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The Jayefo Beast 3.2 grappling dummy is a decent option that is very realistic. The size of this dummy will work well for taller individuals. In addition, the adjustable weight makes finding your perfect training dummy easy. Some people want a dummy that comes pre-filled but this doesn't leave you any room for adjustments.

Training in sports like Muay Thai, Aikido, Taekwondo, and other mixed martial arts requires truly durable equipment. When you are practicing on a daily basis, the things you are working with will take some serious abuse. Some consumers are getting excellent longevity of use out of this product. Conversely, some have found that the seams tear open after only a few uses.

You will be able to use the Jayefo Beast 3.2  for many different training activities. Due to the fact that the limbs are the actual length of an adult's, it will be easier to practice submission moves. Additionally, will be able to practice throws, strikes, and have some awesome ground and pound sessions with it. These are only a few of the many uses consumers have found for this piece of equipment.

Having a dummy with a solid design also plays a big role in how helpful it will be to your performance. Many dummies have their arms sticking straight out from their chest. This is very odd and awkward to train with. You will find the Jayefo Beast 3.2 is anatomically correct and that this brand has done a great job in the design of this option.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Realistic Training Dummy
  • Adjustable Weight
  • Sitting Position
  • Adult Sized
  • Easy To Fill
  • Durable Outer Material
  • Can't Use Sand Filler
  • Seam Durability Issues
  • Stiff When Filled Correctly


The Jayefo brand does not have much information available on themselves. This is due to the fact that they are an up-and-coming company that is only starting to make their mark in the world of combat sports. They do offer a plethora of options to fit into your daily routine.

Trying to find decent gloves, training equipment, pads, protective gear, and other fight sport-related goods that are an affordable price can seem impossible. This brand is offering up all of these and more at a price point that aims to please. Unfortunately, this does mean that some of their items have some design flaws and durability issues.

For the most part, people are very happy with the gear and equipment they are getting from this brand. They are improving their products and expanding their lines frequently. We believe the will continue to amass support and grow as a company. Giving them a try is going to be worth your time, in our opinion.


The materials that your combat sports equipment are made of will play a big role in how much you see will get out of it. Using high-quality materials equals years worth of use whereas inferior materials are going to fall apart quickly. Obviously, when you're making an investment into a new piece of equipment you want to know that it is made from materials that are built to last.

Typically, it's very easy to find information on the materials that different companies use. Unfortunately, this option doesn't have a ton of information available about it. Looking over the other domains that this brand has to offer it is likely that the outer material is made from a heavy-duty canvas. This is the common material among their options.

Canvas is very durable and will give you decent longevity of use as long as the stitching is solid. It is also fairly easy to maintain and does not require much care. The only other materials in the Jayefo Beast 3.2 are a zipper on the back and a velcro closure to cover it up. All of the materials used in this design are of decent quality.


If you decide to go with the Jayefo Beast 3.2 you are not going to be getting the highest quality grappling dummy. The materials are decent but they are not the very top of their class. On top of this, there have been some complaints about the quality of the stitching.

When you are participating in hard-hitting sports like Muay Thai or Taekwondo knowing that your equipment is of the best quality is important. If you invest in inferior products you're going to find that you need to replace them frequently. Obviously, this is a waste of your time and your money. This product will work well for some people and offers better quality than some other options, however, it is not the very best.

If training with a grappling dummy is only something you do on occasion, the Jayefo Beast 3.2 may be the perfect fit for your routine. As long as you're careful when you're filling it and you are not putting it through a daily pounding it should hold up just fine. This is a good example of why we feel as if the quality is only average.


Having a bit of size variety will allow your grappling dummy to be a more realistic opponent. You will be able to find the perfect size to fit your routine with the Jayefo Beast 3.2. This option comes in three different sizes that will accommodate a huge variety of fighters. It is a pretty big advantage to have such a good amount of choices as many Brands don't offer any.

The smallest option comes in at a height of 5 feet. This is going to work well for many people. In addition, it can even work well for some youth fighters. While these dummies are best suited towards adult their smallest option can work well for a larger child or still growing teen.

The Jayefo Beast 3.2 also comes in a 6-foot size. Obviously, this is pretty big and is going to suit all our Fighters better. The largest option comes in at a whopping 7 foot tall. This is very large and most dummies do not come in a size this big, however, it can work well for those of you that struggle to find a dummy that is large enough.


While the size of your grappling dummy plays a pretty big role in how successful it will be to train with the weight of it plays just as much of a critical role. Due to the fact that there are three different size options for the Jayefo Beast 3.2, each one will be able to hold a different amount of weight. Keep in mind that these come unfilled. So, you'll be able to basically make it way whatever it is that you prefer.

