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The iHealth Core Smart Scale is a body composition scale that provides many features such as weight, body fat, BMI, body water, lean mass, visceral fat rating, muscle mass, bone mass, and daily caloric intake. It has a variety of compatible apps to choose from that you can pair with your smart scale to get the most out of it. The iHealth app is available on both iOs and Android smartphones. Holds a total of 10 unique user profiles so everyone in the family can track their weight and stats separately.

Its Wi-fi connected to the cloud at all times so all of your measurements are saved automatically and available to view on the app. If your Wi-fi is offline it also saves data within the app so you never lose track. Compatible with three different apps, iHealth My Vitals, Apple Health Kit, and Samsung S Health. It is unfortunately only available in white as a color choice so those with a black bathroom might feel a little left out. Powered fully by 4 AAA batteries which is more convenient than it being rechargeable. Options for a compatible smartwatch that they offer as well as other compatible iHealth family products. 

Editor's Pros & Cons

Sleek design


App choices

Multiple users



Lack of colors

Connection issues

Short battery life


Having a minimal design means this scale is very nice on the eye. It only comes in white as a color choice which might not be as handy for those with a darker or black bathroom. But it makes up for what it lacks in color choices with the rest of the design. It's quite thin and light is only 1” thick and it weighs in at only 5.5 lbs. This means that is easily tucked away in a cupboard if need be if let's say, you might not be happy with the only color choice. It's got a modern-looking rounded edge glass top surface that makes the scale look sleek and stylish. The underside is durable plastic and is home to the battery panel and 4 non-skid feet to prevent accidents and give an accurate weight measurement.

The fully digital screen on the front is a great stylistic choice with having a white number illuminated on the white background of the scale color. There is no square screen which makes it feel more modern and high tech. Only weight and body fat percentage will appear on the digital screen while you are weighing, the rest of the readings are only viewable via the app. You know your data is being transferred to the cloud because on the display the Wi-Fi signal will be glowing. It has four metal circles on it that are located on the scale top that is needed for the bioimpedance conductors to take the readings it needs.


This scale offers up 9 different data points such as weight, body fat, BMI, body water, lean mass, visceral fat rating, muscle mass, bone mass, and daily caloric intake. Weight is the most standard of them all and what you would hope a scale would measure. Body fat is measured by the conductors on the scale top and helps you keep awareness so you can maintain your goals. BMI is determined by your height and weight, it will let you know if you fall within a healthy weight range or not according to its calculations. Body water will let you know how much water is in your system and if you need to be drinking more to stay hydrated and flush out toxins. Lean mass is how many calories your body burns while resting, this helps let you decide how many calories per day you should be eating.

Visceral fat rating is how much fat you have in your abdominal wall, the lower you have can help prevent diseases like diabetes. Muscle mass is handy for if you are trying to build muscle it will show you where you started and how much you build upon that. Bone mass predicts how much your bones weight, everyone is different. Daily caloric intake is a calculation on how much calories you should be eating to be able to reach your goals.

You can create up to 10 unique user profiles so everyone in the family is able to keep track of their health goals. It will automatically detect who is standing on the scale with about a 5-pound variance. If you and another member of your family has a similar weight it will prompt you to select which user is standing on the scale through the app. One of the coolest and most unique features the iHealth Core smart scale has is that it can read the room temperature and humidity level. You just have to place your feet on the bottom two corners of the scale and it will display the room temperature in the bottom left and the room humidity in the bottom right. It recommends you try and keep your room temperature around 21°C to keep you feeling your best and to keep your humidity around 40%-60% to inhibit mold growth.

App Features

There are 3 different apps the iHealth Core smart scale is compatible with, their own app they have created called MyVitals which really gives you the most options in terms of stats and tracking. The MyVitals app tracks all the data the scale collects and stores it in handy charts to show you trends and how well you are doing. It also offers an analog dial that shows you how close or far you are to your specific goals and gives you encouragement to keep going. They also offer compatibility with Apple Health Kit and Samsung S Health which both come with iOS or Samsung Android phones.

Within the app, if you ever forget what a reading means or what it does you can click on them to be shown a short explanation of exactly what it means. Super handy for beginners that seem intimidated by all the features. Your BMI graph is shown in a colored line graph so at a quick glance you can tell if your BMI is within a healthy range for you and is less intimidating if you don't know what the BMI numbers are off by heart yet.


