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Looking for an exercise bike for indoor use that comes with a plethora of bells and whistles? The Keiser M3i may just be the bike for you. It is packed with features to challenge you and keep you connected to your favorite apps. You can even check out the Keiser M Series app that will help you train in a variety of ways. It will also help you keep track of how often you are crushing your workouts. Due to the fact that this product has so many features, it will seamlessly fit into your workout routine. Regardless of if biking is your preferred activity or not, this product has advantages to suit everyone from boxers to less than active people trying to improve their health. So, whether you are trying to lose weight, improve speed, enhance your muscles, or simply get a bit more fit this bike can help you achieve your goals. It is exceptionally well-made and provides you with an endless supply of workout options. It offers true adjustability and a smooth ride. This will ensure you maintain an optimal level of comfort no matter how long you decide to keep pedaling. This product looks great too. While this may not be the most important thing, it always feels good to have a new piece of fitness equipment that makes your home gym look professional.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Silent Ride
  • Many Advanced Features
  • Easy Device Connection
  • Adjustable Gears
  • Clip-In Pedals
  • Good Size Media Tray
  • Easy To Adjust
  • Exceptionally Stable
  • Need Own Tools
  • Extremely Expensive


Keiser brand came to fruition more than forty years ago. Keiser equipment is being used by professionals across the world. From soccer to weightlifting everyone can find benefits in using their top quality items. It is likely you have used Keiser fitness equipment in your local gym and many are starting to add their bikes, treadmills, and other training gear to their home gyms. You will be making quite an investment when you go with this brand but you will get durable products you can rely on. With great innovation and attention to detail, you will be getting some of the most advanced options available in today’s market. Overall, this is an exceptional brand and making an investment in their products is a great investment in your overall health and wellness.

Basic Features

When you make a large investment as you would be with this one you expect that it's going to have a great set of basic features. With this model, you'll be getting all of the basic features you want and need. It has a water bottle holder that is not your typical cage. It is a gravity water bottle holder which will accommodate a variety of different bottle sizes and keep it within easy reach. You will also have great adjustability. Not only is the seat fully adjustable so are the handlebars. This will ensure that you have an excellent ride and can maintain a comfortable position. It also has wheels on the frame so that you can easily relocate this option and free up space in your home gym. Overall, it's nice to see that you will get each and every basic feature you need to have a great ride.

Advanced Features

Kaiser has done an exceptional job at working in fantastic advanced features. This bike offers you many exciting aspects. It offers a computer screen that will allow you to easily track how far you've gone, how fast you've done it, and the number of calories you burned while biking. This is only the beginning. You will also be able to keep track of your heart rate and stay connected with your favorite fitness apps. Not only will you have access to linking your information to apps like MyFitnessPal but you can also download and use the Kaiser app. You will also be able to use a media tray to hold your tablet or other electronic devices. This will allow you to watch your favorite shows, listen to music, or catch up on the news while you improve your fitness. This is only a look at all of the advanced features that this product has to offer.


Consumers are excited about the pedals that come with this product. They offer a great deal of versatility. While using them in one direction you can safely strap your feet into the toe cages to help improve your thrust which will give you a more effective workout. For many bikes, this is where it stops. Kaiser has really provided a well-thought-out product when they designed this bike. You can flip the pedals over and have a completely different option. The other side of this paddle will allow you to clip in your shoes and is an SPD styled pedal. For those of you that are used to this type of pedal due to participation in spin classes, it is an excellent aspect. It will save you time and money from needing to replace the pedals of this bike before using it.


Some of the features of this bike really work towards providing a great level of comfort While others may need a bit of improvement. The V-shaped frame is the aspect that will improve your comfort as you'll find a more suitable sitting position. With the adjustability of the seat and handlebars combined with the shape of the frame, you won't have to worry about an awkward feel while you're biking. The seat is where there is some contention. For some, they find it to be very comfortable while others have mentioned that they needed to add a gel cover to improve the level of comfort. If need be you can even switch out the seat for your preferred type. Everyone agrees that the handlebars offer good grip positions and a comfortable feel while biking. Overall, consumers are satisfied with the level of comfort they get while using this piece of equipment and feel that even adding a gel seat cover is barely an inconvenience.