The five-foot model can hold up to 85 pounds. This is a decent weight for a dummy this size and most people are not going to fill it to maximum capacity when going with this size option. It is important to note that you should not fill any of these dummies with sand. The seams cannot handle it and will burst upon using it.

The 6-foot model can hold up to 90 pounds. This is the preferred weight for most users. The largest option can be stuffed up to 120 pounds. This is quite heavy. You need to remember that when working with the Jayefo Beast 3.2 you are working with dead weight so, it will seem heavier.


Maintaining all of the equipment in your home gym can be intimidating and quite time-consuming. In addition, it can mean purchasing a bunch of different cleaners and conditioners. Finding pieces of gear and equipment that are easy to care for can really minimize your time spent cleaning.

Figuring out how to take care of the Jayefo Beast 3.2 is a bit difficult. We say this because the exact outer material is not listed. So, figuring out how to take care of it is a mystery. If it is, indeed made of canvas caring for it is relatively simple.

More often than not with canvas, you will simply need to spot clean it. You can even spray it down with a deodorizing product to keep it smelling great after a sweaty workout. Overall, it shouldn't be much of an inconvenience to keep the Jayefo Beast 3.2 looking and smelling great.


There have been mixed reviews on the durability of the Jayefo Beast 3.2. This is a pretty major let down. When you are investing in items to practice fight sports you need to know that they can stand up to the challenge. The gear and equipment that you are using will be under constant abuse.

Where consumers are noticing durability issues is in the seams. This is a typical point of contention with items in this category. Bursting seams during use is a pretty big let-down but it happens more often then it should. By reinforcing seams, the manufacturer can make sure that you won't have to go through this issue.

There is no mention of the seams of the Jayefo Beast 3.2 being reinforced. This is likely the reason that it falls apart rather quickly with frequent use. It is also important to keep in mind that you should not fill this dummy with sand. It can't handle the weight of it and will cause durability issues in the long run.


One of the aspects that consumers appreciate the most about the Jayefo Beast 3.2 is the size availability. It offers a nice range that will suit just about every fighter. Whether you are relatively short or extremely tall one of their options should fit you very well.

Another bonus to using this option over others in the same class is the fact that they are very realistic. The arms and legs are of a length that is appropriate. This can make many training activities very difficult. When working with this option you won't have to worry about that as it is quite proportionate.

Working with a grappling dummy that is a realistic size can make major improvements in your performance. Obviously, the best way to learn is to work with an actual sparring partner, however, people can be hurt and ware down quickly. You will be able to train with this dummy at any point and for as long as you want without the worry of causing it injury or it becoming too tired to continue.


There are definitely some disadvantages associated with the Jayefo Beast 3.2. Taking them under careful consideration can guarantee that you find the perfect fit for your training routine. Many people truly love this item but others wish they would have invested their money somewhere else.

The first and probably biggest disadvantage of the Jayefo Beast 3.2 is that there are seemed durability issues. Obviously, if your grappling dummy is falling apart after only a few uses you're going to be truly disappointed. This product may not stand up very well to the high impact nature of sports like karate, Judo, or Muay Thai.

Another issue that consumers have with the Jayefo Beast 3.2 is that they cannot use any sand as a filler. The materials won't hold up to this heavy filler. When consumers are looking to make their dummy fairly heavy not using sand can be a bit difficult. This is truly more of an inconvenience than an actual disadvantage.


When you decide to invest in the Jayefo Beast 3.2 you will be getting a product that is an average value. This is not the highest quality option in the market however it is also not the very worst one that is available in this class. Some people will get excellent longevity of use of it, while others will find that it falls apart rather quickly. This will truly depend on how frequently you use it, what you fill it with, and the type of training activity that is being performed.

In regards to the cost of the Jayefo Beast 3.2, it is more affordable than many other options. Part of this is due to the fact that it is not pre-filled. Pre-filled grappling dummies absolutely cost more money. When looking at the price tag of this item as compared to other unfilled items it is average.

With that being said keep in mind that you will still be making a decent investment when calling this item your own. You may not get the longest use out of it but it will work into most budgets more easily than others. Obviously, there are other aspects than the cost that should be taken into consideration when trying to determine the true value of this product in your routine.

Bottom Line

If you are looking for a relatively inexpensive grappling dummy that comes in a good-sized variety this could be a good fit for you. You do have some power over how much your dummy will way. Depending on what type of filler you use you can easily make it heavier or lighter depending on what you are after.

There are absolutely some downfalls that may be deal breakers about this item. If you are serious about mixed martial arts or wrestling you may not find that this product offers the durability that you are looking for. However, it is anatomically correct and can give you a very realistic training session.

For the most part, people are pretty happy with the performance they're getting from the Jayefo Beast 3.2. Not everyone is seeing the same durability issues. Overall, if your budget is tight and you are looking for something that is easy to fill you may want to give this item a shot.