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The HUAWEI Fit provides an affordable but very high-quality fitness tracking option. Staying on top of your daily activity levels can be a chore and many have found that a tracker like this is the perfect thing to help keep them accountable. Whether looking to increase muscle mass, shed some inches, or get up and move more often this can be the perfect solution. Like the best selling options by Fitbit and Apple, this smartwatch will keep you in the loop with text message and call notifications right on your wrist. It offers a variety of different sports it can track which is awesome for those of you that like to switch up your routine often. All of the basic features a new or seasoned user needs can be had, as well as, some really cool advanced features. You will be getting a very versatile option that is easy to fit into every aspect of your daily life. It will give you a whole view of what an average day looks like for you, this includes your sleep pattern. With this, you will be able to fine-tune your routine to help you achieve any and all of your fitness-related goals.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Affordable
  • Running Coach
  • Safe For Swimming
  • Excellent Battery Life
  • Accurate Tracking
  • Nice Screen Quality
  • Great Longevity Of Use
  • Has 1-Year Warranty
  • Limited Face Options
  • Bluetooth Connection Issues


Providing the world with a large variety of technical devices, HUAWEI is really building a name for themselves. From smartphones to fitness trackers they have what you need to make life a little bit easier. Staying connected is an integral part of today’s world. This brand gives some excellent and affordable options to those that want the latest and greatest but don’t want to spend a fortune. Their products have been pushing the bounds of technology for fifteen years and we look forward to seeing what they have to offer next. Many people have relied of them for years and will continue because of great performance and advanced features that make your life, communication, and fitness a bit easier to manage.

Basic Features

You will be getting all of the basic features you expect to get out of a high-quality fitness tracker. It will absolutely give you the ability to track your steps and a huge variety of activities. This means whether you like to go for long walks, runs, hit the treadmill, or swim you will be able to see how you are performing. It will also give you a clear view of how many calories you have burned in a day. This leads to better accountability with maintaining activity levels and sticking to your diet plan. You will be able to connect wirelessly via Bluetooth. As it can be easily seen, you will get all of the different basic features you need to get a great start with your fitness tracker.

Advanced Features

The advanced features of a fitness tracker can widely vary. This one has some great advanced features which include the ability to track your sleep patterns. If you are lacking energy throughout the day, this feature can help you figure out why. This product also has a heart rate monitor that provides you with information that appears to be quite accurate. Consumers are very pleased with this considering the fact that this feature is not one that works well in most fitness trackers. You will also be able to receive notifications from your smart device. This includes information like alerts for text messages and phone calls. If you need a nudge to get up and move, it can also do that for you. There are other features that this option encompasses but this is a good look at the wide variety of things it can do.


Accuracy is not a problem for this option by HUAWEI. Consumers are very impressed with the accurate data that they get with this tracker. Many times there are huge complaints about the heart rate monitors located within these types of devices. That doesn’t seem to be an issue here and it seems that it gives data that is quite accurate in this category. In addition, the step and activity tracking are also very accurate. It gives you a great breakdown of information in the app that is associated with this smartwatch. This product will also accurately track your sleep pattern. Sleep pattern tracking has a variety of advantages and can show you some of the reasons you have such rough mornings or afternoons. The use of accurate data can be used in a variety of ways and help you to streamline your routine to improve your results in achieving your fitness goals.


This item comes with the charging dock and cable you need to make sure you can use your fitness tracker day in and day out. It is very easy to use. You will simply place your device, backside down, on the charging dock and plug it into a USB port. Within a couple of hours, your watch will be fully charged and ready to go. The battery life is also very good with this option. Depending on what you do with it you could be looking at up to a week's worth of use before needing to recharge. It is important to note that this can vary drastically depending on your activity levels and a number of notifications you receive in a typical day. Overall, customers are happy with the charger and the life expectancy of each charge. This is nice because one of the most common complaints about fitness trackers are their battery lives.


