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The Kogeek KS1 is a state of the art Bluetooth & wi-fi smart scale with many features that are sure to give you exactly what you are looking for. It offers up 8 different unique measurement factors, weight, BMI (body mass index), lean mass, body fat mass, bone mass, BMR (basal metabolic rate), total body water, and visceral fat. It’s got a great free iOS and Android app that pairs with the scale so you can keep track of everything that it offers. On top of that, you can create 16 user profiles on the app to keep track of family and friends.

Make weighing your baby easy with a built-in feature that will subtract your weight when you are holding your baby while standing on the scale. It makes keeping track of your child's weight easy. You have a choice to automatically sync your measurements with the app by either wi-fi or Bluetooth. This ensures no matter how far you are from the Kogeek KS1 your measurements can be properly synced. All of these great details are wrapped up in a sleek and stylish design that is sturdy, yet won't sacrifice the overall look of your room.

Editor's Pros & Cons

Multiple measurements

Stylish look

Tracking app

Baby weight

Multiple users

Wi-Fi & Bluetooth

Personalized coaching


Connectivity issues

Not usable on carpet


This sleek and sturdy design comes only in one color choice, which is white. But what the Kogeek KS1 lacks in color choices it makes up in durability. Its scale top is designed with a polished ITO tempered glass surface to prevent any cracking or chips. It’s quite light weighing in at only 3.9 pounds and cuts down on bulk by only being 1.1 inches thick.

Because it's so thin its easily slipped out of sight in a cupboard or between two surfaces if you are not someone that will be using it a lot or just wants it out of sight. The underside of the Kogeek KS1 is ABS plastic along with 4 rubber feet to prevent slippage on hard surfaces. The battery door is located on the bottom of the scale and thankfully out of sight.

One of the best-looking details of the Kogeek KS1 is the blue LED display on the front. It does not look like a traditional square screen that most scales have. It’s only illuminated spots will be the numbers it’s directly displaying. This keeps the whole look of the scale very clean, crisp and modern.


With any scale, the best and most important feature is weight and tracking it. The Kogeek KS1 takes multiple measurements such as weight, body fat, BMI, body water, BMR, bone mass, visceral fat, and lean mass and automatically uploads the data via wifi or Bluetooth to the compatible Koogeek app.

The BIA sensors inside the scale are what makes this all possible, short for Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis. These sensors send an extremely small electrical current through your body that via feedback resistance can calculate way more than just your weight. It’s such a small amount of electricity I promise you won't even feel it.

Other convenient features of the Kogeek KS1 include having up to 16 individual user profiles that you can share with others or keep private. Being able to easily weigh your baby is another great feature for parents. It allows you to step on with your child and it will automatically deduct your weight from the final measurement. They don't mention this in the features but this also works great with weighing pets like dogs or cats.

Having both Bluetooth and wi-fi data uploading methods really insures that you won’t have a failed upload. The Bluetooth is fast and is what is used if you are in close proximity to the Kogeek KS1. The wi-fi works in longer ranges so you can weight anywhere in your house when your phone is not in the room.

App Features

The Kogeek KS1 app has many features that help you track all your stats in easy to read charts and graphs. It’s a free to download app that works on both iOS and Android devices. You can personalize your app dashboard to feature at a glance the weight and stats that you are most keen to track. Within the app, the Smart Cloud System (or Bluetooth and wi-fi) includes the smart manager, health monitor, health data analysis, social network sharing, customized services, and one-click shopping.

The smart manager is what enables you to link the Kogeek KS1 with the health tracking app. In our case, it's the Koogeek KS1 Scale but they also offer other additions such as smart bracelets, body fat monitors, smart sockets, thermostats, and blood pressure monitors. The system syncs them all and makes sure they are all working properly.

Health monitor keeps your health status up to date 24/7 via the Kogeek KS1. Health data analysis is the coaching feature included in the app. Based on your operation, health data, and behaviors it can make recommendations to improve your health such as tips, nutrition facts, diet plans, exercise adviser and more.

Helping keep you connected if you want to share your results with family and friends are the social network sharing features. This enables you to share data between users via social media like WeChat and microblog. Customized services analyses your data and can make recommendations for the best-customized services such as life assistants, doctors and others to help you on your health journey. One-click shopping is straightforward and convenient, it enables you to purchase additional smart hardware and devices through the app.

