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The LETSCOM Fitness Tracker HR offers a variety of features to help you keep track of your daily life. It not only keeps track of your heart rate while wearing, but it can also help you track your sleep patterns and activity level throughout the day. You can use it while in adverse weather or even while washing your hands as long as it is not submerged for long. Keeping track of your activities throughout the day can lead to better decisions that can impact your health in a positive way. Whether you are trying to lose weight or just keep better track of your overall health fitness trackers can be a major advantage.

This tracker also provides you with reminders of text messages and phone calls you have received. This one also has a variety of exercise modes so you can easily see how each one impacts your day. For example, you can connect it with your mobile phone and see information like how far you went and how quickly you did it. These types of features help keep you motivated as you see improvement in your performance.  It is quite affordable and can help you reach your fitness goals more easily due to the fact you will be able to track exactly what you have been doing. Read the features on this Letscom fitness tracker review and find out if this is the right product for you.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Excellent Customer Service
  • Great Color Variety
  • Affordable
  • Waterproof
  • Comfortable For Long Wear
  • Long Lasting Battery
  • Helps Improve Activity Levels
  • Sync Issues
  • Inaccurate Heart Rate Monitoring


Over the last four years, LETSCOM has brought some decent products to the world of fitness. They provide options for some great workout headphones, fitness trackers, and more. The improvement in the product line is easy to see. As they continue to build a solid foundation they also continue to research the best technologies to fit your active lifestyle. They strive to make your life a little bit easier and hope to encourage better health across the board.

Their stellar customer service will always do their best to ensure you are feeling satisfied with your purchase. This may not be the most well-known brand out there but they really are starting to gain some attention as they continue to add new products to their line. Overall, this is a decent brand that is up and coming that offers affordable options for those of you that are on a budget.

Basic Features

You will be able to keep track of your steps with this fitness tracker and from what customers are saying it is fairly accurate. It is not one hundred percent accurate all the time but it is decent. This tracker will also help you keep track of general activities like going up and downstairs. As you probably expect, this option will also keep track of your calories. This is an important feature for those of you that are trying to maintain a healthy weight or lose weight.

Accountability is very important. You can track your sleep patterns with this tracker but it has been mentioned by customers that it can be inaccurate due to long presses during sleep. The ability to connect this tracker to your phone is also a required feature. This will allow you to easily see your progress and see how you do with activity levels each and every day.


Some pieces of this fitness tracker are very accurate while others are lacking. Most customers are very pleased with the step counting accuracy. It alerts you when you have reached your daily goal for steps taken which is a nice addition. Where this product fails the most in its accuracy is with the heart rate monitor. Customers have had quite a bit of difficulty with it reading correctly.

It is quite accurate with activity tracking and in the information, it provides about how many calories you have burned during said activity. There also seems to be some inaccuracy in tracking sleep patterns. this is because a long press on it can start an activity so depending on the way you sleep it may track a different activity. Overall, this is a fairly accurate tracker. We would not say it is the best but it absolutely isn't the worse either.


This fitness tracker has a Lithium-Ion battery which is, obviously, rechargeable. It charges with a USB charger. You won't need an extra cord as it is built into the plug. It is not recommended that you leave it on to charge for an extended period of time because the battery is quite small. What this means is you will only need to let it charge for an hour or so before your battery is completely charged. The battery will last much longer than you may expect.

The brand says a full charge should last five to ten days. Consumers are saying it lasts close to a week. It is nice to see that they coincide with each other as oftentimes the ranges that manufacturers give are not very accurate. This is a great amount of time for such a small battery and overall, customers are pleased. It will easily last you through your daily fitness activities.


It is important to pay attention to the compatibility features of a fitness tracker before you buy it. You don't want to end up with something that you can't sync to your chosen device. This tracker is compatible with Android 4.4 and above. You can also use it with iOS 7.1. Customers have mentioned having issues with syncing while using iPhone products. Android users have not mentioned any problems in this area. If you are using an older phone you may not be able to use it at all. It is important to note that this fitness tracker is not compatible with iPads, personal computers, or tablets. So this means you will need a relatively new smartphone to ensure this product is going to work for you.


This fitness tracker offers quite a bit of versatility. There are fourteen different activities that it can track. This includes running, walking, and biking. As previously noted, you can use this to track your resting and active heart rate. There seems to be some inaccuracy but if your arm is still it works much better. This tracker will also help keep your sleep patterns visible to you.

