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The Hayabusa T3 Striking shin guards will give fighters of every discipline a high-level of protection. They are shaped to fit your legs nicely. In addition, they are more comfortable than many other options available. This is due to the fact that they are decently breathable and offer some adjustability. The straps on the back are secure and easy to use to make adjustments. They will keep you feeling confident when you are working through your training sessions with a coach, sparring partner, or the heavy bag.  This brand has included some unique features, like grips on the bottom strap. This aspect will help to keep them in place as you practice any and all varieties of kicks.

Wearing protective gear is important regardless of what level of fighter you are. Keep in mind that if you are an advanced combat sports participants it means you will need equipment that can stand up to the challenge of devastating strikes. Putting your trust and well-being into the hands of Hayabusa will not be a mistake. They are known for providing some of the very best options that are currently available. This can be seen in the quality of the materials they choose, as well as, the craftsmanship in each of their products. When looking for a truly great fitting and protective pair of shin guards, these would be an excellent choice. Overall, consumers are exceptionally satisfied with this product and its performance. They feel truly protected and comfortable, even when using them for long hours in the gym or training at home.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Excellent Mobility
  • Lightweight
  • Good Breathability
  • Grips For Excellent Security
  • Contoured Fit
  • Great Coverage
  • High-Level Of Protection
  • Durable Design
  • Very Expensive
  • Short Straps


Hayabusa is a brand that is known across the world. They provide some of the very best options available in fight related gear and equipment. Using the best materials and sound technology their items perform better than almost every other. When you make the investment into this company you know that you'll be getting some of the best options out there. Keep in mind, when you buy the best you do to pay higher prices. This isn't so bad when you take into consideration that their goods will last you for years to come. What are you are looking for gloves, clothes, bags, protective gear, or other pieces of the combat sports equipment they have you covered. Overall, this is one of the best brands out there and proved it time and again as you and vest into their items. The fighters using their products will tell you that you really can't do much better. When looking for a great fit, excellent design, and a performance that will please even the toughest critics this brand is what you need.


Top quality materials are something that we have come to expect from this brand. Looking over what this item is made of we weren't surprised to find that it is, indeed, made of some of the best materials you could ask for. The outer shell is made from genuine leather which is not only durable it is also comfortable and looks great. It has a high-impact foam to ensure that you stay safe throughout all of your training sessions. There are two straps that are secured with velcro. The inside of this item is lined with a moisture wicking material. In addition, there are silicone knobs that will help desk items stay in place. It truly does offer a secure fit. There are two elastic bands that are located behind the ankle and under the foot. This again is there to help secure the item and make sure it doesn't slide around while you are wearing it. Overall, the customers using this item are very pleased with the materials that Hayabusa has chosen.


All of the reviews are consistently good and concerns to the fit of this item. You won't have to worry about them sliding out of place as the fit is exceptionally secure. This is done with a variety of different aspects. One feature, that we don't often time see in items like this, is silicone knobs located on the inside of the shin guards. These help them stick to where they are supposed to be and truly helps to limit the movement you will experience. It is important to note that straps are a little bit short and this could make putting them difficult and uncomfortable. You'll want to be very careful when measuring to make sure you order the accurate sizing for your calves. This will make the fit much better. Overall, consumers are very happy with the overall fit and feel that they are experiencing while using this product. This is even true during exceptionally long training sessions in the gym or at home.


More often than not breathability is an area that protective gear is seriously lacking in. This item will breathe a bit better than other options that are out there. This is due to the fact that they use a strapping system that goes around the back of your calf rather than a sleeve. This will allow more air to get to your legs and in turn, will keep you cooler and more comfortable. They have also used a lining that helps to remove moisture away from your skin. The last moisture that is sitting on your skin the more comfortable you will be. In addition, it will help to keep you cooler. Keep in mind that no protective shin guards are going to be extremely breathable if they offer a good level of protection. So, the fact that this one is breathable at all is a major advantage on its behalf.


