Loop Closure
  • Material Conforms To Hands
  • Sleek Logo
  • Not Bulky
  • Good Stretch
  • Durable Design
  • Comfortable Texture
  • Consistent Lengths
  • Pricey
  • Color Bleeds More Than Most
  • Some Stitching Flaws


Hayabusa is a name that is synonymous with combat sports. They believe that hard work paired with proper clothing, gear, and equipment can lead to great results. Regardless of if you are into boxing, Brazilian jiu-jitsu, Muay Thai, or other mixed martial arts it requires a plethora of gear to keep you comfortable, protected, and ready for your next fight. Everything you need can be found from this brand. Not only do they have all of the items you need they are some of the best quality you'll find in today's world. They take fighting exceptionally seriously and it shows. The technology that supports their products is unparalleled. They spend an exceptional amount of time in the research and development phase so that you will be getting the most cutting-edge products available. Not only will their products improve your overall performance but they will be able to be relied upon for a great amount of time. Consumers have trusted this brand for generations and will continue to do so as they continue to put out products that are better than most.


The brand refers to the bulk of the material being used as a high-performance material. They do not specify the combination of materials that make up these wraps. Consumers have mentioned many times that they are impressed with the material. It is rather thin, however, that does not take away from the fact that it is very supportive. It is also been said that the lightweight material will conform to your hands quickly. This will provide you with a better fit and feel while using them. There is, obviously, the brand name and logo at one end of each wrap. It is more streamlined than many other options that are available and this is a feature that consumers appreciate. You also will have a decent sized piece of velcro at the end of each rap. This provides a secure closure. Consumers have mentioned that the sticking power of this velcro does not appear to be as good as with other options. However, it does not appear that people are having trouble with them coming undone in the middle of their routines.


As noted, this product is designed like a Mexican style hand wrap. What this means to you is some added stretch. Traditional boxing hand wraps are, typically, a bit stiffer and do not offer a great deal of stretch. Consumers like the stretchy material as it gives them better adjustability. With greater adjustability, you can find the fact that you're looking for. This can lead to better support and structure for your hands and wrists. They also use a slim woven fabric for their company's logo. This is a piece of the design that consumers really like. It is not as bulky, scratchy, and cumbersome as what we typically see. Another factor in the design that consumers are a fan of is the longer hook and loop closure. With increased length, you get better closure and stability than with others. It also provide you with an overall better fit. All fighters that are using this product appear to be very happy with the design that this brand has gone with.


There is not a lot of mention from consumers over how this product breathes. However, it has been consistently noted that the material is thin and lightweight. This leads us to believe that these wraps will provide you with a decent level of breathability. Obviously, if you're wearing them underneath your boxing or mixed martial arts gloves then your gloves will play a role in the level of breathability that you experience. Keeping your hands cool and dry throughout your training sessions is important in keeping you comfortable and focused on the task at hand. Oftentimes, adding layers can lead to discomfort. The fact this product will likely breathe quite well means that they should not be a major burden. Overall, due to the fact that there are no complaints, we believe that you will not be disappointed in the breathability that this product offers.


Care of this option is not extremely difficult. You will want to pay attention to what you're doing, however, it is barely an inconvenience. You don't have a couple of options in the way you decide to care for these wraps. First and foremost, you want to be aware that these bleed worse than other options you may have used in the past. Typically, after the first wash you won't have to worry about your raps bleeding, however, that is not the case with these ones. Consumers have mentioned that it takes several washes to get the excess dye out. Due to this fact, many people choose to hand wash their wraps until the bleeding stops. Once you do decide to put them in the washer it is likely advantageous to throw them into a delicates or garment bag. This will help to keep them in their best condition. Some consumers have mentioned having issues with the velcro after washing them in a standard washing machine.


You'll get a better fit and feel with these hand wraps than you would with many others. It is been mentioned by consumers that they conform to your hands very quickly and this plays a major role in why so many people love the fit. The material used offers a great deal of stretch. This means that you will be able to make them as supportive as you want. Be careful not to over tighten your wraps or you may decrease the circulation that is going to your hands. They do offer a thumb loop to guarantee that they stay in place throughout all of your training sessions. It is important to note that consumers have mentioned this item is not exceptionally bulky. This means that you will be able to easily slide your hands into your boxing gloves or your mixed martial arts gloves even while wearing them. Overall, customers are very pleased with the fit, structure, and support that they get while using this item.


All hand wraps come with some specific advantages that will help you to improve your performance and feel better than ever. Adding this type of support underneath your boxing gloves will keep your hands and wrists aligned during striking. This will cut down on the chance of injury. One of the advantages of this product, in particular, is the added stretch that you find in the material. This provides you with better adjustability and the perfect amount of support. You will have plenty of lengths to easily wrap your wrists, hands, and fingers. This brand uses a much slimmer logo that won't scratch or catch. While this is not a major advantage it is certainly an aspect of this product that consumers like. The secure closure is another advantage. This brand has lengthened the hook and loop style closure to ensure that you get a stay-put fit. No one wants to worry about readjusting their raps in the middle of a training session or competition. Overall, wearing wraps under your gloves on a consistent basis can help improve the way you feel and the way you perform. This brand has done an excellent job of ensuring their product will do this at the highest level.


There are fewer disadvantages associated with these raps than with many other options that are available to you. The most consistent complaint from consumers has to do with how the dyes bleed. Typically, after a single wash, you won't have to worry about colors bleeding. That is not the case with this option. It may take several washes to make it so that they are no longer bleeding. Obviously, if you are not careful and simply throw these in the washer you could ruin other clothes. The only other complained that we have really seen about this product has to do with a stitching durability where the velcro is located. It is common, in this area of a wrap, for stitching to become undone. It may require that you hand sew it back into place. Obviously, this is not something that people want to do or oftentimes have time to do. Overall, these really are more inconveniences than disadvantages but they are certainly something to take into consideration before deciding if this is the rap you want to go with or not.


The fighters using these wraps feel as if they are a great value. The price tag that they carry is a bit elevated as compared to others, however, you are going to get better durability out of these ones. Not only that, but you will also find they are a superior material that performs better than most. While the price is slightly elevated, they will still easily fit into most budgets. Your bank account will not be taking a major blow even if you decide to order more than one pair. When weighing out the true value of a product you need to take several things into consideration. When you review the aspects of these hand wraps as compared to others in the same category it is fairly simple to see why so many people prefer them. This brand is known for providing stellar equipment, gear, and more. This option helps to prove that they are continuing to do this and they truly are worth putting your time, trust, and money into.

Bottom Line

Hayabusa is a brand that is always consistent. When you are looking for top quality items, they will provide. Adding hand wraps underneath your gloves plays a major role in keeping you feeling great even after the most grueling training sessions in the ring, with a punching bag, or with a partner. Obviously, keeping your hands in the best condition possible will play a role in keeping your performance top notch. This option is slightly pricey but what you get in durability, stability, quality, and longevity of use helps us understand why the prices elevated. Overall, customers are very pleased with these raps. From the material being used to the streamlined logo, there are many wonderful things being said. We understand that this item, like all items, does come with some disadvantages. However, we believe they're easy to get past. If you decide to go with this product we are certain you will keep coming back to this brand and you will be happy with the performance you get out of your purchase.