Marcy Recumbent ME-709 Reviewed

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When looking for a comfortable recumbent bike, the Marcy Recumbent ME-709 bike may be the perfect solution. It offers a very comfortable ride that will suit a variety of different shapes and sizes. You will be able to easily adjust the resistance at any point during your routine. Adding a biking session to your weekly workouts holds advantages for those of you that are into other activities like running, climbing, boxing, or other sports. You will be able to build muscle, improve strength, and increase your stamina. This bike is also a great option for beginners who are trying to get more active or lose weight. The durable design adds to the comfort level you get while riding this. You won't have to worry about this bike wobbling while you are riding it. It features an LCD display that will allow you to easily track a variety of information. This bike is more affordable than many other options. It does not provide you with a lot of advanced features but it will be able to keep you moving and help you maintain a great level of fitness. Overall, customers are more than satisfied with their purchase of this product. They feel as if it has helped them achieve their health and fitness goals when paired with a healthy diet and exercise routine.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Tools Included
  • Simple Fast Assembly
  • Very Comfortable Seat
  • Easy To Read Display
  • Durable Design
  • Exceptionally Quiet
  • Accurate Tracking
  • Limited Tension Settings
  • Quite Basic
  • Seat Difficult To Adjust


IMPEX manufactures Marcy products. They have been in the game of fitness equipment for more than thirty-five years. With their fingers in everything from sports gear to exercise equipment. IMPEX makes products for several amazing brands. Working with Marcy you can find everything you need to improve your overall health and wellness. Their products are built to last you a long time and they offer options that are much more affordable than others you may have been contemplating buying. Together this brand and their manufacturer will continue to research and innovate their products to help you stay active. When you have long term goals, invest in products like these to ensure you have the challenge you need to succeed. Customers are happy with their purchases from this brand.

Basic Features

This bike, in itself, is fairly basic. It doesn't have a plethora of features but it does include many of the basic ones we will be wanting. You will be able to adjust the seat forward and backward but it does not move up and down. Customers have noted that adjusting the seat can be a bit difficult and that it may cause you some frustration if you are sharing this bike with other people in your household. Changing the tension will be a breeze. All you'll have to do is turn a dial to increase or decrease the resistance. It was a bit surprising that this product does not have a cup holder. While it may not seem like a big deal the inability to easily grab a drink during a sweaty workout can be quite frustrating. The only other basic feature that this product offers is strapping across the top of the pedals to ensure that your feet maintain great position during your entire work out.

Advanced Features

As previously noted, this bike is quite basic. What this means is that you will not be getting very many Advanced features. A large part of the reason that this product is so affordable is the limited options that it provides you. It does offer you an Easy-to-Read LCD display that will allow you to keep track of a variety of information. This includes aspects like the distance you have gone, how fast you've done it, and the number of calories you burned since starting to work out for the day. This is, honestly, the only Advanced feature that this product offers. Buying a basic exercise machine is not necessarily a bad thing in this one can help to improve your overall health and wellness.


This bike uses fairly large block-style pedals. It will give your feet plenty of surface to sit on. Pedals do include a strap over the top to help lock your feet into place. It has been noted by customers that if you have a large foot size the straps may not be long enough to latch. This can have some impact on your overall performance as you may notice your feet lifting up and moving around. There is tread on the bottom of the pedals but it is not exceptionally bumpy. What this means for you is that if you want to pedal in your socks or even barefoot you should be able to do it with ease. Overall, customers are happy with the structure and design of the pedals used on this item.


The people using this bike on a daily basis are very pleased with the level of comfort it provides. When discussing comfort, we typically start with the seat. Recumbent bikes are known for having more comfortable seats than most other bike varieties. This one is included. It offers a nice thick cushion and back support for long riding. In addition, customers are very happy with the placement of the armrests. They will help to improve the overall level of comfort that you experience whether you are on this bike for a few minutes or for a few hours. Once you find a good setting for the seat you will also have a comfortable position to ride in. It is important to know that if you are sharing this bike with another customer adjusting the seat can be difficult and it made decrease your level of comfort.


