How to Improve Recovery

How to Improve Recovery How to Improve Recovery

Every single one of us had a day after the training when we couldn’t move and it hurt no matter how small moves we make. It doesn’t matter if you are a professional sportsman or you just train occasionally to stay healthy, you should think about the recovery as one of the most important parts of your workout.

The body will, of course, recover in a matter of few days, but you don’t have to deal with soreness and fatigue every time you work out. Instead, you can try some of the science-backed methods to speed up your recovery time and help your body heal much faster.

If you want to stay healthy, easy workouts and recovery days are of the same importance as your hardcore training days. Always take some time to rest after intensive training.

Sleep more

The exact correlation between exercise and sleep still not really clear, but it is known that sleep deprivation can cause serious negative effects on your recovery and performance. During the sleep time, your body is synthesizing more proteins. This is the prime time for that process. Therefore, if you have some extra sleep time after your intense training sessions can result in much better endurance and much stronger muscles.

Listen to some music

The majority of people like to listen to some music on the headphones during the workout because the background music can give you some additional motivation and distract you from the pain you might feel while you push your limits. But this is not the only positive effect of music during the training. Relaxing musical tunes can help your body relax and speed up the recovery. Slower tunes will reduce your blood pressure and your pulse rate after exercise.

How to Improve Recovery

Protein snacks before bed

Unless you are a sleepwalker, you are not giving enough nutrients to your body while you sleep. Since the sleep time is the prime time for protein synthesis, a light and protein-rich snack just before you go to bed can be very helpful and it will allow your body to repair your muscles during the night.

Proteins in the morning

After the good night’s sleep, your body will need some proteins and other nutrients in order to recharge. High-protein breakfast and coffee will give you all the necessary ingredients so your muscles can rebuild. This will also reduce the food cravings during the day.

Chocolate milk is good for you

This may not sound like it’s true, but it is. Chocolate milk is an excellent post-workout snack. It contains the proteins that will kickstart the recovery of your muscles and those carbs it contains will reduce the recovery time.

Tart cherry juice

If you feel stiff from yesterday’s intense training, try some tart cherry juice. The tart cherry juice contains the supplements that will reduce the swelling of the damaged muscles and it will allow your body to recover much faster and less painfully.

How to Improve Recovery

Drink a lot of water

About 60% of our body mass is water. This means that the water is very important for us. If you train while dehydrated you can cause more damage to your muscles and you will need more time to recover. Most of us prefer the Gatorade and energy drinks, but remember that the water more than enough for you to replenish the fluids.

Cut back on alcohol

There are some people who like to sit and relax in their favorite pub after hard training sessions. There is nothing wrong with that, but you must be careful when it comes to booze. Too much of it can be a very bad thing for your body. More than two drinks after your training can significantly reduce your body’s ability to recover.

Foam rolling is your friend

Most of the post-workout soreness is caused by muscles and the connective tissue becoming knotted. If you roll your muscles with semi-rigid rollers or foam rollers you can remove those knots which will the imbalance of your muscles. It is not the most comfortable method and it can be a bit painful, but it is worth it.

How to Improve Recovery


Same as the foam rolling, the massage can help with breaking up the scar tissue and it will reduce the stiffness and soreness after the training.

Proteins before the training

A little bit of proteins before your training session can give you enough amino acids so your body can start rebuilding the muscle tissue that is damaged during the training. This will keep the muscle synthesis going throughout the training session and even after it.

Proteins after the training

Proteins before the training will prepare your body for a workout, but you will need some after the training too. Protein shake or a protein-rich meal after the training will give your body enough fuel for rebuilding.

Daytime naps

20-minutes nap after the training will help your body to enter the deep state of sleep when all the restoration happens and it will not ruin your night’s rest.


Rest the muscles

Most of the people suggest that you should take two days of rest between the training sessions, but there is actually no universal rest time solution. This depends on many factors like age and level of fitness. Since this is so different for different people, the best thing to do is to start with one or two days of rest and then if you see that your performance is decreasing from training to training, you might want to take one more day off.

A cold bath

This sounds a bit scary but it is very effective. If you plunge your entire body into cold water after your training you will reduce the soreness and inflammation significantly.


Before you take any medicine you should consult a doctor. With that being said, some of the studies suggest that anti-inflammatory medications or spices such as ginger and turmeric will speed up the recovery of your body. On the other hand, if you are working out in order to build the muscles, drugs like aspirin and ibuprofen will hinder your muscle growth. So, if you want bigger muscles, you will have to feel some pain.

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