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The Jayefo Mr. Peter X grappling dummy offers exceptionally versatile training options. You will, obviously, be able to use this dummy to practice your throws, submission moves, and other down on the mat training techniques. In addition, you can hang it. This will give you three hundred and sixty-degree training. Your strikes and groundwork with both improve while using this option.

Training with a grappling dummy that is anatomically correct gives you the most realistic sessions. While this one is shaped like a real human, consumers have noted that the arms are quite short. This can make pulling certain maneuvers off quite difficult. Overall, people are pretty happy with the shape and size of this option.

There are many options out there to suit a variety of grappling dummy needs. This one comes to you unfilled. Many fighters really like this because they can make their dummy the perfect weight for their routine. Having the ability to increase or decrease the challenge of your routine is an advantage. In addition, it can allow this dummy to grow with your youth fighter.

Trying to find affordable options in combat sports-related gear and equipment can be a challenge. This brand offers options that are more affordable than many. You need to be careful, however, as sometimes you will not be getting the best quality. This brand uses good materials, however, there do tend to be some quality and durability issues within their lines.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Can Easily Hang
  • Very Affordable
  • High-Quality Materials
  • Adjustable Weight
  • Youth & Adult Use
  • Versatile Training Purposes
  • Short Arms
  • Seam Durability Issues


The Jayefo brand has not been around for an exceptional amount of time and there is limited information regarding their brand. They do offer a huge variety of fight sport-related items. This can make finding all the pieces you need simple. In addition, all of their items tend to come in at a lower price point than many others.

Whether you are just starting out in the world of boxing or mixed martial arts or if you have been at it for years, you will need to collect several pieces of gear and equipment. This can become very pricey so finding things that are affordable can really help with your budget. If you need gloves, wraps, trunks, training gear, protective equipment, or other items you will be able to find them with this brand.

As noted, sometimes a cheaper price means a lesser quality item. There are some items from this brand that consumers are raving about. Conversely, some are truly disappointing. You will want to be careful when purchasing from Jayefo, to ensure you are getting pieces of equipment that will truly last you.


There's a pretty standard set of materials that get used for grappling dummies. Most brands work to keep their dummies fairly simple. They know they need to use high-quality materials that can withstand the consistent abuse that comes to our training equipment.

As noted this grappling dummy does not come filled, you will simply get the outer shower. It is made from an exceptionally tough piece of canvas. Canvas is not as frequently used as other materials but it does make a good quality outer for this type of equipment.

You really only come into contact with two other pieces of material. There is a fairly large zipper on the back that you will use to fill this dummy up. In addition, there is an extra piece of canvas that has velcro attached to it. This is used to cover up the zipper so you don't have to worry about injuring your skin during use.


Some pieces of this dummy are very high-quality While others seem to be lacking a bit. The outer material that they have chosen is quite durable and will give you excellent longevity of use. This is certainly good in terms of quality.

Consumers have run into a few problems regarding this item and its quality. If it is packed too full of material you are definitely going to have issues with your seams bursting open. They have not reinforced the way that they should be. Obviously, this is a pretty big letdown if you plan on training with this dummy on a daily basis.

Another quality issue that we have heard about in regards to this item is the fact that the arms are very short. Trying to keep a dummy as anatomically correct as possible opens up a good variety of training opportunities. With short arms, it can be a bit difficult to pull off some of the maneuvers you may want to focus on.


Having a little bit of size variety is a pretty good advantage. Obviously, not everyone is the same height and finding a grappling dummy that feels like a real training partner is important. Some Brands give you three or four options. You will have two different size options when you decide to go with this item.

The first size option comes in at a height of right around 5 feet. This is going to accommodate youth, intermediate, and shorter fighters. It truly is a versatile size that will work very well for many people. Obviously, if you're very tall you are going to find this option to be too short for realistic training.

The other option has a height of right around 6 feet. A 6-foot grappling dummy is going to be most appropriate for taller men and women. Trying to find a dummy to suit people that are 6 foot or taller can be difficult. So, we were happy to see that the size option was available from this brand.


As previously mentioned, this dummy is going to come to you on Phil. This is going to give you quite a bit of weight versatility. It will all depend on what you decide to use to fill this grappling dummy up on how much it will weigh.