Like most standard smart scales this one has a glass scale top, plastic underside and comes with 4 non-skid feet to help keep you safe. There are 4 metal disks on the top of the scale to provide the bioimpedance conductors the readings it needs. Combined all of these things give the scale a minimalistic look that still looks stylish and high tech.

Connection Issues

One of the possible downsides of this scale is some customers reported having issues connecting their scale to the iHealth app or to the Wi-Fi. They reported having major issues syncing what they were weighing to the app itself and not being able to find a solution to why it wasn't working.

Not all customers reported this but it's something to keep in mind when deciding to make a purchase. iHealth has a contact form on their website as well as a U.S hotline you can call if you are having issues. It is unclear why there were reports about them providing no support but that is something to consider before you buy. It does, however, come with a 1 year manufacturer warranty so if you are having any issues within the first year I wouldn't hesitate to contact iHealth.


Unless you are very rough handed with your scales the iHealth Core smart scale will stand up to everyday wear and tear with ease. The glass scale top is sturdy and durable glass, as long as you are not dropping it from high heights. The plastic underside is the sturdiest part of the whole scale and will be able to take more of a beating than the glass top.

If you find your scales generally stay in one place and you don't travel with them you shouldn't have any issues with breaking or cracking. The 4 non-skid feet on the bottom not only help provide an accurate measurement but they help keep the scale and you safe but preventing it from slipping around on the floor. The maximum weight it can measure up to is 400lbs.

Ease of Use

With a 2 step setup process it’s easy to get the scale running right out of the box. You simply download the iHealth MyVitals app, scan the QR code, and connect it to the Wi-Fi and you are ready to start. It will automatically sync any measurements you take with the cloud via the Wi-fi and if you happen to be offline it can save up to 200 readings until you connect again.

If you have any other family members that are within 5 pounds the same weight as you all you will need to do is choose your user profile when you step on the scale so it knows which person it needs to save it to. No annoying on/off button required, when you step on the scale it will automatically sense your weight and will turn on and start sending readings to the cloud.

Power Source

Powered by 4 AAA batteries, this makes it more convenient than typical electronics that you have to plug in and charge. However, the battery life on this scale is a lot lower than other scales. The typical smart scale battery life is 12-18 months with consistent use and the iHealth Core smart scale only has an approximate battery life of 3 months with daily usage.

The great thing about it being battery powered as well is if you want to travel with it you will have a lot easier of a time. By being to remove the batteries you can stow it in either checked luggage or your carry on bag, whichever you prefer. The batteries come included in the box when you purchase it so no need to root around the junk drawer for spares.

Pairing Options

Not only can you pair your iHealth Core smart scale with the compatible apps, but iHealth also offers a compatible smartwatch. The smartwatch is the perfect accessory to pair with your scale if you are wanting to get the maximum benefits from it. Its waterproof and measures you while you swim, steps taken, distance traveled, calories burned, and sleep quality.

You can easily set goals and track your results, set smart alerts to wake you up in the morning or motivate you throughout the day. It syncs with the MyVitalty app with a one-touch automatic sync via Bluetooth. However, they only offer one style of watch to choose from and don't actually let you pair any other brand of smartwatches to it. But you can use their smartwatch to gather info from any other iHealth products you might own like blood pressure monitors, glucometers, thermometers, and their wireless pulse oximeter.

Bottom Line

This scale offers a good amount of different measurements like weight, body fat, BMI, body water, lean mass, visceral fat rating, muscle mass, bone mass, and daily caloric intake which is going to be cover the bases for most people in the market for a smart scale. It has two features I have never seen in a smart scale before and that is temperature and humidity. I have seen scales that tell you the weather by knowing your region but this one actually takes the temperature and humidity of your room which is a pretty cool and unique feature.

I am disappointed in the lack of quantity for compatible apps, the fact that it is only available in one color, and the fact that they only offer one style of smartwatch to pair with the scale while other brands offer lots of different models depending on your needs or budget. Overall I think if you have anything else that iHealth makes the scale would be a good investment but its not going to be the best one on the market.