You will be able to use this item with iPhones or Android devices. Your iPhone will need to be at least a fifth generation. Most newer smartphones will have no problem connecting with this option by HUAWEI. It has been noted that iPhone customers experience more trouble connecting than Android users. It is also important to note that you will not be able to get text or call notifications when pairing this with your iPhone. This is not an uncommon thing even though some find it to be a major downfall. If you are not using an Android device you may want to look into the Apple devices that are currently available as you will have more success with them. Overall, compatibility is good and quite versatile.


This is a pretty versatile option. It is going to cover a huge variety of your fitness activities with ease. The fact that it gives you accurate data and recording is not only expected but an aspect the customers truly love many fitness watches are not able to get wet so the fact that this one can be worn to track your swims is also a key to its true versatility. You'll be able to set up daily goals improve your overall fitness and as you grow and change they can too. This option is also very versatile throughout your day. You can switch the bands easily which will make it work well in the office, in the gym, or while out and about running errands. You'll be able to stay connected and keep an eye on different things including the weather. Overall, customers are very pleased with the versatility that this item offers them.


Comfort is not a problem when you decide to go with this option. Like many other Fitness bands, you'll be able to change this one out as often as you please. This is not only versatile but it also leads to finding the perfect level of comfort based on activity. It comes with a soft silicone band that most people like quite wow. You can absolutely switch it out for something made of leather, metal, or synthetic leather. So, but as you can see, I'm depending on what you decide to wear it for you can choose and make it fit your style. it is important to note that there are no complaints from customers over the bands that come with this product. Oftentimes we see that people have issues with skin breakdown while using them but that is not the case with the reports of this option by HUAWEI.


One of the biggest advantages that people find with this tracker is access to the running coach. If you love to run this feature can help you cross your current pace and distance. Obviously, if you're running improves so will your overall health. This is only one of the many advantages of using a fitness tracker. Many people find that their level of accountability within their diet is also improved when they can see how many calories they're burning and how much they are moving on a daily basis. It is also a great motivator to see your performance improve over time. As you continue to work out hard, no matter where that may be at home or in the gym, seeing progress is simple. If you do find an area that you're lacking an advantage to wearing a fitness tracker is that you'll be able to easily see it and adjust your routine.


One thing that we have found customers complaining about in terms of this Fitness tracker is the durability of the bands that come with it. They do not have a very good life expectancy. While we understand this is a disadvantage it really is barely an inconvenience. There are a plethora of different band options available to you so you'll simply need to replace it when and if it wears out. iPhone users are also unhappy with the fact that they can't receive notifications on this device because of compatibility issues. We do not really feel this is a disadvantage considering that Apple products are made to go with other items from their brand. Overall there are very few disadvantages that can be seen when using this tracker.


There's a very good quality item. It is quite durable even if the band that it comes with is not. The technology behind it is sound and will provide you with extremely accurate tracking information. It offers such a huge variety of features that easily fit into all different types of fitness and diet routines. It is easy to see that they pay close attention to detail when they put their products together. You will have excellent battery life and a design that suits a variety of styles. Consumers are very pleased with the quality they are getting from this product. Overall, this brand has made a real name for themselves in the last decade or so and it is because they provide products that are high-quality.


This fitness tracker is a great value. It is much more affordable than many other options that offer the same types of features. It was actually surprising to us how affordable it is. Most people be able to work it into their financial situation with ease. It may not be cheap for some people but it's definitely not the same type of investment you could be made into a truly awesome Fitness tracker. When you look at the versatility and overall aspects of this product it is simple to understand why people feel as if it is such a great value. We have to agree with what they are saying. The truly accurate tracking and easy to use the system are convenient and can make a Major Impact in your overall fitness and health. If you choose to make the investment into this product we do not think you will be disappointed.

Bottom Line

There are so many different options available for this type of product on today's market that it is easy to be fooled by knockoffs and inaccurate cheap versions. If you decide to go with this option know that you will be getting an activity tracker that is Affordable and accurate. It offers all of the great features that you come to expect from some of the leading Brands but it's not going to break the bank. You'll be able to more easily stand track with your diet and fitness routine. It can help keep you moving and motivated towards doing your best every day. Transitioning it throughout the day is simple. Customers are really satisfied with their purchase of the HUAWEI Fit. You really can’t go wrong if you decide to give this a try.