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Kaged Muscle In Kaged Reviewed Review Facts

If you are looking for a basic Branched Chain Amino Acid supplement, Kaged Muscle In Kaged is not for you. It will give you a good dose of quick-dissolving BCAAs that your body will absorb quickly allowing your muscles increased power, recovery, and growth. There is also a great mix of ingredients to support your focus and drive. With added endurance, whether participating in a boxing class, training for a marathon, or trying to crush leg day, you will not peter out so quickly. This supplement helps you to perform better than ever before. Comprised of the best quality ingredients you can trust this product to help you become healthier, not hold you back. You are sure to notice the increase to your pump. You will be adding sets with less fatigue at the end than you have experienced before. This helps build muscle and strength faster and easier. This option is free from most of the negatives we associate with this kind of product including proprietary blends, artificial flavors and dyes, and other unwanted ingredients. In addition, there are no ingredients in this product that are on the banned substance list, further confirming that this product will help us in the healthy lifestyle we strive for.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • 5 Calories/Serving
  • 1 Gram Carbohydrates
  • Clear Labeling
  • No Artificial Colors or Flavors
  • Increases Pump
  • Carries All BCAAs
  • Helps With Hydration
  • Vegan-Friendly
  • Limited Flavor Variety
  • Strong Flavor
  • Contains Artificial Sweetener
  • May Disrupt Sleep Patterns


Kaged Muscle is a brand full of integrity. They offer some of the best and safest supplements on today's market because they are always concerned for your personal health and safety. There is no disguising ingredient content behind proprietary blends and every formula they use are backed by copious amounts of research. The way this brand derives its ingredients is also quite different. They take the time to keep things natural. This includes thing like using fermented plant-based materials rather than feathers and hair to give us high-quality BCAAs that our bodies can digest more easily. They also stay away from artificial colors and flavors as many of these have been found to do more harm than good. Overall, Kaged Muscle cares about their products and how they will affect people. Trusting them is to know you have found a company that actually stands with you in your journey towards better health and fitness.


While there is not a lot of flavor variety, the ones that are available are great. Customers agree that the taste is quite strong but it is also quite good. Some find it a bit too sweet but compared to other brands that are gaggingly sweet, it's not so bad. There have been a few notes of a slight aftertaste. Both of these are associated with the ingredient Sucralose. Kaged Muscle has a good balance on this sweetener which is why the sweetness and aftertaste are quite minimal. Another common issue with the taste of BCAA supplements is the fact that they are usually quite bitter. Again, because of a well-balanced formula, we are not showing any reports of that. We are sure if, given the chance, this product will exceed your expectations in terms of taste.


Flavor variety can be very important to some people. Some brands, however, offer so many it can be difficult to choose. This will not be a problem here. You only get two flavors to choose from, Cherry Lemonade or Watermelon. While we understand this is not a lot of option we don't feel as if it is necessarily a bad thing. Both flavors are very well developed and their formulas as close to spot on in terms of flavor as you could ask for. So, you will have the ability to switch it up between the two plus you get a great taste from both of them. Also, to be fair, we don't buy these types of supplements for their flavor, we buy them for their effect. The aspect of great flavor is just icing on the cake.


Supplement consistency can be something from your nightmares. From Whey Proteins to pre-workouts we have all run into a few that are simply impossible to mix. In regards to this product, you don't have to worry one bit about consistency. It dissolves completely and easily. There are no reports of it having a gritty mouthfeel or parts of your serving being stuck to your bottle. We also find it impressive that there are no notes of this product being chalky. It is very common of BCAA powders to leave behind a chalky feel and we can all appreciate the fact that this one does not.


Kaged Muscle In Kaged is very effective in a variety of ways. When dealing with Branched Chain Amino Acids, for some, it is hard to tell if they are really working. While they are most certainly working the only thing you will notice is decreased muscle soreness after long, grueling workouts. Where you will really notice it is in the other parts of your fitness routine. It contains ingredients to give you a boost of energy and focus that you will notice quickly after taking it. You will also achieve stellar pumps and added endurance, that again can and will be noticed after just one serving. It does a great job at increasing your circulation allowing you to go longer and stronger than ever before. The effectiveness of this product to help you on your fitness journey is better than most others.


Due to the fact that this product is like getting two supplements in one, it does carry a slightly bigger ingredients list. You will get a 2:1:1 ratio of the Branched Chain Amino Acids your muscles need for faster recovery, protection, and increased lean growth. These advantages come from two and a half grams of L-Leucine, one and a quarter grams of L-Isoleucine, and one and a quarter grams of L-Valine. These are proven to work and while our bodies naturally make some Amino Acids, these we can only get from supplements or from the foods we consume.

The other piece of the ingredients list works very similarly to a pre-workout supplement. With L-Citrulline, Beta-Alanine, and Coconut Water Powder you will gain increased endurance, extra pump potential, and gain some hydration. They also include Taurine, L-Tyrosine, and Caffeine to keep you focused, energized, and ready to crush all of your activities. It is important to note they also include other ingredients like Sucralose for sweetening and beetroot extract for coloring. The other ingredients listed are minimal and there for coloring, flavor, and consistency.


Your performance will be positively affected on the first day of using this product and as you continue to use it, your performance will become better and better. Increased energy and strength plus protection for your growing muscles will help you push hard day in and day out. When you look at all the performance benefits of the piece of this product that is like a pre-workout it is easy to see how well this is going to help you step up your game. Your circulation will increase, meaning you won't need as much time between sets to catch your breath and recover. You will be able to push hard through your entire set rather than succumbing to fatigue. Looking longer term, because of the added drive and ability to work harder, you will be able to set new goals that you never imagined.


