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Legion Recharge is a post-workout supplement that will take care of your muscles in the best possible ways. It will not only keep soreness at bay by speeding up recovery times, it will also help you build muscle, and maintain that newly forming muscle. You will be able to lift heavy, run extra miles, or participate in a high-impact activity without the worry of not being able to perform well the following day because of the amazing recovery time. Scientific proof of how well the ingredients in this product work help breed confidence that you are truly getting a superior product. When you can work longer and harder, naturally, your strength will increase more quickly. This will lead to better performance and bigger muscles. This product does not contain any of the artificial ingredients we are all so used to seeing which makes it in a league few others are in. On top of all this, it comes with a ninety-day satisfaction guarantee. If you give it a try and find it isn't for you simply send it back and you will get a refund. This makes giving this product a try no risk to you or your bank account and it is something that also helps boost our confidence in this product.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • No Artificial Ingredients
  • Improves Recovery
  • Maintains Muscle
  • Promotes Muscle Growth
  • Money Back Guarantee
  • Great Taste
  • Contains Creatine Monohydrate
  • May Cause Nausea
  • Difficult To Mix


Mike Matthews is a well-known author of health and fitness related material. He is also the founder of Legion, a supplement company that is doing some pretty amazing things. As he was spending tons of money on products that don't really work, he realized that people needed something different. They needed supplements that they could pair with a healthy diet and regular exercise to help improve their results. This is when Legion was born. Their products don't contain any unwanted, artificial, or fluff ingredients. They are made with only the highest quality, scientifically backed ingredients available on today's market. Their goal is and will always be to provide you with supplements that actually work and will make achieving your fitness goals a bit more simple.


The taste of Legion Recharge is one you will actually enjoy. There are very few complaints about the taste of this post-workout supplement. If you have taken a pre-workout, Protein powder, energy shot, or BCAA powder in the past you have probably run into overly sweet drinks that are almost impossible to swallow, followed up with an aftertaste you just can't shake. This is because many of those products use Sucralose to sweeten them. This product, however, does not contain any Sucralose. We believe this is part of the reason that it tastes so good. While we know the taste is not why you are using this product we do feel that it is an added bonus that you will look forward to consuming this instead of dreading it on a daily basis.


Having flavor variety in your daily supplements not only help keep it interesting but will help you to actually enjoy drinking them. This product comes in an unflavored variety and three flavored varieties. If you plan on stacking this product with another supplement then the unflavored variety is an asset. Drinking it on its own is a great option also and a good way to add extra water into your daily routine. If you decide you want flavor, you can choose from Watermelon, Fruit Punch, or Strawberry Lemonade. All of these options are very well-liked by consumers and there is no clear leader for favorite flavor. This is nice and should mean you will like any of them that you decide to give a chance.


How well a powdered supplement mixes, plays an integral role in overall consistency of your drink. If it won't mix well you will be left with a gritty drink and part of your supplement stuck to your blender or water bottle. The verdict is clear that this product mixes very easily and will not leave you with a drink that seems impossible to swallow due to the horrible mouthfeel. It dissolves completely leaving you with a slightly frothy drink that is smooth and delicious. Another common problem with this type of product is the chalky feeling it leaves behind. There are no reports of this product causing that feeling in your mouth and another reason people are flocking to this supreme product.


Different people react to supplements in different ways based off of body chemistry and makeup. So, to say this product is the best for everyone is impossible but we can say that for most people it is exceptionally effective. You will be getting the best ingredients available on the market today and they are formulated and backed by research to ensure they will work. You will have less soreness and your muscles will suffer from less deterioration when being overworked. There will also be an increase in your strength and endurance allowing you to push longer and harder during those grueling lifting sessions. This will play its role in helping your muscles grow more quickly and in helping you attain your goals more easily.


Sometimes we look at ingredient lists and are baffled at how they can fit so many ingredients into one supplement. Often a simple version is a better version. This product does not come with bells and whistles and only contains essential ingredients to ensure it works well and tastes great. You will be consuming Creatine Monohydrate, Corosolic Acid, L-Carnitine L-Tartrate, Beet Juice Powder, Silicon Dioxide, Tapioca Starch, Stevia Extract, Salt, and Natural Flavoring. This is a great mix of ingredients and it is nice to find a simple formula that performs so well. Avoiding a bunch of extras is important, especially if you are using other supplements alongside this one.