A magnetic resistance system is what is used in this bike. magnetic resistance is one of the best available in terms of resistance options for exercise bikes. You will truly feel as if you are out on the road as you pedal this option. The ride you get will be exceptionally smooth and also very quiet. This type of resistance will not wear out quickly. You'll be able to repeat your rides with ease. For years to come, this bike will stand by you and this well-researched resistance system will allow you peace of mind and knowing your workouts will be consistent. Whether you are looking to take it easy or truly challenge yourself this bike will be able to handle it with ease.


This product uses a belt drive. It is a single belt that will offer you great longevity of use. Belt drives are some of the quietest available so you won't have to worry about making noise and waking people up if working out early or late in your home gym. Belt drives also require very little maintenance. Due to the fact that this product uses an exceptionally high-quality belt, you won't have to worry about it snapping. You'll be able to use your bike for years without worry of needing to work on or replace the drive. While belt drives are typical among exercise bikes this one is definitely higher quality and will give you a better ride than many others.


This bike is a decent size. Some people may have trouble fitting it into a cramped home gym. It is important to note that it is on Wheels so you can move it easily if you do need to clear up some space. It is 45 inches in length which is a bit longer than many others. It is also a bit wider coming in at 26 inches in width. While height is not usually a major issue for consumers this one is actually a bit shorter than average at a height of 49 in. It is important to make sure before purchasing a bike like this that it will fit into your space. Due to the fact that this one is slightly larger that could be a problem for some customers.


Most people find that assembling this product is fairly easy and will not require expert assembly. It is important to note that this product does not come with the tools you need to put it together. Before you start assembling it you will want to read through the instruction booklet and gather the tools needed. This will save you time and frustration in the long run. Customers are very happy with the guy that comes with it. It is laid out Simply and provides good illustrations to help you along the way. If you find that you are struggling this brand also offers an instructional video on their website to ensure you can get it together. Overall, whether you are mechanically inclined or not you should be able to complete assembly in an hour and a half or less.


Bringing your spin class into your home gym comes with a wide variety of advantages. Investing in this bike in particular also comes with some Stellar advantages. It offers comfortable positioning and it is simple to use. You'll be able to stay connected to your favorite fitness apps as well as take advantage of this brands app. Regardless of the type of training you typically do this option can help you improve your strength, endurance, and other Fitness related goals. It is also excellent for those of you that are trying to lose weight. You will be getting an exceptionally durable bike that will perform consistently for a plethora of time. When you were going to invest in your health and fitness investing in a bike like this is smart. From a brand that is truly trustworthy comes a piece of equipment that will make achieving your goals easier than ever.


As far as disadvantages go, this product has fewer than most others. One of the biggest complaints about this product is that you are going to need your own tools. When you make an investment as heavy as this one it's a bit of a let-down that they don't provide you with everything you need to put it together. There are some specialized tools that will be required and you may end up needing to go buy them. Here again, this is irritating to customers but it is something most people can easily get past. The only other thing to be complaining about is the fact that some people find the seat to be quite uncomfortable. It doesn't require much to improve the Comfort level but again when you are making this type of investment you kind of expect that it is going to be as close to perfect as possible.


This product is a great value. While the price tag is astronomical so are the advantages that it can provide you with. Yes, there are other options available to you that cost much less and offer similar features. However, this bike has proven itself time and again to be ahead of the class. it not only provides you with all of the basic features you would expect but some seriously Stellar advanced features that will help keep you challenged and invested in your fitness routine. There are very few disadvantages that come along with this product and that is great to see considering how many most carry. Overall, we have to agree that this product is a great value and it is well worth the investment. Once you give it a try and start to pedal you will see why so many people are thrilled with their purchase of this item.

Bottom Line

This bike by Kaiser is an excellent option if you are serious about peddling. It will also fit very well into the routine of anyone looking to improve their Fitness, strength, endurance, or other health-related factors. It provides you with a low impact workout that is quiet and easy to switch up. No matter what you're into adding a cycle like this to your home gym can be a major advantage in your overall performance in a variety of sports or activities. Consumers are very pleased with their purchase even though it is very expensive. Overall, this is an excellent option in indoor cycles and it will last you for years and years.