This item is going to give you an excellent level of protection. Whether you were just starting out in the world of combat sports or you've been at it for years this item won't be able to handle what you and your opponents throw at it. It is going to keep not only your shins but also your feet and ankles very well protected. The foam that they use in this product is better than most others. It doesn't truly excellent job at absorbing and disbursing shock. This will help you stay confident while you are sparring or even during competition. The fact that this item is going to stay securely in place also UPS the level of protection that you get. You won't have to worry about it shifting around and sustaining unnecessary injuries that can keep you away from your chosen fight sport for quite some time. Customers are very impressed with the level of protection they get while using this item. It has been frequently said that you'll barely feel anything at all even when you are taking the hardest hits.


Most people wearing this item find it to be very comfortable. However, some note that the silicone grips on the inside is a little odd and can even tickle your skin sometimes. If you have very sensitive skin you may not like this feature. Other notes about this item are that the straps used to secure it are very short. This could lead you to need to over tighten them and it could be uncomfortable. On the whole, these are a well-built pair of shin guards that you will likely find comfortable. They're anatomically correct so that they will wrap around your shins, ankles, and feet quite nicely. The elastic straps that help secure them at the bottom are not overly tight and will not dig into your flesh. Overall, the reviews concerning the level of comfort you will experience are positive. We believe that given some time to be broken and you will be in love with how these fit, feel, and perform.


It was surprising to us that with the great level of protection this item gives that it is also extremely lightweight. With the materials that it is made out of it would not be surprising if this was a heavier pair of shin guards. However, it really isn't. The para weighs in at just over a pound. You are not going to need to worry about it slowing down your performance. In addition, you won't need to concern yourself with added muscle fatigue or longer recovery times. This truly lightweight option will help you to perform at your very best level. When you are wearing a lot of protective equipment it really can drag you down. The fact that this item is not going to add much to the overall weight of your gear is an excellent aspect that fighters truly appreciate. Hayabusa has really done a fantastic job in developing this product so that it functions exceptionally well and feels just as good. You are going to be very impressed with the overall experience of using this item.


One of the biggest advantages of using this product is the exceptional fit that it's going to provide you. When you are working through a training session with your coach or a sparring partner you certainly don't want to have to worry about your protective equipment moving around and leaving you open to injury. This product truly will stay in place and keep all of the critical areas very well covered. When you are working hard at becoming your best it is important that you wear the appropriate gear to maintain an optimal level of safety. The protection that this product provides is a major advantage to you and the person you are working with. Protective gear is not only made for the wear but also for your opponent. This product is also going to hold up very well. All of the materials are built to last which is imperative when you train frequently in hard-hitting combat sports.


It was, honestly, very difficult to find a negative aspect in regards to this item. Some people have noted that the coverage on your foot is a little bit longer. Your toes will actually be covered and protected while wearing this item. Some people find this to be uncomfortable, however, it does offer better protection because you do have fuller coverage. The other thing that customers are less than thrilled about is the length of the straps. They have said many times that they are quite short. If you have thick calves it may be difficult to get these strapped in a comfortable way. You will want to be very careful when you're measuring to ensure that you order the appropriate size and, therefore, get a great fit. These are really the only disadvantages that we can find with this item.


We feel as if this product is a pretty good value. The cost of it is extremely expensive. Many budgets will have a bit of difficulty working it in. You may find that you need to do quite a bit of saving to call this product your own. With that being said, it does offer a very high level of protection. In addition, you are going to get great longevity of your to switch makes the price even more understandable. There are absolutely more affordable options out there that will give you a good level of protection. You may find, however, that they are lacking in other areas. This would be areas such as coverage and the simple way you will take this item on and off. Overall, everybody that is using these shin guards feels they are well worth the money that you'll be paying for them. You will end up with a great pair of shin guards that are comfortable and keep you better protected than most others. If you can make the investment into this item we are certain you will not be disappointed.

Bottom Line

Hayabusa is a brand that is absolutely worth putting your hard-earned money into. They offer some of the very best products that are available for participants in fight sports like Muay Thai, Judo, Taekwondo, and other mixed martial arts. You can look towards them for all of your needs in protective gear and know that you'll be getting what you pay for. Maintaining a great level of protection while you are training is imperative. It will help to keep you in the game and as you continue to train help to improve your performance. The reviews on this product are consistently good because this is a very good item. The fine details of what it takes to make a great set of shin guards have been looked at. This brand spends a lot of time researching and developing their products to ensure that you are getting the best of the best. That is easily seen when you wear this product for the very first time and every time thereafter.