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If you want something that is tasty and healthy, then the KIND Plus Nutrition Bars are perfect for you. Kind does it again with another great-tasting protein bar to keep you going before, during, and after a workout. If you need a little boost of energy to help you get through the day, then munch on one of these, and you will be good to go. 

Customers love the great taste. However, the flavor options for the Plus Bar are limited, and they would have liked to have had a wider variety. In addition to the taste, they have a decent texture, which is much appreciated. They have a nice balance with a chewy base but a firm and crunch aspect thanks to the added nuts. They can satisfy your sweet tooth without the unnecessary sugar of a candy bar.

Unfortunately, some customers aren't too keen on the cost of the bar. However, if you can swing it in your budget and you can splurge a little, pick up a box of the KIND Plus Nutrition Bars. Consumers would recommend them and have stated that you won't be disappointed. 

Editor's Pros & Cons

Tastes great

Decent consistency

Loaded with protein

All-natural ingredients




High price tag

Limited flavor options

Contains nuts and soy


The kind of brand is responsible for a variety of different types of foods. Their products are generally nutritious and well-balanced, as well as tasty.

They have been making quality snacks for almost 15 years. From the day they started, their chief goal was to bring the people a healthy alternative to high sugar and sweet snacks. Of course, they wanted to make sure their bars tasted good as well. One of their top priorities is to help aid consumers towards living a healthier lifestyle.

Kind generally uses ingredients and our products that are easy to read and pronounce. For the most part, they try to stay away from artificial ingredients and chemicals, especially since they don't need them to make their products taste good.

Customers love their products because of the impeccable taste. Their snacks are flavorful and nutritious, giving them an edge over some of the competitors. Their products can help satisfy your sweet tooth without ruining your diet, which consumers adore.


There are many reasons why you would want to munch on one of these snack bars. If you lead an active life and need something to give you a little boost to finish up a workout, snacking on a protein or energy bar can always help. Thankfully, there are products like the KIND Plus Nutrition Bars that are here to help.

When you're always on-the-go, whether you're an athlete or soccer mom, keeping snacks on hand is still a must. When you need something to snack on to get you through to your next meal or you need a little boost to energy at the gym, you want to try to find something that's both healthy and filling. This protein bar has you covered.

People from all walks of life can I appreciate and enjoy the snack bars. No matter what you're doing or where you're going, munching on one of these will leave you feeling satisfied.


Since there are a few different flavors that you can choose from when eating these tasty snacks, there are going to be different calorie counts for each one. Depending on what you choose, they are going to range from between 190 and 200 calories per bar.

This makes for a tasty snack, not too many calories to weigh you down and keep you feeling full. However, it is enough to give you a little energy boost and hold you over until the next meal.

That said, they are not going to work well as a meal replacement, there are just not enough calories and nutrients to substitute a whole meal. Of course, you could add some other healthy snacks with the bar to make it a decent and healthy meal.

Customers can appreciate the low-calorie options for a quick snack. It is healthy and tastes great. If you are watching your calories and trying to keep them low, then this is the snack for you,


The majority of customers can agree that the KIND Plus Nutrition Bars are tasty. They have a great flavor, mostly thanks to the lack of artificial ingredients. They taste great on their own and don't need the help of chemicals and additives.

A lot of the time, when you are looking at nutritious snacks and energy bars, they have a bland or carboard-like taste. It is great to know that not all snacks have to be like that.

If you want something that is good for you and has an amazing taste that customers love, then you have to the right place.


When you are biting into a snack, the way it feels in your mouth is almost as important as the taste. If you are eating something, no matter how tasty, if you can't stand the texture and consistency, then you aren't going to have a pleasant experience.

Thankfully, most customers can agree that the KIND Plus Nutrition Bars have a great texture that they can enjoy. It has a nice contrast of a chew bar with crunchy nuts to offset the chewiness.

Of course, there are always some who are dissatisfied with the texture of the snack. There have been some complaints that they are a bit too sticky and would get stuck in their teeth. Others mentioned that they would fall apart too easily when they went to take a bite. This isn't the opinion of the majority of consumers, but it is worth mentioning.

Overall, however, they have a decent texture that most people can appreciate. It makes it easier to eat when you're in a hurry or on the go.


There are a couple of great flavors to choose from when ordering the KIND Plus Nutrition Bars. Unfortunately, the list isn't as long as some of Kind's other brands, but most customers are content with the few options they have.

You can pick from peanut butter dark chocolate, blueberry pecan, dark chocolate cherry cashew, or almond and cashew.

