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Health Warrior Superfood Protein Bar Is a plant-based product that will enhance your energy and support your muscles. This vegan-friendly option does not contain many of the unwanted and unneeded ingredients we commonly see in protein supplements. This far is exceptionally convenient and can be used throughout your day. Whether you need a boost before working out or something to hold you over until your next meal post workout this bar is a good option. It does not contain as much protein per serving as many other protein-boosting supplements. It does, however, offer high-quality protein that your muscles will use effectively. In addition, it does also provide you with a good dose of fiber and Omega-3.  With continued use of this product paired with a healthy diet and frequent exercise, you will experience enhanced muscle growth. Whether you are working hard by lifting weights, working out at home, or hitting the trail for a run this product will help you succeed by improving energy, recovery time, and muscle maintenance. You will have a few flavor options to choose from but it is important to note that this brand does not offer as many as others. Overall, consumers are pretty happy with this product.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • 2000mg Omega-3's
  • Average Protein Content
  • Vegan-Friendly
  • Decent Flavor Variety
  • Affordable
  • High-Quality Ingredients
  • Improves Muscle Performance
  • Many Dislike Taste
  • Odd Consistency


Eight years ago some friends got together and created the Health Warrior brand. What they found is that chia seeds hold some of the most needed nutrients. They worked these seeds into their products and found that they help provide not only great nutrition but also extra energy and balance to your routine. They strive to create products that are not only healthy but are easy to fit into your daily routine. There are a variety of products offered and they will all help boost your protein levels. These products are not your average protein bars and consumers are happy with the fact they can try something that is a bit out of the box.


There are extremely mixed reviews on the taste of this product. While some people really like them others absolutely hate them. Some have noted that this bar tastes a bit artificial and people don't seem to be happy about that. The chia seeds that they include have a particular flavor and it may be what people find offputting about this product. There are no notes of it being overly sweet however, there have been a few reports that it does leave an aftertaste in your mouth. Consumers have also been saying that the flavors are not overpowering. It is important to know that there are quite a few people that truly like the taste of this product. So, we feel you should give it a try before you decide whether this one is for you or not.


You are not going to get a huge variety of flavors if you decide to go with this brand. Most protein bars come with somewhere between 6 and 12 different flavor options. This product only offers three different varieties. There used to be 4, however, the honey almond option is no longer available. You will have your choice between Mint Chocolate, Peanut Butter Cacao, and Dark Chocolate Coconut Sea Salt. based off of the customer reviews, the mint chocolate is the least liked flavor and Carries many negative thoughts surrounding it. It does seem as if people like the peanut butter option the very best. Obviously, your thoughts may be quite different in terms of which flavor you like the best but with the limited variety, it should be simple to try them all.


The consistency of this product is not what you would expect from a protein-boosting supplement. This is partly because of the seeds that they include in the recipe. Consumers have noted that they stick in your teeth but they also add a bit of crunch to this bar. It is commonly noted that this product is but it is also a bit dry and crumbly. When at its freshest, they are quite chewy but not sticky. As they age, they do become increasingly harder and more difficult to chew. Overall the consistency of this product is not terrible but there is room for improvement.


This product is pretty effective. It does not carry as much protein as many other bars that are available to you today. This means that you will not experience the highest benefit level unless you were meeting your protein goals with other products. With continued use, you will notice a decrease in muscle soreness. This advanced recovery time will allow you to work out more frequently with less pain. In addition, your muscles will be able to maintain their selves more effectively and there will be an increase in your overall muscle growth. This, of course, needs to be paired with an active exercise routine. This product can also help keep you on track with your diet. When your trying to lose weight having healthy snacks to aid you along the way is obviously advantageous.


There will be a slight variation in ingredients lists based off of the flavor variety that you choose. However, each option does have some similarities in the ingredient list. Regardless of which you choose you will be consuming Organic Quinoa, Chia, Oats, Brown Rice Syrup, Pea Starch, Pea Protein Isolate, Rice Flour, Calcium Carbonate, Agave Syrup, Chicory Root Fiber, Cane Sugar, Arabic Gum, Sea Salt, and Sunflower Oil. This is not your typical list of ingredients for a protein bar. The ingredients are all high-quality and do a decent job at boosting your protein levels. They are great for giving you a healthy dose of fiber. Overall, this blend is clean and people are pretty happy with it.


