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Klean Athlete BCAA + Peak ATP Reviewed Review Facts

Klean Athlete BCAA + Peak ATP is a Branched-Chain Amino Acid supplement plus a bit more to help with your energy, strength, and endurance levels. The expectations of a good BCAA supplement are that your recovery time will lessen, your muscles will grow, and be able to maintain themselves better during endurance exercises. This product will easily meet those expectations and more. There are so many ingredients that people want to avoid, this product contains no yeast, gluten, milk, dairy, soy, artificial flavorings, artificial preservatives, or GMOs. Giving your body what you need without all the extra thing that makes many people sick and that we don't need or want in our BCAA supplement. The performance of your muscles will increase with this blend of essential Amino Acids and Peak ATP. Keeping recovery times to a minimum means you will be able to work out longer and harder without feeling like a truck hit you when trying to get out of bed the next day. It is free of banned substances and has aided athletes, gym rats, powerlifters, and everyday go-getters on their journey to optimal nutrition and health.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Not Overly Sweet
  • 1 Gram Sugar/Serving
  • 10 Calories
  • No Artificial Flavoring
  • Mixes Well
  • Free Of Banned Substances
  • 2:1:1 BCAA Ratio
  • Increases Energy
  • 2.5 Grams Carbohydrates
  • No Flavor Variety
  • No Container Size Variety


Klean Athlete is a brand that is made up of sports stars, runners, lifters, boxers, and people looking for clean, healthy lifestyles. They believe in keeping things quite simple and their products only contain ingredients you need. You won't have to worry about artificial ingredients that typically do more harm than good as this brand doesn't use artificial sweeteners or preservatives. They know there are strict rules around banned substances and they are approved for only providing products that lack these banned ingredients. Putting athlete's, coaches, and parent's minds at ease when deciding to add a new supplement into the routine. Having a solid base when it comes to nutrition is imperative for your overall performance and Klean Athlete can help you build that foundation with the great variety of supplements they offer.


The taste of this product is decent compared with other options in the same category. It is not overly sweet nor overly bitter. This product does not use Sucralose to sweeten it and is probably the reason it is not too sweet. The flavor option is fairly spot on and users seem to like it quite well. Most supplements like this are insanely bitter and it is hard to combat but the formula for this product is well balanced helping avoid that bitter taste. There are no reports of a bad aftertaste. While being able to swallow your supplements is crucial, taste is a small factor compared to other aspects. This one is decent and that is something we can appreciate about this option by Klean Athlete.


We were quite shocked to find out that this product only comes in one flavor. Pretty much every other brand offers between four and twenty different flavor options to suit a variety of pallets. You can get this product in Natural Orange flavor. This is the only option but it is very well balanced and tastes as it should. Most people like it and because it works so well they are ok with the fact that there is no flavor variety. You may find you are getting bored with plain old orange, in which case you may have to find a different type of water to mix it with to slightly change the flavor or start looking for a different brand that offers some added variety.


This product mixes fairly easily when using a decent blender bottle. If you are only using a water bottle you may have to give it some extra shaking to get it to completely dissolve. Users note that it does have a chalky mouthfeel. This is very common among this type of supplement and a quick drink of water afterward usually rids you of that feeling. Once fully dissolved you will be left with a pretty good consistency that you should be able to drink without worrying about when the grit will hit you. Using a simple water bottle may leave you with a gritty drink and part of your supplement stuck to the bottom and sides of it. You will want to mix it very well to avoid this.


This product is quite effective and for a couple of different reasons. It will give you the Blocked-Chain Amino Acids your body can't produce by itself. By adding these in you will get faster recovery times. You will also notice increased muscle growth and while you can't see it your muscles will be supported to maintain that growth. This product is very effective at taking care of these things. They also add their form of Adenosine 5-Triphosphate Disodium, better known to this brand as Peak ATP. Proven to improve blood flow, which aids in overall performance. This effect will keep your head in the game and is a very effective way to aid your progression in an approved and healthy way.


As previously mentioned, this product carries a 2:1:1 ratio of the three Branched Chain Amino Acids. This means there are two grams of L-Leucine, one gram L-Isoleucine, and 1 gram L-Valine making up the four grams of BCAAs in this product per serving. There is also four hundred milligrams of Peak ATP. This aids in the performance increase you will have while using this supplement. It is important to note that Peak ATP is clinically backed and is a safe, approved way to help enhance your performance.

There are some other ingredients used to help with flavor, texture, and overall taste. Here is where we expect to find artificial ingredients that most of us not only don't need but don't want in our diets. Klean Athlete BCAA + Peak ATP uses natural flavors, xylitol (a sugar alcohol), citric and malic acid, stevia leaf extract, annatto, sunflower lecithin, and monk fruit extract. This list of extras is not at all what we typically see but something we wish we saw more. Rather than using a bunch of synthetic garbage this product uses natural ingredients to produce superior results.