Personalized Coaching

If you need help reaching goals like most of us do, the Kogeek KS1 health app has a built-in personalized coaching system. All you have to do is set and achievable goal and the app will help you understand easy to read graphs and trend lines of each measurement. This will help overtime understand your progress and target in on your efforts. If your goal is to lose weight, maintain a healthy weight, gain muscle, track body fat, water percentages, muscle, or bone mass, the app can help you with all of that.


One place where the Kogeek KS1 suffers is that while the accuracy of the measurements on a smooth surface like hardwood, laminate or linoleum work great. The Kogeek KS1 fails to take accurate readings on carpet or soft flooring. The added feet are supposed to help with this issue but are not tall enough to do the shock absorption needed.

However, if you don't plan to use this on a carpet you should not have any issues with getting all your measurements accurately. Do keep in mind that to get any stats besides weight you will need to be barefoot for the BIA sensors to work properly. So, slippers and socks off for a full spectrum reading.

Connection Issues

This is the other biggest spots where this Kogeek KS1 possibly fails. In theory with 2 types of connections to the app, you should have no problems having all your stats synced up automatically. Quite a few customers reported connectivity issues with the wi-fi feature. It might show that its all set up properly you are connected to the wi-fi but your measurements are never tracked. This is a fairly common issue but with the backup Bluetooth feature you just need to make sure your phone is close to makes sure your measurements are synced. The reason for the wi-fi issues are unknown, some feedback from Koogeek says that the wi-fi in your house just may not be compatible.

As well as the wi-fi connectivity issue some customers say that for the Bluetooth mode to sync properly you will need to actually have the app open in front of you. This is pretty inconvenient, to say the least, and with other smart scales on the market not having such big connectivity issues like this one does you will really have to “weigh” how much that matters to you.

Ease of Use

Taking all the connectivity issues into mind that we just mentioned definitely factors into the ease of use. If the setup doesn't work properly it can take a while to fidget with it to make it work or last resort, talk to a customer service rep. However, if you find for you that's not an issue then it's quite simple and straightforward to use.

Because of the individual user profiles, if you are all set up with one it automatically can tell who is standing on the scale and will update the appropriate user profile. The Kogeek KS1 automatically wakes up when you step on it, no pesky on and off switch. It will go back into sleep mode after you have stepped off of it and your stats have been synced.

Power Source

Conveniently running on 4 AA batteries eliminates the need for remembering where you put that charging cord. If you always make sure you have some on hand it's way more convenient than plugging in and changing. They also include 4 AA batteries in the box for you so you can start using your scale right away. Another bonus of having it battery-operated is that if you do wish to travel with it you will be able to carry it in either checked luggage or carry-on since they do not allow builtin rechargeable batteries in checked luggage.

Family Use

You are able to register up to 16 individual users which is quite a bit more than most smart scales allow. This enables the whole family to be able to use the Kogeek KS1 for themselves, including babies and pets. One of the best features is being able to keep track of your baby's weight with ease. Because the Kogeek KS1 doesn't have any sharp corners and had the tempered glass top it makes it safer for children to weigh themselves without the fear of an accident. Along with tracking your baby, you can also track your fur babies too. It’s not an advertised feature but a lot of pet owners with use the baby weighing feature in the exact same way for their pets. Truly an all-inclusive experience for the whole family, even Fido!

Bottom Line

Taking a look at all the Kogeek KS1 offers, it’s a pretty standard version of most of the smart scales we see on the market. It’s not offering anything revolutionary or fancy, but it's also not trying to be. It’s a simple smart scale that only offers exactly what they think their customers might need. Coming in only white is a minimalist style choice which really hits home the fact that they don't want to overwhelm you with options or features.

Overall the Kogeek KS1 is a hit or miss depending on what you want it for and how it works for you. If you happen to be the unlucky customer that has issues with connectivity I'm not sure if the scale is worth it. With all the other smart scales on the market, you might want to look elsewhere if you are looking for something with all the functioning bells and whistles. If you want a smart scale that may not completely function as a smart scale and just want something stylish for basic weigh-ins, then the Kogeek KS1 might be the product for you.