There is a slight variation in the caloric value of each one of these bars. The mint chocolate contains 190 calories. The dark chocolate coconut sea salt yield 200 calories as do the peanut butter cacao. this is a great value for a snack-sized protein bar. In fact, most others in the same class try to keep their calorie counts right around 200. These calories will be used by your body to enhance your overall energy levels. In addition, it's enough to make sure you feel full until your next meal. This will help you avoid extra snacking throughout your day. Fitting this snack into your daily routine should be fairly simple because it contains a manageable amount of calories.


No matter which flavor variety you choose, each one of these bars has the same amount of sugar in it. They all have 9 grams per serving. This is a bit High when you consider the protein levels are only a couple grams more. There are many other options out there that hold lower sugar contents and higher protein contents. It is important to note this product does not contain any artificial sweeteners. This is why we see an influx in the actual sugar content. It is also part of the reason customers do not find this product overly sweet. Our bodies process natural sugars easier than they do sugar alcohols and artificial sweeteners. This means less digestive issues when consuming this product as compared to others you may have tried in the past.


You will notice that your energy levels improve when you consume this product. Obviously, the calories that it provides will give your body extra energy to make it through your day with more pep in your step. All food items do this. However, that is not the only energy you will get from this product. Your muscles will use the protein contents as fuel for your workout or for your day. You will notice this because you will feel less fatigued throughout your Fitness routine. This product does not contain any stimulant ingredients. So, that dreaded crashing effect we have experienced from products like a pre-workout will never be a concern when using this product.


As with all protein bars, one bar equals one serving. Each bar is 50 g. That is the most common weight for a snack size protein bar. it should fill you up adequately and make sure you can keep your energy levels up between meals. It will also help you stay feeling full which in turn will help you avoid unhealthy snacks and extra bites throughout the day. You can get this product individually as a sample through the Brand's website. Typically, you will order them in a box and each box contains 12 bars. This is also pretty standard among container sizes in terms of protein bars. They don't give you a lot of option but the little bit that they do is more than we can say for most others that we have reviewed in the past.

Side Effects

There is a decreased risk of side effects with this product as it avoids many of The Unwanted ingredients that cause adverse reactions. There are no reports of this product causing customers trouble. That is not to say that it won't cause you any adverse effects after consuming it. Protein products are typically very safe and have fewer side effects than most other nutritional supplements. There is a chance that when consuming this product you will experience an upset stomach, diarrhea, nausea, gas, bloating, fatigue, or headaches. Again, this is uncommon and likely you will have no adverse reaction when you decide to give this product a try.


This product can help you out in a couple of ways. It will help you stay on track with your diet and provide you with a healthy snack option that tastes decent. Likely, it will help satisfy your sweet tooth and again help you avoid unhealthy snacking options. There is also the fact that it does provide you with a decent amount of protein. This protein will reduce muscle soreness and allow you to perform better because of it. Enhancing recovery times can have some of the biggest impacts on our exercise routines, whether we are working out in our home gym or hit the road for a long run. In addition, when you're working your muscles hard you could actually be leaving them to deterioration. Improving your protein levels will allow your body to better maintain your muscles and you will suffer from less atrophy. You will also experience enhanced muscle growth when you continue to stick to your active routine.


This product does have a few places that it could improve. First, they need to work on the overall taste of these bars and possibly offer a few more flavor varieties. While some consumers really like the taste of them there are almost just as many that really don't. Next, they also need to work on the consistency a bit. the fact that this product only contains about 11 grams of protein per serving is also a bit of a concern for some people. Many other options have significantly higher protein count switch makes meeting your daily protein goal much easier. These are really the only complaints we can find about this product. So, while there is room for improvement overall it's not too bad.


These protein bars are quite a bit more affordable than others you may have bought in the past. There is a slight variation in cost depending on which flavor variety you choose to go with. It is important to note that the dark chocolate coconut sea salt is the most expensive of the group. Due to the fact that it is quite affordable, your bank account will be able to absorb it more easily than with others in this category. Consumers feel as if this product is a decent value. While the cost is impressive it does carry some negative aspects which people feel reduce its overall value. When you take all of the different areas into consideration and compare this product with others, it is easy to see why people feel that it is simply a decent value.

Bottom Line

This is not the absolute best protein supplement available to you. It does come in a few different flavors and some are actually pretty well-liked. The taste does need some work though. You'll be getting a slight boost your protein and energy levels when you use this product which can be very helpful in your sluggish and slow days. It can also help you stay on track with your diet. It will help keep you full and satisfied between meals. The cost is impressive and basically, any budget will be able to fit this in with ease. Overall, we feel as if this product is worth giving a try especially if you are looking for a vegan-friendly option that is slightly different from what you have tried in the past.