Consumers would have liked to have seen a wider variety of these snacks. However, most of them find at least one of these flavors worthwhile. If you don't prefer any of these selections, there are plenty of other Kind bars with a more extensive array to choose from.


Due to the fact that there are a couple of different options when eating these bars, there is going to be different ingredients list for each. That said, they are similar for the most part with a few changes when it comes to the components to flavor the snack.

One thing that Kind prides itself on is that they use all-natural ingredients. You aren't going to find any artificial coloring or flavorings in their snack. Everything is all-natural, just the way they like it.

Some of the ingredients used in the bars include, but aren't limited to:

Mixed nuts (walnuts, peanuts, macadamias, almonds, cashews, brazil nuts), blueberries (blueberry pieces- blueberry, plum, and apple puree, natural glycerol, raw sugar, citrus fiber pectin) soy crisps (tapioca starch, soy protein isolate, salt), raw sugar, dark chocolate (palm kernel oil, sugar, cocoa powder, milk powder, soy lecithin), dried blueberries (sugar, blueberries, sunflower oil), crisp rice, non-GMO glucose, raisins, pecans, honey, soy lecithin, chicory fiber, and natural flavors.

For the most up to date and accurate list of ingredients, make sure that you are taking a peek at the back of the packaging,

Dietary Needs

If you experience sensitivities or allergies to certain foods, you need to make sure that you're paying attention to what it is that you're consuming. Something to note about the protein bars is that they are made in a facility that uses ingredients such as peanuts, walnuts, Brazil nuts, sesame seeds, almonds, and soy. Even if the ingredients of the bar you choose does not contain any of these ingredients, it is essential to note that you could still experience an allergic reaction. Additionally, it is indicated that it may include not shell fragments.

That said, there are a few things that you will not find in this protein bar. They are free of gluten, trans fats, wheat, dairy, sulfur dioxide, cholesterol, and hydrogenated oil.

This is great for those who have gluten sensitivities. Sometimes it can be hard to find a great gluten-free tasting snack. Thankfully, the Kind snack bars give you that option.

In addition to the ingredients that can cause allergies, there are some other things to keep in mind. Customers love that these bars have a low glycemic index, allowing you to enjoy a sweet snack without skyrocketing your blood sugar. Additionally, you'll find all the ingredients are non-GMO; they have a low sodium count and provide a decent amount of fiber to your diet.


Sometimes it can become a bit misleading when you are checking out the nutrition facts on the back of your< a href="">protein bars. Competitor energy bars will make it, so their snack has more than one serving in the package, so it looks like they have fewer calories. Thankfully for customers, they don't have to worry about that with the KIND Plus Nutrition Bars. One bar is equal to one serving, so everything you see in the nutritional facts is for one whole bar.

When you are purchasing the bars, you will find that they come in a variety of different sized boxes. You can buy them in either a four-count box of twelve. This is nice for many consumers who prefer purchasing their energy bars in bulk. Plus, you get the added bonus of saving a little bit of money per bar if you purchase the larger box.


When you are following an exercise routine and eating healthy, it is important that you are getting enough protein. It is going to help you with a plethora of things, including muscle gain and prevent soreness and muscle fatigue after the gym.

Customers love that this bar gives them a decent amount of protein so they can get the boost that they need before, during, or after the gym. If you don't like drinking protein shakes, then munching on one of these can help give you what you need without the shake.


Sometimes it can become a bit pricey when you are shopping for healthy snacks. Unfortunately, this one is no different. Customers have commented that it has a higher price tag then they prefer, making them steer clear and find other options. Even if you compare the cost of this bar to Kind's other products, you will notice that the price is up there. However, it provides a lot more benefits than some of the lesser snacks. It contains antioxidants and more essential vitamins and minerals to get you through the day.

If you are looking for a budget-friendly snack, then this isn't going to work out for you, but there are other options out there. However, if you want to treat yourself and have the extra income to swing it, customers love the KIND Plus Nutrition Bars.

Bottom Line

If you want a healthy and delicious protein bar, then you have come to the right place. Customers love the KIND Plus Nutrition Bars. They can give you the boost that you need to make it through the day. You can satisfy your sweet tooth without all the added sugar and extra calories of a candy bar.

If you are spending a lot of time at the gym, consuming extra protein is always a plus. It can help prevent muscle soreness and fatigue while promoting muscle growth. Throwing one of these bars in your gym bar for when you need a little snack.

Consumers aren't happy about the high price tag, but most think it's worth it. If you can splurge a little for a snack bar, then this one might be a great option.