It is rated to hold up to about 120 pounds, keep in mind that this is deadweight. What that means to you is that 120 lb is going to feel exceptionally heavy. Most people do not add this much weight to their dummy. In addition, it could lead to durability issues if you decide to make it this heavy.

If you are going to use this dummy for a youth fighter it is advantageous to fill it with a lighter material like cotton or the beans used to stuff a bean bag. When choosing to use this for an adult and looking for a heavier dummy you will want to pack it with shredded fabric material. It is important to note that most canvas dummies will not handle sand and you will want to avoid this as a filler.


Maintaining this product is not exceptionally difficult. You won't have to worry about adding a bunch of time to your maintenance routine. Obviously, and today's Busy World the last time it takes you to keep up with things the better.

As noted, this product is made from canvas. This means that you won't want to spray it down with your standard gym cleaners. More often than not you will simply want to spot clean it. Additionally, you can use deodorizing products if it starts to smell a little less than fresh.

Many consumers have noted that they have had the greatest success by putting a Gi on their dummy. This will allow you to simply remove the clothing and throw it in the washer after a sweaty training session. This can truly make it easier to maintain this piece of equipment and save you quite a bit of time in the long run.


Depending on what aspect of this product you are looking at some pieces of very durable While others may let you down. It is very important that when you are purchasing fighting equipment you know that it's going to last. The high-impact nature of these types of sports can break gear and equipment down very quickly.

The outer material, zipper, and zipper closure are all quite durable. You're not going to need to worry about these places breaking down. They will handle the toughest training sessions with ease.

One place that you may have some major durability issues is in the seams. This is a common point of contention with grappling dummies. People tend to have the most trouble with bursting scenes when they fill their grappling dummies to a heavier weight. Consumers have mentioned that the durability around the arms and where the hanging straps are attached are the worst site on this option.


We would have to say that the biggest advantage in choosing this item over others is the fact that it's going to give you better versatility in training activities. Due to the fact that you can hang this item, you will have the ability for 360-degree training. It will be able to be easily used as a grappling dummy or a punching bag.

Another advantage associated with this product is the fact that it is very easy to fill. It can be an extreme challenge trying to get stepping down in the legs and arms of your grappling dummy. The way that this one is structured and designed, you should not struggle nearly as much with it.

Consumers are also quite pleased with how easy it is to transition this item between activities. You won't have to deal with difficult straps. Simply pull it down and get to your next set of activities in your routine.


They're not a plethora of disadvantages that go alongside this item. However, the ones that it does have are pretty big. In fact, they have been deal breakers for many users. You will absolutely want to take them into serious consideration before deciding if this is the perfect option for your training regimen.

The first issue that consumers have with this item is seam durability. We have talked about this previously, however, it is critical that you understand it. If you overstuff this dummy or are using it on a frequent basis for heavy sessions, it may not be up to the challenge. Obviously, if you're dummy is bursting open it is no longer going to be usable so, as you can see, this is a pretty big disadvantage.

The other issue that consumers have with this option as compared to others is the length of the arms. They have noted that they are fairly short. This will make practicing arm bars and other submission moves quite difficult. Obviously, the more realistic you are training dummy is the better and short arms is not so good.


While this product is very affordable we have to say that we feel as if it is slightly less than the average value. So many people are having issues with durability that we are not confident this dummy is going to hold up. This is a pretty big disadvantage considering the nature of Combat Sports.

If you only dabble in sports like Muay Thai, karate, or other mixed martial arts than this product may work out okay for you. If you are not putting it under consistent abuse it should hold up fairly well. For those of you that are serious about your fight sport, this is probably not the best option for your venture.

It is true, pretty much everyone will be able to fit this dummy into their budget. Part of the reason for this is the fact that it comes to you unfilled. Versions that come to you that are not pre-filled are always more affordable. So, if you are on a very tight budget you may decide that this option will be suitable for you.

Bottom Line

When it comes down to it there are aspects of this grappling dummy that are very good and there are some that are very bad. It will work decently well for some routines and it does give you some variety in size and weight. These are some of the bigger advantages that are associated with this product.

Looking over the disadvantages it is simple to see why they would be deal breakers for some users. If you are heavy into combat sports this product simply does not have the durability that you are looking for. In addition, there are more realistic options out there that can truly help to improve your performance.

Overall, some people are quite happy with their purchase of this item and some are truly disappointed. It truly is a roll of the dice. Not everybody is having the same issues even though we see some common ones cropping up frequently.