Hayabusa Tokushu Boxing Gloves

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Hayabusa is a designer of MMA materials, traditionally. This model of glove is merely chock-full of features that will allow it to function at a very high-level in a boxing atmosphere though; they have a compact design that is full of cushioning to enable them to serve the wearer in terms of padding and will allow them to get a decent angle on any one of their punches. The cushioning in these gloves also works tremendously well on the heavy bags, which isn’t something that one sees all of the time in MMA boxing gloves; the support on the gloves is impeccable, and the overall feel of the gloves while on-hand is just out of this world.  These gloves have a flair to them that isn’t found anywhere else outside of the boxing realm and should be considered when one is thinking of purchasing a pair.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Amazing wrist support
  • Ample padding throughout
  • Shock absorbent
  • Stylish design
  • Padding isn’t great for sparring


These gloves, despite what people say about them, work to deliver the wearer everything that they need in terms of protection. They have ample padding splayed throughout the knuckle area that allows them to help the wearer and provide to them the shock absorbent feel that they need while the gloves are in use; typically, when one buys an MMA glove, they don’t work very well when used for the heavy-duty activities and give the wearer a somewhat subpar feel while they are in use, these don’t. The wrist section of the glove has Velcro strapping that works to keep the glove fitting tightly onto the wearer’s hand and eliminates the possibility of the glove slipping off of or being placed at an angle while the user is throwing a punch; some people may not need this but, for a novice, the wrist support that a glove provides should be one of the main contributing factors when making a purchasing decision.


Hayabusa makes some rather decent gloves that won’t come apart while they are being used; this too is also extremely important when one is considering buying a pair of gloves. They have a hide that is fashioned from a somewhat shiny leather material that won’t come apart with frequent use; also, to this effect, the material looks rather professional and provides for all of the wearer’s needs while the glove is in use. The stitching is of the same nature; it is practically invisible, to be honest, and makes the gloves look as if they are held to a higher standard than most others in its class; this is partly because it is true, Hayabusa has a decent level of quality control when it comes to the design of their gloves. The Velcro strapping in the design also holds together rather nicely which is something that is rather typical of boxing gloves but should be considered when one is looking for a boxing glove.


The design of these gloves is rather, eccentric. The backhand of these gloves has the Hayabusa logo on the back which gives them a somewhat stylish design and enables them to stand out when on the wearer’s hand. The glove itself is somewhat compact; the padding throughout the design of these gloves is rather evenly placed which makes the glove itself look a bit more symmetrical throughout the whole of the design than it would look otherwise. The glove has an alternating color scheme throughout that also adds to their stylishness and enables them to have a bit more flair while they are on the wearer’s hand. The inside of the mitt has the Hayabusa logo also, which doesn’t really affect the design of the glove but should be mentioned when one considers the glove itself and the portions of it. Also, on the inside of the mitt is an elastic attachment that enables the glove to fit a bit tighter when on the wearer’s hand.


The fit of these gloves is so snug that it literally makes no sense. The gloves have a smaller design than the typical boing glove which enables them to fit snuggly to the wearer’s knuckles; this doesn’t affect the design of the glove or the fee that it gives the wearer while they are in use. The leather strap on the design of the gloves also enables the gloves to give the wearer a snug fit and provides the wearer with what they need in terms of security and wrist support; as mentioned earlier, this is just something that one should consider when looking to purchase a glove for boxing purposes. Despite the compact design of the gloves, there is ample room for the inside of the wearer’s hands. In the previous section, the glove’s use of an elastic strap was also mentioned; the use of this strap allows the glove to provide the wearer what they need in terms of snugness and aids the Velcro strapping in its attempt to provide the wearer what they need in terms of the fit that is provided; it has double strapping aside from the normal strapping which enables the fit of the glove to be much better than that usually provided. More on the double strapping will be covered in later sections.


The Hayabusa Tokushu Boxing Gloves also provide the wearer with a decent level of comfort while they are on the wearer’s hands; the liner on the inside of the glove and the cushioning when considered in tandem, allow the glove to provide the wearer what they need in terms of a comfortable overall feel while they are in use. He gloves utilize a bamboo liner that allows the wearer to have what they need in terms of comfort; the downside of this material is that it simply soaks up moisture and doesn’t work as a moisture-wicking material normally would; for some, the use of this material would somewhat overwhelm them due to the fact that it at first feels a bit on the rougher side. Initially, this wouldn’t affect one’s use of the glove, but it should be considered over the long run when one is considered the smells that accumulate along with the sweat on the inside of the glove. They also feature a layered foam material that is in place throughout the inside of the glove; the foam enables the glove to provide the wearer what they need in terms of comfort because of the impact resistance that it provides to the wearer and the feel that accompanies the glove alongside that. The gloves also feature a dual closure system that works alongside the Velcro liner; the use of this n the design of the gloves allows for a decent level of comfort and works to secure the wearer’s hands much more than a single strap ever could.