Many people have a strict amount of sugar that they allow themselves to intake during the day. This can be a problem when you are adding a new supplement in as many of them carry pretty high sugar contents. With this product that is simply not the case. You will not be adding any sugar to your diet when you decide to go with this item. It is sweetened with Stevia Leaf Extract. This sweetener does not actually add any sugar to a product. In addition, it is not known for the nasty flavors we associate with products that sweeten with Sucralose. The fact that this product tastes so good but does not add sugar to your diet is pretty cool and something customers appreciate about this product.


Energy drinks, caffeine pills, and pre-workouts are pretty common products that we associate with a crash and that is because of their high sugar and caffeine levels. Post-workout supplements can also be guilty of this when they add extra ingredients to try and make their product better. This one does not contain any actual sugar nor does it contain any caffeine. What this means for you is that you won't have to worry one bit about experiencing a crash as your supplement wears off. If you have never suffered from this effect, it is when your body is completely drained of energy and extreme lethargy sets in. Avoiding it, as you can imagine, is something we all hope for.


Part of the reason that Mike Matthews got into the supplement world is because he was tired of all the filler ingredients being used in fad products that actually detriment your health at certain points and in no way make a product better. The products his brand produce will never contain filler ingredients. They avoid proprietary blends so you will know how much and exactly what you are consuming when taking their supplements. This clarity makes it very easy to see that they are not using ingredients that are unwanted and unneeded. When brands use fillers they are simply trying to line their pockets with your hard earned money. Thankfully, bad news travels fast and companies that are doing this get weeded out quickly.


A little over seven and a half grams or one rounded scoop is considered a serving of this product. Each container holds sixty servings. While there is no size variety to choose from you will be getting enough of this product to last a couple months with daily use. This is not often seen in products such as this. Most brands only offer a container that holds thirty servings. While it is not the most important aspect by any means, it is nice to know that you will be getting enough to last quite some time. It cuts down on the time you spend ordering your monthly supplements and clears up some money every other month to spend on something you want rather than something that you need.

Side Effects

When taking on a new supplement you should always be prepared for the fact that they may cause adverse side effects. There are not many reports of this product causing them, however, each person will react to it differently and there are some that you may succumb to. If you are not properly hydrated, Creatine may cause you to experience cramps. Additionally, you may experience dizziness, nausea, gas, water retention, and bloating. In rare occurrences, you may experience diarrhea, fever, weight gain, or intolerance to heat. Typically you will not experience any of these symptoms but if you do and they are severe you will want to discontinue use and discuss the pros and cons of using it with your healthcare provider.


The people using this product will agree that there are many advantages to taking it. The soreness you experience after an extended workout will decrease dramatically which will make heading back to the gym or working out at home the following day much easier. As you continue to work hard your muscles will not suffer as much breakdown while using this product as it helps protect and maintain them. You will have added strength and endurance which will allow you to go the extra mile every day you decide to add this product to your routine. Lastly, you will also be able to gain lean muscle more quickly. With extended use, you will find your performance in everything you do is better and your drive to crush it is more powerful than ever.


We have really spent some time trying to pick this product apart. Reading hundreds of reviews and articles that review it and what we have found is that there really are no disadvantages. While we suppose there is an off-handed chance that you will hate every flavor or find it too disgusting to drink you can always order it in the unflavored variety. The price may seem a bit high but you are getting a two month supply which makes it drop drastically. Overall, there is really nothing bad we can say about Legion Recharge. Customers agree that it is a truly stellar product that will aid you in meeting and exceeding your goals. Brought to us by a very trustworthy company we are sure you will be satisfied when you decide to give it a try.


We have found that some customers say this product is quite pricey but it really isn't. When you take into consideration that you are getting a two month supply it means you are really paying half the total for a whole month. This makes this product one of the most affordable options in its class. Value is not only contingent on price, however. Weighing a product out by its key aspects, advantages, disadvantages, pros, and cons help us to see that this product is really an exceptional value. Pretty much any budget will be able to afford it and you won't have to worry about ordering it constantly. Customers concur that the value of this product is awesome and it is part of the reason people keep coming back for more.

Bottom Line

It is very rare to find a product that performs so well and comes with so few negative features. This is a truly outstanding example of how great a simple supplement can be. It is affordable and tastes good. It won't ruin your diet and will aid your muscles in not only feeling better but also in growth and maintenance. Post-workout supplements sometimes contain a variety of ingredients that we don't really need to help with recovery and that can be dangerous when you are taking other supplements along with it. This basic formula will make that worry a thing of the past and help you gain real results that will continue as long as you continue taking this on a daily basis.