Keeping your muscles hydrated is a key component to keeping them feeling great. Dehydration can lead to a plethora of health problems. This product has five hundred milligrams of Coconut Water Powder in each serving. This is going to really help in terms of keeping you hydrated which in turn will give you better energy and keep your muscles happy. Add to this the fact that you are mixing this supplement with actual water and you have an extra hydration bonus. Trying to fit more water into your routine can be hard but this product actually simplifies the whole process. It is nice to know this brand realizes the importance of great hydration and works to ensure their products will help you in this area.


There are two ingredients in this formula that help exponentially with circulation which helps with performance. They are L-Citrulline and Beta-Alanine. These ingredients help to increase your blood flow, thus allowing your muscles to receive a higher concentration of Oxygen and nutrients. By doing so you will notice a big difference in your pump and your ability to make it through every set more easily. The reps at the end won't seem as difficult and you won't feel like your muscles simply can't push hard enough for the last few. This effect will help you become stronger faster. The ability to kill every gym session, from Muay Thai classes to Spinning, will absolutely help you see results faster than you ever have before.


The caffeine count of this product is really quite low. With one hundred and twenty-four milligrams of caffeine per serving most people should be able to handle this without any of the negative side effects, we associate with caffeinated products. This is not to say that you won't get a good boost in energy while using this supplement. It does not only depend on caffeine to give you the increased energy, drive, and focus needed to annihilate your fitness activities. By blending ingredients for this purpose you avoid things like the jitters and awful crash associated with high caffeine contents. Overall, you will get a great boost and even those that typically avoid caffeine can use this product with very little worry.


Part of the reason people love this brand and their product is they don't use proprietary blends. When companies do this you can not see the actual amount of each ingredient and oftentimes some of the ingredients are being used as fillers. The fact that Kaged Muscle gives the exact breakdown of the main ingredients helps us easily see that there are not any fillers being used. Inferior brands use this type of ingredient in a variety of ways but they are all for the same purpose, money. Filler ingredients can be harmful and lead to an array of problems and unwanted side effects. The lack of fillers is awesome and a great reason so many people have rallied behind this brand.


The serving size for this choice is a bit higher than most. One scoop equals one serving and it contains almost seventeen grams of powder. Most brands fall around ten grams for a serving. Now, this can cause some mixing problems but Kaged Muscle has a solid formula where this is not a problem. There is no variety in size of the container when you decide you want this product and you will only get twenty servings per container. If you aren't using this product every day then that may be a non-issue. Making it part of your daily routine will require you to buy more than one and this will, of course, increase the price of your monthly supply go up. Taking into consideration you will basically be getting two products in one and what they cost separately does make it a bit easier to swallow.

Side Effects

Taking supplements always comes with a list of side effects no matter if you are using Testosterone Boosters, Vegan Protein Powders, or Caffeine supplements, there is always something to be aware of. BCAA supplements are known for causing bloating, an increase of glucose levels, and fatigue. It is also important to note that if you are pregnant or nursing you should not be taking a BCAA product without first speaking with your doctor. The pre-workout like ingredients are known for giving you a tingling sensation in your appendages, face, and chest shortly after drinking. You may also experience stomach upset, headaches, nausea, or trouble with your sleep patterns. These are all pretty minor and this product does not have many mentions of side effects. Keep in mind that these are the most common but depending on your nomenclature you may experience others.


Using a Branched Chain Amino Acid supplement will keep your muscles feeling better after long sessions in the gym. Additionally, it will help maintain new muscle, as well as, help in the continuation of them growing. You will also get the energy you need to keep the bar high from the beginning to the end of your routine. Added stamina will help you work longer and harder thus producing better results in weight loss, muscle growth, or skill, depending on why you are working so hard in the first place. This product tastes great and mixes up easily which may be small but is an advantage when comparing it to others in its class. You will watch your performance soar to levels you never expected when using this awesome product brought to us by Kaged Muscle.


Looking at the disadvantages of this product there are a few but they are all quite small in the grand scheme of things. You aren't going to get much in terms of flavor variety and you aren't going to get enough out of each container to last the entire month if used daily. There is also the fact that because you are using a product that is like two different products you are getting a double set of side effects. Other than these couple things we do not see any real disadvantages to adding it into your routine. Again, they are minor and for most people, the giant list of advantages means much more than these meager annoyances that you may have when using this option.


One container of this product does cost a bit more than others in its class. Stripped down BCAA supplements are very affordable for pretty much any budget. You are getting quite a bit more than just a Branched Chain Amino Acid product. There is even the possibility of cutting your pre-workout supplement out of your routine and out of your budget. Because this product gives you the BCAAs your body needs and the awesome effects of a pre-workout we feel this product is a great value. It is clean and healthy for you and the label is very clear about what it contains. They avoid ridiculous ingredients that are not wanted or needed. There is a lot to consider in terms of value and we feel this product won't let you down after looking at it as a whole.

Bottom Line

Choosing supplements can be difficult and often we feel like we don't really know what we are getting or who we should trust. Kaged Muscle is a brand that is full of integrity, ingenuity, and innovation. Trusting them is something consumers have been able to do easily because not only are they honest about their products they truly want to help all of us succeed in leading healthier lifestyles. You will have to shell out a bit more money and you won't have a bunch of options in flavor or size but you will have a product that really works. We don't think you can go wrong when deciding to add this to your routine.