Hayabusa makes some high-quality gloves which translate into them being a bit on the more expensive side. Before anything else is said, remember that these gloves are training gloves. The materials that are normally used in the design of their gloves enables them to provide the wearer with what they need in terms of functionality and ensures that they get what they need from them in the long-run; the overall longevity of the glove just above that provided by other gloves; for the price, this is something that all should consider in a glove. For the price, one could really buy a simple starter pair of gloves though; these are just training gloves and a pair of Title or Venum gloves could definitely be used for this purpose; those models last for a decent length of time as well the only thing being that they don’t provide the wearer what they need as well as the Hayabusa does.


Hayabusa is the designer of various high-quality boxing materials; they make things ranging from compression shirts all the way to the wraps. Aside from just the boxing materials, they all supply gear for Jiu Jitsu and MMA which is something to keep in mind for those who are considering expanding their range to those areas. They are known for producing new and innovative ways to approach the issues of moisture-wicking, comfort, and support; this is the reason why several of their materials provide their wearers with high levels of these features. Their gloves enable wearers to do much more than other models and are also designed in such a way as to ensure that the padding on the inside of the gloves has a rather long lifetime. Hayabusa has toned down the use of their various color schemes and patterns being used throughout the design of their glove which is a great thing as well.


These gloves are designed from several high-quality materials that work to provide the wearer with everything that they need in terms of comfort and cushioning. The mitt of the gloves themselves is highly cushioned using a 3-layer cushioning technique; this enables the gloves to provide the wearer with a decent amount of protection for their knuckles and ensures that they don’t experience any soreness while the gloves are in use. The strapping of the gloves is designed from a dual layered Velcro material; this also works to give the wearer a decent level of comfort and ensures that they have a fit and support that is like no other while the gloves are in use. The inner portion of the mitt is designed from a perforated material that allows for a decent level of airflow to be achieved by the wearer and works to keep the wearer’s hand cool while engaging in a strenuous activity such as boxing.


The gloves work to provide the wearer with a decent level of comfort and ensure that the wearer doesn’t have to worry about things such as the glove coming apart or having to constantly replace them; the stitching is done too finely for it to come apart prematurely; for the price this should always be the case. The leather hide of the glove ensures that one doesn’t worry about the glove coming apart and allows for a decent level of comfort while the glove is in use. The padding is where the wearer should place the most emphasis when even considering the glove as a viable option for months down the road; the cushioning in this glove is layered. The layering of the cushioning ensures that the wearer won’t feel the impact of their blows; believe it or not, this is extremely important; cushioning that compacts too easily will result in a feel that is somewhat unbearable for the wearer after only a few rounds. All, in all, Hayabusa gloves will always show up and perform; one rarely ever has to worry about the gloves coming off or allowing for damage to come to them while the glove is in use.


These gloves are designed for training, whatever that may be. It can be used on the heavy bag and even for sparring purposes; one should make sure to be rather picky about the size of the glove that is chosen for sparring purposes simply due to the fact that it has the ability to inflict major damage to one’s partner if it’s too small or lightly cushioned. The design of the glove is highly ventilated which allows for a decent level of comfort when the gloves are used for their intended sport as well.


These gloves come in the general weight classes; they range from 8 oz all the way to 16 oz. Keep in mind that the cushioning found throughout the design of the glove is really what gives the glove its weight; this simply means that the weight of the glove should be chosen with respect to the activity that it is used for. A light glove shouldn’t be chosen for a sparring activity simply because of the fact that it will deal a tremendous level of damage to both sides when used; this is just something to keep in mind.

Key features

• Dual Velcro strapping
• Triple layered cushion
• Bamboo liner


In all, these are tremendous gloves; they function to give the wearer what they need in terms of protection and are just all around well-made. They are on the more expensive side and, considering the fact that there are many other well-made gloves that will function and give the wearer what they need in terms of cushioning and support; the innovative features in the design of these gloves simply give them something that is above that provided by other models of the glove and must be considered. Overall though the glove is rather well made and would make a great addition to anyone’s arsenal simply because of its components. Great job Hayabusa.