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The HUAWEI Watch is this brand’s most advanced fitness tracker. It comes with a few bells and whistles you won’t see in their other products. You will still get all the accurate step and activity tracking you would expect from a great Smartwatch. This option can keep you focused on your diet, exercise, and overall fitness goals. You will also find that using this item makes your life more convenient. It will keep you connected to your busy life and give you the ability to make payments with the flick of your wrist. As far as advanced features go, this one has plenty. With aspects like the fact that you can access your google assistant, it is easy to see why so many love the advanced aspects of this device. It offers good battery life and a comfortable fit. HUAWEI has spent the time to build some really great trackers and this one really does take the cake. It gives you access to your own personal coach that can make meeting and crushing your goals easier than you ever imagined. Consumers are really impressed with this product and the brand that has provided it. This version is updated and it goes to show that this brand is continually working to make all their products better.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Sleek Design
  • Excellent Capability
  • Plethora Of Available Information
  • Access To Google Play Store
  • Keeps You Well-Connected
  • Good Battery Life
  • Accurate Heart Rate Monitoring
  • Comfortable Long-Term Wear
  • Quite Expensive
  • Charging Issues


HUAWEI products have been available for more than fifteen years. This popular technology company builds a variety of devices that can help keep you connected and on top of your life. Whether you are looking for a new phone, accessories, wearable devices, or tablets they offer a great option that is likely more affordable than most other leading options. In terms of fitness, HUAWEI offers a variety of wearable trackers that can meet a lot of different budgets. Due to the fact that they know the technology you can rest assured that you will be getting excellent devices. The capabilities they offer are unique. With a great following and great products, we look forward to watching this brand continue to grow. Putting your trust in HUAWEI is a safe bet that you will be getting quality, long-lasting items.

Basic Features

As the high-end option from this brand, you can imagine that it has all of the basic features you expect. This can look very different depending on the brand and design of a fitness tracker. When you think of options from brands like Fitbit and Garmin you imagine options like step, calorie burn, and distance tracking. You will absolutely have these features with this option. It offers sleep tracking also. This is not always considered a basic feature nor is it available on all activity trackers. You will be able to easily keep track of the calories you burn throughout the day while wearing this device. Of course, you will be able to connect to your smart devices easily. These features can all help keep you on track with your diet and exercise plan. Consumers are all very happy with the basic features that they get with this option.

Advanced Features

This tracker comes with some really smart advanced features. One that is exceptionally loved by users is the access to their Google Assistant keeps them well connected to their daily life. This watch also has navigation built into it so that you can always track your path an pick newer and harder ones as you see your performance improves. It also offers instruction while you are working out. Having a fitness coach on your wrist can really increase the challenge you put on yourself to crush every workout routine your participate in be it a boxing class or a long run. The in-depth report that you get with every workout makes it increasingly easy to adjust your routine to improve your results. This product also gives you access to music on and offline. This means even when you don’t have your phone you will have the ability to hear your most motivating jams. On top of all of this, you will be able to use mobile payments. This is fast and convenient in today's busy world. Overall, there are a ton of features that this product has to offer to seriously help you improve your time, focus, fitness, and health.


Accuracy can be a huge issue with fitness trackers in which case what is the point of even wearing one? This product is exceptionally accurate. We would like to highlight the fact that the heart rate monitor is accurate. This is a major problem in even some of the leading activity trackers and it is nice to see that some get it right. As expected, you will also get accurate reads on your steps, calorie burn, and distances. Consumers have also noted that the activity tracking aspect of this product is very accurate. Overall, there are no complaints about the accuracy of any aspect of this product. It is important to note that if you are connected to the Google Assistant you may notice a delay in some processes but this does not take away from the overall accuracy.


Charging is an area where this product actually needs some work. Consumers have often complained that it is a bit difficult to get it plugged in correctly. There is a small flap that you need to pull out and then you will need to plug the watch in. It has been noted that the alignment of this is awkward and sometimes results in a bad connection and your watch not charging. Obviously, this is a major problem if you wish to wear this product every day. Now, that being said, once it is charged you will have a very long-lasting battery. You will also not have to spend much time charging as it only takes about two hours of a good connection to completely recharge your battery.


