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Kaged Muscle Pre-Kaged Reviewed Review Facts

Kaged Muscle Pre-Kaged will give you an intense amount of focus, energy, and drive. When you head to the gym or decide to work up a sweat at home this pre-workout will give you everything you need to go longer and stronger than ever before. It carries a higher than average amount of L-Citrulline which is used to give you serious pumps. While many of these types of products use ingredients that are banned, you won't have that worry with Kaged Muscle. They have their products tested by an outside source to guarantee transparency in their ingredient list. It is also formulated to mix easily and completely while being able to be digested just as easily. This will give you the kick you need even faster. When you are trying to live a clean and healthy lifestyle it can be scary to invest in supplements because you never really know what may be in them. Regardless of if it is a Protein powder or a pre-workout you need to be careful to ensure you are putting healthy substances into your body that will help not harm you. When using Kaged Muscle Pre-Kaged you won't ever have to worry as they take quality exceptionally seriously.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Increases Workout Longevity
  • Excellent Energy Increase
  • Fast Acting
  • No Jitters
  • Decent Taste
  • Variety of Uses
  • Enhances Focus
  • Top Quality Ingredients
  • Pricey
  • May Increase Heart Rate
  • No Longer Contains Capsimax
  • Limited Flavor Options


Kaged Muscle's outlook is simple, give customers products that are affordable, backed by innovation and science, and use ingredients that are of the highest quality. Their products are transparent meaning that what you read on the label is actually what is in it. You won't have to worry about harmful substances that you don't even know are there. They want to promote safe and reliable products that you know won't inhibit your health and overall fitness goals. Regardless of if you are just starting your fitness journey or you have been an athlete your entire life, these products will help you reach new heights and are always 100% free of banned ingredients.


There are a very limited number of flavor options and quite honestly most people are not in love with the taste of them. The taste isn't overly sweet, in reality, it is quite sour. It does mix up fairly well and doesn't leave a terrible aftertaste but the actual flavors are not the best. They aren't so bad that you will find them undrinkable but they certainly aren't as delicious as some other varieties on the market. To be fair most of us don't use pre-workout supplements for their flavor but rather for their effect. Most will be able to get over the not so great taste because this product is clean and really works.


Most pre-workout brands offer four or more flavors to ensure you can change it up and find one that you really like. When you choose this brand, unfortunately, you only have a choice between two different flavors. You can purchase it in Fruit Punch or Crisp Green Apple. The Fruit Punch is better liked than the Crisp Green Apple but there are still exceptionally mixed reviews. The Crisp Green Apple is seriously sour. For some, this may be a plus but if you aren't a fan of sour you may want to avoid it.


When mixing this up you will need to use more water than you are probably used to. Once mixed you may notice a bit of sediment on the bottom of your blender bottle. This doesn't seem to cause that gritty feeling while drinking but it does show that this product does not mix quite as well as others in its class. The scoop is quite a bit larger than others you may have used in the past and that is why you will need more water because you are using more powder. When it's time to drink it, it will be relatively smooth and you should be left with undissolved bits left in your mouth. You may have a bit of a chalky feel left in your mouth after drinking because of the added Block Chain Amino Acids that are used in the formula.


Depending on your pre-workout usage this product's effectiveness varies. The more you intake caffeine the more your body gets used to it so the energizing factor may decrease with time. If you are someone that has been using strong pre-workout products for quite some time you may not get the boost from this clean product like you do with other more heavily synthetic products. This is not to say it won't give you the boost you need it just may not be as extreme as you expect. For those that are new to the pre-workout game or sensitive to caffeine, this product is going to pack a serious punch. You may want to start with a smaller dose to ensure you don't have any crazy side effects. Overall, this product does what it is intended to do and you are sure to notice the difference once adding it to your daily intake.


The facts about which ingredients do what is clearly laid out on the labels of this product. It makes it very easy to see why each ingredient is there. Let's start by looking at what it is that gives you some stellar pump. L-Citrulline and Quercetin Anhydrous are what make you reach those amazing pumping levels. Next, we have the Muscle Fuel section. Here you will find L-Leucine, L-Isoleucine, and L-Valine. You will find betaine and Creatine HCL are used to give you extra strength and power. Beta-Alanine is responsible for increased blood flow which allows you to workout harder and longer. They have also added Coconut Water Powder to increase hydration. Lastly, there is the piece that helps with focus. This consists of Taurine, N-Acetyl-L-Tyrosine, L-Tyrosine, and Caffeine derived from green coffee beans. There are some other ingredients used for flavoring and sweetening but they are minimal and can be found by looking over the label of this product. They vary slightly depending on which flavor you decide to purchase.


You will get two hundred and seventy-four milligrams of caffeine per serving. This is fairly high in the world of pre-workout supplements. If you are sensitive to caffeine or you don't drink caffeinated beverages very often this may be too much and give you an intense high and a crushing low. For most people, this amount will be fine and get you the right amount of energy with little or no crash. For those that are used to exceptionally high caffeine levels, you may find this isn't quite enough to get you where you want to be. You need to remember it is not the only ingredient in this blend to help with energy and focus. With the combination of ingredients give it a try before you decide there simply isn't enough caffeine in it for you.