The aforementioned ingredient, Peak ATP, is the shining star of this formula in terms of performance enhancement. It opens up blood flow allowing your muscles to gain added Oxygen and nutrients. By doing this you won't need as long to recover between sets or take as many breaks during a practice session for next month's marathon. If you ever hear about pre-workout supplements giving you better pump, it is because of this effect. Adding it into your BCAA booster is an added bonus for many people. This is exceptionally important to those that stay away from pre-workouts or energy supplements and want to add a little pep to their gym routine.


Many products like this add ingredients like Electrolytes to help keep you hydrated while you are working and sweating hard. This product does not contain any ingredients that are used to promote hydration. This is not to say that it won't help you in this area. Obviously, you are going to need to mix this powder with water and by adding water to your routine you are improving your overall intake and hydration. They suggest mixing it with eight to ten ounces of water. You can use this product twice per day so, you could be adding two or more glasses of water into your routine as well as a great supplement that will aid you in your fitness journey. In this way, this product will aid you in keeping your hydration levels up and keeping your muscles feeling great.

Vitamins & Minerals

This is another area that some brands focus on heavily and others, well, not so much. This product does not carry any extra vitamins or minerals. That is not to say they are necessarily needed. If you eat a well-balanced diet or take a multi-vitamin on a daily basis then it may actually be in your benefit that this option does not have them added in. Vitamins like B6 is something we don't want to bombard our bodies with as we don't break them down after a certain point and they can even become dangerous if your levels are too high. This is something to think about when choosing a BCAA powder. Knowing the interactions of your supplements is important and a talk with a medical professional can typically set you on the perfect track for optimal health.


Not all BCAA supplements have a carb count and for many, it's a sigh of relief because of diets like Keto and many others that limit or completely cut carbs. If this is you, then it is important to know that this product does carry two and a half grams of carbohydrates per serving. This is not a huge amount but it may make the difference for some between buying and not buying this product. Be aware not all brands disclose this information on their label, however, do indeed have a carb count. The label transparency is something to be commended as we know exactly what we are dealing with while taking this supplement.


The transparency of their label makes it quite easy to see that this company is not using any sort of filler ingredients. They really do strive to provide a superior product that is actually healthy for you but will give you the desired outcome this type of supplement is associated with. Fillers are used for a variety of reasons but they all come down to something pretty simple. Charging more money for a lesser product. Trusting this supplement is to know that you are getting a product that only has what it needs to work well and help you along your fitness journey.


One serving is one scoop or just under nine grams. This is pretty average in the world of BCAA powdered supplements. What is more important is how many servings you get per container and what container options are available to you. Well, here's the thing, there is no option for container size and you will get thirty servings per container. Now if you are using this product twice a day you will obviously need to order two to get through the month. Most people stick to once a day and one container then lasts a month. You can have this product shipped to you on a monthly basis to save you time and you can order the quantity you want to make it even easier.

Side Effects

There have been no reported side effects while using this product. This is quite uncommon but because their formula is pretty mild compared to others it makes sense that people don't react to it too harshly. It should be known that if you are pregnant, nursing, or taking medication you should consult with your physician before starting a BCAA supplement as it can have adverse effects. Taking high-levels of BCAAs has been known to cause fatigue, confusion, impaired motor function, and upset stomach. While these have not been reported here they are things you should watch out for when trying any new BCAA powder.


This is a very high-quality product. It doesn't give you a choice in flavor but at least the one that is available tastes good. On top of that, this product has been tested and approved for being safe and containing no banned substances, common unwanted ingredients, or filler items. Klean Athlete products are made by people that know, athletes. Take your nutrition and performance to the next level with top quality ingredients and a superior formula.


This product is quite pricey to begin with, add to it the fact that some will want to use it twice a day and a month's supply becomes outright expensive. Some budgets will have a hard time fitting it in but for those that can afford it, it is worth it. You will have a safe BCAA supplement that will increase your drive, pump, and stamina in a healthy well thought out way. The flavor is decent and it mixes fairly well. You will notice the difference in your workout and your potential shortly after using this product. We feel it is a good value and you will be happy with the results it helps you achieve.

Bottom Line

While pricey, this caffeine-free BCAA supplement is a great item to have in your health and fitness arsenal. It performs better than you would expect and enables you to perform better than ever before. People trust this brand because it is not only built by people that can only intake the best of the best-approved ingredients, but their products are safe. With a plethora of clinical testing and a very clear label, you will know exactly what you are getting. As your recovery times quicken, your performance enhances, and your muscles continue to grow you will see just how beneficial this product is. We are certain you won't be disappointed when you decide to make this investment towards your fitness future.