This product is compatible with both Android and iPhone devices. It is absolutely going to work better for Android users than iPhone users. This is not surprising since it runs on Android Wear 2.0. What this means is that not all of the features that are available for Android users will be accessible to those of you using Apple products. If you are a user of all things Apple, they make some Smartwatch options that are quite stellar. You will also have access to your favorite apps within the Play Store that helps keep you motivated and working hard towards your fitness goals. Overall, consumers are happy with the compatibility that this smartwatch offers them.


In terms of Versatility, this product has you covered. You'll be able to use it for all of your favorite activities including running, hiking, CrossFit, and a plethora of Jim activities. It is so easily connected to your real-world life that no matter where you are you can keep in contact with those that are important to you. It also will allow you to keep an eye on your calendar while keeping focused on meeting your daily, weekly, and monthly health-related goals. Due to the fact that you can access a variety of different apps, you will be able to continuously switch up your workout routine which will stop those annoying plateaus from happening. The face of this watch is also truly versatile. You'll be able to choose from a huge variety of options to suit your style and you can change it as frequently as you like.


People are happy with the bands that come with this option. They find them to be quite comfortable and say that they fit nicely. If you find that they are not for you it is no problem. Because of the size of the band that uses you'll be able to find options in any material that you find most suitable for your chosen activity. Whether you are at work, running errands, training at the gym, are going for a walk on the treadmill there are a variety of bands to suit your needs. They come in leather, metal, synthetic leather textile, or silicone options. As you can see it is truly up to what you think feels best. Consumers like the fact that this fitness tracker transitions so easily throughout their daily lives.


When you invest in this type of activity tracker you're investing in one that offers a wide expanse of advantages. You will get your standard advantages like helping to keep you focused on your daily exercise routine. It can help you stay active which in turn promotes overall health. With the ability to track your sleep it gives you a whole view of your daily routine. This can make it simple to work an extra exercising when there are lulls in your day. The great connectivity that this offers also is a major advantage to today's busy world. Keeping up with what's going on in life and it work can be a lot especially when trying to stick to a strict workout routine. Using this type of tracker can make it much easier to know everything you have going on while still focusing on yourself and your goals.


Consumers find that the biggest disadvantage to this product is the charger. It is difficult to get it to sit correctly in the charging port. Obviously, this can lead to your tracker not being charged and the inability to wear it. When you are trying to keep close track of what's going on throughout your daily routine a dead Smartwatch is not going to be helpful. The only other real complaint about this device is the fact that iPhone users don't have the same capability as Android users. As previously noted, this is not uncommon and there are some really great options available to those iPhone users. Overall, these are the only disadvantages we are commonly seeing about this product and it is impressive that there are so few.


This product is exceptionally high-quality. In fact, it is the highest quality fitness tracker offered by this brand. It is truly built to last. You will be getting a lightweight option that is made of materials that are durable and will withstand the test of time. The technology behind this item is also sound. The accuracy of a fitness tracker plays an integral role in how customers rate the overall quality of it. This option offers impeccable accuracy and is part of the reason why so many feel that it's one of the best trackers available on the market today. Overall, we would have to agree that we feel this product is of very good quality. If you make the investment in it you will not be disappointed. It is easy to see the fine attention to detail that this brand has made just by looking at this Smartwatch. After using it you will be confirmed in the fact that it is of stellar quality.


As you can imagine, due to the fact that this is the best model with the most capability from this brand it is also the most expensive. It is not quite as pricey as some of the other leading fitness trackers that are currently available. So, some people will be able to work this into their budget relatively easy while others will have to save up some money to get it. You can't only base the value of a product on price and that is why so many people feel as if this is a fantastic value. When you look at all of the different options for tracking in the accuracy of each one plus the ability to stay connected to your world it's understandable why people feel this way. You will be making a solid investment if you decide that you are going to purchase this fitness tracker.

Bottom Line

You will have to make a decent investment to own this activity tracker. What you will be getting for your money is a solid option that can truly help you stay focused and sticking to your diet and exercise schedule. When you are looking for a whole view on what your activity levels look like for a day, including how you're sleeping at night, this is a great option. It offers excellent Advanced features that you will not see in every item in this category. Android users will have the most success with it but many iPhone users love it too. With so many options out there it can be difficult to choose but know that if you go with this option by HUAWEI you will be getting a durable and accurate tracker that will give you all the information you need to succeed along the path of your journey towards optimal health.