MaxxMMA Speed Bag Type II Review

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Most of the fighters using the MaxxMMA Speed Bag Type II are pleased with its performance. It is not the best quality option in today's market. However, it can help to improve your overall performance. Many are getting months worth of use out of it before the bladder starts leaking air. In addition, the outer material holds up fairly well, even with constant abuse. It is important to note that some consumers have dealt with the bladder popping very quickly after purchasing it. You will be able to replace it easily, however, this can be a bit of a letdown. Obviously, when you invest in a piece of fitness equipment for your home gym, you want it to hold up.

What this item lacks in durability, it makes up for in speed and bounce. It offers good rebound and will be able to challenge several different levels of fighters. If you have been into boxing or mixed martial arts for quite some time, you may not find this bag to be fast enough. It is only available in two sizes and they are more suited toward fighters looking for a slightly slower bag. A bonus to this item is that you will get the hand pump and needle you need to inflate it. They are not the highest quality but it will allow you to use your bag as soon as you receive it if you don't already own these items. Overall, customers are pretty happy with this item and feel it has helped them become more proficient fighters.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Includes Pump & Pin
  • Good Price
  • Great Customer Service
  • Good Rebound
  • Quite Responsive
  • Easy To Replace Bladder
  • Reinforced Loop
  • Seam Durability Issues
  • Lower Quality Materials
  • Bladder Durability Issues


MaxxMMA is a brand that has not been around for a very long time. They are really just starting to gain some footing in today's market. There are a wide variety of items to choose from that will help you improve your performance whether you are into boxing, Karate, Brazillian Jui Jitsu, or other mixed martial arts disciplines. In addition to having the gear that boxers and MMA participants need, they also have items related to Yoga, fitness, protection, and more. They do quite a bit of research and development of their products, however, they do not tend to be the highest in quality. With that being said, their prices are much more affordable so, fitting their products into your budget can be much easier than with other products. This is especially advantageous in the beginning. This is due to the fact that you will be making quite an investment in setting up your home gym to help you on your journey to becoming the best fighter you can be.


This brand uses relatively durable materials, however, it has been said by consumers that they are not nearly the same quality as some of the leading speed bags. This can be seen when you first take this item out of the package. The outer material appears to be made of vinyl. There are no specifics given on what the outer material actually is. If it is not made of vinyl then it is made of synthetic leather. These are easier materials to take care of but they are not going to give you the same level of durability that you will get from genuine leather. The inner bladder is made from rubber. This is a common material for a speed bag bladder, however, it is also not the most durable option. Some consumers have faced it popping within the first couple of uses this. You will be able to switch it out easily, however, this is an inconvenience that you won't find with others that are in the same category and price range.


When you decide to go with this item you will have your choice from two different sizes. They offer a medium and a large sized version. What this means for Fighters with Advanced skills is that you may not find the challenge you are looking for. Larger bags don't move as quickly. The two options that are available will suit beginner and intermediate boxers just fine. The medium version that they offer is 9 inches long with a 6-inch diameter. The large is 10 inches long with a 7-inch diameter. They both offer a decent amount of striking surface. They are not so large that it will be like punching a heavy bag, this means it will help you to improve your speed and accuracy as you continue to work with it. It is important to note that there are other options available to that offer more sizes. If you find that these are two large you may want to look at something like the Cleto Reyes Platform Speed Bag.

Hanging Style

The loop attached to the top of this speed bag is used to hang it. This is a traditional hanging style that works quite well. It has been mentioned by consumers that they have had some durability issues in this area, however, this really shouldn't be a problem. Unless you are really wailing away on your speed bag, which is not the intended purpose, the loop should last just fine. It is triple stitched and reinforced to ensure excellent durability. It is not oversized so twisting should not be an issue. If you are not already using a speed bag at home you will need to pick up a couple of extra pieces to be able to use this item. It will require a swivel and a speed bag platform. You can order these items online or pick them up in a variety of other places. Overall, consumers are happy with the simplicity of this type of hanging system and feel it is the best way to get top performance out of this product.


