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The Hayabusa Tokushu shin guards are an exceptionally versatile piece of protective equipment. Oftentimes, you have to switch out your shin guards between sparring and grappling sessions. With this option, you won't have to worry about the extra time or inconvenience of this. This product will transition nicely throughout your entire training routine. They will work well when you are working the heavy bag, during sparring sessions, and while working down on the mat. Fighters have mentioned that these stay in place quite nicely. Not worrying about your gear sliding around will help to keep you focused on achieving the win.

Hayabusa knows what it takes to keep a fighter well-protected and this item shows that. You will have a good level of coverage and the padding they use is great at absorbing impact. It is important to note that some do find the protection at the ankle to be lacking. You will find it is better than some sleeve-styled guards. There are other options from this brand that will provide you better ankle protection if this is an important aspect for you. You will also find that this item fits you better over the course of time. They will break-in and feel as if they were made for your specific size and shape. Overall, people are very happy with this piece of gear from Hayabusa.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Affordable
  • Versatile Use
  • Won't Slide During Use
  • Exceptionally Light Weight
  • Accurate Sizing
  • Durable Design
  • High-Quality Materials
  • Hard To Take Off
  • Limited Ankle Protection
  • Stiff At First


Hayabusa is a brand that has been trusted by fighters for generations. Their products can be found in home and local gyms across the world. This brand truly pays attention to quality. They use the best materials available in each of their items perspective classes. It is true, their products are a bit pricier than others. However, this is not a bad thing considering you will be getting some of the best options that are currently out there. When you aren't into combat sports this brand has what you need. Whether you are looking for hand wraps, gloves, protective equipment, or other products to help keep you comfortable and safe throughout your training it can be found here. Their items are always a step ahead of the rest. There are several options in every category so you'll be able to find the product that not only meets your wants but also your needs. More than likely, you will also be able to find one that fits into your budget nicely.


This brand has done a good job of keeping the materials used in this product fairly simple. The construction is solid and all of the materials are at the top of their class. The sleeve that will wrap around your leg is made from neoprene. It can be quite stiff in the beginning but over the course of time, it will break in and fit well. It is also excellent at wicking moisture away from your skin. They use genuine leather to cover the high-density foam padding. This is a typical design but works exceptionally well. Genuine leather is extremely durable as is the foam padding that this item uses. There is a piece of elastic that will go under your foot to help secure the foot protection in place. There is a strapping system built into the top of this item to help hold it in place, however, you won't have to deal with hook and loop style straps. In addition, there are no exposed metal pieces so you won't have to worry about a strike causing injury. Overall, Hayabusa has done an excellent job and she's in the materials to design this item.


Consumers are very happy with the fit of this item. It offers a good amount of stretch due to the fact that the sleeve is made from neoprene. As noted, they are a bit stiff in the beginning. This won't last long. As you continue to wear them and use them they will form to your legs. This is going to also help to improve the fit. They do offer a bit of a just ability at the top that can help ensure this item stays in place if you do find that they are a bit big. There have not been many complaints about this item sliding around while you're using it which is a major advantage. You won't find yourself open to injury due to ill-fitting protective gear. Fighters are also happy with how the foot protection fits. They use a large elastic strap underneath that is not only comfortable but helps to keep this area in place. Here again, you won't have to worry about shifting gear leaving you open two different injuries.


This style of shin guard is not as breathable as the type that simply clips at the back of the leg. This is due to the fact that basically, your entire lower leg is going to be covered in material. The fact that this brand uses neoprene will help. It breathes decently well and even more importantly does an excellent job of moving moisture away from your skin. This is going to not only improve the comfort this product provides you but also how cool you stay throughout your routine. Shin guards are not known for being breathable so it is not terribly surprising that this one doesn't breathe the best. It does offer better breathability than other options in the same category and of the same style. There are no complaints regarding these being overly hot which is something we do commonly associated with this style of guard. Overall, this is a decent option in terms of coolness even though it doesn't breathe the very best.


For the most part, this product is going to give you a high level of protection. It offers a nice level of coverage for your shin, foot, and in step. They have added padding through the transition from the shin to the foot, however, consumers have noted that it is minimal. This means that you are not going to get a high level of ankle protection while wearing this item. You will need to be careful as our ankles are definitely susceptible to injuries. There are other options available to that offer more ankle protection if this is something that you need, however, most fighters are pretty happy with the amount of protection this item provides. Obviously, having a high level of protection for intense training sessions is imperative in keeping you and your sparring partner safe. So, the fact that this item will give you a fairly high level of protection works majorly in both your favor and this item's.


