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Icy Hot is a muscle rub that has been trusted for generations. They have a ton of different styles so you can find the perfect option for your pain relief preferences. This product is available in gels, creams, balms, patches and more. Sore muscles and joints are commonplace for active people. This is especially true for those of you that are into combat sports. When you are training in wrestling, kickboxing, Karate, or other hard-hitting sports, you will naturally succumb to some bumps and bruises. In addition, when you are working hard you are certainly going to feel in your muscles. Using a muscle rub can keep you feeling great so, you can get back to training quickly and with less pain.

Many options that are currently available simply offer the cooling sensation that helps you forget about the pain you are experiencing from a killer training session at home or in the gym. This option is going to give you that awesome cooling sensation to dull the pain and then it gives you even more. You will experience it heating up to help soothe those aching muscles. Obviously, you are going to be able to use an item like this throughout your daily life. Many different things can leave you feeling sore and this item can improve your pain levels drastically. Overall, consumers are thrilled with this brand and the products that they offer. They feel it is a solid investment that will truly help you recover more quickly.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Many Varieties Available
  • Long-Lasting Relief
  • Trusted Brand
  • Cold To Dull Pain
  • Heat To Loosen Muscles
  • Versatile Use
  • Safe For Frequent Use
  • Spray Option Leaks
  • Pungent Smell


More than forty years ago the Icy Hot brand came to fruition. They have constantly been striving to help relieve the world of aches and pains. Starting out with a simple cream, this brand has expanded to offer a huge variety of pain relief options. When you want to avoid taking pills to ease your pain, you can count on this brand and their products to be there when you need them. Whether you suffer from arthritis or you have been hitting the gym hard, their options can help you feel better. This can help your performance in all of your chosen activities. Obviously, when your muscles and joints feel great you will be able to stay focused on your training. The difference in your performance during training and competitions will be noticeable. This brand does not only offer pain relieving creams, balms, and patches, but they also offer products like tens units. Overall, consumers faithfully put their trust and money into Icy Hot products because they truly work.


Different choices in regards to the application process of this item. As noted, there are a ton of different options available so you can find the one that suits your needs. The original Cream is still available and you'll simply need to rub a small amount over the part of your body that sore. It's going to seriously help to relieve muscle and joint pain. It is also very fast-acting. If you prefer to not go with this messy method there are other options available to you. This product can be purchased in a balm, spray, roll-on stick, or even patches. You can also find it in a solid stick that goes on very much like you would use a stick of deodorant. Depending on your preference there are different applications. Obviously, each comes with instructions on the appropriate way to apply it. They are all simple to use and will give you quick results.


Pretty much every muscle rub is going to come with a scent. This one is a bit peculiar. It's hard to describe the exact scent of this product. If you have ever smelled a product like Bengay then you will be able to easily determine the smell of this product as it is very similar. Many consumers have mentioned that it is very pungent. If you are sensitive to sense then this may not be the best product for you. It has been noted that people feel as if it fades quickly which is a bonus. However, you are going to deal with the smell of it for a little bit of time before this happens. Obviously, most people expect their muscle rub to have a fairly strong odor as most of them do. So, it's not a major surprise or a let down this product has a unique scent that is all it's own.


There is a very real reason that so many athletes have been using this product for so long. That is due to the fact that it truly works. You will be purchasing a very effective product when you decide to go with this item. It is going to start to work almost instantly. You will notice the cooling sensation right away. As it continues to sit and work its magic it will slowly start to heat up. Obviously, the cooling sensation is going to help dull the pain of your aching joints and muscles. The heat will then relax those muscles so that they truly will feel better. When you are spending long days training at home or in the gym it can take a serious toll on your body. This is especially true if you deal with ailments like arthritis.


There is a ton of practical applications for this item. If you live with daily muscle or joint pain it can be a great addition to your routine. In addition, for those of you suffering from ailments like arthritis, this can help to dull the constant nagging of that type of pain. When you are leading an active life or participating in Combat Sports like Judo, boxing, or other mixed martial arts this product can be a lifesaver. When you are taking hard hits or even working with a heavy bag you are bound to succumb to some sore muscles and painful joints. You can use this product throughout the day and relieve a large amount of that pain. Even if you're just feeling uncomfortable and a little tense using a muscle rub can help soothe you. The fact that this product is safe to use several times throughout the day is a major benefit. If your body continues to nag at you, you can simply reapply. All of the different options in Styles make it easy to find the perfect one to fit your lifestyle.