You can set it so that it triggers an alarm if you go too long while being inactive. This is a serious advantage to you that want to keep moving and grooving but keep finding yourself taking long breaks. Due to the fact that this tracker connects to your phone through Bluetooth, you will also be able to use it to take a picture remotely. This is a convenience feature but does add to the true versatility of this product.


The band that this tracker is encased in is smooth and sleek. You won't have to worry about a bulky wristband that can be distracting and uncomfortable. Customers, on the whole, agree that this is a very comfortable wristband. It is easy to take the electronic piece out for charging which is an added convenience. Some have noted that after a few weeks of continuous wear it can be a bit irritating. This becomes even more apparent if you allow moisture to sit between your band and your skin. Overall, there are not many complaints about the comfort level that is associated with wearing this product. It is nice that you will be able to wear this comfortably on a daily basis as that is what will be needed to truly track how each day is going.

Advanced Features

There are several features that we would consider to be advanced that come with using this tracker. It is able to keep you informed about what is happening in the world of social media, as well as keep you alerted about text messages and phone calls you may receive while busy throughout your day. You will always be in the loop of what is happening. It has the ability to track your heart rate.

This is a pretty advanced feature, however, consumers have found that it is not always accurate. There are fourteen different sports-related activities that this option can keep track of for you. In addition, it will break them down into times, distances, and calories burned. One of the favorite features of this item is the sedentary reminder that you can set. If you are inactive for too long it will set off an alarm to get you up and moving. As you can see, this fitness tracker offers a large variety of features to suit your needs.


Trying to maintain a great diet and exercise routine can be difficult. When you add a fitness tracker to your daily life it can help keep you on track and accountable. If you are dieting, the ability to easily track calories in and burned calories is, obviously, very helpful in keeping you on track. In addition, it can be very motivating to watch your pace improve if you are into running, biking, or hiking. This tracker offers a huge variety of things it will keep track of for you.

The way you sleep plays an important role in daily energy levels and the fact that it can track your sleep patterns is awesome. When you want to keep moving and don't realize how long you may have been sitting on the couch, the sedentary alarm is a great help to remind you to move. Setting daily step goals can also help to improve overall activity. So, having that information readily available will improve your ability to reach your daily step goals. These are only some of the advantages of using this product and the more you do the more you will see more and more of them.


This option by LETSCOM does come with a few disadvantages. The band is not the most durable thing and over time you will likely need to replace it more than once. There is also the fact that the heart rate monitors are not always accurate. This can be a major let down for those of you that are really looking for this feature. If you are you may want to go with a different fitness tracker.

You may also run into issues when trying to track your sleep patterns. Due to the way people sleep it can lead your tracker to chart activities when you aren't moving at all. The brand claims that this product is waterproof when it is actually water-resistant. It will be fine if it starts to rain while you are out for a run but you won't want to go swimming while wearing it. These are the most common issues with this tracker.


The quality of this tracker is a bit better than average. It can do a plethora of different things and track a large number of activities. The band is not very durable. It is, however, very comfortable. Overall, it is quite accurate and most people have an easy time getting it to connect to the app. The display is large enough to actually read and it is very clear.

Consumers are very happy with the quality of the screen and how it looks while the display is on. The tracking systems inside are good and it offers a nice breakdown of the information that it collects. This is not the highest quality option available to you, however, it is also at a very reasonable price point. We, as well as customers, feel that the quality of this is good.


This fitness tracker is very affordable. It should be no problem for most people to work it into their budget. The fact that it is so inexpensive is a redeeming quality. This tracker does come with some flaws but they are easier to accept when you look at the cost of it. It is a decent option and will help you maintain focus on your activity levels. It will also help keep you connected to the world when you are busy.

Consumers feel as if this product is an excellent value. We would have to agree. Price is not the only thing to look at when deciding the true value of a product. It does, however, play its part. For this price point, it is a good deal and you will get a good amount of versatility of use out of this fitness tracker.

Bottom Line

When you are working with a tight budget but want to pay more attention to your activity levels, this fitness tracker may work perfectly for you. It offers a variety of features to help keep you moving. The ability to see how many calories you have burned, the distance of your run, and how your sleeping at night can absolutely help keep you on track with your diet and exercise routine.

There are some features that are a luxury, like staying connected to your social media accounts. It provides comfortable wear for quite a long time and does not take too long to charge. The battery gives you plenty of use before it needs to be recharged. For the most part, consumers are satisfied with their purchase of the LETSCOM Fitness Tracker.