It is likely that you were going to find this option more comfortable than many others. As noted, it is stiff in the beginning but the break-in time is fairly insignificant. What you'll be left with is a pair of shin guards that feel as if they were made for your body. The foam will form to the shape of your body quite nicely. In addition, moisture-wicking material is going to provide an added level of comfort. These are made to stay in place very nicely and this will enhance your comfort level as well. When you don't need to be focused on poorly fitting protective equipment it improves a level of comfort your mind experiences during intense training sessions with your sparring partner. When you spend long days working out at home or in the gym wearing comfortable equipment is important. It can help you train longer and harder which will, in turn, help to improve your overall performance.


The exact weight of this item is not specified, however, you will be getting a truly lightweight pair of shin guards when you go with us option from Hayabusa. The total shipping weight is just under a pound and a half. So, obviously, the shin guards themselves are going to weigh less. Keep in mind, depending on what size you order, the wait will vary. However, it is not going to vary drastically. This item is not one that is going to slow you down while wearing it in the rain. When you wear a variety of protective equipment you may notice that your muscles fatigue faster. You may also notice that your recovery times are extended because you are being weighed down. The fact that you won't have to worry about these negative aspects when using this product is pretty awesome. You'll be able to stay at the top of your game throughout your entire training session without wearing down.


Choosing this brand comes with advantages. They provide the world of boxing, wrestling, and mixed up martial arts with everything needed to stay comfortable and well-protected. This item is more versatile than many other options that are currently available to you. Often times you'll find yourself having to switch out guards when you are transitioning between standing work and Matt work. With this option, you're not going to need to do that. With a truly secure and comfortable fit, you won't have to worry about these sliding around during grappling practice. Another advantage of using this product is the fact that it's going to last you a very long time. Hayabusa does an amazing job of choosing materials that can stand up to the brutal nature of combat sports. Overall this item comes with a large variety of advantages and these are only a couple.


The biggest disadvantage of using this product is the limited ankle protection that it provides. Our ankles are truly susceptible to injury in offering them a great level of protection is important in keeping you in the game. There are definitely other options that offer better ankle protection, however, most people will find this to be adequate. It is simply an aspect you need to consider. Another disadvantage to this product is that it is quite stiff in the beginning. This can make it difficult to put them on and take them off. Over the course of time, they will loosen up and you will find the stiffness all but disappears. In relation to this, customers are not thrilled with how difficult it is to take these guards off. Pretty much all guards that are styled this way are going to be difficult to take off. Once you are sweaty and so is your equipment it's going to want to stick to you. This is more of an inconvenience than an actual disadvantage but it is an annoyance that some people would like to avoid.


We feel as if this product is a truly great value. Typically, products from this brand are very expensive and can be Way Out Of Reach for many budgets. That is not the case with this item. In fact, it is truly affordable. There may be a few budgets out there that need to take a little time before they can absorb the blow, however, most people will be able to afford them with ease. Not only are they affordable but they also offer exceptional longevity of use. This brand does a great job of choosing materials that are going to hold up. You'll be able to spar in them on a daily basis without worrying about detriment the quality. We need to look at all of the different aspects of a product before deciding it's the true value. While this item does come with a few negative aspects they are limited. This is especially true when you compare them to other products in the same category. Overall, consumers are very pleased with the fit, feel, and performance that this product has to offer.

Bottom Line

Putting your face and hard-earned money into this brand is very rarely a mistake. When you are looking for a pair of shin guards that are going to give you versatile use this is a great option. They will not break the bank. You will know that you are being well protected regardless of what piece of your training routine you are working on. This is not only important to you but it's also important to your sparring partner. People don't always consider the fact that the gear you are wearing is protecting more than yourself. There is a lot of advantages associated with this product. The reviews are consistently good and the fighters using them on a daily basis are truly impressed. Overall, we feel as if you will be very happy with this product once you give it a chance. Keep in mind, the break-in time is not exceptionally long but it does exist so, be patient before you make decision on whether or not these are the best shin guards you used or not.