There are some mixed reviews over the resistance levels that this product offers. While there are eight different settings, which is often times seen in bikes of this price range, it may not offer the challenge that you are looking for. Many customers have noted that even on the highest setting it doesn't seem that difficult. For others, you'll be working up a serious sweat. It really will all depend on your level of fitness. The resistance is simple to change. You will simply need to turn a dial up or down to find your preferred level of resistance. If you are truly looking for a challenge you may not find it with this option. I know that there are many others available that offer a plethora of resistance options that may be better suited for you.


This product uses a belt drive to power the flywheel. There have been several notes from customers about durability issues with the belt drive. Unfortunately, when you buy exceptionally affordable exercise bikes this tends to be a problem. Over time, the belt deteriorates and will eventually snap. When this happens you will find your bike to be unusable. On the plus side, you will be able to contact the manufacturer and order a replacement belt but until it is serviced you won't be able to use your exercise equipment. Obviously, this is very frustrating to consumers. It is definitely something to take into consideration when you are trying to decide whether or not this is the bike you want to buy. We hope with continued work on this product to see a more durable drive used in the future.


Recumbent bikes tend to be a little bit bigger than other styles. That is also the case with this option. It will take up a bit more room in your home gym but it will also give you a comfortable ride. This item is 55 and a 1/2 inches long which is significantly longer than many other exercise bikes. You will also be looking at twenty-five inches in width. Here again, it is a bit wider than the others. This feature does give it great stability while in use. The height of your exercise bike is typically not as important, however, this one comes in at 37 and 1/2 inches tall. The size of this bike will accommodate larger people more easily. It can handle weights up to 300 pounds which makes it suitable for most people. It is also important to note that this product is on wheels so that you can easily be relocated, to clear up space if you need to in your gym.


All of the reviews agree that assembling this product is a breeze. you will be provided with all of the tools that you need to complete the assembly process. It is important to note that they are not the best quality and some customers prefer to use their own. The only place where customers felt that they needed help in assembling this product is when hooking the cables to the control box. An extra set of hands may be advantageous here. Many customers have mentioned that they were able to put this bike together in 45 minutes or less. There were a few reports of it taking up to 90 minutes but even at that it is barely an inconvenience. Whether you are good at putting things together or not you should have no trouble setting this item up.


Recumbent bikes come with a variety of advantages. Not only will you be able to switch up your routine easily you'll be able to do it in a very comfortable position. Biking can be painful for many people which makes them want to avoid it. Having an option like this one will keep you comfortable and keep you moving. It offers a smooth start and quiet pedaling. This will allow you to enjoy a book, TV show, or your favorite apps on your cell phone while you improve your health. No matter what activities You like to participate in adding a bike ride in can keep things interesting and help you maintain focus on achieving your goals. If you are trying to lose weight, improved physical performance, build muscle, or simply switch it up a bike like this one can help you do it.


There are basically no products available on today's market that don't come with some sort of disadvantage. This one comes with a few. One of the biggest complaints about this item has to do with the resistance settings. While it does offer you eight different levels of resistance, like many others, it doesn't seem to be quite as difficult as some people are searching for. If you are truly looking for a challenge and you are fairly fit physically this may not be a great choice for you. This bike is also exceptionally basic. There are options available to you that are much more technologically advanced. The only other complaint about this item that we see cropping up frequently has to do with the difficulty in adjusting the seat. When sharing this bike with multiple people that can be hard to adjust the sea and this leads to some major frustration.


This product is exceptionally affordable. Most people will be able to easily work it into their budget. It is quite durable and will give you excellent longevity of use. It is important to note that you may have issues with the durability of the belt used in the drive. Consumers feel as if this product is a phenomenal value. The fact that it won't take a huge bite out of your bank account is an ass back people can certainly appreciate. Considering all of the different factors that we have discussed here we feel as if this product is a well above average value. It can truly enhance your fitness routine and help you to keep things interesting. Overall, customers are more than satisfied with their purchase of this product and feel the investment is totally worth it.

Bottom Line

When you decide to go with us item you won't be getting the most advanced exercise bike available. While we understand that it is limited in features that do not mean that it is limited in potential. You will be able to easily add it to your routine and have a quiet ride that will improve your health. the workout that you get from this item is exceptionally low impact so you won't have to worry about sore joints even if you decide to work out for an exceptionally long period of time. It offers a nice display and a two-year warranty. This can give you confidence when buying that you'll get a good term of use out of this item. In general, there are available options that we would consider better but this one is not bad at all.