Active Ingredients

It depends on which variety you choose on what the particular active ingredients are going to be. Some of the options rely on menthol and camphor to give you the cooling and then heated relief that this product provides. They also offer options that contain lidocaine. Lidocaine is a local anesthetic that has a great numbing ability. Other options that they offer, use a combination of menthol and methyl salicylate. these are all typical active ingredients to see in this type of muscle rub. They are all quite effective when used in proper dosages. Icy Hot has done a great job in doing their research to make sure they're using the best ingredients available. They're obviously, other things involved in creating this product, however, these are the most important pieces. They are the pieces that are going to give you the relief that you have been looking for after arduous training sessions in the gym. Overall, we were not surprised to see that these are the items they're using to create this product.

Side Effects

There are a few side effects in using this product that you should be aware of. Not everyone is going to experience them, in fact, they are truly pretty rare. You may experience an allergic reaction that could leave you with a rash or hives when using this item. Some consumers have mentioned that it also causes inflammation and reddened skin. There has also been mentioned that this product may make you itchy. These are all related to having an allergic reaction to the ingredients used in it. In very rare cases of extreme allergy, you may also end up having issues breathing. For those of you that are sensitive to strong smells, this could also be a problem. As noted, it does have a strong scent and this could cause an issue for some people. Overall, using this item is fairly safe and should not leave you with any harmful side effects. If you're concerned about how you may react you can always discuss using this item with your doctor before giving it a go.


What are the biggest advantages of using this product is how quickly it starts to work. You will notice the cooling sensation as soon as you start to apply it. Then it will turn into heat rather quickly. This item gives you two great soothing features due to the fact that it is cold and then transitions into being hot. Another great advantage to this product is all the different style varieties that are available. If you hate creams and lotions it's no big deal you can use a spray, a patch, or the roll on variety and never have to touch it with your hands. Most of the options available are also quite affordable which is it an advantage to those of you that are on a tight budget. You'll be able to use this product consistently without the worry of it causing you problems. Keep in mind, however, that a little bit goes a long way. You'll be able to treat a variety of different muscle and joint pains with this item and it is quite convenient to use.


They're really not very many complaints and concerns to this item. We scoured over the reviews of each of the varieties and for the most part, people are very happy with their purchases. It has been noted that if you go with a spray-on variety you need to be aware that it leaks. This could lead you to have Icy Hot on your hands or other places that you wouldn't expect it to be. This can be a bit frustrating especially if you're using the spray-on variety because you don't want to touch it. The other thing that people are not exactly thrilled with his descent. To be fair, most items in this category don't smell the best. The strong scent does fade fairly quickly but it can be an issue for those of you that have a very sensitive sense of smell. Overall, these are pretty minor complaint and most people can get past them because of how well this item works.


We feel as if this product is a pretty fantastic value. It works exceptionally well and very quickly. When you are in need of fast pain relief but you don't feel like taking another pill this item could be the perfect fix. In regards to the cost, it's going to depend on which variety you choose. Regardless of which option you go for they are all quite affordable. It is more than likely that every budget will be able to fit this in relatively easily. There are several size options available so that finding one to fit into your specific budget is a breeze. When you start to look at all of the advantages in using this item it's easy to see why so many people feel it is such a great value. Your training sessions will be easier to handle and your body is going to feel better. Obviously, this is going to improve your performance regardless of if you are working with your trainer, in a sparring session, or headed for a competition.

Bottom Line

No one wants to head to the gym for another strenuous routine when their body is feeling less than perfect. Sore muscles and Joints can really inhibit how we participate in activities. In fact, if we're too sore it may keep us away from them altogether. Using a muscle rub can truly help you recover more quickly and get back in the game. Whether you suffer from arthritis, or you have simply overworked your muscles this item can help to ensure your feeling your best. You won't have to make a major investment to call this item your own. There is a huge variety of style so that you can find the perfect one for your routine. Overall, customers are very pleased with the way this item works and how quickly it starts to take effect. It also lasts for quite a long time. Obviously, the type that you buy will have different amounts of times that it is working, however, all of them are long-lasting.