Whether you are just stepping into the world of boxing and mixed martial arts or if you have been at it for years using a speed bag will play a role in a variety of different areas and concerns to your training. The most obvious training advantages have to do with the Improvement you will notice to your speed, as well as, your accuracy. When you're striking at a small surface, naturally, you are going to improve the rate at which you are doing it and where to strike is actually Landing. You will also notice Improvement in your defensive skills. Training with a speed bag will help your head movement which in turn, helps the way your body moves. Avoiding blows will become easier and easier and this can lead you to a win during competition. Another area where your training will be impacted is in your reflexes. Speed bags are made to move very quickly and your reaction times have to be fast to accommodate that.


As with most other speed bags, this one has a rubber bladder used on the interior. It is important to note that not all rubber bladders are created equally. Customers do not have major complaints about this one leaking air, however, it has been mentioned by some. It appears that it starts to leak air near the valve after a few months worth of use. This is a typical issue in this type of product. While it can be frustrating, this item comes with the hand pump and needle that you need to add air to it. So, pumping it back up is barely an inconvenience. There have been notes from consumers about this bladder popping after only a few uses. It is easily replaceable but it's a bit of a letdown when you're making an investment like this. Overall, this is not the best quality bladder available. You can replace it with one from a brand like TITLE, to ensure better durability and longevity of youths.


Caring for the speed bag, as compared to others, is a breeze. You won't have to worry about investing in special leather cleaners and conditioners. Needing a special cleaner or conditioner ends up costing you more money. With this item, you'll be able to choose your favorite deodorizing spray or all-purpose cleaner when you decide to wipe this bag down. The fact that the material can handle whatever cleaning product you prefer is an advantage. Even if you chose to use soap and water it would be just fine. You won't need to clean this item on a daily basis. In fact, once a week will probably be plenty. Obviously, there is visible dirt or debris on it you'll want to give it a wipe down. Overall, customers are very pleased with the fact they have to spend very little time maintaining this item.


This product does offer some great advantages to your training routine. When you add a speed bag to a healthy diet and structured boxing or mixed martial arts routine it can play a major role in your performance as a whole. You will not only see improvement in your speed but also your accuracy, reflexes, footwork, and more. This bag is also exceptionally easy to care for. It won't take very much time out of your busy day to ensure that it continues to look great and perform well. The fact that there are a couple of size options is also an advantage. Not every brand has this type of availability. Training with this product is going to be most advantageous for fighters that are just starting out. This is due to the fact that these bags are medium and large-sized. In addition, they are a bit heavier so they won't move as quickly as other options.


There are a few common complaints in regards to this item. Consumers have mentioned that they feel that the materials used are of lesser quality than other options in the same price category. Obviously, if you can get a better product for the same price this is what you're going to want to go for. There are two other complaints that need to be taken into consideration before deciding if this is the right product for you or not. First, consumers have had some issues with seem durability. They have noted that after a few months of use this product starts to tear at the seams. This could require you to replace it altogether. The other issue has to do with the durability of the bladder. Not only does it leak air it also is susceptible to popping with consistent use. So, as you can see, these are some pretty major disadvantages if you take combat sports seriously.


We would have to say that this product is an average value, at best. The price tag that it carries is Affordable. Most budgets will be able to work it in with ease. It should not require you to spend time-saving up. With that being said, this is not the highest quality option available to you. There are plenty of others that are in the same price range that will offer better durability of use and better performance. Most of the people using this product are fairly happy with it, however, there are many that feel it is subpar. It will help to improve your performance especially at the beginning of your fight sport training. Overall, it is not a horrible speed bag but it is certainly not the best. For a few more dollars you can invest in something that is much higher quality and will last you a significantly better amount of time.

Bottom Line

If you are on a budget, this bag might be the one that you're looking for. It is exceptionally easy to take care of and it does offer decent bounce and rebound. Making the investment to add training equipment to your home gym that is related to boxing or mixed martial arts can be a major burden. The fact that this product is quite affordable is an aspect that consumers truly appreciate it. It will help to improve your overall performance, however, it may not last you a great amount of time. The reviews on this product are mostly positive. While this bag does leak air after several uses, this is not uncommon. They do add in a few extras to make refilling it easy and convenient. In general, it is likely that you will be satisfied with this bag as long as you don't expect that it is going to last you a plethora of time.