You will be ingesting about one gram of sugar when you take this pre-workout. Which is a super small amount and should not affect your daily sugar intake much at all. There are two sweetening agents used in their formula. They use Stevia Leave and Sucralose. Stevia is a natural sugar whereas Sucralose is an artificial sweetener. If you are left with a bad aftertaste in your mouth you can thank the Sucralose for that as it is commonly known for having that effect. Additionally, Sucralose is also responsible for making products like this and Protein powders super sweet. Stevia can also add to the aftertaste and it is responsible for the little bit of actual sugar you will have when you use this for your pre-workout needs.


Beta-Alanine is used to open up your blood vessels and increase blood flow. What does this do for you? Well, it allows you to work harder and longer. By allowing extra nutrients and Oxygen to reach your muscles during a serious session at the gym you will find that you are able to work out for an extended period of time, increase reps, and increase weight if you are lifting. Improving circulation is a huge part of why these types of supplements work. You will find after using just one dose that your potential and your goals will soar higher than you ever imagined.


It is pretty much unanimous that this product will not cause you to crash. This is because of the balance of ingredients. So you can work out hard and still make it through the rest of your day without feeling like you ran into a wall and need to take a nap. A lot of people avoid pre-workout because of the dreaded crash and finding one that pretty much no one experiences a crash from is an amazing feature. You will notice a slow decline of energy as it starts to leave your system but it is mild and will leave you feeling just fine to complete any other activities you may have planned for the day. Regardless of if you decide to lift weights or take a Boxing class, you won't have to worry about being to exhausted to move on to the next part of your day.


When dealing with a truly transparent product like this you really don't need to worry about fillers. You simply won't find any. Tons of other brands will use extra flavoring, gums, and acids to bulk their product up or make it look as if there are more nutrients in it then there actually are. Kaged Muscle believes that you should get a pure clean product free of this kind of thing. Users agree that it is a wonderful thing to not have to worry about what filler is being included and what is that filler adding to your pre-workout. Sometimes it will increase calories or sugar values which is unacceptable when you are on a strict diet. Likewise, it could increase the carb count and if you find yourself on a diet like Keto then you know this is 100% unacceptable.


A serving of this option is about thirty-two grams or one scoop. This is a much larger scoop then you may be used to seeing. It is partially due to the fact that Kaged Muscle using top quality ingredients instead of synthetic ones of lower quality. This means it takes a bit more to give you exactly what you are looking for. When purchasing you will only have one size option available and it yields about twenty servings. This is not very much and will require you to buy more than one container if you are using it on a daily basis and you want enough to last a full month.

Side Effects

While there is quite a laundry list of side effects associated with pre-workout powders, this product has significantly fewer things to watch out for. Their formula is exceptionally clean and helps decrease adverse effects. You may experience a bit of nausea but it seems to pass quickly. There are a couple things that are serious that could happen when using this product and you should stop use if they occur. These things are an increase in your blood pressure or excessive heart palpitations. The last two side effects listed here are very uncommon and most people have no reaction at all when using this product.


The biggest advantage of this product is the transparency of its ingredient list. When you strive to live a clean and healthy lifestyle it's nice to know there are companies out there that want to aid you in it. You won't have to worry about the terrible crashing effect of this type of product as it is something that isn't happening among the users. You will see an increase in your energy, drive, focus, pumps, and overall workout longevity. Overall, this product will do what you need it to and you won't have to worry much about all the negative effects that are associated with this kind of product.


There are a few disadvantages when you decide to make this your daily pre-workout. Many users find that when using it over an extended period of time it stops working as effectively and they need to increase the serving they are taking. Additionally, there are seriously limited flavors and no size options. On top of the limited variety, people don't really like the taste of the two flavors that are available. It is also quite a bit pricier than other options on today's market. Lastly, you only get twenty servings per container which means if you use it on a daily basis one container will not be enough to get you through the month.


In terms of quality, there are few better than this one. When you spend your days worrying about what you put in your body you want to make sure your supplements line up with your ideals. Trusting Kaged Muscle Pre-Kage means you know they will only put the best ingredients in their products. Their products go through stringent testing to make sure they are the best quality. It is a huge point of pride within their company and something we assume will never stop. You are sure to notice your performance increase which is due to the exceptional quality of this product.


Keeping things clean and pure does cost more. This product carries a higher price tag than most others in its class. This is understandable when you think of the ingredients that are used. You won't have to worry about fillers or horrific side effects. Continuing on your path for a clean lifestyle can be achieved when you trust in this product for you pre-workout needs. The lack of flavor and size options is a bit disappointing but overall it doesn't really decrease the value. This product will give you more energy, stronger pumps, and increased exercise duration. We feel if you give it a try you will not be disappointed.

Key Features

3.5 Grams BCAAs
2 Grams of Taurine
274 Grams of Caffeine
1.5 Grams of Creatine
6.5 Grams L-Citrulline

Bottom Line

When it comes down to it there are very few products on today's market that can match the pure clean performance of this product. It will cost you a bit more but you won't have to worry about what is in it. This is because of the transparency of their label. Simply turn it over and you will know exactly what you are putting into your body. Their formula may not be quite as potent as others but it will give you the desired effect without all the annoying side effects. It does carry a pretty high caffeine content so if you are sensitive be careful and reduce the dosage until you know what you can handle. Overall, if you invest in this product we feel you will be completely satisfied with everything but the flavor.